Our government is now run by a group of men and women that are voted in by people who believe they will do exactly what they promised them they would do.  But the truth is, they almost never do!  Politicians are well-experienced in knowing how to speak to their voters and what to promise them they will do for them in order to get re-elected.  Then they know how to explain how they failed in their “efforts” because they were unable to “get the support they needed to get things done”!  Last year, when the Republicans like Ryan and McCain swore they were going to work to get a lower tax rate and to end illegals’ ability to enter our country just by walking in, they were simply trying to get support for the candidates they wanted to be elected as President!  Then, when Trump was the candidate, they swore they would support him and work with him because they felt he would be a politician just like them!  But, when he won and they saw he wanted to be a true leader of the people, to complete every promise he made to his voters, they all began working against him, trying to keep him from lowering the tax rate and ending the illegals’ entering our nation!  The reason they don’t want to lower the tax rate is that they have so many programs they voted into effect that gain a great deal of money from higher tax rates, and then they skim off their own profits from those programs!  So, lowering the tax rates means lowering their “hidden” extra income that is not publicly known about and they don’t want it to happen, regardless of how it would help their voters!  And they keep leaving the borders open for the illegals to cross because that allows many companies to have low-cost employees; and providing that for those companies, provides much more in campaign contributions for the politicians’ campaigns!  And don’t ever listen to the lies; when their campaigns are ended that money goes to them, either directly, or through hidden ways of storing it for them!

As I have said before:  Many politicians are either ex-lawyers or are working with other politicians who were, and they know what they have to do to violate all the laws that we have to follow!  And it is all done for the greed, power and fame they can get to make themselves popular and allow them to remain in office!  When was the last time that you can remember a politician doing something that they promised the people, that didn’t give them more power, fame or money?  When I worked on the Hill, I remember hearing many of them bragging about their actions and how they got “exactly what they wanted”, and they really didn’t “give a shit about their voters”!  These people know what true honor is, but all they operate off of is greed!

There are two groups of Americans that have been the targets of American radical’s hatred and those are the Military and Vietnam Veterans back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and now the Police Departments and the officers that are the current targets today!  I am one of those Vietnam Vets that had to go through that radical Communistic hatred back in the “Hippie Movement” era and I remember how we were torn up by the news agencies and the speakers that grew fame by standing against us!  We were called “Crazy Vets” and were put out in public as all being very, very dangerous to the people of our country because we have been in War and we couldn’t tell the difference between good Americans and our Vietnamese enemy!  For a long time, we were hated, feared and were never fully allowed to be a part of our government or normal life style of Americans, and many, many of my brothers killed themselves because they couldn’t stand the hatred and constant memories of combat that no one would deal with them about!  They were either left alone or locked up in a VA hospital because they were a danger to the people, and there was no simple middle-ground to allow them to simply get treatment for the PTSD, like is done now.  All we did was fight for our country, and by doing so, we saved others from having to do what we did!  But we were the bad guys, and the violent, destructive hippie protesters were the good guys!  We protected our country, they worked to destroy it!  And all our nation got out of it was decades of changes that wrecked our manufacturing base and lost us jobs and Freedoms to live as we want to!  So many of our laws were changed that true American Freedoms became modified and now we have laws that can even control what we eat and do!

Now, the Progressives have started up the “hippie movement” again as an effort for them to regain power and control that President Trump took from them by keeping Hillary out of office!  And they came up with a new name for the hippies, and that is “Antifa”, which is supposed to mean “Anti-fascists”, and that is a ridiculous name for their organization because they dress in black clothing, cover their faces with black masks and rags,  and they attack anyone that stands against them!  And destroying and robbing businesses, cars and any other damage they want to, is their major goal to gain what they want!  How can they be “anti-fascists” when the Fascistic Nazis wore black clothing and wore black masks, then attacked the people that stood against them while they destroyed and robbed businesses, cars and any other damage they wanted to in order to take over their country?  They are not an “anti-fascist” organization, they are the modern version of the Fascist Nazis of the German empire!

In order for the Anitfa movement to find any success, they have to remove the one threat to them that would keep them from winning, and that’s the Police Departments in our country!  Our cops are good men and women that put their lives on the line every single day for the citizens of their cities, counties and states!  They never sit back and ask themselves why they have to save someone; they do their jobs and jump in and do what is necessary to try to save the lives of the citizens involved!  Just like the Military, vets and Firemen, they joined their service because they feel a need to protect and serve the people in their country!  They have no greed or hunger for power, they only want to do their jobs as best as they can to keep their locales safe and secure!  And many of them have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others, even if those others might hate the cops!  How many of you that have not been and cop or soldier understand the sense of sacrifice that is the driving force of every one of them?  There is no “what will I get out of this”, or “How much power or money will I get for doing it”; the only thing they feel is that they have to save as many as they can!  Talk about honor!  When have you ever met a politician that would stand up for you like a police officer would?  Do you think they would ever put their own lives in danger to save you from harm or death?  Hell no!  What they do is hire someone else to do it for them!  That is why the major difference is that politicians operate for self-serving greed, while police officers do what they do by honor, the personal drive to save other lives, regardless of the costs to them for doing it!  Politicians are the worst form of “public service”, because they may hold their office because of public support, but they only work for their own interests, while the military and police do it for the safety and protection of the public, regardless of their own sacrifice to do it!  Yet the politicians are the “public heroes”, while the cops are the new bad guys!  Wake up, people!  Stop giving away your Freedoms and Rights to those that are only truly interested in their own power, greed and fame, and start supporting the people that will give up everything just to save your life!

My fellow Americans:  The time has come for you to wake up to the truth of those that run our country, put in place by true citizens that wanted to see America come back to the people, yet they voted for the power hungry politicians in the past elections!  Quit following the path of their greed and start looking for candidates that truly live under the honor of serving their country, regardless of their own sacrifices!  Remember when Congress voted raises for itself when the incomes of Americans were going down the drain because of Congress Members actions that pushed successful businesses out of our country?  Is that what you want in the future?  Stop re-electing greedy politicians and start trying to get vets and retired cops, or cops that will step away from their jobs to work for you in Congress!  Vets and cops gave up a great deal for their country and they will stand up for you and, unlike politicians, they will do what is right, not what they need to do for their own power and greed!  Elect great Americans to lead us once more!  Elect those that will stand for you, regardless of what money and power offers them!  Get to know your local vets and cops and spend time with them to see how they feel about where our nation is now, and where it should go in the future!  When you find one that fits what you think we need, stand up with them and work with them to help them get elected!  Let’s end the greed and power-hunger in DC now, and replace it with honor and love for our country!  If we want to get America back from the control of crooked politicians, we have to put it in the hands of true Patriots that love our country and want it back!  Come on, people!  It’s up to us, let’s get it done!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    Good insite Mike…..I have a bit to add. GLOBALISTS in my opinion,desire to take away the nationalistic fight in our military. Their plan for the military is small losses (I.e,) Special Forces Teams or Navy Seal missions.They don’t want a patriotic nationalism. Or huge personell loses, out of sight out of mind. Little news coverages on these battle fronts.
    They are pushing for an internationalism patriotism. Sovereignty be damned! Open borders….multiculturalism like the Tower of Babel. The GLOBALISTS in my opinion desire order out of chaos…like the Skull And Bones society. Not to get too conspiratorial. But Judeo-Christian principles,precepts, and dogmas are an obstacle to the GLOBALISTS plan,
    where Honesty, nobility ,morality, and doing the right thing now comes under the dogma of ” situation ethics “. No absolutes! They know what’s best. They GLOBALISTS put their energies into social engineering, a process that works the best for GLOBALISTS. It’s a battle for the mind. Subtle change brought about by convincing us through subliminal messages, or censoring conservative thought. Watch what they trend… Facebook,Google and other corporate ventures are openly doing this. It’s indoctrinational censoring. . Keep constructive Constitutionslism out of the public eye or ear. If you watch closely, Democrats have basically championed ANTIFA ….as a positive noble crusading force…very little negative talk from Democrats on that evil group.they want us to focus on the KKK who they were champions of…through out the late 1800’s -1900’s up until the 1950’s. You will notice ANTIfA undermines academic freedoms and are themselves the epitome of fascism. We are seeing NEW AGED SOPHISTS emerge in action. POLITICAL Manipulators of RHETORIC and DIALECTIC. And they all detest Trump. They can’t buy him with their
    situation ethics money….he wants America put first …not political power
    put first. Not the GLOBALISTS agenda.THE AMERICAN PEOPLE put first….Watch the Democrats implode when TRUMPS genuine agenda comes into play. Nanci Pelosi will be found speaking in babbling utterances. You will hear pigs squeal like you never have heard greedy pigs squeal. This could very well be the beginning of sorrow…but I’ll take a wait and see position, as I stand at the watch tower. REPUBLICANS have lost their way for the most part also in my opinion. They are weak..with no tactics to counter these liberal trends.
    We are now in a hyperbolic theatrical political mode. We’ve lost our last line of defense( MSM)..it’s gone/undermined as far as good JOURNALISTIC METHODOLOGY is concerned….Wake up America! Evil is evil..no matter how you dissect it !

  2. John Slagle says:

    Morning Michael, as stated long ago, I’ve been very fortunate to have spent over thirty years in the U.S. Border Patrol with some of the finest Vietnam combat veterans in this nation. Dating to 1972, our Academy class 101 was composed almost entirely with honorably discharged officers as well as enlisted men from all branches of the service. From Army Gunship pilots, Evac medic crewmen, Carrier Deck Pilots to “grunts” that carried the load , humped the jungles, class 101 was one of the first career opportunities for
    veterans. We were given a USDOJ hiring preference of 5 and 10 point preference on hiring pre employment examinations. The 10 point preference was for ‘purple heart, bronze star and other medals of valor. In a time period when fewer than 2,000 Agents controlled both the southern and northern borders as well as maritime operations, most people in the “HIPPIE” generation and fellow travelers despised military and law enforcement, and
    a wise personnel decision was made to recruit Nam era Veterans. In the months and years that followed, D.C. politicians soon observed that the trained academy classes of Nam vets could be sent anywhere from remote outposts to urbane smuggling areas and accomplish the mission with little or no resources or support. I’m very proud to have served with many of these
    veterans, seven who lost their lives in defense of their nation long after the Vietnam fiasco ended. Their names are included on the Honor List Memorial of Border Patrol Officers killed in the line of duty since 1919.

  3. John Slagle says:

    Jim, I agree completely. I can’t believe the total weak-kneed lack of support in D.C. from the Republican Party in backing POTUS Trump. It’s no wonder he has to resort to other measures to get the job done.I’ve been an endorser for Combat Veterans For Congress PAC since signing the two letters to former Speaker Boehner for a select committee on Benghazi in 2014. The two letters were from heavy military brass, Admirals, Generals down the line to concerned citizens groups with assistance from Judicial Watch. The truth involving the Terrorist attack in Benghazi is just now becoming known . We do have 21 former Combat Veterans serving in Congress and Senate who are conservatives and support the President.

    The problem in D.C. is the career ‘swamp rats’ Michael addressed who are
    RINOS devoid of honor who are basically self-serving parasites and the deep state obstructionists from Obama. Add to the corrupt mess a political party devoted to the downfall of this nation rather than trying to address problems citizens consider important , we have a recipe for disaster.

  4. Jim says:

    We seem to be like minded in many ways…Micheal K was in my unit in Vietnam…I will meet up with him in Vegas for our next reunion shortly.
    Keep your powder dry…alert at the watch tower…and vigilant..holding these
    weak kneed politicians accountable. Realizing that the narratives ” Social Security Lock Box” and “Deficit Neutral ” are nothing more than bull shit. 20 TRILLION in debt that we are told of….but trillions in unfunded madates lurking nearby. We have a mess on our hands..and a Heath Care System
    OBAMA left in shambles. As his forte of being the great divider.

    • I want to thank all of you for your support! Many times, when I write a blog, I think I will upset everyone, but I have to write it because it’s something I have a drive to do. It’s because of all of you that I keep doing it.

  5. John Slagle says:

    Morning Jim,
    As I’ve found out through many years, Vietnam veterans as well as those who served after our tours of duty can make a difference in politics if they get involved. At Tucson, Arizona meetings at VVA 106, I met several Navy Swift Boat crewmen who often spoke of John Kerry’s contrived combat exploits bordering on the edge of treason in pursuit of a political career stateside. Some things in life are never forgotten including Kerry’s open media displays in the 70’s claiming military atrocities by Swift boat crewmen at Coastal Squadron 1, division 14, Cam Ranh Bay,where Kerry spent one month of his four month tour training in a location considered the safest place in Vietnam. In 2004 when Senator Kerry was running for President, Swift Boat Veterans and POW’s for truth completed a letter that made a
    negative impact on his election along with a book “Unfit for Command by John E. O’Neill and Jerome R. Corsi which was an “eye-opener” for anyone with doubts on his ability as a prospective Commander in Chief.

    POTUS Trump may not be a military veteran but he has attended a very strict military educational academy in his youth that is reflected with his respect for all uniformed services and a correct salute for his Marine guard,
    something I have not seen in over a decade.

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