I remember, from back when I was a teenager, that my History teacher told me that the greatest source of information about what has happened in our past is the older people who have personally seen what happened and have an honest understanding about the truth.  But, since 1968, the Progressives have worked to make older people look senile and crazy, and they have done it to allow themselves to manipulate the truth of our history to make it work for them.  Because of that, we have had many of the actions of the Progressives covered up by twisting the truth of our history to fit their own needs, while the honest truth was simply deleted to protect what they want everyone to believe is the “real” truth!  So I have decided to explain the truth of what is destroying our nation; the past and current efforts of the Progressives to do so.  If you think I am simply “twisting the truth” myself, I suggest that you do some research through legitimate records of our past and please ignore the lies that are played out as “the truth” by the Progressives that want one thing only:  Complete control of our government, to gain total control over our Rights and Freedoms to remove the ones that protect us from them and replace them with more Communistic lies!

I remember when Martin Luther King stood up to fight for the Rights of Black people, to allow them to gain the same Rights and Freedoms that apply to all of us.  I was in my early teens when that all started and I stood up with other students in my school to support his movement.  And, as kids, we were vocally attacked by the Democrats that wanted Blacks to remain in the same life that was forced on them, with no possibility of them having full equal Rights with every other race in our country!  I heard the word “nigger” used by Democrats every time there was a Black person around them and, if that Black person stood against them, he would usually be beaten up and left on the ground!  But, over time, we began to gain movement to bring equality to Blacks and the Democrats were losing power in DC, so they knew they would have to change their actions, or they would be gone from our government.  In 1968 the Progressives, then known as “Socialists”, took over the leadership of the Democratic Party and they said they were going to fix all of the problems of Black citizens, to help them gain their equal Rights as Americans!  But the truth is that all they were really going to do was to build Black leadership, and to use that to gain the power they needed to destroy America as the truly Free Nation it was!

What the Blacks really needed back then was to gain the full education that Blacks would need to get the jobs that would provide them with the ability to have good homes and incomes that would allow them to raise great families and have great futures!  But, if they all got what they needed to allow them to live great lives, they wouldn’t need the Progressives to help them “better their lives”!  And that’s the one thing that the Progressives needed more than anything else; constant dependence by the Blacks on the Progressives, so that the Progressives could maintain control over their futures, when they should have been working to help Blacks learn how to succeed in our country.  The Progressives constantly screamed that “Racism” was the greatest danger to Blacks and their futures!  The word “Racism” became the strongest weapon that they could use against true Conservative Whites, the ones that were on the streets with the Blacks to work with them to gain their Freedoms.  It was all lies used to manipulate the Press to constantly talk about how bad Republican Whites were treating the Blacks and how we were the ones that were working to ruin their futures!  And it worked!  When they gave many of the Black Leadership Members the power they needed to become the leaders of the Black Movement, the power they gained allowed them to become the national voices of the Black citizens, and the movement started growing into a massive power that assisted the Progressives in their effort to take down our nation!

I know that many are now thinking I am a racist, but I am not!  All I want is 100% Equal Rights in our nation for all true citizens, with no more “special Rights” for anyone, anymore!  But those Special Rights were the major need of the Progressives to destroy our nation!  The initial needs of Blacks was some assistance to allow them to begin working for their better lives, so the Progressives said that we should provide them with food and housing for Blacks to help them start their lives.  And that sounded very logical, so the Republicans and the Progressive Democrats put together basic housing and basic food programs that would help them get started.  It was all meant to provide homes and food while Blacks gained the educations they needed and it helped many who needed it, but the ones that wanted more began to protest and riot to get everything they wanted, not just the basics.  And, whenever they protested or rioted, the Progressives would come out and blame every White American for every everything that was “against Blacks”!  The truth is that when Blacks applied for jobs and were turned down, it was almost always the Progressive Democrats that denied them the jobs, because they needed the Blacks to live off of the Government so that they could maintain control over the Black Movement!  The Progressives needed the Blacks protesting and Rioting to allow them to stand up in DC and look like they were the only ones that were concerned about what the Blacks “needed”!  So they pushed for more and more “Special Rights”, which cost our nation more and more tax money to pay for them!  The Food Stamp Program, the Housing Programs and the Medical Programs were put into effect and every change they made while they were in effect cost more and more tax money, paid for by hard working Americans.  Every time some new program was put into effect, the tax money that was needed required higher and higher tax rates, meaning that every American that had jobs, and every manufacturer that provided those jobs was hit for more tax money by the IRS so that they could pay for those programs!  It became so expensive for businesses to operate in our country because the high taxes were more than they could work with in order to keep their businesses strong.  So they began moving out of our country so that they could manufacture their products at a much lower cost, and their need to do so began to destroy our economy!  We were losing our manufacturing base and had to buy our goods from other nations that controlled our prices and diminished the quality of the goods we needed, which wound up costing American Citizens more money, because they had to keep buying the same goods they needed to allow them to maintain their family lives!  And, because of the damage to our economy done by the Progressives, our economy started falling while the Chinese economy began to grow at a massive increase!  China always stood as our enemy, yet we gave them the money they needed to build a massive army, equipped with nuclear weapons and the missiles they needed to fire them at us!  The Progressives were breaking our economy while they built up the power of one of our declared enemies!  And that’s exactly what they wanted to do!  They want a weaker America so that we would have to bow down to our enemies and give them control over the world!

There are many great Blacks in our country that gained a good education and they worked hard to learn as much as possible!  They used their personal talents to build great lives for themselves and their families, and they live the comfortable lives they wanted to gain!  And they used the basic rule of true success for American citizens, and that is to use your own strengths and abilities to allow you to earn a decent life for yourselves and your family!  One of those Blacks was a candidate for President, and I have a deep respect for him!  He is a very honest man who has worked his way up in the world to a point where he should be one of the true leaders of the Black Movement, because he can use his own efforts to show others that any future can be obtained if you are willing to work hard to gain it for yourselves!  He knows that the Progressive push to help Blacks “succeed” is not meant to help blacks succeed, but to keep them down so that the Progressives can keep their power over Blacks!  And that man is Ben Carson!  But many think they are too “stupid” or “unable” to work to provide for themselves and their family in the manner that Dr. Carson has used to reach his personal success.  And the basic reason they believe that is that the Progressive Democrats have destroyed our basic Educational System and has taken it from requiring good grades to graduate, to telling students that it’s “OK” that they are “stupid”!  So they don’t have to actually have to work to pass the tests, because they will no longer require good grades to pass; all they have to do is “attend” the classes and they will move up another Grade because they “Attended” the classes!  How the hell are you ever going to be able to make a good life for yourself if you won’t put the time in to study and learn!  But there are no worries, because “the Government will take care of you”.  So they take away the drive to succeed, and replace it with “freebies” that will take care of you!  And who built this system?  The Progressive Democrats!  If you don’t want to work, you can simply lay back and let Uncle Sam pay for your bills!  Let me ask you one simple question, and I am not referring to all Blacks, just the ones that live off of the Government system.   HOW MUCH HAS YOUR LIFESTYLE IMPROVED SINCE THE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS BEGAN WORKING WITH YOU TO CONTROL YOUR LIVES?  When I see all of the dangerous problems in all of the cities that have Blacks on Government Systems to provide for their lives, I see a situation where Government control keeps people down!  If you live off of Welfare, are you really living a better life than Blacks did back in the pre-60’s?  If you have not been educated on the true values of American lives, you wind up being a Governmental Puppet, and that’s exactly what the Progressive Democrats have always wanted!  You suffer and they make a lot of money on it!  Please; wake up!  Look around you at all of the successful Blacks in our nation and just how they live comfortable lives and raise their families  to lead good lives for themselves!

The truth of every American who has a good life is that they worked hard for it and did what was necessary to provide great futures for themselves and their families!  When the Government gets involved in your daily lives, the Government controls you and the way you live!  And that is not what we need in our country:  All you have to do is look at the history of Governmental run nations that control the lives of their people!  When the Government controls everything, you have no true Freedoms or Rights; all you can do is what the Government tells you to do, or you can go to prison or be killed!  Look at North Korea or the Women in Iran:  Do what the government tells you to do, or die!  That simple!  And we don’t need our great nation to be under that kind of control!  When our businesses come back to America, we will have more jobs for people to take to allow them to build better lives for themselves!  Our futures, all of them, will begin to bring us back to the true America we all want!  No one can stop you from letting the Government  control you, if that’s what you truly want!  The way you live your life is something you have to want to do personally!  So learn what you need to learn to allow you to find the job you want!  And work hard so that you can reach that life and provide your own children great lives!  Don’t blame everyone else because you’re told to:  Get out and find your own way to your own future!  Nothing’s easy!  It’s all hard!  But, once you get up on your feet and do whatever you have to in order to gain your own great future, you will feel some Pride, because it was you that did it, not the Government!  And bring back the idea that men and women have to work together to build better lives for themselves!  Be willing to do what you have to in order to provide for your families!  The time for fatherless children has to end, and the time for mothers that leave their babies in their mother’s hands has to end!  If you truly want a good life, then you have to learn the truth of how a man and woman that really love each other, and deeply respect each other, can work together to build a good home and a loving family that can raise children that have the desire to succeed in life!  The time has come for things to change for the better, but I can’t change your life, and following Progressive idealism will do nothing but keep you down; it’s up to each and every one of us to build our own lives and to raise good families!  Don’t let the Progressives keep controlling your ideas and ideals; stand up and work for what you want, for the family that you need and the home that will provide a safe and comfortable life for you!  It’s your life, it’s your future; if you want to keep living off of the Government, then you will keep living as you are now!  But, if you are willing to work hard and learn what you need to do in order to have a good life, just like the rest of us, then you will find the comfort and peace you are looking for!  And, when we get the Progressive snake off of our back, we will all see better futures coming our way!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. All of this is true and more than likely everyone who reads this or even comments on it will agree but what can we collectively do to resolve this problem obviously entrenched and supported by both sides of the Aisle?

    Should we keep voting for change we never receive or take another path and if so what path or methods should we all resort to?

    • Jim Gladiator # 279 says:

      Trump is a businessman…with a different perspective on America. He was and is successful..and is not a political entangled person. He can’t be bought. Politicians have a NEED to be bought to keep in power. Bought by special interest moneys..funneled into slimy political campaigns. I’m putting my prayers on the alter toward President Trumps perception of MAGA. Not politicians!
      Deficit Nuetral has been a lie just like the idea
      Social Security Lock Box has been a blatant lie. Or the Highway TRUST Fund…all have been raped of their purpose and robbed by Congress at the expense of the Tax Payer..for adulterated power.
      Go Trump! But watch your back!

      • You are absolutely 100% right on all of this Jim! We both know how important it is to make sure we are behind him and to stand up against the Progressives that are trying to destroy him and his ideals concerning the rebirth of the true America!

  2. We need to stand behind our President and we need to do what we can to get his changes through Congress. With the tax change he wants, we will see jobs come back to America on a major level. And when the jobs come back, we can go back to the old, basic laws of Welfare, etc.. The reason so many are living off of the Welfare programs is because there are no jobs. So, when the jobs come back, the government can tell them that they will have three months to find a job because they will be removed from the Welfare programs! Will it cause problems? Damned right! But, when they take some of those jobs, they will see that they can live better lives by working. And, if they don’t want to work, then no Welfare and they will be removed from houses they live in for free now, and will have to go back to public housing in places outside of good neighborhoods on the outer limits of the cities. And there will be no “benefits” unless they have some major problems, period! It worked back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, until the Progressive rioters and protesters got involved! No American law requires benefits for those that don’t want to work, and it needs to become the leading rule on the issue. Make the lives of leeches simply basic survival requirements and it won’t be long before they will be looking for classes in how to do a certain job so that they can provide for themselves!

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