I spent 33 years trying to get people to wake up to the major threat of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist movement to destroy our nation and now, thanks to President Trump, they have seen much of the truth and are fighting to get out nation back!  And, while they are working to gain the rebuilding of our great nation, the Progressives are standing up against our President, trying to make him look like he doesn’t know what he is doing!  He is pushing for a Wall, yet the Progressive leadership says that having the wall is a very bad idea, even though they pushed to have a fence-wall back when they were leading our nation!  They pushed for the same thing and it was “good” only while it was their idea!  Now it’s “foolish” as far as they are concerned!  Talk about hypocrisy…..

Because of their actions, I am going to try to explain some necessary things that they are fighting, to show you information you can share with others to get them to understand the basic truth of what Trump is trying to do!  Some I may have spoken about before, but it is necessary to bring it back to allow others to understand the truth.

Number one is the Tax reform that President Trump is trying to get through Congress.  The Tax Reform is necessary because the Progressives have used overwhelming taxes and outrageous laws to drive our Manufacturing Base overseas, leaving our nation with an underwhelming number of poorly paid employees to tax, forcing our Government to raise outrageous taxes on our wealthy people, forcing them to move even more of  our businesses outside of our country!  The Progressives have been working to weaken and break our nation for a long time now and, if Trump would not have won and Hillary had, we would have lost our nation by next year!  But President Trump is doing everything he can to bring back our Manufacturing Base and to provide jobs and good lives for all Americans!  Here are some very basic facts considering our outrageous tax system:

If the average American was to pay 10% taxes on a $30,000 per year average income and we had 100,000 workers, their average tax would be $3,000 a year and the total Income Tax revenue would be $3,000,000,000.  Now, if we were to go by today’s idea of higher taxes with fewer jobs, we would have to look at the people who were out of work because so many of our best companies were forced to leave our country and take their businesses overseas, thus leaving us with a work force of only 10,000 workers.  And, because there were so few jobs, with so many trying to find one, the companies were able to lower their wages because the people wanted jobs so badly that they would accept it, and there was no one else out there that would provide a better wage.  So now we have 10,000 workers with an average wage of $20,000 per year, with a 15% tax rate, each worker would still pay $3,000 a year in taxes, but the Income Tax revenue would only be:  $30,000,000 per year!  And that would force the Federal Government to have to live with a $2,970,000,000 loss of income!  If the Federal Government was a truly responsible unit of Government, it would find a way to cut losses, to rid itself of wasteful spending and unneeded jobs to cut costs.  It would cut way back on money going to overseas nations that use our money to build militaries to use to attack us once we have grown weak enough to become an easy target!  It would rid our nation of wasteful, useless government agencies that work hard to destroy us, like the Department of National Resources, and use the money that supports those agencies to pay off our national debt!  And it would stand up as a responsible Government and work to bring back out Manufacturing Base to put our people back to work, and to rebuild our Income Tax revenue through good jobs with good pay, provided by companies that operate here in America and sell enough of their goods to provide even more, higher paying jobs, providing more tax income to pay off our debt and rebuild our nation!  And that is the correct, logical way to do it!  But we have politicians, not LEADERS!

All of our RINOs and Progressive Politicians look to their own needs and desires, and promise us logical, correct changes to rebuild our nation, but they lie and simply look to rebuilding their own power and wasteful incomes!  They all promise to do “everything they can to rebuild our country”, but they truly only worry about what they want and do what they can to make it look like they are working for us, but they really are looking to build their own power!  Liars and deceivers like them have been doing this for so long that they know how to manipulate people and get them to stand up for their side and fight for them, while ignoring that our nation is falling down the toilet like a wet diaper!  When they need more tax money, they go after the rich and the Business Base members and raise taxes on them!  And that forces them to slow down their businesses, raise their prices and lower the pay of their workers because they have to meet their own responsibilities in running their businesses!  Then the politicians promise them “special tax cuts”, if they kick a “little something” back to them.  And the businesses in our country are caught between an alligator and a tree!  Either they co-operate, or they will lose everything!  So; who loses?  The rich and the business owners, the workers and the people of our country!  Who wins?  Politicians and Business leaders from other nations who can sell their goods here at no taxes, or low taxes on their goods!  And our nation falls down the toilet like a worn-out sack of crap!  And, if the Progressives had succeeded in last year’s election, we would have wound up the world’s largest third-world nation on the planet!  But we got Trump instead!

Everything that President Trump is doing now is to bring back America to the great nation it once was, the nation that led the world to making other nations Free and strong enough to keep back the threats of destruction from those that can’t stand Free Nations!  His actions against nations like North Korea are necessary, because past Presidents like Obama and others refused to force North Korea to back down and end its Nuclear Bomb plan!  And, because of that, the little fat leader of North Korea acts like a spoiled child that wants what he wants, how he wants it, and he threatens us with total destruction!  He needs to see that, if he even threatens us, he will find himself laying in a grave of sad tears and death!  Not because we want to destroy him, but because we always have to take the safety of every single American as the most necessary need of our nation!  When I was a teenager, we didn’t have to fear anyone attacking us because everyone knew we could wipe them out and make them disappear!  But, because of the weakening of our nation by Obama, we are looked at as an easy target by those that hate us, especially radical muslims!  We need to end the pattern of “pussy footing” around by leaders like Obama and let the rest of the world know that we mean them no danger at all but, if they threaten us, we will annihilate them!  Strength doesn’t mean we have to kill everyone we don’t like; it means that we are strong enough to make anyone that threatens to harm us regret their actions to the fullest extent of the strength of the American Military!  We never had the problems we have now after we won WWII, because no one wanted to have to face us head-on because they caused trouble, and we needed to go back to that policy!

Trump is a great businessman who, with his family, built a great Corporate Structure that is a successful business leader today!  And we need to understand that he is using that same logic to rebuild the American “Corporate Structure” to bring our Manufacturing Base back to America, to allow us to rebuild our great Financial Structure and make us the leader of Manufacturing and Inventing that we once were in the world!  And, to do that, he has to cut our Tax System and make it one that all citizens and businesses can work with in a way that will allow them to grow and become great once again!  But, when taxes are dropped to allow us to rebuild, there will not be enough income to cover many Government programs that are supposed to keep our nation strong and our people safe and comfortable, and those programs will have to be cut, or lowered, and it will bring about hard times for a period from six months, to a year, because it will take that long to get our Manufacturing Base back into our country and back on its feet!  And it will mean that some things will not make many Americans happy, but you have to understand that cutting waste means cutting wasteful programs!  And it will be temporary, because in order for a Manufacturing company to be successful, it has to have buyers to buy its goods!  And, in order for that to happen, the worker base needs to grow as quickly as possible and they will see that it happens!  Bring back our Manufacturing Base to its former status, bring back jobs and bring back much better lives for our citizens!  All I am saying is be ready for some hard times, but be willing to work together to make America great again, and we will see our great past become our future once more!  Be patient, be willing to work hard, and we will see that everything Trump has promised us will remain his goals until it all happens!  There are going to be all kinds of ups and downs, in a way; like what our Forefathers saw happening around them.  But, if we are willing to work and push for the right things to return to our great nation, we will be able to wake up in the morning and know that we have provided what we needed for our families, and we have brought back America to the greatest nation in the world!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Elle says:

    I sure can’t add anything to that! Great article!

  2. Thanks, Elle! I appreciate your feedback!

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