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Imagine you are Donald Trump. You wake up every morning in your new home, The White House and the first thing on your mind is that you have to fight with everyone in Washington, DC.

Not just Democrats, Independents, Liberals, but also your so called friends, Conservatives, and Republicans. Knowing that no matter what you propose, someone, and maybe everyone, is going to challenge and fight with you. It would seem that there are no friendly faces to be found, especially amongst those that were supposed to be your friends and supporters.

You want to build a wall to defend the country you love so much. Seems that should be a simple thing to get done. During the election process, a large majority of the country seemed to be in favor of such an operation. Building a wall was a win-win situation. It was a winner because it would help secure our southern border from illegal immigration and it was also a winner because it would create a lot of jobs. Who was not in favor of security and jobs? Well, the bleeding heart liberals were of course not in favor of the wall, but they lost. So why can’t he get it done? Does anyone think that the wall will not slow down illegal immigration and all the problems that go with that problem? If anyone thinks a wall does not work ask the Israelis’ if their wall does stop the majority of illegal Palestinians trying to enter their country. Does it stop them all, of course not, but, it certainly is a great deterrent and certainly helps secure their country? Some say the wall just can’t be built all the way across our southern border, some terrain just cannot be fenced. If anyone believes that ask the Chinese about their Great Wall. They build a wall across some of the most inhospitable terrain imaginable. Not just a wall of concrete, or metal, or wire, but a huge national undertaking that can be seen from space. A truly amazing accomplishment. Did it stop the hordes, no, not forever, but it kept them safe for many years? With that in mind, a wall is not a cure all but it certainly would go a long way towards making our southern border more secure and harder to get across.

You want to repeal and replace Obama Care so that a better system can be put in place. The party that you represent should have been able to make this come to pass with ease. After seven and half years of meetings, committees, and normal run of the mill Congressional arm-twisting it should have been simple. Nearly seventy times the Republicans put forth proposals to repeal, change, or amend Obama Care and they went nowhere. How is it that you can make that many proposals and never get anything done? Every single one of them knew that whatever they did was doomed to failure. They knew they could not get it through the House or the Senate, and if by some miracle they did it would die on the President’s desk as he vetoed anything that got there. Why so many attempts and failures? Each one of them could go home and say that they were trying to change things, they were making proposals but they just could not get anything done. In fact, they were just fine with the way things were. They each had their little piece of the pie, their little power kingdom was remaining intact and the status quo was stable. They thought that Hillary was the defacto President-elect and that they would continue doing the same thing for the next four to eight years. Appeasing their constituents that they were trying when in fact they knew whatever they proposed was doomed and all was well. If that was not the case they would have had a bill ready for President Trump the day he took over the office. They knew in November he was going to be the new president and that one of his primary objectives was to repeal and replace. How could they not be ready the day he took office? They did not want to be ready, that would change the balance of power, someone might lose some of their little kingdom or their piece of pie. None of them wanted that, they wanted things to stay the way there were.

You want to lower the taxes for everyone in the country so that the economy can grow. Why would any Representative or Senator be against that? The liberal Democrats are scared to death of a tax reduction. If that was to happen and jobs were created and tax revenues increased and more people were not dependent upon their monthly government check they would no longer be under the thumb of those in Washington doing so much to “help them”. More people would become independent, able to make their own decisions about what they wanted to buy, where they wanted to live, how to live their own lives without government supervision. The Democrats will always say that any tax change is just to favor the rich and that the little guy will be the ones taking the brunt of what is wrong with the new tax format. They have done that for so long that way too many people believe it, the old “tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth” routine. The Republicans who one would assume would be in favor of a major tax overhaul don’t seem to be on board either. Now, why would that be? Again, that would upset their little apple cart and they are certainly not going to allow that to happen. No one wants to lose any power they have and this would give lots of people the power to make headway on living the life they want and not the life that the government overseers want them to live.

I said when Paul Ryan took over from John Boehner that what we were getting was just John Boehner Ver. 2.0 and that certainly seems to be the case. He has yet to really rally the House behind anything that Trump has proposed. Why is that? He likes his position, he likes the power he wields and has no real reason to change any of that. He is looking out for his best interest and not that of the American people. As I have said so many times before, “the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is the color of the stick they beat us with”. Anymore that seems to more and more the case.

It is time for the people to write and call the Representatives and Senators, now more than ever, and tell them to get behind President Trump. It is time for the folks we voted for to start taking care of us and not themselves. We need them to know that we have had enough of the same old thing no matter who is in charge. It is time for them to stand up and do what is right for the people and not what will help feather their own nest. It is now time that we hold them accountable to do the job they said they would do. It is time for them to truly take care of the country and the people in it and not just those special few in Washington.

Imagine how things would be if they actually did what was right and not just what they want to make sure their system of power sharing stays in place.


Sam Moore

Cougar 079


  1. John Slagle says:

    Sam Moore/ Cougar 079, excellant points covered, voters need to support POTUS Trump…

    As one of many who has walked, rode horses, driven jeeps, manned boats and flown aircraft along the Border in immigration enforcement duties for over three decades after military service, walls are very effective in problem areas. In high density crossing points like San Diego, California, Nogales, Arizona to El Paso, Texas, existing double walls solve many crime problems and channel illegal crossings to areas more controllable by agents east of populated areas.

    Regarding the Rio Grande, from Presidio, Texas East past the Big Bend to the Gulf coast, constructing walls would be un-necessary due to mountain cliffs in many remote regions. In early days we used Vietnam era military electronic seismic sensors to denote intrusion/intercept sites in those areas as well as flood plains in the desert. Some areas of the Rio Grande River have deep water and are patrolled by USBP boats in the coastal valley near the Gulf. At other locations far west of Redford,Texas , the river bed is dry and easily crossed on foot. A wall or barrier can be many things from ” boots on the ground” to finally having a President and a U.S. Attorney General who actually believes in strict immigration law enforcement, a factor that has not been addressed by republicans or democrats in over 50 years.

    No one in the patrol really expected a great Wall of China to be built from coast to coast to curtail illegal immigration due to terrain factors but deporting criminal aliens and defunding sanctuary cities is a long overdue start in building a barrier. I just got off the phone with an active duty member of the USBP in Tucson Sector Arizona who similar to all agents representing rank and file supported and voted for Trump on issues of strict immigration enforcement alone. These were the agents that had to contend with Obama’s “catch and release” policies with thousands of Central American illegal aliens. Many of the minor unaccompanied children released with NTAs, notice to appear were linked to MS-13 violent gangs in Central America and were not the frail teens displayed on fake news media reports. The reason for the massive illegal alien surge across the border was Obama’s welcome mat policies to the world. Now that POTUS Trump is in charge, illegal alien traffic from both Mexico and Central America is lower than it’s been in 17 years which is a very welcome change.

    You nailed it Sam on obstructionists in D.C. including republicans like Paul Ryan, an open borders, Amnesty advocate who co-operated with Obama on every issue without objection. John Boehner, prior Speaker is remembered for his total disregard for the Benghazi investigation Scandal until concerned citizens, family members of the deceased, high ranking military brass to conservatives nationwide pressed the issue with a growing number of voters signing the second letter in March. People still make a difference in the United States if their voices are heard because most career politicians could care less about issues unless constituients “sound off” and demand action from these embedded “swamp carpetbaggers”..Link to the letter to Boehner 2014

    Benghazi victims’ families, conservative leaders … – Judicial Watch

    Jan 6, 2014 … The Honorable John Boehner … Dear Speaker Boehner, … Devin Nunes
    concerning his November 6, 2013 letter to you, …. John W. Slagle, U.S. Navy Aviation veteran (Ret) Special Agent U.S.B.P. Anti-Smuggling Unit

  2. Team Cougar - 079 says:

    I actually helped the Border Patrol many years ago while stationed at Luke AFB, AZ. We used to take them down to the border into very remote areas for them to deploy the seismic sensors. Also placed relay stations for the sensors on higher ridge lines that were almost inaccessible except by air. Was flying the “F” and “P” model Hueys at the time. The assignment was actually the pits but doing that stuff with the BP was one of the few “fun” things we got to do. Thanks for the reply to my post, much appreciated.

    Cougar 079

  3. John Slagle says:

    Many thanks to you Team Cougar. In 1972, most of my graduating academy class in the Border Patrol were Vietnam era military veterans, officers as well as EMs.Our operating field budget from D.C. was very frugal which included sensors as well as first aid trauma kits. At Fort Huachucha U.S. Army Base, we were trained on surplus equipment including the PPS-5 and PPS-15 antipersonnel radar units that we used on the Tohono Oodam Indian Nation at remote crossing points. Thanks also to military reserve units in Tucson we were provided excess medical battle bandages including a stokes litter for our special tracking and rescue team. JTF-6 military assistance was greatly appreciated, especially during the drug wars of 1989 when we had back-up assistance from U.S. Marine fire teams on dangerous smuggling trails to Air Force and Army Hueys equipped with FLIR patrolling the area. There was peace in the valley for many months until politicians in Mexico and D.C. decided our military on the border was too aggressive with
    dope smugglers after a gunfire situation in Arivaca canyon. Pack train Smugglers fired AK-47s at our lone agent who was backed by an armed fire team of Marine NCOs with strict rules of engagement. When the smoke cleared, the word was out throughout Mexico that Battalions of Marines were working with the patrol not a four man team. The Marine Fire Team from 29 Palms, California received a well deserved commendation from the Commandant of the Corp. A hundred Kilos of narcotics were seized along with pack horses used for transport. Strict rules of engagement were followed and not a single horse was wounded or killed when Marines returned fire with M-16s.

    Those of us assigned to patrol duties on the Indian nation really appreciated the Air Force stationed at Davis Monthan, Tucson who flew A-10s 100 feet above the deck in the designated Air Defense Identification Zone on the border. Although not involved in the drug wars officially, those outstanding
    pilots stopped many incoming smuggler’s vehicles entering the U.S. at San Miguel gate . Vehicles made very quick 180 degree retreats back to Mexico. A Warthog in low slow flight is a beauty and also a terror to behold for a smuggler.

    God Bless our troops, past and present and as always POTUS Trump

  4. Team Cougar - 079 says:

    My time working with the Border Patrol was from June 78 to June of 80 while stationed at Luke AFB. Never really got to know any of the guys, it was kind of a hit or miss thing. We would show up to fly the range officers down to Gila Bend gunnery range and find we had extra tasking. Would drop off the range officers and then go someplace else and pick up the BP agents and just ferry them wherever they wanted to go. We would drop them off, they would set their stuff up and we would come back and pick them up and drop them wherever they wanted to at the end of the day. Was fun for us just going to different locations, back into some tight spots, sorta like being back in Viet Nam, only no jungle, just cactus, still had to watch out for that stuff also. They were always good to work with that is for sure.

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