I was a kid five years after World War II and I spent a lot of time watching the TV shows about the war and the Nazis, and I learned a great deal about it.  Back then, the press didn’t try to manipulate the truth and what I heard was very true, and I had it verified by the War vets that lived in my town and from my parents who were both WWII vets.  Let me describe what I learned about the Nazis from all of them:

The Nazis started as a group that stood up against the German Government and protested against it.  During those protests they yelled out all of their idealism and went after anyone who stood against them in support of their country and their people!  And, as they grew their own fame and power, they went after the people that stood against them and physically attacked them and beat them with sticks and steel rods.  Anytime anyone who stood against them held a public meeting and spoke about their love of their nation and people, the Nazis would show up and yell them down and, if they were confronted and told to leave, they would start attacking everyone and beat them up!  They stood against anyone who spoke against them and violently pushed them out!  And they would burn buildings and destroy property in an effort to make the citizens fear them!  And their uniform was black pant, shirts and hats!  And if they wanted to keep their faces private, they would wear black covers over their faces!  In the long run, they became the leadership in Germany and, if you didn’t agree with them, you were put in a concentration camp and was tortured and starved!  IF they didn’t want to put you in the camps, they would murder you on the streets!  Sound familiar?  Take a very close look at the “Antifa” and you will see that the “antifascists” are not so “anti-fascistic”, but are true Fascists themselves!  They riot in the streets, beat people up, burn down buildings and tear things up!  And they preach out anti-American idealism at their riots and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them!  And the most obvious thing is that they were black “uniforms” and cover their faces with black covers!  Since they are supported by George Soros, who worked with the Nazis in WWII to destroy his own people, the Jewish people, it’s pretty obvious what is going on!

Every time a good American, or groups of good Americans stand against the antifa and beat them back, the antifa whine and cry about how all they were doing was standing up for their “Rights” and they were attacked for it!  When, in reality, all they do is try to destroy our national values, honor and pride for our nation!  Another group that does things like that is the Muslim terrorists that want to break our nation down!  And the coincidence between antifa and the muslims is that they both are doing the same thing; working to destroy our country to turn it into their nation of domination with no Rights for anyone but them!  Finally there has been a movement to identify the antifa as a terrorist group!  I just hope that our government goes after them and takes it all down!  We are a nation of free speech, but free speech means the Right to speak, to share ideas and opinions, but not to use violence and domination to change our nation to fit your needs!  We are a nation of Freedoms and we are a people of values, but we cannot sit back and let those that want to destroy everything we are so that they can take our nation away from us!  We need to get out and expose the actions of groups that lie to everyone and do what they can to get the people to follow them, to tear our nation down!  America is our nation, our home, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and maintain it a the greatest nation in the world!  Forget all of the illegals that whine because their “rights” to be a citizen are being ruined!  Forget all of the Progressive politicians that have worked for so long to tear down the great American standards that built the greatest, free nation in the world!  And forget about the antifa Nazis that are working to destroy America!  This is our country, we are the true Americans that want true American values back in our country!  It’s time that we all make our voices heard and that we let every other true American understand that they no longer need to hide their love for our country; wake them up and teach them that it is our responsibility to keep America safe and to keep it as the true America it was meant to be!  This is America, we are Americans; that is all that matters!  And, if you are holding your responsibility as a true American citizen, and an antifa starts attacking you, teach them the true power of true Americans!


Michael J Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. John Slagle says:

    MIchael, George Soros is behind the backing of ANTIFA as well as other subversive, anarchist groups stateside. By financial assistance and paying the tab and expenses for these leftist violent protestors who are bused location to location to assault anyone with alternate conservative points of view Soros is in violation of RICO statutes. There is little or no difference between ISIS supporters, financial backers and ANTIFA goals to destroy this nation from within.

    On August 20, a petition drive to declare George Soros a Domestic Terrorist commenced on “we the people” White House website. 100,000 signatures were required to insure the petition reached POTUS Trump. To date in excess of 120,000 signatures and counting reached the White House. People can make a difference if they take the time to get involved.
    Thanks as always for “sounding off” on a very important issue.

  2. Elle says:

    Uncanny the similarities.

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