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My name is Michael J. Kilgus, I am a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and I worked on the Hill, in DC, from January of 1984, until June of 1986, as an Independent ( I was not paid, by anyone ) Activist/Lobbyist for Veterans’ Rights, and the POW issue.  I learned, from personal experience, that our governmental leaders are corrupt, egotistical, greedy, and that they could care less about the rights of the citizens in this country; they are only concerned with themselves, their own profits, and lives!  What the citizens of this great nation are now seeing, concerning the actions of our governmental leaders, has been going on for decades, and we need to bring our country back under the control of the citizens, to bring back Constitutional Law, not “World Government” law!  I will not lie, or deceive you on my blog, I will only tell you the truth that I know exists within the halls of our government! 

Thank-you for taking the time to come to LZ Freedom, and feel free to leave your opinions on my writings.


  1. Gladiator 059 says:

    I am a veteran of the Vietnam War; I flew on a Huey Helicopter, as a CrewChief gunner, and I know what it means to see men die, because they are standing up for the ideals of the American people! I have also worked in Washington, DC, as an independent activist/lobbyist from January of 1984, through June of 1986, and I have seen the corruption, and greed of our governmental officials, first hand! I have seen their lack of concern for the men and women who sacrifice their time, and lives, by serving in our nation’s military! So; when I comment about some travesty by our governmental officials, I am usually speaking from first-hand knowledge!

    I love my country, I stand strong for the Constitution I swore to protect, and I am an American, body and soul, and I will defend her till the day I die!

    • Bill Comrey says:

      Hello Mike…

      I’m a Vietnam War veteran, of the 21st Signal Group’s Aviation Detachment at the Nha Trang Airbase in 1969. I was the unit’s Aviation Parts Supply guy (a SP5)and the unit’s Armorer too. I was there from Jan69 to Aug69. We had 3 airplanes, 8 Hueys and 4 Bell Rangers arrived to our unit the week that I went home. I’m a writer and people tell me I’m good. Jack Ryan has been after me to correspond with you and make postings if acceptable to you. I write on issues about the Vietnam War, veteran benefits issues and I write on issues of today from the standpoint of a conservative and maintaing our fading Freedoms & Liberties. I just wrote a piece about the 5 students that were sent home from school because they didn’t change their T-shirts and apparel that had American Flag venues… on Cinco de Mayo day at their California high school. It’s tongue in cheek peace but it has a very important message as well. Do you want to take a look at it? I’m the website coordinator for my 43rd Signal (Pleiku) and 21st Signal units (Nha Trang). It’s good to talk to a fellow Army aviation unit veteran.

      Best regards and Welcome Home….
      Bill Comrey, Jr. of Harrisburg, PA

      • Welcome home to you, too, my brother!
        I’d be more than interested in looking at your site, and would enjoy any comments you might have concerning mine. I appreciate all feedback, even the negative feedback, because it gets opinions out there. If you would like to get in touch via email, you can reach me at: mjklitch@yahoo.com.

  2. Ken Holland Gladiator 449 says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was just reading back through some of your rants from October to the present because I had lost you for a while until I got on the new web site. I found it amazing and a little frightening how accurate some turned out to be now that you look back from the present. The gun stuff is going full blast right now just like you predicted. This progressive administration is scaring the hell out of me. It’s hard to understand why the GOP seems to be almost totally silent about everything? I’m sure you saw Hillary say “what does it matter now” and basically give them almost no information, then you saw dozens of congressmen praise her and congratulate her on the outstanding job she did during her term. The same goes for Kerry, what an outstanding person and a veteran too they say!!! How’s it going with those POW’s John, find any yet??? Perhaps in his new position he can make a quick stop in Vietnam or even Hanoi.

    • When I worked on the Hill, in DC, one of the first things I learned was that the only thing our politicians are interested in is themselves. I have had a couple of run-ins with Kerry before he ever became a Member of Congress and I let him know I didn’t like him then and, now, he is more arrogant and self-interested with a stronger drive to build a “legacy” for himself. He will do more damage to our country than Hillary has and he will weaken our defenses, simply to make himself look like he is “so understanding” of the world! Whenever you examine any of the actions, by anyone in DC, simply follow the truth of the “Wizard of Oz” and look behind the curtain; what they say in public is usually hiding something they are really doing in private.

  3. Jim says:


    As a conservative, combat Veteran, and a friend of yours from the 57th AHC( Gladiators and Cougars )….I commend you on your concerns for our Veterans, and this great country. I enjoy reading your commentaries…keep up the good work..never say die..and push for Conservative Politicians that embrace our Founding Fathers and Mothers ideals,values, and strict Constitutional interpretations. I’m in the fox hole with you…

  4. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Great to finally see you again after all these years. Three days at the reunion went by way too fast. Enjoyed our time together, fun to remember some of our time together, some good, some not so good. Having face to face time makes the RANTS that much more personal. Keep up the good work brother.

  5. Thanks, Brother! We know the path to hell personally, and the trip down that road builds bonds that never fall!

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