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The primary responsibility of Congress is to protect and defend the Constitution and to ensure the safety of every citizen from any dangers that could destroy our nation and the citizens’ Right to live free and the safety for their them and their families!  Any actions by Congress that puts our country in danger by setting up any law that can allow our enemies to come into our country without any security checks on them is illegal, and the Members of Congress can be held responsible for any harm done to our country and our citizens because of their actions for doing so!  But our Members of Congress have reached a point where they believe that can do whatever they want to, regardless of what happens to us, because they have lost their sense of responsibility to us and work only for what benefits them and gains them power!  And it is our responsibility to monitor their actions and to expose them to the public for their lack of concern for their sworn responsibilities to us!  And, since the Progressives feel that they are going to take America over and run it the way they want to, they have become very open when they violate their oaths because they believe they have control over us!  The time is here for us to stand up as the citizenship of our nation and to push as hard as we can to have them punished for their actions that are putting us in great danger!

The greatest threat to our country is the muslims that want to destroy America and kill all of us, and they have been openly making that statement of their oath to Islam for a long time now!  All we have to do is look back at all of the deaths they have caused in our country from way back in the ’60s!  And the worst attack ever on our country was 9/11 in New York, which put all of our politicians together to take action against them!  But the thing that doesn’t get the attention it should is that so many of the Progressives have personal contact with muslim leaders and they want to maintain their profitable connections, so they keep saying that we have to be “fair” when we judge muslims!  We used to use our own oil reserves to provide our own gas, which kept our prices down.  I remember when I lived in Florida before I moved up to Missouri in 2005.  The gas prices for regular gas was around 45 cents a gallon.  But the Progressives wanted us to stop “wasting” our oil and “damaging” our environment by drilling for it, so they pushed for us to buy all of our oil from the muslim nations, removing our own national profits by using our own oil.  And it greatly enriched the profits of the muslims as, once they didn’t have to compete with our own prices, they began to constantly raise their prices, making our gas very expensive!  Why were the Progressives standing so strong for oil from the  muslim nations, instead of using our own reserves?  Easy!  They were getting kickbacks from the muslims because they allow them to maintain their dominance over our oil and gas!  If you don’t believe this, check the yearly salaries to Congressional Members.  Here is a link to a site that will explain a lot to you:  https://www.thoughtco.com/salaries-and-benefits-of-congress-members-3322282  The current average salaries to the Members of Congress is $174,000 a year.  That sounds like a lot, but it is expensive to live in DC, and to live in the homes they have there, instead of living in their State that they represent as is supposed to happen under the laws!  So, if you balance out the yearly costs of their lives in DC, they should live good lives, not great ones.  But the Progressives are so crooked that they, and the RINOs, make a lot of money from nations and other groups that want to have some power in DC, so they allow contributions to the Progressives, but it is never listed as money going directly to the Congressmen!  Ask yourself one simple question:  While they live on an income that should allow them good lives in DC, why are so many of them multi, multi millionaires?  Because their paychecks only give them basic incomes, while they enrich themselves by doing things for others that will slip a lot of money under the door to them!  And, according to governmental laws, that’s a violation of several laws in Congress!  But they get away with it because they are the ones that control the laws, so the bandits are running the money!  Here is a link that will show you how rich our Members of Congress are, but it also shows the major differences between Democrats and Republicans:  https://ballotpedia.org/Net_worth_of_United_States_Senators_and_Representatives

Take a very close look at how much Nancy Pelosi is worth.

To protect our nation from attacks in our country by our enemies, the muslims, we have to keep them out of our country or, at least, make sure they are investigated and approved to be safe before they are allowed in!  But the Progressives don’t do that and they, and the RINOs are responsible for every attack in our country by “radical” muslims!  As I have said before, Obama brought 40,000 Hamas members over to Detroit in his first year in office!  And Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization, one that constantly threatens to destroy America and kill all of our citizens!  How could they ever be proven to be “good people”, when bringing 25,000 in at first, then 15,000 in at the end of Obama’s first year, is so large a number that at least 10 percent of them could be terrorists!  And 10 percent of 40,000 is 4,000 terrorists, and 4,000 is a very large army in one section of our nation!  But they are all declared Hamas members and, once again, Hamas is a terrorist organization that hates America!  And, after that large movement of terrorists into our country caused some Congressmen and Senators to push back on the President’s move to bring more terrorists into our country, Chuck Schumer started working to put a “Lottery Immigration” system into effect!  And his great idea was to pick people out “by chance”, with no real research into their possible connection with terrorist organizations, allowing many muslim terrorists to simply smile, and walk right into our country!  The muslim terrorist that mowed down so many innocent people in New York City was one of those “Lottery Immigration” people that brought many members of his own family in with him, before he showed his terrorism!  And, since that happened, Schumer has been pushing for the program to remain in effect, even though so many good Americans want it to end!  And this is what happens when Progressives run the immigration and safety of our country!

The elections coming up next year are extremely important!  We can no longer sit back and let whatever happens in elections happen, then complain afterwards!  We have to make sure that we get rid of every RINO in DC and replace them with new Conservatives that will actually do their jobs and protect us and our nation!  Vote out the RINOs that are in office and replace them with good people!  And we need to work with Blue Dog Democrats that want to replace their Progressives with people that want to work with Republicans to bring back America!  We can no longer sit back and see what happens, we have to bring together good Americans in both Parties that are willing to work together to rid our nation of the deadly poison of the Progressive Democrats!  If you think that letting the government control everything and change our laws to limit us on how we can live and protect ourselves, just take a good look at Chicago!  Chicago is a city that is a government run by Progressives, ‘they have gained full power over the State government and they have removed good citizens’ gun Rights!  They have flooded Chicago with immigrants, many of which are members of MS-13, the most dangerous gang that has come across our southern border and is taking over cities in California and in Chicago!   323 people have already been killed in Chicago by the gangs, and they are expected to be 700 murdered by the end of the year!  Chicago is dangerous and it is run by Progressive politicians!  And every city that is run by Progressives and is declared a “Sanctuary City”, so that any illegal that wants to live there can get Rights from the city, are the most dangerous cities in America now!  And they are the perfect example as to what will happen if our states are run by Progressives!  So the time has come to stand up and make you voice heard!  We don’t have to lie to get attention, all we have to do is use the truth and show the evidence that Progressivism is destroying our country and we need to end it!  The time has come to regain our country and put it back on a true Constitutional basis!  So, please study all you can and get out and spread to truth to everyone that will listen to you!  It’s our country, and that means it’s our responsibility to get it back!  And I am going to do everything I can to help that happen!  How about you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. Jim carriere says:

    Progressives ,Democrats and liberals are basically SOPHISTS. Never meaning or intending to move right..they only move left. Only!
    The Middle Income EARNERS have not “progressed” financially for 12 years. But now the Democrats are CONCERND with the Middle income ? Come on! Believe that and I’ll sell you some swamp land in Florida. The Unions should be pissed at the way the jobs have been shipped out, and the Blacks angry at their high unemployment status. THE HISPANICS and all should be angry at the influx of illegals that drive their wages down. All along DEMOCRATS claiming they are the savior Party of the working class. They are not! Democrats are the party that enslaves the working class to more regulations, more taxes, with more freedoms lost. I’m an Independent at heart…leaning right for freedom. We need to come to our senses, and ask ourselves. What the hell are we progressing to? Less jobs?..less freedoms..? More regulation chains ? More government debt! More classwarefare? More racial divide? More poisoning of our patriotism? More hatred of Nationalism…more Anti-Christian principles and precepts!
    Wake up from your sleep AMERICA!

    Jim C
    Gladiator 279
    Lost 4-7-1969

    • They have lied for so long, and the people they keep saying they “support” are beginning to wake up! Politicians lie to get whatever they want, when they want it and how they get it! The Republican Party is making some changes, because the Tea Party started showing voters that they need to have their voices heard, and that their votes are the true power in our country! And we need to keep building up groups of smart citizens that will vote to save our country and bring it back to the people! Politicians only have the power to ruin our country, Rights and Freedoms, because too many citizens ignored what they were doing! The citizens are now waking up and we have the power to stop the Political criminality of our government!

  2. So much to make right it almost beckons us to go to war within our own country in order to make change swift and permanent.

    Corruption is rampant and wide spread and has deep roots in our own government now, far more than ever, what alternatives do we even have?

    • The option we have is to push harder on what is working now; we have to make our voices heard to get voters that think they can’t do anything about it, to start listening to us, and to make their own voices heard! Look at how much we have changed since the 2010 Tea Party movement! The citizens finally got the chance to hear the other side; the citizens concern to save our country, not the Progressive’s work to destroy it! And now the Democratic Party is fighting within itself because of the destruction that the Clintons have brought on it! And, if we can keep voters paying attention to what President Trump is doing, they will see how much he has done to bring our nation back! Nothing gets changed immediately, but the efforts we have made since the Tea Party rising up have made some very strong changes in a very short period of time! And we have to keep that movement strong! And our voices are one of the strongest tools we have to fight for our country and to “Make America Great Again”!

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