I keep hearing about all of the f0otball players that are angering so many veterans because they refuse to stand for the National Anthem and to honor the flag that has draped so many coffins that hold the remains of very honorable combat veterans who have sacrificed their lives for their country, and the Rights of every American, including football players that refuse to honor their sacrifice before every game.  And it brings back the anger in my heart from the days of the Vietnam War, and the way that all of us combat veterans were treated like trash, with even the Federal Government treating us like “Crazy Vets” and telling the public that we have “memories that could be a danger to other Americans” because we were supposed to be mentally violent and needed to be cared for by the VA, yet the VA let the “Crazy Vet” syndrome, PTSD, go untreated!  The only way a vet could get treatment was to be put into a VA Hospital and be locked up as a 100% mentally disabled veteran!  If it hadn’t been for the efforts of a group of veterans in DC, in 1984, a group that I was very proud to be part of, we never would have gotten the help we needed!  It was because of our efforts to save our brothers’ lives, not Congress, or any other group, and nothing ever would have happened if we didn’t do what we did!  We had to wait for 26 years to get the help and respect we deserved, because radical Progressives fought against everything we tried to accomplish!  It took Ronald Reagan to start working to change things, and with him, we were able to get it done!  And I can’t count the number of times I went to funerals of my fellow veterans that had killed themselves because we were hated, and/or “pitied” by the radicals and the people of our country that sat back and let it happen!  And every one of those caskets that held the bodies of real heroes, not the “movie stars”, “Progressive College Professors” or athlete “heroes”, who were only heroes because they simply wanted their fans to see them that way, was covered with the American Flag to honor the courage and honor of members of the military that gave their lives to protect their country and the citizens of it!  We never looked for any “hero” status, all we wanted to do was to get our jobs done!  We never wanted everyone to come up and thank us, all we wanted was to make sure that our country was safe and secure for every family, regardless of sex, color, sexual preference, or any other “split” the Progressives have put into our lives!

Over the past decades, I have seen a lot of  movies that lied about the real honor of our military, and all they wanted to do was make us look bad, like we were no more than evil killers, or “baby killers”, and we all heard that term used against us when we got back from Vietnam, even though so many really honorable Americans; Servicemen and Servicewomen, died doing everything they could to protect as many families and lives that we could!  In Vietnam, the Military that fought against us refer to us as “honorable enemy”, because they know how much we did, and how hard we fought to protect the Vietnamese civilians!  It amazes me that so many Americans, especially the American Press, can see the “honor and bravery” of so many self-interested politicians, movie stars, athletes and popularity seekers that don’t truly care for anyone but themselves, when all they truly want is fame and popularity for themselves!  But the very people that provided them their jobs and great futures are the veterans and the military, the very groups they act like they care for, but ignore as much as they can!  Why?  Because we believe in American standards, in true American Rights and the basic truth of the Constitution, the very thing we swore to protect and defend!  And it is much easier to go after us, the Police and Firemen, so we are their targets!  And, if it wasn’t for the great Military, Veterans, Police and Firemen, every single American life would be in danger, every single day!  We are the only ones that are willing to sacrifice our lives to protect you and your families, but we are treated as criminals and whackos!  Ask yourself one very simple question:  With all the radical muslims in our country, all of the gangs and gangsters, thieves, murderers, and every other threat, who is it that keeps you safe from all of them?  Is it the actors, Progressive news people, athletes, violent rioters, or politicians?  Have you ever seen any one of them step into a dangerous, life threatening situation to save others’ lives?  Hell, no!  The only ones that you can count on to save your lives are us, and all of the honorable Americans that are constantly attacked by the press and Progressives, but are only appreciated when they have to appreciate them, so that they would never look bad for attacking them!  Every man and woman who went down to Texas and Florida to help the people who suffered the hurricanes that were Americans that live by the honor off our Constitution, would have been attacked for their ideals, if they weren’t on TV saving all those lives, putting their own lives in danger!

I am so sick of hearing that every single Progressive that works for their own incomes, power and fame is a “hero”!  A true hero doesn’t look for their own fame or glory, the only thing they are concerned about is other’s lives and safety, and putting their lives at risk to protect those people is not a problem for them!  They don’t look for news cameras or members of the press before they think about saving lives, they simply react to a situation with a more serious concern about the safety of lives of others, than for the safety of their own while doing it!  If only the TV shows, Movies and the Press would spend more time showing our young what a true hero is, instead of trying to make Holly-wooders their idols!  My idea is that, if anyone protests against any of us, if they say they don’t want the police involved in riots, etc., then the police should be given their names and be told that they don’t want them around, so they should ignore any pleas for help from their haters!  How long would it take before those people would change their ideals?  If it wasn’t for all of the Illinois and Chicago limits to the police, the gangs and illegals would be gone from the city and state and the people could feel safe again!  Things need to change!  People need to wake up to reality and realize that the groups they are standing against are making major sacrifices to protect and save them!  They need to grow up and look at what the Progressives have actually been doing to destroy their lifestyles and to place their lives in danger!  And they need to start respecting those that don’t live by “isms” and just worry about people, all of them!  Stop protesting the police, the very men and women that keep their homes safe!  And I think it’s time for the athlete babies, the millionaires that claim they have been treated badly by us, to start remembering all the men and women in the service, Black, White, Latino, Oriental, and Native Americans that sacrificed their lives to allow them to live their lives the way they want to!  They need to realize that standing up for the National Anthem and recognizing our Flag is not standing up for either Party of the Government, but is recognizing the song that is played to honor the burial of a member of the military, and the Flag that is on their coffins to honor their service!  And think about the family members that have a soldier fold and hand the flag to them, to let them know that no member of the military will ever forget, or refuse to honor their courage and honor of their death!  Hey, bigshot athletes:  All you are doing is dishonoring the courageous service of the military dead and we, the veterans, military, police and firemen will never forget what you are doing!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim. 57th AHC 1968-69 crew chief-gunner SVN says:

    I had all I could do to not to go into a rage from the solidarity against the flag and national anthem. I thought about my combat friends who died along side of me. Fighting for principles against communism. The flag .. A symbol of victory over slavery…a. SYMBOL of victory over fascism, dictators and a noble representation of a Moral Constitution. Blood ran like water to preserve these freedoms and victories

    PRESIDENT Trump comment didn’t disturb me. It needed to be said. I am a combat veteran,

    We need to stand up to terrorism , fascism and disrespect from within. I swore to defend this country from domestic terrorist. This to me is the beginning of sorrow from domestic terrorism.

    I thought about indirect and direct insults that are offensive. The flag has long been a symbol of greatness..a symbol of freedom in our Nation , but now is deemed by certain Democrats and ANTIFA like ANARCHISTS as a bad symbol. The flag is not at fault. This country has survived for years.
    But now there is a movement that’s uses racism, anti-religious views, to achieve anarchy. Attempting to rape us of these freedoms.Our colleges won’t allow differences in opinion. Achademic Freedom that once was championed..is DOA in many colleges.
    PRESIDENT OBAMA cultivated hate for our traditions..cultivated divisiveness toward America greatness. He was sly as a fox in doing so. If these athletes need to protest..let them do it on their own time..with their own money, not mine. I pay $110 a month for cable to enjoy my time of leisure. I expect it to be non-POLITICAL and non-offensive.. I expect my time to be free of political views embracing how someone hates my country. In my opinion..these protests are a indirect and and direct insult on my intelligence. SHAMEFULLY making a statement that my country or flag isn’t or wasn’t WORTH FIGHTING for. These actions are calling me a SONS of a bitch for believing this country is great..! Believing that this flag is sacred. That the blood shed for our freedoms is not worthy.

    The idea that professional athletes are more important in attaining our freedoms is a sick implication or assumption.They have huge salaries…using capitalism as their vehicle , but my living room or going to a game..is my time..and their job. My leiture time, after I worked hard to earn a living, it’s their work time.

    Take their immature childish disrespectful actions off the field..and entertain and influence those somewhere else ,those that believe their bull shit. They remind me of how selfish and regressive Hollywood has become. More elitism. Pawns for progressive p.c. religious dogmas. They are SOPHISTS on a silly stage acting out vicariously what they refuse to fight for..but enjoy what those that have died for ..CAN NOT! . and manipulators of rhetoric and dialectic for their own power structure.

  2. Post War Baby says:

    I can only agree with this and have nothing to add other than we need to do something about it while we still can..

  3. I fully agree! Once again, the safety and welfare of our nation is in our hands.

  4. John Slagle says:

    Michael, Jim , post war baby and LZ readers. Query Federal Observer.com Kaepernick; America’s spoiled Brat by Frosty Wooldridge and a second article TAKE A KNEE by military veterans who served on U.S.Borders for decades. We all feel the same way re: NFL knuckleheads with the exception of a Pittsburg Steeler, former Army Ranger who stood alone respecting the anthem and colors.

    Michael and Jim,on target as always. I was wondering if an email address is available for LZ FREEDOM to send an article written by Terry Garlock, a Cobra Helicopter Gunship Pilot re: the current 18 hour,,documentary series entitled The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Terry Garlock has written an outstanding article to be very skeptical of the documentary.

    For many years Garlock has presented to graduating high school students a 90 minute session titled the myths and truths of the Vietnam war with an opening comment “The truth about Vietnam is bad enough without twisting it all out of shape with myths-half truths and outright lies from the anti-war left”.
    His overall message to students was to advise them to think for theirselves, and be informed by reading material that slants both left and right as well as television media presentations.

    Jack M. Del Veccho, author of the 13th. valley, a book considered by many Vietnam veterans to be the literary touchstone of how they served and suffered in the jungles has this to say about Burn’s documentary…

    Pretending to honor those who served while falsely subverting the reasons and justifications for that service is a con man’s game…through the lens of history, it appears to reinforce a highly skewed narrative and to be an attempt to ossify false memories. The lies and fallacies are by omission
    in the documentary.

  5. John Slagle says:

    FYI. this morning on Federal Observer.com
    Two articles were added. A Vietnamese thanks God he’s an American with a speech dedicated to all Vietnam veterans and California’s Vietnam War.

    In line with Hollywood prima donnas today, we all remember Jane Fonda’s
    infamous photo taken in support of NVA anti-aircraft gunners while our POWs were starved and beaten in Hanoi. Some things in life are never forgotten or forgiven despite the years. California’s Vietnam War is an informative read for all who wore a uniform.

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