I’ve talked with you in the past about my experience working on the Hill in DC.  And that is what gives me the answers I need to write legitimate rants about what happens there.  And now we have the RINOs working with the Progressives, on the QT, while acting like they are fighting each other over laws and Bills.  I want to explain to you why President Trump is being torn apart by the Press, and the RINOs, while he is working as hard as he can to ensure that he can keep as many of his promises to the voters that he can.

Trump is an excellent businessman and has built a business empire through his ability to work out deals to get what he needs done.  When he went into his corporate meetings to ensure that things got done, he went in as the “boss”, not just a close friend to those that worked for him.  When he saw the answer to a problem, he put someone on the job to fix it.  He never had to ensure he got the agreement of everyone in the meeting to get it done, he simply did his job as the owner of the business and did what he felt he had to do!  I know that being the President is not the same as being the boss, and he is doing everything he can to find the right way to get things done and to make deals to get as much of it as he can done the way he wants it to be done!  And he is an honest man who tells everyone the truth about what he is doing, because he wants to keep the trust of his voters!  He didn’t become the President to “become the President”, he ran for the job because he wants to bring America back to the greatest nation it once was, to provide good lives for every American that is willing to work to build their own great futures!  And he doesn’t waste as much money as he can by making many unnecessary trips for “vacations”, for his wife’s “special needs” and other things, just like Obama did when he was President!  And his salary isn’t important to him, as he has his own money, so he gives it to groups that need it!  He is not a politician!

What is a politician?  Well, in DC a lot of them are lawyers!  And Lawyers are trained to push people to do what they want them to, they lie and manipulate to reach the goals that will provide money and benefits for them.  Lawyers are trained to lie to get people to believe what they say, to get them to follow their ideals and to gain control over them!  And politicians are being trained to do exactly the same things, to allow them to get their voters to believe their work is being done for them, while it is mainly done to build their own power and money!  If a politician wants to get his voters to believe that he is truly interested in a problem that is harming many Americans, they will talk like they have their hearts breaking and make their eyes wet up, because they know that is what the voters want to see!  If their voters want their politician to take a serious interest in their problems, the Politician will hold their arm, look them in the eyes and tell them that they no longer have to worry about their problem, because his/her people are “working on fixing it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week”!  I can’t count how many times I heard that used when they wanted to keep the trust of the people that came to see them then, when the people left, they would go out and have some drinks and laughs with the fellow politicians!  I , honestly, saw a situation like that happen in Senator Joe Biden’s office when I was working with him, and that is what made me end my connection with him that very day!

Whenever a politician is very, very sincere about his/her concern about an issue for the people, I can guarantee you that 90% of the time it is because they are getting something out of it and/or are gaining profits for doing it!  Donald Trump doesn’t need money from his work, he is a very rich man and has all he needs!  He doesn’t have to lie because he isn’t doing anything that he has to lie for!  Yes, he will work with Democrats, if he has to, because his main goal is to get what he wants done and he will work with whomever he has to in order to accomplish it!  And politicians in both parties will work for what they say they are against for two reasons:  They want to get something they want to have done, so they will trade for it.  And they will want to look good, so they will look like they are helping, which makes their competition look worse because they aren’t!  No politician does anything that doesn’t benefit them in some way, yet Trump does what he does because he wants one thing:  Bring America Back!  No greed, no profit, no power gain for him, jut being able to gain what he promised the voters he would do!  Politicians work for two things only:  Their own power and profit and the benefits for their party!  We the people means very, very little to them, unless they are on TV and have to talk about it!

I’m not saying all of this because I am a Trump supporter; I just want Americans to understand the truth about our politicians and their political system!  For the first time in my lifetime, we have a President that wants to fix our country, even if it means that it will destroy his own acceptance by the people that used to love him, the Progressives, until he became our President!  He is the most honorable, honest man person I have seen in office since I worked in DC!  And I worked with the politicians for over two years and I learned who they were and what they did because I saw it personally, not because I read some book!  I’m sure that he made some mistakes in his life, just like every single one of us have, but he turned himself into an honest, great businessman and has become a sincere, caring and honest leader of our nation!  Wipe away all of the political bullshit that is put out there every single day by politicians and listen to the man who can’t be a politician, because he won’t lie!  I have been on this earth for 67 years now and I have seen many Presidents and politicians do their jobs the way they want to, regardless of what happens to us!   And, if he hadn’t won, our nation would have completed the path to becoming another Progressive/Communistic nation and we would have all seen our lives rot away while the government gained full control over us!  And, if it hadn’t been for Trump, that would have happened!  And he won because the majority of Americans had confidence in him!  So keep your support going!  He has to depend on each and every one of us to know that he has the support he needs to bring America back!  Stand up for our President and give him the confidence he needs to keep working as hard as he can to save America!  Saving out country isn’t just his job, it is ours too!  Be a true American and stand strong for the man will sacrifice everything he has built to keep our nation safe, strong, and to bring America back to the great nation it once was!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Post War Baby says:

    I remember a doctor telling me that any specialist would solve my medical problem using ”Their” methods, M.D. with prescriptions and Surgeons with surgery and with that said we’ve become a nation run by attorneys.

    Now that a businessman has been elected we’ll use his specialty to fix our problem, especially since the ”Lawyers” have only made things far worse than any of us could have expected.

    Short and to the point, if he fails he’ll be defeated in the next election so let him do things his way until then..

  2. DAVE WISSLER says:


  3. John Slagle says:

    Morning Michael, there is nothing more revealing than to observe a career politician in his natural habitat in D.C. or one that decides to take risks on fact finding missions. The Borders of this nation is a good example. For over four years from Texas to Arizona, we never had a Senator or Congressman
    willing to view the daily influx of illegal aliens, transnational criminals up close and personal in high density smuggling areas by Jeep. The same situation was apparent in our small air wing. The aircraft we flew on low level
    patrol duties were Piper Cub two seater, tail draggers in 1976 and never did I recall any politician willing to face a four hour sortie in winter or summer.
    Too uncomfortable, too dangerous, too hot, too cold, no media was present..

    Conditions changed during the Drug Wars in 1989 when we received a Blackhawk and a Hughes 500 chopper. Suddenly, Senators of both political parties wanted to view the Border. Of course the way they preferred to see the Border was 500 to 1000 feet AGL in a Blackhawk sipping an iced beverage. Instant Border Experts. The only State Senator that ever ‘sweated’ and rode very dangerous trails with the U.S.B.P. was Tom Tancredo of Colorado who was highly respected by all. Tom drank hot canteen water in desert patrol and reported his findings, clear and concise in D.C. Similar to Trump, he pulled no punches, and the Washington swamp Dwellers, prima donnas hated his stance on secure Borders as ‘racist” and
    the usual nonsense displayed in 2017. During those time periods, most of us had more respect for an armed drug smuggler with a Chi-Com AK-47 than
    a so called fact finding politician reporting to handlers, business round table
    in D.C. Thanks as always Michael.

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