I am so tired of listening to Schumer and Pelosi whining and crying about how the Republicans are using methods that are not within the rules of Congress to try to take control over the Democrats, and how are working to ruin the Rights of the citizens of our country!  I am going to cover a few situations that show that the real Party that is working to destroy Rights and take over our country is the Democrats!  And these are not made up; these are real actions that were taken by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and other Socialistic Progressives in the Democratic over the past eight years!

  1.  Because President Trump and other true Conservative Members of Congress have been trying to pass legislation through a majority of Republican Members, the Democratic leaders have been saying that Trump is trying to block Democrats from being able to use their votes to block the Republicans from getting their programs through  Congress.  But the Republicans are simply using their ability to pass the legislation they want to get through by using their majority to pass the Bills.  Nothing they are doing is against the Rules of Congress, it is just the Democrats whining because they don’t have enough votes to block any Republican action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The real Members of Congress that have violated the Rights of their opposition to use their Rights to stand against the Democrats, to fight for their side in the hearings, was the Democrats!  Back in 2006, when the RINOs failed the Conservative voters that put them in office in 2000, the Republicans lost control over the House!  And they lost that control because the voters believed them when they ran for office, and they told the voters that they were going to bring our country back to the Rights of the citizens, but all they did was lie to the voters and do only what they wanted to do, not what the voters needed!  So we didn’t have control over the House, but our Representatives still had the Right to speak before Congress to express their ideas and opinions.  But Nancy Pelosi locked the doors to the House to keep the Republicans out, keeping them from speaking their ideas about the needs of us, the voters, and that was a true violation of Congressional Rules!  And many times after that, Republicans were both blocked from meetings and refused their Right to speak about actions of Congress!  But the Democrats were in control, and they did what they wanted to, regardless of what the Rules of Congress gives to both sides, on an equal basis!
  2. One of the primary rules of Congress is the Responsibility to keep our nation strong and to protect the citizens from any possible danger or attacks from other nations, or individuals that might be a danger to our Constitution, our Rights, our safety and our futures!  Yet, over the past eight years, the Democrats have weakened our military, changed our Rules of Conflict to where they put the lives of our military in great danger, and forced the military to use scrap parts for our planes and other weapons, instead of ensuring they have the high quality parts needed to keep our equipment safe to protect the troops that depend upon them!  And every one of these actions have been 100% in opposition to the rules they are supposed to follow!  And any Conservative that stood against them was considered a “Warmonger”, someone who “loved war” and wasn’t looking for peace in our future!  Yet, while they weakened us, they supported our enemies to build stronger armies and to gain more weapons!  Two nations; North Korea and Iran, have gotten financial support and have gained changes to laws that we had in power to stop them from becoming more of a danger to us, and now we have seen both fire missiles that could bring Nuclear Weapons against us to our country!  And President Trump is taking actions with other nations to show a multi-national force that will stand against them, to try to get them to stop their threats!  And he is providing the funds needed to our military to allow it to regain its strength and to rebuild its power to a level that our enemies will fear us using if they continue to threaten our futures!  But the Democrats are calling him a “Warmonger”, saying that he wants a war, which is exactly what he is working to avoid!  In reality; the Republicans only want to prevent a war, while the Democrats spent eight years trying to weaken us to point at which all of our enemies saw us as so weak that they no longer feared us being able to protect ourselves from them attacking us!  It’s very obvious that Conservatives want to avoid a war by having a strong nation that our enemies will fear attacking because of us wiping them out when it happens, yet the Democrats want us so weak that we won’t be able to protect ourselves, so we would have to bow down and give up to the nations that hate us and want to control us!  It’s not hard to see which Party is actually working to protect and defend our nation as is described in our Constitution!
  3. For a majority of my life, our nation has been safe from any violence from foreign warriors, and now that is gone!  9/11 was the proof anyone would have needed to show that the greatest threat to our nation comes from the muslim nations and their support for terrorism!  Our nation’s immigration laws were originally written to ensure that the only people that came to our country to become legal citizens were those that wanted one goal only, and that was to become an America-loving citizen, one that not only wanted to live here and raise their families as true Americans, and that anyone who had the possibility of being a danger to our nation would be refused entry and sent back to where they came from!  But, during the Obama Administration, President Obama brought several hundreds of thousands of muslims into our country as immigrants, and any American that stated that there was a possibility of them being terrorists was referred to as “Racists” and “Muslim haters”!  Not only that, but he refused to protect our borders and end the flood of illegal immigrants coming into our country, leaving the doors open for any radical muslim terrorist that wanted to sneak in to blow up our nation in the future!  As I have said in the past:  When Obama took office, in his first year, he brought 40,000 Hamas members over here and put them in Detroit!  And Hamas is a self-expressed radical muslim group that has stated, over and over, that America is their enemy!  And the Border Patrol has found several spots at border crossing were they found Nuclear Trace, which means that some form of nuclear weapons and material has been snuck into our country!  Add to that, the fact that he built the idea of “legal Sanctuary Cities” for illegals in America, has caused a mass of MS-13 gangsters to move into our cities and dominate the people with fear for their lives!  Whenever the police wanted to stand up against the gangsters, the Governors of the states, like California and Illinois, forced their police to stand down and not go after them!  And the reason they were able to do that was that Obama and his people told the government to leave them alone because the States could do what they want!  And a great many people have died, and are dominated by the group MS-13, and their safety and security is totally gone in those sections of the cities!  A President is supposed to ensure the safety and protection of every American, and is supposed to keep people like foreign terrorists and gangsters out of our country, but Obama ignored that responsibility and opened our country to the violence and future dangers to all of us by letting them come in and do what they want to!  President Trump is doing everything he can to reverse all of this, and the Democrats are attacking him for it!  He wants to follow the Constitution and secure the safety and lives of all Americans, and the Democrats keep trying to tear him up for it!  This crap has to end!

We have gone through eight years of a President that was more worried about World Idealism and the Rights of criminals, illegals, and how he looked to the rest of the world, and he has been a “hero” because he was the first Black President!  The three things I talked about here are just a bare minimum of all of the crap he forced down our throats, while our country was degrading into a third world nation!  And it was very obvious that he was more interested about the insertion of muslim influence into our country than he was in the future growth of our nation for the benefit of the citizens!  And the majority of the News Agencies and Movie Stars, Entertainers and other “Big Shots” are his followers and are deeply infused into Progressive idealism, which does nothing but ruin the lives of its citizens, while making the leaders more and more powerful!  So all we hear on most of the News Stations and from the mouths of “Stars” is that President Trump is trying to destroy our nation, while our nation is almost destroyed already because of Progressive idealism!  Look at other nations around the world that follow Progressivism, and you will see that they “leader powerful and citizen weak”!  Our nation was founded on the ideal that American citizens’ Rights are the primary responsibility of the Constitution and that their Rights are supposed to be the primary responsibility of the government!  But, until the swearing in of President Trump, our government was more concerned about their own wants and needs, and we were seriously suffering because of it!  But Trump has been pushing changes since day one and he is bringing back that governmental responsibility to all of our Constitutional Rights, not just those groups that politicians get personal benefits for supporting!  And he is our best possibility to bring back our Manufacturing Base and our traditional lifestyles!  He will bring us back jobs that will make our incomes much, much better and our possibilities of having decent homes and lives will become the “new norm” once again!  Don’t listen to the crap put out by the greedy, power hunger Democrats that are destroying our nation for their own power and benefits!  Pay attention to the one person that is pushing to bring our nation back every single day!  He needs us to stand up for him, to support his ideas and efforts to bring America back!  The fight is coming this summer; be ready to make you voices heard and your support seen!  And, this time, instead of not voting next year because you don’t support RINOs, make sure you, and everyone you know goes out and votes for their opposition in their own Party, replacing them with a good Republican, not another Democrat, which will only cause the total destruction of our Country and our Rights!  Remember what happened when Pelosi took power over the House and how much destruction she caused!  We don’t need that again; we need America back to the citizens and the responsibility of our Members of Congress to us, not to their own power-hungry leadership!  Now is the time to stand strong as good citizens and to make our voices heard!  It’s up to all of us, it’s our country!  Either stand as a true American, or be ready to be a slave of the government!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 959


  1. Jim carriere "57 Th AHC " 68-69 Crewchief Gunner says:

    Good rant Mike…we are starting to see the true colors of all politicians. Trump is not a politician. He’s a businessman..plain and simple. The swamp has made it nearly impossible to pass clean legislation. The trough is way to
    easy to use..and the swamp pigs know exactly how to use the dirty feed. Trump is not conventional. GET USED TO him calling a spade a spade. And
    using the bully pulpit like Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman did! Look up what Truman stated publicaly about General McCarther. It’s out there…and it’s brutal. Righteous decorum is used as an issue by the Democrats,Rhinos and the liberal press…but they sneakedly are part of the slime that oozes behind closed doors. Trump wants to clean house…with a slime destroying
    Machine…it won’t be easy…being blunt..out spoken..and bombastic often is the only way things will get done. Embarras and expose. And voters getting off their laurels to vote these slimy jerks out. Great article..keep bringing this to the attention of voters..but hold voters accountable for not being informed. John McCAIN just showed his unpatriotic traitor side..that he’s hid for 40+ years. Pay close attention! The Tea Party guys weren’t to far off about both political party’s.

  2. John Slagle says:

    Thanks Michael, on target as always. MS-13 international gangs have been my personal source of aggravation from the political refugee nonsense during the El Salvadorian Civil War. We arrested and recommended criminal deportation of these “wastes of human skin” and leftist immigration judges granted asylum for these very dangerous gangbangers which now number in excess of 40,000 coast to coast. POTUS Trump and AG Sessions are making an impact despite obstructionists composed of democrats, RINOS, fake news propaganda and Obama’s deep state operative.

    In a recent email from Captain Joseph John, USN (Ret) former FBI, Chairman of the Combat Veterans for Congress, POTUS Trump has accomplished many outstanding promises made to the American people in the past 8 months, a first for many prior elected Presidents.

    The Captain just returned home from a counter Terrorist and National Defense Conference in Pittsburg, Maine with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, POTUS
    Trump’s national security advisor. Not a peep from fake news leftist outlets
    who are still fixated on total nonsense.

  3. John Slagle says:

    Michael and all hands, last night on Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro,, a problem area of the border in my old AOR in Cochise County Arizona was
    presented. The Judge rode a horse with mounted members of the USBP and was taken to an area where a rusting fence gives way to a vast area open to smugglers, international criminals and of course terrorists. Things are definitely changing under POTUS Trump, Sessions and General Kelly. Stockpiles of seized drugs in 2017 was measured in thousands of pounds and new technology is filling the gaps in remote hostile crossing areas. Dating to 1975 and years thereafter, the USBP with less than two thousand
    agents on both borders including maritime ops in Puerto Rico depended
    on outdated military excess equipment to do the job. From the old PPS-5 and PPS-15 anti-personell radar units, and first generation night vision head sets, medical trauma kits to M-14s used in Vietnam we were very pleased with military support materials when the majority of the members of congress did little to fund border security or operations. Cheap labor and illicit votes were more important than Immigration enforcement or the drug wars. Border Patrol agents with shotguns were facing drug smugglers armed with Chi-Com AK-47s and many of us were granted authorization by the Sector Chief to buy from the NRA, surplus M-1 Garands and M-1 carbines which ended many serious confrontations, and saved lives of our people as well as citizens living in high density smuggling areas.

    I just wanted to mention how out of touch elected politicians were after Vietnam and very little changed until Reagan and of course now POTUS Trump. The U.S.B.P. active duty and retired personnel are very proud to support Trump who is the first presidential candidate to support strict immigration and border enforcement , a vital part of U.S. National Security.

  4. You are absolutely right on all of this! One thing I want to mention is the fact that our politicians weren’t “out of touch”, they were all getting their own profits from working with those who wanted to keep the borders open. Even the drug dealers have been sending money to some of our politicians through laundering processes that made them all look like “campaign donations”, etc.! Money has been one of the biggest tools to gain support from politicians! Why are so many millionaires when they live in one of the most expensive areas of our country…

  5. We’re now in the process of the last resistance to overcome, that being the traitors who have hidden within our own party, this would only be possible by all we have won so far by way of the ballot box.

    Weeding out those who have played us for decades is now priority to once again have our ”Representatives” represent US for a change..

    Trump is the ”Oil” in the water of the Swamp and won’t ”Mix” no matter the time spent within it..

    Good comments above allow me to make a short comment down here..

    Kudos to all here before me..

  6. John Slagle says:

    Michael and Jim, a few accomplishments of POTUS Trump in 8 months, despite enemies in both parties and the DEEP STATE Obama minions.

    1.The President has signed 42 pieces of legislation into law something few have ever done in the history of this nation.
    2.The economy is back on track after 8 years under Obama.
    3. Unemployment has decreased to 4.7 with new jobs created.
    4.The ISIS caliphate in Raqqa controlled by ISIS for 3 years yet never attacked by Obama has been destroyed.
    5. Mosol controlled by ISIS has been taken.
    6. U.S. Immigration laws violated by Obama for 8 years are now being enforced by ICE,DHS,CBP, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and the U.S.B.P.
    7. The U.S. Military is being rearmed, re-manned with spare parts ordered for all equipment.
    8. Two million convicted criminal illegal aliens released from prisons into the general population by Obama for 8 years are now being rounded up by ICE and deported by the thousands.
    9. A new conservative Supreme Court Judge is appointed along with thousands of conservative federal judges.
    10. The U.S. has reaffirmed support for Israel.
    11. The U.S. has withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership.
    12. The U.S. has withdrawn from the U.N. Global Warming Paris accords in which the U.N. unfairly charged only the U.S. billions of dollars.
    13. The Supreme Court paused the flow of immigrants from nations that permit terrorist training in their countries.
    14. POTUS Trump addressed 52 majority muslim nations in a historic anti-terrorist summit hosted by Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
    15. The U.S. put Iran on notice that it would oppose nuclear weapons development and their state sponsor of terrorism.
    16. The U.S. put North Korea on notice that it would take military action if necessary to oppose their nuclear blackmail.
    17. POTUS Trump changed Obama’s one sided agreement with Communist Cuba.
    18. U.S. informed Korea, China, Mexico, Europe, Japan etc. that it would renegotiate one sided trade agreements.
    19.Trump dismantled many of Obama’s anti business executive orders that suppressed the “free enterprise system”.
    20. Reaffirmed free exercise of religion for all Americans especially those Christians who were oppressed over the last 8 years.
    21.Ordered construction of the Border Wall to close the wide open Southern Border to curb drug smuggling and human trafficking.
    22. Approved completion of the Dakota access pipeline.
    23. Approved completion of the Keystone Pipeline.
    24. Ordered DOJ and DHS to withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities.
    25. Ordered all Federal agencies to cut two federal regulations for every new regulation they impose.
    26. Prevented the hiring of all federal employees outside of the requirement of U.S. Military personnel.
    27. Cancelled Obama’s order that forced women to allow men to use their bathrooms and shower in their locker rooms.
    28. Prevented the U.S. government from funding abortions performed internationally that Obama used federal funds to pay for.
    29. Trump passed a law that allows the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to revoke bonuses, protect whistleblowers and fire all inept employees.
    30. Signed 15 resolutions reversing Obama’s oppressive executive orders.
    31 Repealed restrictive regulations on the energy markets.
    33. Working diligently to get Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare that has failed the American People.
    34. Working with Congress to decrease the heavy tax burden on American citizens and U.S. Corporations in the world.

    I could continue but OP ED 359 and 360 on the Combat Veterans for Congress website covers all bases in detail including transgenders in military service who want taxpayers to pay for very expensive sex change operations. Crazy world….

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