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The tactics used by the Progressives against Conservatives have only one goal and that’s not to work with Conservatives, as they keep saying they  want to, it’s to destroy the Conservative base in our country!  The only way that the can control our Constitution to remove all citizens’ Rights, and to turn America into another Communistic country that removes our Freedoms from our lives, is to destroy our Constitution and to put Communistic Idealism in charge of our lives!  Everything they do and say is a lie!  And they were so sure that they were going to take control of  our country last year that they got very careless of how they ran Hillary’s campaign and all of their lies are starting to come out into the open, and many of their lies are exposed to the truth of what they have been up to!

One of the major tools that the Progressives have used against us is to blame Conservatives for everything that is wrong in our nation!  But, because of their cockiness, the truth is coming out for everyone to see, and they are the ones that are exposing it now!  When Trump was running for the Presidency, they dug into his past and found a recording of him commenting about women he knows, and they tried to make him look like a Sexist and a rapist!  There was absolutely no evidence of any of that happening, all they had was him talking with some other guys about the sexiness of women and how he would  like to have some time with them.  And his comments with those guys was exactly the same as so many of us talk about sexy women, and none of it threatened the women, it was just sexy talk by men about women.  And women talk the same way about men they are drawn to.  But it is all private talk and none of it is meant to harm or threaten the people they talk about, it’s just “I thought she, or he, was very sexy and I wish I could spend some private time with him or her” comments!  No threats or ideas of harming or attacking them!   But now the real truth of the big shots in the Progressive Party has come out and we now know who has been the real “Sexists” in our country!  Harvey Weinstein, one of the major supporters of the Progressive movement had the information of his past of rape and attacks against a large group of women!  And, because he was a major movie producer, even the best known women movie stars kept their mouths shut because they didn’t want any trouble about it!  Here’s a link to the story:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2017/10/10/harvey-weinstein-controversy-more-than-just-one-man/747632001/   And he is only the beginning of many other Progressive men are having their stories coming out now and we will be hearing more  and more stories about the lies of the Progressives, making every Conservative look like Sexists, but the real truth will keep pouring out about the members of the Progressive leadership and their past sexist actions against women!

Hillary Clinton, the Progressive’s biggest “heroin”, the woman who has been “standing up for the equality of all women”, has been exposed for actions like paying all female workers on her campaign lower rates of salaries than the amount that went to the men in her campaign for doing the same jobs!  She has always made very public statements that Conservatives are not treating female workers the same as male workers.  But she never had to show any real truth; the Progressive Party just accepted every one of her claims because it was what they wanted the people to hear, so that they could look like the only people that wanted equality among workers, regardless of sex!  But she was lying, and the Progressive Party knew it!  Now that it has come out, along with more information about the Progressive Party and their actions, the people are starting to wake up and see which Political group treats female workers the same as the male workers, and that Party is the Republican Party!

The Progressives went after Candidate Trump for “colluding with Russians” to take Hillary down.  And it was all a load of crap!  The real truth is coming out now, and that truth is that Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, were taking money from the Russians to help them with their campaign, and they got the money by giving access to our nuclear supplies to them!  For as long as I can remember, the Russians have been building nuclear weapons to use against us and our allies, and the Clintons gave them a whole lot more!  The amount of uranium that the Russians got was 20% of our stockpile and the amount of money given to the Clintons by the Russians for it was $145 million to the Clinton Foundation!  And now all of the Progressive Press members are blaming us for the stories, stating that there is no proof of the swap between the Clintons and the Russians, but the truth is out there for everyone to see!  And the worst part is that Hillary Clinton was President Obama’s Secretary of State, and her actions with the Russians are a violation of the laws that protect our nation and she may be, and should be by law, arrested and be brought before our Court to face the punishment of our legal system!  If the false Progressive claims against him for what Hillary actually did, he would already be facing the Court for the charges!  But she is “untouchable” because she is “Hillary Clinton”!

Every time the Progressives come out with some phony claim about President Trump having done some despicable actions, more and more truth comes out about the reality that the one group that is doing all of it is the Progressives!  Look at all the crap that Trump has gone through that was started by Progressives, yet he always comes out innocent!  Then the real truth comes out and it is the Progressives that have been doing it!  They keep saying that President Trump lies, but the truth is that all of the lies are coming from Progressives and, yes, RINOS!  But, as long as they keep bringing out new claims, more of the people are exposed for doing what Trump was blamed for!  But they keep doing it to try to take the voters attention off of the truth, and that is their main goal:   To make the voters believe that everything they say is true, that every truth that comes out against them is a lie, even though the investigations into what they have done has exposed that they actually did it!  The legal voters of our country deserve to know the truth and those that have committed those actions need to be held responsible for their actions!  But I can guarantee you that the Progressives and the RINOS will do everything they can to keep the attention off of their actions, and will do everything they can to “prove” that it was President Trump’s fault!  Wake up!  Stop listening to the liars and start following the truth!  If we don’t fix this mess, we will have to fight to maintain our true Constitutional Government and Rights until it finally happens!

When I worked on the Hill, I saw this same mess happening all the time!  The Progressives would always “stand up for the little people” when, in fact, all they were doing was making themselves look like heroes!  And no one really got the Freedom they promised them because, if they truly fixed things, they would have no more claims against the Conservatives to make them look “good”!  And that has always  been their drive:  To keep attacking everything that the Conservatives did, to keep making them look like they were the bad guys, so that they could build votes and power!  And they succeeded!  When Obama took office, he was able to bring 40,000 terrorist Hamas members to Detroit!  And that was only the beginning:  Chuck Schumer worked to begin a “Lottery Citizenship” program to bring muslims into our country with no real search to see if they were actually terrorists, which most of them are!  And we have just had an attack on our citizens by one of those “Lottery” winners!  And, now that this has been show to the citizens, Schumer still wants that idiotic program to stay into effect!  Why?  Because Schumer gets a lot of benefits by doing so!  He looks like the one person that stands up for the Rights of people that want to become immigrants!  Yet, guess what:  Our Constitution has no Rights for non-Americans to become citizens of our nation!  Once you become a qualified citizen, that’s when you gain Rights as an American!  And Schumer has brought a lot of un-verified muslims into our country and many are terrorists, only acting as good citizens!

I am not some person claiming to know a lot about our Government because I read a lot.  I am a person who worked on the Hill for 2 1/2 years, from January 1rst of 1984, through June 31st of 1986.  I have seen the way our politicians protect one thing over everything else, and that their own power!  They do tell the truth occasionally,  but only when it does them good.  They all know how to lie and make it sound like the real truth!  They tell their voters how important it is to them to make sure that their voters are taken care of but, in reality, they only care about what they get for what they do!  DC is their home, supporting the Members of Congress and their Special Interest buddies is their main goal only!  They know how to talk to their voters in a way that makes them sound very serious and caring about their voters issues, but they will turn around and do what they want to in order to gain more power for themselves!  And that is what we have to understand about DC!  And that is why we have to watch what they do, very carefully, to see when they lie and mislead us!  And it is our Right and responsibility to ensure that they keep their promises to us, or we have to get them out of Office and find someone who will do exactly what they tell us they will!  The time is coming, next year, when we can replace the bad guys with serious people!  We have so many men and women that have put their lives on the line to protect us, to keep our nation safe and to allow us to live our lives as we want to!  And those people are Combat Veterans, people who have bled for all of us and would do it again to keep our country a true Free Nation!  So try to find a good Vet to represent you in Congress!  And, if you can’t find a vet, research the candidates’ to find out if they are really willing to work for you, not to build their own power!  It’s up to us!  We are the ones that elect people!  So let’s be smart next year and make damned sure we elect people that love America and our Rights as much as we do!  We either get full control of our government with good people next year, or we can start looking to live under Progressive control!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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