When I was in my early ’20s, after I got out of the Service, I needed to provide for myself and get an apartment.  The good thing was that our economy was the strongest one in the world, so there were all kinds of jobs everywhere in America, and it made it easy for me to provide for myself.  Except for technical jobs or Union jobs, I could go to work anywhere and make enough money to pay my rent, buy my food, and keep gas in my car!  And the ideal of the situation in our country back then was that every capable American had to work to provide for themselves, with no governmental assistance, and everyone was fine with that!  Food was affordable, gas was affordable and all personal needs, like clothing, shoes, medicine etc. was affordable and we could go to movies, restaurants, bars and any other kind of entertainment.  But the Progressives wanted to change that, to bring our country down on its knees!  So they started changing laws on a slow basis, to allow them to start taking away our way of life!

As I have said in the past, they started out by doing things like putting laws out to force us to wear seatbelts, which was against our Rights of personal decisions at that time, but they got it changed because they wanted to “protect the lives of every American”.  Then they came out with minor regulations on Cigarette smoking, which kept growing stronger over the years.  They told us all that they really cared about was American lives, so they had to do this to keep us “safe and healthy”.  But it was all crap: they wanted to change the laws about the amount of control the government could have over our lives, so they went after something that many citizens would agree with, so the Republicans would fear looking like they didn’t “care enough” for the citizens, and they got the support they needed to pass the legislation.

Then they started going after our Manufacturing Base to gain control over what they do to provide jobs, so they started claiming that our country was in “grave danger” because of smog!  There were some cities that had a problem with smog and they used them as the proof of how it was destroying the health of our workers, so they pushed for legislation to remove the danger of smog.  Since they scared citizens of the dangers of it, they knew they could force the Republicans to work with them to pass legislation on how Companies ran their businesses.  It was up to the local governments’ responsibility to impose rules on the companies, or force them out of their towns, but the Progressives took that away from them.  And because they got the legislation on smog, seatbelt usage and cigarette smokers, they got the door open for them to overload the people and companies with Government control over their lives!  Over the years they were able to gain control over how Companies could operate, where they could set up their factories and how their taxes kept growing higher and higher!  If the Government felt that the business was making its products with “dangerous chemicals”, they added more taxes to fix the problem, but fixing the problem was the responsibility of the business!  If they felt that shipping their products might be “dangerous”, they raised their taxes, even if the “danger” was a load of crap, but the government said it was, so they had to pay the tax!  If the company’s profits were growing, the Government raised the taxes because it believed that they should share in the profit!  They kept manipulating the costs of running the businesses and kept coming out with new laws that would allow the Government to make more money, and they accomplished what they started back in the ’60s, and it forced our major businesses out of our country!  They went to other nations where the laws and taxes were at a level they could live with, and when they left, the number of jobs for Americans started falling down the drain!  And it reached a point where many other countries, including some of our past enemies, were making billions of dollars on our economy while it was going down the drain!  So the Progressives wound up getting exactly what they wanted:  No jobs for millions of Americans, which meant they needed help to raise their families, which started the Welfare Program growing up to one of the major costs of the American citizens that work to raise their families!

Back when I was young, Welfare was only for people who were seriously unable to provide for themselves. If someone was disabled enough that they could not work to provide for them or their families, they were given the basics needed to allow them to have some kind of home.  They got the basics of food to feed them and their families.  They would get the basic meats and vegetables that would keep them healthy, but they did not have the Government giving them T bones and Pizzas.  They would be put in apartments that had just enough rooms for bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom.  But they got rooms that were big enough to fit the family, but no fancy apartments in good areas of the city, just basics only!  But, when American workers were out of work because the companies were leaving our country, the Welfare system started getting huge amounts of tax money so that those who couldn’t or WOULDN’T get a job could live all over the cities.  And they came out with Food Stamps, which allowed anyone on Welfare to go to any store they wanted to, to allow them to buy whatever they wanted to eat, regardless of cost!  And who wound up paying for it?  We, the working Americans had our taxes raised, over and over again, so that they could live better lives than many of us were!  And the worst part is that they started providing food and homes for any illegal that wanted them, and they did it at the cost to taxpaying Americans!  Here is a graph of the percentage of illegals on Welfare:

This comes from this site, which has a lot more information if you want to view it:


This whole situation was started back when the Progressives took over the Democratic Party in 1968.  They slowly started gaining control step by step.  And every time they gained a bit more power, they would find something else they could do gain even more power!  And the situation we are in right now is the responsibility of the Progressives, and the RINOs that worked with them!  And there is so much more that they have done to our country by raising taxes on every single thing they could to break down our Manufacturing Base, to end up with the United States having to depend on other nations to provide what we need to live our lives!  They have made many of our enemies very wealthy by having our businesses move to them so that they could continue manufacturing the needs of Americans!

Now President Trump wants to bring back our Manufacturing Base to America, to allow us to provide our citizens with jobs and American-made goods!  And Schumer and Pelosi are lying and saying that it will ruin our economy and lives if Trump brings back our businesses by lowering taxes across the board.  And it is all crap!  The same kind of crap they used to force our businesses out of our country!  Yes, for a year, maybe two, we will have to have our government end many of the programs they waste our tax money on, because our tax level will be lower, but once the businesses get back in our country and huge numbers of Americans will get back to work, our taxes paid to the government will raise the level of tax income in our government higher than we have had in a long, long time!  The more jobs, the more taxpayers!  And, even though the tax rate will drop, the number of workers will multiply and the more workers, the more tax income!  And, the more workers paying taxes, the weaker the Progressives will get, so they are fighting against a fair tax with every trick they can!  It’s time for the people of America to see the truth of a criminal-run government!  It’s time that they wake up to the idea that it is our responsibility to bring our country back!  The only reason that the many criminals in our government stay  in office and that’s because many American voters simply vote for the name they recognize, or the Party they like, and that has to end!  We need to vote for good people who want to get into Congress, to bring it back to the voters, not the criminals in Congress!  We don’t need names running our government, we need people who will realize that the citizens put them in office and that the citizens are the people they are working for! The Progressives need to lose power so that we can bring back our country to the power it once was!  This is our country, it is our government, and we need to act like caring voters and bring it back to the values that built this nation into America!  Take part, or lose!  And I am not a loser; how about you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. I think I recall Vladimir Putin calling a lot of this mentioned above ”The Suicide of the West”. That is exactly as many who knew the USA in its earlier glory describe it too.

    We need to keep this momentum going, that being cleaning house in D.C.

  2. Absolutely! And we need more on the web putting up posts of their knowledge. When I started, I thought I would be run off the web for writing what I felt, and I also thought I couldn’t write things the way people would want to read them. But I am now, and so could so many others, especially Vets! We need their voices out on sites like this!

  3. When neo-progressives ( sophists) control through the manipulation of
    RHETORIC AND DIALECTIC ..we are in big trouble. Confuscious stated;
    ” when words are altered and changed, nothing is on stable ground. Nothing! And this leads to intellectual disorder, which leads to perversion.
    Our Justice System is used purely for political reasons…using the subterfuge of a ” malicious use of process theory. With the twisting…and the undermining of truth.

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