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I have watched the RINOs work to dominate our Republican Party to allow them to control every aspect of it since 1968.  Up until that year, many of the Republicans and Democrats were military veterans who got into office to keep America strong and safe.  But, in 1968, the Progressives who controlled the Hippie Movement began building hatred towards the very Veterans who put their lives on the line to protect our nation!  And they started calling us all “crazy vets” and built the movement that not only destroyed the lives of so many veterans, they also caused a majority of Vietnam Veterans to kill  themselves because they were told that they were useless and dangerous to the citizens of America!  As of today there are only about 30% of us combat Vietnam vets that are still alive!  And the Hippie Movement pushed a great many vets out of our government and opened the doors for them to take over and go after their own personal interests, not the safety and lifestyles of all the citizens in our country!  Look at what has happened since 1968:  The amount of good jobs for our citizens has almost disappeared and too many Americans no longer have good jobs that pay well!   Our Welfare system, back then, was meant to be a temporary support system, providing the basics of everything needed to allow a person, or family to get back on their feet, but now it’s a form of lifestyle for those that don’t think that they need to work because everything is owed to them!  Our nation was strong enough that no other nation wanted to attack us, or anger us, because they knew that we could tear them up, and that kept us all safe.  But, now; our military has become so weakened that nations like North Korea feel they can scare us, attack us, and they won’t have to worry about anything harming them!  Self-interested politicians and Progressive leaders don’t care about us, or our way of life or safety; the only thing that is important to them is what they can get to make their own lives great!  And RINOs are no more than Republican Progressives and we need to get rid of them!

Look at everything that President Trump has done to change things back to the basic rules of our Constitution, yet the Progressives keep going after him for every little thing they think they can use to cause him trouble with the voters!  If it wasn’t for Trump being able to get his own comments out on Twitter, he would probably look like a fraud or criminal to most of the people who only watch Progressive news, but his own comments keep getting out the real truth and the citizens are paying attention to that!  And that’s why so many RINOs and Progressives keep attacking his use of Twitter, because they need to get that tool out of his hands!  But they keep their attacks coming as hard as they can, waiting for one stupid thing to catch with the voters and to get voter anger to allow them to seek Impeachment Hearings that they can use like they did with Nixon, to get Trump out of the White House!  To those that don’t see it; this is a political war between the President and the Progressives, with them constantly attacking the President, and him constantly having to defend himself and his actions!  And the worst part is that the RINOs also keep working against him, blocking all of his efforts to bring back a legitimate Health Care program into our government to provide for the needs of the true citizens!  And they are also blocking every action he is trying to take to put a true fair tax system into effect!  And their real reason for doing so is that they fear him putting in a seriously good tax rate for citizens and businesses will begin to drop the amount of money in the government to a level that will require them to re-evaluate every use of our taxes and force them to end wasteful spending for their own profit!  Ask yourself one very simple question:  Why is it that every Member of Congress earns around $174,000.00 a year yet, even with the high costs of living in DC, they all become millionaires within a couple of terms in office?  Why?  Because every Bill they put through Congress gives them all some kind of “special benefit” that secretly goes into their income through some kind of backdoor method!  How come so many, like Pesloi, get major contracts for family members that put millions of dollars into their own personal incomes!  I will never forget when I asked then Senator Biden’s Chief Aide how a normal citizen could get a Bill through Congress and she said: “Sex, drugs, money or power!”  And I am not lying or kidding you!  That’s exactly what she said!  And when I said “what about the people?”  She said:  “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  That very common comment by Politicians in DC should show you how criminal so many of them truly are!  Check this out:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/members-of-congress-trade-in-companies-while-making-laws-that-affect-those-same-firms/2012/06/23/gJQAlXwVyV_story.html

The only reasons that Republicans cannot get a true Health Care Bill into Congress, and the reason they will have trouble getting changes in our Tax system, will not be the fault of President Trump, or serious Conservative Republicans, it will be the fault of the RINOs that want to make Trump look “weak” and “useless”, while they work to continue destroying the Conservative movement in our government!  And, no matter how hard the people work to make them change their efforts to destroy our country, the RINOs will lie and play games to make it look like they are on our side while, in reality, they are doing everything they can to work with the Progressives to destroy our nation!  And, to them:  If they can get the Conservative Americans to think that there is nothing they can do to change things, then they can get them to not go to the elections next year and the Progressives will take over our system again, just as they did in the last two years of the Bush Administration, and look at what happened to us because of that!  That’s why I am asking you to talk with anyone who thinks that their upcoming vote will be useless and explain the truth to them:  In next year’s elections, we need them to vote a new Conservative into office in their districts, to replace every single RINO in the Republican Party with a serious, America loving Conservative, so that we will have the ability to use the strength we would have then, to bring back America to the great nation it once used to be!  Tell everyone you know that we will need every good vote we can get in next year’s election if we want to get our country out of Progressive control and destruction!  This is our country and we need to act like real Americans and work to regain full control over our government and bring back the great America that can provide us all with the safety and lifestyles we need to make our nation the greatest nation in the world that it was before the Progressives started destroying it!  It’s not up to the politicians, it’s up to us!  It’s not only our need, it’s our responsibility!  LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND PUT OUR POLITICIANS BACK TO WORK DOING THEIR REAL JOBS, NOT THE POWER HUNGER AND MONEY GRABBING THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR FAR TOO LONG NOW!  STAND UP AS REAL CITIZENS AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!  WORK TO BRING THE GREAT AMERICA THAT BUILT THE MODERN WORLD BACK!  AND GET OUR NATION BACK TO THE PEOPLE, WHERE IT TRULY BELONGS!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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