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I have been listening to all of the information that is finally coming out about the bad actions of our Members of Congress, and none of it is a surprise to me.  The sexual actions to women that they have done is nothing new to anyone in DC!  All of the claims that are coming out now are no surprise to me; the only surprise is that nothing is being heard of the other actions of Congress that would have put any other American in jail, such as violent attacks against people, criminal transactions with money that are not only against the law, but are also banned by the rules of Congress!  I knew that Barney Frank ran a gay whorehouse out of his building when I was there, and I have told you about that.  But the actions of Progressive Members that want to ban gun ownership in America, yet they have been involved in shootings, but the DC Police know that they are not supposed to take any actions against them until the Speaker of the House OKs it!  There is a whole lot more situations involving both male and female Members who have forced themselves on others in unwelcome sexual actions!  And don’t think about just the women who have come out, there are men who have been abused by both Male and Female Members!  Why am I writing all of this now?  Because I was warned by Richard Childress, who knew how much I knew when I was working on the Hill that, if I knew what was good for me, I would never talk about any of it!  But I have a responsibility to my readers to tell them the truth.  And I don’t have all the names, and I wouldn’t print them if I did, but I know what was happening when the Members felt they had a Right to do anything they wanted to!

There is no Member of Congress that became a Millionaire when they were in DC, that was not involved in illegal actions that they were getting paid for!  Anytime a Bill goes through Congress, some Member is getting a kickback, either from “extra money” that was given to them, or from deals with the companies that got the work in the Bill that had to pay a percentage of their profits to the Member!  And, if they went into a bar and got friendly with a member of the opposite sex that didn’t want it, and the cops were called to end it, the Member would be allowed to leave and the victim would be told that, if they knew what was good for them, they would never mention it again!  And all kinds of Special Interest people that get “special interest” when they come to the Member’s office, got that Special Interest because they made sure that whatever contract they got kicked some profits back to the Member!  I could go on and on, because there is so much criminality in DC that is “simply common practice” because Members of Congress are looked at as “special citizens”  who can do whatever they want to!  And why don’t we hear about it?  Because every one of them has so much information on everyone else that, if they cause trouble, everything they have done will be exposed to the Press!  Ask any member of the Press that works in DC “why aren’t they being exposed”, and they will tell you that “nothing gets  out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out!  So they run their lives by gathering everything they can against their counterparts, so that they can use them to protect their own actions!  Are they all bad?  No, but the majority is!  It’s only a very small part of them that are really innocent!  And just because one of them acts like they only do everything right, that they are not part of the DC machine, you have to be very careful, because they might be telling the truth, but they could simply be lying!  Everything you think you know about them is only a very tiny , very tiny, portion of the real actions of the Members!

The one thing I know to be the truth about the Members of Congress is that they will do whatever will allow them to look “good” to the citizens, but gets them exactly what they want!  I’ve said this before:  When I started working in Biden’s office and I asked his Aide how an average citizen could get something through Congress, this is what I  was told:  Sex, drugs, money or power!  I laughed and said “are you serious?”  And she said, “yes, sex drugs, money or power!”  Then I said; “what about the needs of the people?”  And she said; “they know what they want, we know what they need!”  And that is two of the best known comments by so many Members!  We only matter to them when they need our support, otherwise we are no more than muppets for them to play with!  They don’t care about us, unless they need us to vote for them!  And this is all true!  I am not putting out false information, I was there and I saw it happening all the time!  And I am writing this because I just want you to see the truth from someone who actually worked on the hill, with our Politicians!  If you don’t want to believe it, I could care less!  But if you know me and you do believe it, let it help you see the truth in the future!  That said:  I don’t know the truth about  Moore.  I have no idea as to the lies, or truths about his situation.  But I do know that when someone in Congress wants you gone, they will make every piece of information they can to destroy you.  My only curiosity about Moore is are those women telling the truth, or are they standing up against him now because the Progressives want his office. Who knows?  If he did it, he needs to pay for it.  But, if he didn’t, the true evidence needs to be brought before an investigation Board that has no ties with any Member of Congress.  But, if he is thrown out of office, or if he isn’t, every Member of Congress needs to be investigated for any and all illegal actions they have committed while in Office!  No Member should ever be allowed to violate the very laws they stand up to protect!  A crime is a crime, whether you or me, or every single Member of Congress!  We need to end their “Special Rights” and put them in Jail if they have a history of criminal actions!  And we need to end their control over their own jobs, and put them back to their responsibility to the citizens of America!  The Constitution of America explains the Rights of every American, and they all swear to protect the Constitution, to ensure that they are never changed!  And the same Rights, Laws, and criminal punishments that each, and every one of us have to obey, shall be the Number One requirement to the way they do their jobs!  They either do their jobs and follow the needs of their people, and to protect the American way of life, or they shall be removed from office and be punished for what they do!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Elle says:

    As soon as the accusations started flying, I thought : nothing new and Michael will be addressing this .
    And address you did! Thanks for always putting the truth out there and helping us see the bigger picture.

    • Thanks, Elle! The actions of Members of Congress that would make them criminals if they weren’t in Congress, are starting to show citizens that criminal laws do not apply to them! And the female Members that are coming out against them are doing it with the hope that it will keep the focus off of them for their actions. And that’s why we need to press the legal system to come out with the truth about all of them! We need to replace every long term Member with new candidates in the upcoming elections!

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