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Soul Searching

This last week has seen me doing a lot of soul-searching. The news has been almost non-stop, pictures of football players kneeling on the field, not showing up until after the National Anthem is played at games. It is hard to believe that we as a nation have come to this.

Like Mike, I also served with the men of the 57th AHC in Kontum during the Viet Nam war. They were some of the most honorable, courageous and caring people I have ever known. We were black, white, yellow, and red, color did not seem to make a difference at the time. We all came from different backgrounds, economic situations, and religions. We did not care what color, how much money he had or what religion the man next to us was, he was a brother, they depended on us and we depended on them. When one of us was wounded we all bled red and when they screamed in pain we all cried together. Some of us were volunteers others were drafted. Some thought that the war was a noble cause others felt it was a lost cause, not the right war at the right time for the right reason. We all had loved ones back home that supported us or thought we should not have gone. We were as diverse as any group of people ever put together. With all those differences there were always disagreements, controversies and misunderstandings. How did such a group ever manage to get along and get anything done? Simple – we were all Americans, we were held together by a common bond of brotherhood and pride, and a dedication to something bigger than ourselves. We knew we depended on each other and we knew we loved our country. For all our differences when the flag was raised in the morning we all stood a little taller, we felt a passion in our soul, we all knew that there was that “something bigger than ourselves”. When we sang the National Anthem we did it with a passion for we knew that again, it was about something larger and more important than each of us as individuals. When the flag was draped over the coffin of one of our comrades we all hung our heads together and shed a tear. For as different as we were, we were also so much alike.

As I watch the news and see what the NFL is doing, I hurt inside, a real and true pain. I see men who are so self-centered, so egotistical, so wrapped up in themselves that they have no idea what they are doing, or if they do, they do not care what it means to others. They seem to think that taking a knee or not showing up on the field, as is required under current NFL rules, that they are making a statement. They seem to think that the statement is that they, their families, their friends, their relatives or people they have never met or been associated with have somehow been oppressed or discriminated against. Have they? I think it is safe to say yes, it probably has happened, but, I truly wonder, has it “actually” happened to them. It probably did happen to their grandparents, maybe their parents, but to them, I wonder. If it did happen to their grandparents and parents but not to them does that not show that things have improved?

Was it not under the Stars and Stripes that men fought and died to give them the freedom they now enjoy? Was it not the men who sang the National Anthem and died to give them that freedom?

It seems that they are misguided and have lost sight of what those two symbols stand for. I, and so many others, took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and all that it stands for. We did what we did so that they could have the freedom of speech to do the things they are doing. But, like so many things in life, having the right to do something and actually doing it are many times two different things. Of course they “can” do it, but “should” they do it. Who are they really hurting by taking that knee or skipping the anthem? They are hurting men and women like myself and all those who have served. They do not realize that their disrespect of the flag and the anthem for which so many have given so much is a truly painful experience. Would they purposely hurt their mother and father, sister or brother, I am sure not. Yet, they seem to have no problem hurting those who insured that they have the freedoms they enjoy day in and day out.

I wonder if they ever consider the fact that when a coffin comes home with a flag draped over it that there were parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters who cry at the grief of the loss of a loved one? Do they even begin to consider that what they are doing is having an impact on the lives of those who have to live with that pain day in and day out?

Therein lies my soul searching. I, and many others did what we did so that they have the right to do what they are doing. I try to remember that I volunteered to do those things for nearly twenty five years and never asked for anything in return. I just wish they would consider what so many have done for them. Protest if you must, speak your mind, it is your right. I just wish you would pick another place and time and show some respect for those who served under that flag and sang that anthem and made it possible for you to be who you are and do what you do.

Team Cougar – 079


I keep hearing about all of the f0otball players that are angering so many veterans because they refuse to stand for the National Anthem and to honor the flag that has draped so many coffins that hold the remains of very honorable combat veterans who have sacrificed their lives for their country, and the Rights of every American, including football players that refuse to honor their sacrifice before every game.  And it brings back the anger in my heart from the days of the Vietnam War, and the way that all of us combat veterans were treated like trash, with even the Federal Government treating us like “Crazy Vets” and telling the public that we have “memories that could be a danger to other Americans” because we were supposed to be mentally violent and needed to be cared for by the VA, yet the VA let the “Crazy Vet” syndrome, PTSD, go untreated!  The only way a vet could get treatment was to be put into a VA Hospital and be locked up as a 100% mentally disabled veteran!  If it hadn’t been for the efforts of a group of veterans in DC, in 1984, a group that I was very proud to be part of, we never would have gotten the help we needed!  It was because of our efforts to save our brothers’ lives, not Congress, or any other group, and nothing ever would have happened if we didn’t do what we did!  We had to wait for 26 years to get the help and respect we deserved, because radical Progressives fought against everything we tried to accomplish!  It took Ronald Reagan to start working to change things, and with him, we were able to get it done!  And I can’t count the number of times I went to funerals of my fellow veterans that had killed themselves because we were hated, and/or “pitied” by the radicals and the people of our country that sat back and let it happen!  And every one of those caskets that held the bodies of real heroes, not the “movie stars”, “Progressive College Professors” or athlete “heroes”, who were only heroes because they simply wanted their fans to see them that way, was covered with the American Flag to honor the courage and honor of members of the military that gave their lives to protect their country and the citizens of it!  We never looked for any “hero” status, all we wanted to do was to get our jobs done!  We never wanted everyone to come up and thank us, all we wanted was to make sure that our country was safe and secure for every family, regardless of sex, color, sexual preference, or any other “split” the Progressives have put into our lives!

Over the past decades, I have seen a lot of  movies that lied about the real honor of our military, and all they wanted to do was make us look bad, like we were no more than evil killers, or “baby killers”, and we all heard that term used against us when we got back from Vietnam, even though so many really honorable Americans; Servicemen and Servicewomen, died doing everything they could to protect as many families and lives that we could!  In Vietnam, the Military that fought against us refer to us as “honorable enemy”, because they know how much we did, and how hard we fought to protect the Vietnamese civilians!  It amazes me that so many Americans, especially the American Press, can see the “honor and bravery” of so many self-interested politicians, movie stars, athletes and popularity seekers that don’t truly care for anyone but themselves, when all they truly want is fame and popularity for themselves!  But the very people that provided them their jobs and great futures are the veterans and the military, the very groups they act like they care for, but ignore as much as they can!  Why?  Because we believe in American standards, in true American Rights and the basic truth of the Constitution, the very thing we swore to protect and defend!  And it is much easier to go after us, the Police and Firemen, so we are their targets!  And, if it wasn’t for the great Military, Veterans, Police and Firemen, every single American life would be in danger, every single day!  We are the only ones that are willing to sacrifice our lives to protect you and your families, but we are treated as criminals and whackos!  Ask yourself one very simple question:  With all the radical muslims in our country, all of the gangs and gangsters, thieves, murderers, and every other threat, who is it that keeps you safe from all of them?  Is it the actors, Progressive news people, athletes, violent rioters, or politicians?  Have you ever seen any one of them step into a dangerous, life threatening situation to save others’ lives?  Hell, no!  The only ones that you can count on to save your lives are us, and all of the honorable Americans that are constantly attacked by the press and Progressives, but are only appreciated when they have to appreciate them, so that they would never look bad for attacking them!  Every man and woman who went down to Texas and Florida to help the people who suffered the hurricanes that were Americans that live by the honor off our Constitution, would have been attacked for their ideals, if they weren’t on TV saving all those lives, putting their own lives in danger!

I am so sick of hearing that every single Progressive that works for their own incomes, power and fame is a “hero”!  A true hero doesn’t look for their own fame or glory, the only thing they are concerned about is other’s lives and safety, and putting their lives at risk to protect those people is not a problem for them!  They don’t look for news cameras or members of the press before they think about saving lives, they simply react to a situation with a more serious concern about the safety of lives of others, than for the safety of their own while doing it!  If only the TV shows, Movies and the Press would spend more time showing our young what a true hero is, instead of trying to make Holly-wooders their idols!  My idea is that, if anyone protests against any of us, if they say they don’t want the police involved in riots, etc., then the police should be given their names and be told that they don’t want them around, so they should ignore any pleas for help from their haters!  How long would it take before those people would change their ideals?  If it wasn’t for all of the Illinois and Chicago limits to the police, the gangs and illegals would be gone from the city and state and the people could feel safe again!  Things need to change!  People need to wake up to reality and realize that the groups they are standing against are making major sacrifices to protect and save them!  They need to grow up and look at what the Progressives have actually been doing to destroy their lifestyles and to place their lives in danger!  And they need to start respecting those that don’t live by “isms” and just worry about people, all of them!  Stop protesting the police, the very men and women that keep their homes safe!  And I think it’s time for the athlete babies, the millionaires that claim they have been treated badly by us, to start remembering all the men and women in the service, Black, White, Latino, Oriental, and Native Americans that sacrificed their lives to allow them to live their lives the way they want to!  They need to realize that standing up for the National Anthem and recognizing our Flag is not standing up for either Party of the Government, but is recognizing the song that is played to honor the burial of a member of the military, and the Flag that is on their coffins to honor their service!  And think about the family members that have a soldier fold and hand the flag to them, to let them know that no member of the military will ever forget, or refuse to honor their courage and honor of their death!  Hey, bigshot athletes:  All you are doing is dishonoring the courageous service of the military dead and we, the veterans, military, police and firemen will never forget what you are doing!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


I’m sure everyone now knows about the riots in St. Louis that are tearing up parts of our city once again, just like Ferguson!  One of the major problems with both of these is that both of the men killed by officers were criminals, and all of the trials to frame and imprison both of the Officers involved came out with decisions that proved the Officers were innocent and the men killed were criminals committing Crimes!  In the Ferguson case, Michael Brown had stolen cigars from a local store after he had attacked the owner.  When the officer caught up with him and tried to arrest him, Brown attacked the officer through his car’s window and tried to get the officers gun.  When the officer got out of his car and ordered Brown to stop and get down on the ground, Brown charged the officer!  Brown was a big guy and was very strong, so the officer had to shoot him to stop him.  Right or wrong; the officer had no choice under the rules of the City Police!  Obama got together with his Attorney General, Eric Holder, and they did everything they could to put the Officer in prison for “racism”, even though the officer was doing his job!  And, when it didn’t work, they got together with State and Local attorneys and tried the same thing but, again, it didn’t work because there was no evidence to convict him!

Now we have the situation with the Officer Jason Stockley having killed Anthony Lamar Smith, and the riots are the same as the Ferguson riots, except that, this time the State Governor activated a large group of the National Guard and the local officers are allowed to go after the criminals, which they weren’t allowed to do with the Michael Brown problem.  The leaders that formed the riots complain that Smith was an unarmed man caught by the police officer, then shot by him.  And, once again, Obama and Eric Holder went after him after it happened, but no evidence was found and Stockley was proven innocent.  There was another investigation and the same results were determined and he was found innocent again!  And, for a third time, he was found innocent again!  Now the protesters yell about an “innocent man” being murdered by a White Police Officer because he was Black.  And that is total idiocy!  Smith was a big drug dealer and he is responsible for many who have ruined their lives by using his drugs!  He was under investigation and the call went out for his arrest!  Smith did his job by hunting him, then stopping him and ordering him out of his car.  He had a gun when he got out and Stockley shot him to protect his own life, under the rules of the Police Department!  Then every Black who wanted trouble, and who had support from Obama and Holder, said that the gun was put in the car by Stockley, to allow him to kill a Black man!  And that lie is what caused the riots our city is suffering under right now!

In both situations, the Blacks who protested were family members and others who were really concerned about what happened.  And they did it the right way and marched and protested, but kept it peaceful and didn’t harm anyone else.  Some were family members and friends that wanted to make their voices heard, and I agree they had the Right to do so and I will support them as long as it stays legally correct.  But the night time rioters are mainly paid individuals sent to St. Louis to tear up the town and make it look racist and unsafe!  And the person that has paid for most of them to be here is George Soros, an extremely radical Progressive non-citizen of America!  And the rioters go to the some of the nicest business areas in our city and smash windows, tear up cars and beat up anyone that stands against them!  And that movement is lead by the Antifa radicals!

Both of these “victims of Police racism” were open criminals that violated our laws every day and didn’t give a crap about the people whose lives they were harming!  If they were White criminals going after Blacks in the exact same manner, and Whites stood up for them exactly like they are standing up for Brown and Smith, Blacks would be protesting the movement, calling it unequal, special Rights protection!  That has to end:  We all have to go by the laws of our local, County and State legal regulations, just as I was taught to do when I was a kid!  My Dad taught me that all people are equal and all have the same Rights to live their lives, as long as they follow the laws in our country!  He said that, if I ever violated any of our laws, I would have to suffer the punishment!  And these riots aren’t about good Black people who live their lives to keep them and their families safe and secure, they are about criminals who violated our legal system and died because of it!  And he was absolutely right!  I live in a neighborhood that is mixed with White people and Black people and, except for a minor amount of White and Blacks committing crimes,  all are decent people who only want to live their lives in peace and comfort.  And we have a group of families of both races who will stand up and protect each other if anyone threatens any one of us!  Races have no basis in our area; we barbecue together, sit out and have some drinks and laugh with each other and we will all work with each other whenever we can.  And that’s the way it should be, but too many want personal fame by taking part in protests, leading them, or getting themselves arrested to become heroes!  And this has to end, not because we want it to, but because their own people need them to in order to get our country safe and secure again!

All this said; I keep asking why cities like Chicago allow criminal gangs to run loose in their cities and are willing to be a safe city for illegals who won’t follow our legal system to become legal citizens!  And they allow Mexican gangs, like MS-13, to run their streets and harm and murder other people!  Yet what do the Mayors of those cities keep complaining about?  Well, they keep raising hell about how we are unfair to illegals, who are criminals by sneaking into our country, and we are all “racists” because we think that they need to be thrown out!  And the radical leaders of race movements use the “Race” game against us and it has become the main topic of the news on CNN and other Progressive stations on a regular basis!  And all of these separation movements are doing nothing but keeping all of the people from coming together as good Americans citizens because all they hear is that White men are “evil people”!  And the police are called race haters, even though every race is involved in every force!  And this is happening because all they want to do is keep the hate going, so that the leaders can keep their power and fame, and to break our nation up into groups of people, instead of uniting us all into one group of good Americans!  And, if there is a White, Black, Oriental or any other person that is truly violating our laws, I say:  Arrest them and put them in jail!  But all of the useless violence and separation has to end now!   When someone comes to your door, regardless of your race, and put’s their life on the line to keep you safe, are they Racists, or Police Officers?  Cops are not bad people, they are the true protectors of the people in our country!  And, unless you are an active criminal, they could care less about your race!  The time has come to end all of this and get our nation back on track!  And, more than anything else; the time has come to stop going after every cop because some criminal calls them a racist!  If they violate the law, their Commanding Officer will remove them and, if necessary, place them in jail!  Otherwise, they have the same Rights as you and me and once a trial has ended with no finding of guilt, they need to be allowed to do their jobs again!  If you feel that this is all wrong and that Officers are all bad, then you need to contact the local offices and tell them that you don’t trust the Police and you don’t want them to ever come to your home to help you in any emergency!  It’s that simple; if you don’t trust them, don’t use them!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


Our government is now run by a group of men and women that are voted in by people who believe they will do exactly what they promised them they would do.  But the truth is, they almost never do!  Politicians are well-experienced in knowing how to speak to their voters and what to promise them they will do for them in order to get re-elected.  Then they know how to explain how they failed in their “efforts” because they were unable to “get the support they needed to get things done”!  Last year, when the Republicans like Ryan and McCain swore they were going to work to get a lower tax rate and to end illegals’ ability to enter our country just by walking in, they were simply trying to get support for the candidates they wanted to be elected as President!  Then, when Trump was the candidate, they swore they would support him and work with him because they felt he would be a politician just like them!  But, when he won and they saw he wanted to be a true leader of the people, to complete every promise he made to his voters, they all began working against him, trying to keep him from lowering the tax rate and ending the illegals’ entering our nation!  The reason they don’t want to lower the tax rate is that they have so many programs they voted into effect that gain a great deal of money from higher tax rates, and then they skim off their own profits from those programs!  So, lowering the tax rates means lowering their “hidden” extra income that is not publicly known about and they don’t want it to happen, regardless of how it would help their voters!  And they keep leaving the borders open for the illegals to cross because that allows many companies to have low-cost employees; and providing that for those companies, provides much more in campaign contributions for the politicians’ campaigns!  And don’t ever listen to the lies; when their campaigns are ended that money goes to them, either directly, or through hidden ways of storing it for them!

As I have said before:  Many politicians are either ex-lawyers or are working with other politicians who were, and they know what they have to do to violate all the laws that we have to follow!  And it is all done for the greed, power and fame they can get to make themselves popular and allow them to remain in office!  When was the last time that you can remember a politician doing something that they promised the people, that didn’t give them more power, fame or money?  When I worked on the Hill, I remember hearing many of them bragging about their actions and how they got “exactly what they wanted”, and they really didn’t “give a shit about their voters”!  These people know what true honor is, but all they operate off of is greed!

There are two groups of Americans that have been the targets of American radical’s hatred and those are the Military and Vietnam Veterans back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and now the Police Departments and the officers that are the current targets today!  I am one of those Vietnam Vets that had to go through that radical Communistic hatred back in the “Hippie Movement” era and I remember how we were torn up by the news agencies and the speakers that grew fame by standing against us!  We were called “Crazy Vets” and were put out in public as all being very, very dangerous to the people of our country because we have been in War and we couldn’t tell the difference between good Americans and our Vietnamese enemy!  For a long time, we were hated, feared and were never fully allowed to be a part of our government or normal life style of Americans, and many, many of my brothers killed themselves because they couldn’t stand the hatred and constant memories of combat that no one would deal with them about!  They were either left alone or locked up in a VA hospital because they were a danger to the people, and there was no simple middle-ground to allow them to simply get treatment for the PTSD, like is done now.  All we did was fight for our country, and by doing so, we saved others from having to do what we did!  But we were the bad guys, and the violent, destructive hippie protesters were the good guys!  We protected our country, they worked to destroy it!  And all our nation got out of it was decades of changes that wrecked our manufacturing base and lost us jobs and Freedoms to live as we want to!  So many of our laws were changed that true American Freedoms became modified and now we have laws that can even control what we eat and do!

Now, the Progressives have started up the “hippie movement” again as an effort for them to regain power and control that President Trump took from them by keeping Hillary out of office!  And they came up with a new name for the hippies, and that is “Antifa”, which is supposed to mean “Anti-fascists”, and that is a ridiculous name for their organization because they dress in black clothing, cover their faces with black masks and rags,  and they attack anyone that stands against them!  And destroying and robbing businesses, cars and any other damage they want to, is their major goal to gain what they want!  How can they be “anti-fascists” when the Fascistic Nazis wore black clothing and wore black masks, then attacked the people that stood against them while they destroyed and robbed businesses, cars and any other damage they wanted to in order to take over their country?  They are not an “anti-fascist” organization, they are the modern version of the Fascist Nazis of the German empire!

In order for the Anitfa movement to find any success, they have to remove the one threat to them that would keep them from winning, and that’s the Police Departments in our country!  Our cops are good men and women that put their lives on the line every single day for the citizens of their cities, counties and states!  They never sit back and ask themselves why they have to save someone; they do their jobs and jump in and do what is necessary to try to save the lives of the citizens involved!  Just like the Military, vets and Firemen, they joined their service because they feel a need to protect and serve the people in their country!  They have no greed or hunger for power, they only want to do their jobs as best as they can to keep their locales safe and secure!  And many of them have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others, even if those others might hate the cops!  How many of you that have not been and cop or soldier understand the sense of sacrifice that is the driving force of every one of them?  There is no “what will I get out of this”, or “How much power or money will I get for doing it”; the only thing they feel is that they have to save as many as they can!  Talk about honor!  When have you ever met a politician that would stand up for you like a police officer would?  Do you think they would ever put their own lives in danger to save you from harm or death?  Hell no!  What they do is hire someone else to do it for them!  That is why the major difference is that politicians operate for self-serving greed, while police officers do what they do by honor, the personal drive to save other lives, regardless of the costs to them for doing it!  Politicians are the worst form of “public service”, because they may hold their office because of public support, but they only work for their own interests, while the military and police do it for the safety and protection of the public, regardless of their own sacrifice to do it!  Yet the politicians are the “public heroes”, while the cops are the new bad guys!  Wake up, people!  Stop giving away your Freedoms and Rights to those that are only truly interested in their own power, greed and fame, and start supporting the people that will give up everything just to save your life!

My fellow Americans:  The time has come for you to wake up to the truth of those that run our country, put in place by true citizens that wanted to see America come back to the people, yet they voted for the power hungry politicians in the past elections!  Quit following the path of their greed and start looking for candidates that truly live under the honor of serving their country, regardless of their own sacrifices!  Remember when Congress voted raises for itself when the incomes of Americans were going down the drain because of Congress Members actions that pushed successful businesses out of our country?  Is that what you want in the future?  Stop re-electing greedy politicians and start trying to get vets and retired cops, or cops that will step away from their jobs to work for you in Congress!  Vets and cops gave up a great deal for their country and they will stand up for you and, unlike politicians, they will do what is right, not what they need to do for their own power and greed!  Elect great Americans to lead us once more!  Elect those that will stand for you, regardless of what money and power offers them!  Get to know your local vets and cops and spend time with them to see how they feel about where our nation is now, and where it should go in the future!  When you find one that fits what you think we need, stand up with them and work with them to help them get elected!  Let’s end the greed and power-hunger in DC now, and replace it with honor and love for our country!  If we want to get America back from the control of crooked politicians, we have to put it in the hands of true Patriots that love our country and want it back!  Come on, people!  It’s up to us, let’s get it done!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


I’ve talked with you in the past about my experience working on the Hill in DC.  And that is what gives me the answers I need to write legitimate rants about what happens there.  And now we have the RINOs working with the Progressives, on the QT, while acting like they are fighting each other over laws and Bills.  I want to explain to you why President Trump is being torn apart by the Press, and the RINOs, while he is working as hard as he can to ensure that he can keep as many of his promises to the voters that he can.

Trump is an excellent businessman and has built a business empire through his ability to work out deals to get what he needs done.  When he went into his corporate meetings to ensure that things got done, he went in as the “boss”, not just a close friend to those that worked for him.  When he saw the answer to a problem, he put someone on the job to fix it.  He never had to ensure he got the agreement of everyone in the meeting to get it done, he simply did his job as the owner of the business and did what he felt he had to do!  I know that being the President is not the same as being the boss, and he is doing everything he can to find the right way to get things done and to make deals to get as much of it as he can done the way he wants it to be done!  And he is an honest man who tells everyone the truth about what he is doing, because he wants to keep the trust of his voters!  He didn’t become the President to “become the President”, he ran for the job because he wants to bring America back to the greatest nation it once was, to provide good lives for every American that is willing to work to build their own great futures!  And he doesn’t waste as much money as he can by making many unnecessary trips for “vacations”, for his wife’s “special needs” and other things, just like Obama did when he was President!  And his salary isn’t important to him, as he has his own money, so he gives it to groups that need it!  He is not a politician!

What is a politician?  Well, in DC a lot of them are lawyers!  And Lawyers are trained to push people to do what they want them to, they lie and manipulate to reach the goals that will provide money and benefits for them.  Lawyers are trained to lie to get people to believe what they say, to get them to follow their ideals and to gain control over them!  And politicians are being trained to do exactly the same things, to allow them to get their voters to believe their work is being done for them, while it is mainly done to build their own power and money!  If a politician wants to get his voters to believe that he is truly interested in a problem that is harming many Americans, they will talk like they have their hearts breaking and make their eyes wet up, because they know that is what the voters want to see!  If their voters want their politician to take a serious interest in their problems, the Politician will hold their arm, look them in the eyes and tell them that they no longer have to worry about their problem, because his/her people are “working on fixing it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week”!  I can’t count how many times I heard that used when they wanted to keep the trust of the people that came to see them then, when the people left, they would go out and have some drinks and laughs with the fellow politicians!  I , honestly, saw a situation like that happen in Senator Joe Biden’s office when I was working with him, and that is what made me end my connection with him that very day!

Whenever a politician is very, very sincere about his/her concern about an issue for the people, I can guarantee you that 90% of the time it is because they are getting something out of it and/or are gaining profits for doing it!  Donald Trump doesn’t need money from his work, he is a very rich man and has all he needs!  He doesn’t have to lie because he isn’t doing anything that he has to lie for!  Yes, he will work with Democrats, if he has to, because his main goal is to get what he wants done and he will work with whomever he has to in order to accomplish it!  And politicians in both parties will work for what they say they are against for two reasons:  They want to get something they want to have done, so they will trade for it.  And they will want to look good, so they will look like they are helping, which makes their competition look worse because they aren’t!  No politician does anything that doesn’t benefit them in some way, yet Trump does what he does because he wants one thing:  Bring America Back!  No greed, no profit, no power gain for him, jut being able to gain what he promised the voters he would do!  Politicians work for two things only:  Their own power and profit and the benefits for their party!  We the people means very, very little to them, unless they are on TV and have to talk about it!

I’m not saying all of this because I am a Trump supporter; I just want Americans to understand the truth about our politicians and their political system!  For the first time in my lifetime, we have a President that wants to fix our country, even if it means that it will destroy his own acceptance by the people that used to love him, the Progressives, until he became our President!  He is the most honorable, honest man person I have seen in office since I worked in DC!  And I worked with the politicians for over two years and I learned who they were and what they did because I saw it personally, not because I read some book!  I’m sure that he made some mistakes in his life, just like every single one of us have, but he turned himself into an honest, great businessman and has become a sincere, caring and honest leader of our nation!  Wipe away all of the political bullshit that is put out there every single day by politicians and listen to the man who can’t be a politician, because he won’t lie!  I have been on this earth for 67 years now and I have seen many Presidents and politicians do their jobs the way they want to, regardless of what happens to us!   And, if he hadn’t won, our nation would have completed the path to becoming another Progressive/Communistic nation and we would have all seen our lives rot away while the government gained full control over us!  And, if it hadn’t been for Trump, that would have happened!  And he won because the majority of Americans had confidence in him!  So keep your support going!  He has to depend on each and every one of us to know that he has the support he needs to bring America back!  Stand up for our President and give him the confidence he needs to keep working as hard as he can to save America!  Saving out country isn’t just his job, it is ours too!  Be a true American and stand strong for the man will sacrifice everything he has built to keep our nation safe, strong, and to bring America back to the great nation it once was!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


I remember when President Reagan legalized all of the illegals in America and he told us that it would end all of the illegals coming into our country.  A great many of us complained to him that all it would do would be to give more of them the feeling that sneaking into our country would allow them to gain citizenship without having to go through the legal system to gain it.  He told us that we would never have to fear that again because he was working with Congress to ensure that our borders would be protected.  Then I remember when, in his first couple of months in office, President Bush was pushing for legalizing illegals, yet he ended the push after the feedback from the citizens forced him to!  Then came the 9/11 attacks and it was all forgotten, because he was a great leader for our military.  When Obama took office, he totally opened our border for illegals by letting them know that he supported their movement into our country and the number of illegals in his eight years in office grew into a flood on our border!  Did he do it to allow Mexicans to come into our country?  No; what he did was give a cover to every muslim that hated our country to simply walk in by stating that all they wanted was to become an American!  He also opened the doors for the MS-13 gangs to walk across our border and dominate every city that was considered a “sanctuary city”, and to become the greatest danger to the lives of every citizen in those cities!  Thanks to Obama’s extreme actions to keep our borders open, we have been overloaded with illegals that live on our Welfare System at the cost of every working citizen, and he has allowed a great many illegals that are openly declared to be dangerous to our country and our citizens!  And we have to put an end to it!  And the simplest end to the whole thing is to follow the laws that already exist in our National and State system!  The term illegal is not a “hate name”, it is a legal term that is used to describe those that refuse to follow our legal immigration system by violating every single law in our country by sneaking in and claiming that they have the Right to be here!  No criminal in our country has ever been allowed any special Right over our legal system, just as no American citizens have any Rights to violate our legal system!  If our politicians and citizens don’t wake up to the very fact that we are letting people enter our country by violating our national laws, then they keep violating our laws, we will see our nation in a war in our country when they get violent and start fighting us to gain the very “Illegal Rights” they demand!

Now our President has had to confront the problem of President Obama’s illegal action to put DACA into effect, and any action he takes to end it will be cursed by every Progressive and liberal in America because they claim he is just a “hater of illegals”!  He is not a hater of illegals, he is a government official that believes in the purpose of American laws and he simply wants our laws enforced to allow for the complete safety of every true American!  He knows that going after the DACA illegals, he is placing himself as a target of everyone that wants him to look like an evil man!  But he doesn’t hate the DACA youth; as a matter of fact, when he was talking about them, he said that many were good people and he would  like to find a way to get them through the legal immigration system.  But many of the RINOs stood up in public and kept saying that he “hated the DACA people”, and that’s not true.  And they were hoping that he would take personal action to end it, so that they could sit back and look innocent about it all, even though, in the past, a great many of them wanted the DACA people out!  So he did the smartest thing I have ever seen a President do; he took action to end DACA, but he gave Congress 60 days to find another way to do it!  All they talked about during the Obama Administration was that they wanted the end of all illegals in our nation but, once Trump took office, they backed down and kept saying that Trump’s ideals of ending illegals was bad!  Congress is no more than a bunch of two-faced power-hungry egotists, and they either have to change, or they will be removed!

President Trump knows that there are a lot of very good people in the DACA program that would make good citizens, and he would like to see every single one of the good ones become legal citizens.  And he also knows that there are a lot that don’t belong here and many of them are very, very dangerous to our country, our system of Rights and the safety of every American citizen!  Look at the number of the DACA people that joined our military and put their lives in danger to protect America and its legal citizens!  I heard President Trump speaking about that and he said that there should be a way for them to gain legal citizenship!  And I agree with that; how many legal citizens are willing to put their lives on the line for our country?  As a combat veteran, I can tell you “not a hell of a lot!  And any person that will stand up for our nation and protect it against any threat to our safety and Freedoms deserves to gain full citizenship!  And there are a lot that work very hard and pay taxes to our government and , if they are proven to be good people, they should find a way to gain citizenship  through our legal system!  But those that do nothing but live on our Welfare system and suck our money out of our programs for our citizens need to be taken out of America immediately with no efforts to protect them from removal!  And those that are threats, like MS-13, need to be forcefully removed and, if they return, should face a life in prison, and if they kill or beat up another American citizen, they should face a death sentence for the crime of violence and the harming of a citizen!  And I believe that Trump would work with something like this, if Congress put it up, but they don’t want to!   All they want is for them all to be removed, but they don’t want to blame for it, so they put it on Trump’s shoulders to get it done!  But he is not a politician, he is a businessman that cares a great deal for America and our laws and Freedoms,  so he put the load on their shoulders and it is now up to them to find the right way to deal with this!

Whatever happens, don’t let the prejudiced Press fill your head with their ideals: keep a close eye on the actions of so many of the criminal politicians that are interested in one thing; their power and greed!  Don’t be afraid to speak to everyone about the truth of what is going on!  Donald Trump has done more in his first months in office that any stinking politician has done in their decades in office!  Donald Trump thinks about the people and our futures by rebuilding our nation into the greatest nation it was before the 1968 takeover of the Democratic Party by the Progressives!  Politicians think only about what they want and need, and the futures of the Congressional offices!  It’s not hard to see who to follow:  America went from a very strong future collapse of the American future, to a path to the return of the most successful nation in the world when Donald Trump beat the criminal Progressive candidate:  Hillary Clinton!  He has opened the door to give us back successful futures for every American and their families!  Do not let the bullshit of those that want him out of office, and fight against them every way possible!  This is our America, this is our futures; it is now our responsibility to make sure that it happens!  Stand up and make your voice heard; stand up and be the great Americans that I know that you are!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


I was a kid five years after World War II and I spent a lot of time watching the TV shows about the war and the Nazis, and I learned a great deal about it.  Back then, the press didn’t try to manipulate the truth and what I heard was very true, and I had it verified by the War vets that lived in my town and from my parents who were both WWII vets.  Let me describe what I learned about the Nazis from all of them:

The Nazis started as a group that stood up against the German Government and protested against it.  During those protests they yelled out all of their idealism and went after anyone who stood against them in support of their country and their people!  And, as they grew their own fame and power, they went after the people that stood against them and physically attacked them and beat them with sticks and steel rods.  Anytime anyone who stood against them held a public meeting and spoke about their love of their nation and people, the Nazis would show up and yell them down and, if they were confronted and told to leave, they would start attacking everyone and beat them up!  They stood against anyone who spoke against them and violently pushed them out!  And they would burn buildings and destroy property in an effort to make the citizens fear them!  And their uniform was black pant, shirts and hats!  And if they wanted to keep their faces private, they would wear black covers over their faces!  In the long run, they became the leadership in Germany and, if you didn’t agree with them, you were put in a concentration camp and was tortured and starved!  IF they didn’t want to put you in the camps, they would murder you on the streets!  Sound familiar?  Take a very close look at the “Antifa” and you will see that the “antifascists” are not so “anti-fascistic”, but are true Fascists themselves!  They riot in the streets, beat people up, burn down buildings and tear things up!  And they preach out anti-American idealism at their riots and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them!  And the most obvious thing is that they were black “uniforms” and cover their faces with black covers!  Since they are supported by George Soros, who worked with the Nazis in WWII to destroy his own people, the Jewish people, it’s pretty obvious what is going on!

Every time a good American, or groups of good Americans stand against the antifa and beat them back, the antifa whine and cry about how all they were doing was standing up for their “Rights” and they were attacked for it!  When, in reality, all they do is try to destroy our national values, honor and pride for our nation!  Another group that does things like that is the Muslim terrorists that want to break our nation down!  And the coincidence between antifa and the muslims is that they both are doing the same thing; working to destroy our country to turn it into their nation of domination with no Rights for anyone but them!  Finally there has been a movement to identify the antifa as a terrorist group!  I just hope that our government goes after them and takes it all down!  We are a nation of free speech, but free speech means the Right to speak, to share ideas and opinions, but not to use violence and domination to change our nation to fit your needs!  We are a nation of Freedoms and we are a people of values, but we cannot sit back and let those that want to destroy everything we are so that they can take our nation away from us!  We need to get out and expose the actions of groups that lie to everyone and do what they can to get the people to follow them, to tear our nation down!  America is our nation, our home, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and maintain it a the greatest nation in the world!  Forget all of the illegals that whine because their “rights” to be a citizen are being ruined!  Forget all of the Progressive politicians that have worked for so long to tear down the great American standards that built the greatest, free nation in the world!  And forget about the antifa Nazis that are working to destroy America!  This is our country, we are the true Americans that want true American values back in our country!  It’s time that we all make our voices heard and that we let every other true American understand that they no longer need to hide their love for our country; wake them up and teach them that it is our responsibility to keep America safe and to keep it as the true America it was meant to be!  This is America, we are Americans; that is all that matters!  And, if you are holding your responsibility as a true American citizen, and an antifa starts attacking you, teach them the true power of true Americans!


Michael J Kilgus

Gladiator 059



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