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No red, white and blue at a high school basketball game – really?

No Red, White, and Blue at a high school basketball game – Really?

No RED, WHITE, and BLUE at a high school basketball game – REALLY?

In the heartland of flyover country, Des Moines, IA there is a clash of ideas. It is hard to believe that the clash is over “red, white and blue patriotism”. In the middle of our great country, where mom, apple pie and red, white and blue are as patriotic as, well, “mom, apple pie and red white and blue” this has become a central point for disagreement.

Someone at Des Moines North, don’t know who; a refugee, an immigrant, a U.S. citizen, was apparently “offended” that the kids supporting their team from Des Moines Valley were wearing red, white and blue. Now I don’t know what it is like where you live but where I live this is a common practice. Each basketball game the kids are given a “theme” to dress for. And yes, patriotic is one of the themes. So, the kids show up in various forms of red, white and blue. Are they out to “offend” the opposing team, NO, they are supporting their team. It is sad if Des Moines North does not do “themes”, what a blasé, uninteresting, boring, everyone is the same, “1984” type of existence. Des Moines Valley has enthusiasm, spirit, team support and that is a bad thing? It is only bad if someone was “triggered” or “offended”.

To make things even worse, however, was that Des Moines Valley somehow felt they were obligated to render an apology to Des Moines North. Why should a display of a patriotic nature require an apology from one school to another? What has happened to our “American Pride”? Are we not allowed to show a love of country without offending someone? If a love of country offends someone, then perhaps the poor offended folks should pack up and go to a country that they can live in without being “triggered” or “offended”. I would like any of the “offended” or “triggered” to please tell me one other place on earth that they could act like they do and get away with it. This country was founded on the principle that you are allowed to express your opinion and speak out in favor or against what you see as social injustice. You have no Constitutional right to be free from being offended. Being offended comes with the right to freedom of speech and expression. If you cannot live within that kind of system, by all means, feel free to leave or, use the process to change what it is you don’t like. By the way, good luck with changing a patriotic showing of red, white and blue. There are some things the silent majority will not tolerate, that is probably one of them.

This kind of thinking is part of a huge problem in our country right now. It seems almost everyone is “triggered” or “offended” by something. Some just go with the flow, realizing that it is not meant directly against them or don’t bother to take the bait and get drawn into the argument. How far and how silly can this kind of thing go? An example that was in the news lately was a gym on campus at a university has a scale in the gym. Imagine a scale to weigh yourself in a gym. Someone, obviously someone who was probably heavier than they wanted to be said they were “triggered” by the scale in the gym. The college was petitioned to remove the “offending” scale so that no one would “feel bad” about their weight while they were in the gym. Really, can you imagine, someone was “offended” by their weight and the solution was not to lose weight, to get in shape, no, the answer was to remove the scale. After all the scale is at fault for someone not having the body shape, weight and physique that they want. Again it is not that individuals fault, it is the fault of others, of the college and of everyone who is not as heavy as they are or are in better shape than they are. GIVE ME A BREAK! Does anyone remember last October when one college outlawed Mexican costumes during Halloween parties? Just another example of a very small minority forcing the majority to conform to their way of thinking.

With that kind of mindset, where does it stop? If a college can be petitioned to remove an “offending” scale and does, in fact, remove it, there is almost nothing that cannot be challenged and be taken away, stopped, or made to comply with the mindset of the petitioners. If enough people were to petition a college on issue after issue after issue they could soon be to the point that getting a degree will just be a matter of showing up and staying above room temperature. There will be no effort required, no learning required, no social interaction required. Just open the box of cereal and get your diploma out, fill it in with whatever degree you want and then walk out into society and expect a middle management or higher job with corresponding salary and perks.

Meanwhile, there will be those who toil to keep the country running, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, burger flippers, garbage collectors, barbers, truck drivers, manicurists, and, oh yea, a military to make sure that the country is still here for all those folks. These kind of people do not get “offended”, they get things done. They do not get “triggered”, they make things happen. If not for these folks the so easily “offended and triggered” will not have any way or any place to get “offended or triggered”. They have no idea how to make things happen or how to get things done. They only know how to “bitch, whine, moan and complain” until someone gives them what they want. At some point, we have to stand up to those folks and stop giving them what it is they seem to think they are entitled too. They may feel that we have an obligation to provide them with what they want but we have to teach them that we owe them nothing. We are not required to provide for them, they need to learn that they have to provide for themselves. If we do not do that there will no longer be anyone doing the work, only those standing around with their hands out expecting to be provided with the life they think the deserve and have a “right “ too.

It is time to stand up to the “offended and triggered” and tell them to grow up, learn to deal with the real world where things do not always go their way or they get a trophy for just participating. It is time for them to learn to fend for themselves and deal the adversities of life. Time for them to learn that are part of a bigger system that they need to blend in with. They need to learn these things.


Sam Moore – Cougar 079

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  1. Self haters I can only venture to say however they expect everyone to be the same as them and it is not going to happen!

    I might add that American History is being dismantled around us as well, especially in the south with Civil War History pin pointed for extinction.

    The Nazis may have burned books to rid the country of its German History but these types here in the USA are literally doing it with the help of the court system, school curriculum and even the help of local politicians hungry for votes.

    I don’t see a good future for this country and believe we are witnessing the seeds of a new Civil War on our horizon.

  2. Elle says:

    I must have listened to that news story a half dozen times to be sure my ears were not deceiving me.
    Ludicrous is right.
    Spot on, Michael! I have no problem telling them to pull up their big boy/ big girl panties and deal!

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