I have been on this earth for a long time now and I have travelled around the world and all over America.  It wasn’t because I wanted to travel, it was because I, like so many of my brothers from the military, couldn’t find a place to settle down in to allow me to build a family or a “normal” life.  When I went to Vietnam, I was respected as a soldier that was fighting for his country, but when I came home from the war, I was called a “Baby Killer”, a “crazy vet” and an “unstable veteran” that was a “possible danger” to all citizens because the war made me “dangerous”.  And none of that was true, but the Progressives wanted to end citizens’ love and respect for those that put their lives in danger to keep them safe, so they kept pushing the “crazy vet” thing and they not only ruined many combat veteran’s lives, they also caused a great number of honorable, courageous veterans to feel so alone and lost that they killed themselves!  And a huge number of vets who served their country, were lost and dead because of the Progressives’ drive to change everything in our country to allow them to take control and destroy true American values!

And, while we were used as an “example” of danger for our nation, the movement of the Progressives, to change our national values, was the real danger built up in our cities because of the Hippie Movement!  The flooding of our nation with Marijuana and other drugs was the Progressives using them to control the young Americans by making them feel that they had the Right to use them, regardless of the major damages they did to the drug users bodies and minds!  And the violence that happened because of people like Manson would never have been allowed to happen in our country before the Progressives started their movement, but it kept growing out of control because the Progressives needed it to steer people over to their idealism.  Here is a CNN link to the Manson cult:  http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/08/us/gallery/seventies-cults-and-crimes/index.html.- as soon as  I published this blog with the link, CNN blocked me from it.  But you can enter “seventies-cults-and-crimes” and get it on your own site.  There was also the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate and many other  Cults back in the late ’60s and ’70s, and they were dangerous to the citizens of our country!  There were also many very dangerous riots that grew from rallies in our cities, and the people that led them were Progressives!  They preached hatred for good Americans and blamed good Americans for the fact that the hippies’ lives weren’t as good as they wanted them to be but, in truth, they didn’t want to work to better their futures back then, what they wanted was more drugs and free everything to make them comfortable.   And that’s how our Welfare and Food stamps went from supporting those citizens that needed real help to build better lives for them and their families, to freebies on every level to those that were taught by Progressives that they didn’t have to work for a good life, all they had to do was go in and “claim their “Right” to freebies”!

And the Progressives opened up our borders to allow any illegal to come into our country and to get the same Welfare and other programs that were meant only for deserving American citizens!  And they kept allowing people to sneak into our country by crossing our borders, and they did it for one reason:  When the illegals came into our country, the Progressives gave them illegal voting Rights, which gave them the support they needed to gain more political positions, and that helped them to build the power they now have!  If you think I am exaggerating on this, all you have to do is read the statistics of the populations in places like California, Chicago and New York, where they have illegal “Sanctuary Cities” that provide voting power and Welfare benefits for every illegal that has gone there!  And the majority of the Political Office Holders in those cities are Progressives!  And they use the Tax Dollars that hard-working Americans pay every year to allow the illegals to live without having to worry about paying for anything!

The thing that really irritates me about this is the fact that the Progressives have brought Muslim terrorists over here to populate areas in many of our cities, with the majority either living off of freebies, or having gained businesses because of the money that the Progressives provide them!  When I got out of the Army, I had a lot of time in my records for putting my life on the line to protect every single American!  Yet I was not allowed a home loan, or a business loan, because I had no “financial history”, so I didn’t qualify to get the loans!  Yet, whenever a muslim was allowed into our country, with no history of banking, or even a real income, they were allowed “special loans” to allow them to buy a business and pay what they could “afford” to keep it!  And, if they wanted to keep the loan going, all they had to do was to bring a relative over here to join in the business with them, and they could get a new loan in the relative’s name to keep the same loan going!  But that never worked for Americans, especially Veterans, who put their lives on the line for their country!  And that is the reason why the muslims now own the majority of the gas stations in our country, and control the prices of gas for the true citizens of America!  And a lot of the money they gain is sent back to muslim nations, to help the terrorists build up their strength and power to build nuclear weapons that they keep saying they are building to attack America and Israel with!

Finally, as I have said before:  In Obama’s first year in office, he brought 40,000 Hamas members to Detroit.  And Hamas is an openly known terrorist group that has done a lot of damage in the Mid East and around the world by attacking when and where they wanted to!  And those people in Detroit have closed their area to everyone but muslims!  The Police are not allowed any access to their community in Detroit!  That has never been considered legal in our country and the only reason they can do it is because Obama brought them over and gave them that section of Detroit!  He gave them homes, businesses and manufacturing companies that allow them to do whatever they want to!  When have you ever heard about a large section of a major city being given to citizens, and the money they need to live there was simply handed to them?  Never!  And, even worse:  Since they were given their citizenship, they now have “legal” weapons of every kind, and they train their people as to how to use them!  So; the “gift” to the American people that Obama gave us by bringing in the Hamas members to Detroit is the great threat of 40,000 Hamas terrorists that are training their own people in Detroit who are very well armed and are growing in strength every single day!  And what did Obama say on his first speech to Congress?  He opened his speech by saying “I want to welcome all of my fellow Progressives!”  He admitted, openly, that the Democratic Party is a Progressive group that want to change our country to fit their needs, instead of doing what they are supposed to, which is protecting our Rights and Safety!  I have a lot more about the Progressive movement’s tearing down our country and I will be putting it out.  We have to wake people up to the Progressives movements to ruin our nation, and to the successes they have had since the takeover of the Democratic Party in 1968!  They are not just another Political party, they are Communists working to take over our nation and turn it into another Communistic nation!  We have to stand up and work against the Progressive Democrats and work to bring our country back to American citizens!  Our nation is not a freebie nation for the rest of the world, at the cost of working Americans tax dollars!  America has always been a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, not a simple giveaway to any foreigner who wants to come in and get it!  If America is going to go back to the true Constitutional nation it once was, we are going to have to stand up and constantly make our voices heard, letting the world know that this is our country, they are our Rights and we won’t let anyone work to take it from us anymore!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. The United States Of America…where the progressive motto is: ” Anything Goes”! We don’t judge…we don’t adhere to the Judeo-Christian principles or precepts of the past, as we slip into PRESIDENT OBAMAS new fundamental world. This not a Christian Nation any longer, and he made sure very few Christian refugees got in. Directly or indirectly he allowed Christians overseas the privilege or right of genocide..without blinking. Black liberation theology was his gig, and divisiveness his goal..under the guise of uniting. The great UNITER?
    I’m suspect of the MSM press and President Obama’s new office location in DC. More progressive JOURNALISTIC influence. As many wrenches thrown into the gears of President Trumps agenda as can be found.

    Trump was correct to say.. ” I’ve inherited a mess”! I must try drain the swamp. The process has been high jacked..used maliciously ..and BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES are part this swamp , part of the status quo.

    Sarge Bowe Bergdahl has now ushered in a new definition of honor. Flaunting the idea that love for country is no longer needed. Or required. Oaths are not sacred any longer. …now the door has been left wide open to the Fort Hood type of loyalties. I sense PRESIDENT OBAMA is smirking..from his bunker in D.C. Winking at Susan Rice and her cohortfeeling smug..and giggling to himself. ” Mission Acomplished”!

    • When I heard about Bergdahl’s results in the court I was angry! How could they allow a traitor like him to run free after he caused the injuries his brothers in the unit suffered trying to save him! I am very angry with the Judge and his lack of honor for them, while he treats Bergdahl like an innocent child!

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