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Our Forefathers sacrificed so much to build our great nation, and they did it to build a land of hope and Freedom for the people that were willing to risk their own lives to stand together to fight against the British King to gain America as their own homeland!  And it took a great deal of courage to stand against the most powerful King in the world, but they did and because of their efforts, they built the greatest nation in the world that stood for the idealism of Freedom and Rights for the people!  But not everyone was willing to fight to be Free, the majority just sat back to see what would happen in the future, to either be Free Americans, or to continue on under the domination of a King!  And they were willing to go either way, as long as it didn’t mean having to put their own lives on the line to have it go either way!  And that’s the same situation we still have now:  We have a minority of Americans who volunteer to fight to protect our nation and many civilians that won’t fight, and will accept whatever happens, as long as they don’t have to put their lives on the line to protect it!  Then we have the politicians who will do whatever they can to gain money and power, but don’t want to sacrifice any of their own power and interests for the citizens, and will only do so it they are forced to!  So we have three groups of citizens in our country; the ones that will risk their lives to protect it, the ones that will accept any control as long as they can live their lives in safety and comfort, and the ones that want to control everything that happens to our country, so that they can gain power and money from it!

The problem we have always had with illegal immigrants is our politicians:  They have always wanted to use the illegal immigrants to reach their own personal goals.  The Republicans always saw them as “low cost workers” to let their buddies that ran businesses be able to get employees that would work for lower wages, to keep their profits up by keeping their manufacturing costs down.  The Democrats have always seen them as “low cost workers” that would be willing to illegally vote as the Democrats wanted them to in order to allow the Democrats to push through any harmful situations that legal American citizens would never have supported!  And both sides have made fortunes off of illegal things like the drug trade and other criminal actions brought into our country by illegals being allowed to sneak anything they want to into America and not having to cross our borders legally and have what they bring with them searched before they enter our borders!

Because of the political self-interest, our nation is at a point of extreme danger, because there are huge numbers of illegals who are really terrorists wanting to attack our people and country from the inside out!  We have a major drug problem in America because the drug lords sneak a lot of very addictive, very dangerous drugs into our country, then sell them on the streets!  And we have a huge number of illegals that sneak over here just to live off of the tax money that every single legal American has to pay, to allow them the nice homes, food, medical treatments,cars and all other necessities of life, at no cost to themselves!  And our politicians have consistently told us, over the past 40 years, that they “are working to end the threat”, but all they have done is allow it to grow and grow!  One of the things that is in the Oath of Office for every politician is to take care of Americans and their Rights!  But they violate their own Oaths on a daily basis and keep raising the dangers to all of us because they will not strengthen and protect our borders and get the illegals out!

Then we have the Americans that simply want to live their own lives in the way they want to live them, and don’t care about what happens to everyone else, as long as they don’t have to suffer for it!  They want to be the “popular Americans”, because they want everyone to see everything exactly as they want them to see it, without having to actually do anything but complain if it doesn’t work as they want it to!  And, if the patriotic Americans stand up against them to ensure that our Constitution is upheld as it should be, they riot, rally and protest against everything that is not done exactly as they want it to be done!  They are the ones that will file a lawsuit against anyone that doesn’t do things exactly as they want it done, regardless of the Constitutional Rights of the person they are standing against!  They call anyone that doesn’t think and act just like them; “racist, sexist, homophobes, islamophobes, and any other hateful name they can use to cause social unrest in our country!  And the ones that lead those actions tell everyone that they are doing it because the people they are standing with need their support but in reality, they are only doing it to work to change our country to fit their personal needs!  They have no problems in acting in full-on hatred and violence, publicly, against those that don’t see things exactly as they do, but will whine and cry if anything is Constitutionally done against them to protect the true Rights of the people they fight against!  And I remember the way I was treated by those people when I came home after my tour in Vietnam, and they literally ruined the lives of thousands of combat vets and caused a great many of them to commit suicide because they were the true heroes of the war, yet were treated as criminals by those people!

So we have two groups that work against the best interests of our great nation, while working as hard as possible to gain their own benefits, exactly as they want them!  And that is the majority of our Politicians, and the Progressive/Socialist/Communists that want our country to be Free, as long as it is Free in the way they want it to be Free, not exactly as it is stated to be Free in our Constitution!  Then we have a group of Conservative Americans that stand up for our Rights and Freedoms as they are written in our Constitution!  We don’t want any “Special Rights” for us, we just want the ones that were written by our Forefathers, to protect the Rights of EVERY AMERICAN, EQUALLY!  And, by “standing up for our Rights”, we mean protecting the Rights, safety and ability to work to provide the best lives we can for ourselves, AMERICANS, CITIZENS OF AMERICA!  No foreigner, especially illegals, has to Right to come to our country and demand that we care for them as if they were legal citizens!  People who come into our country as legal visitors or legal immigrants will always be treated with respect and concern, as long as they are not criminals, or breaking our laws!  Just like Americans are treated when we go to other countries!  But people who enter our nation by sneaking in are here illegally, under American Laws that are already into effect!  And, if any American sneaks into any other nation, like Mexico, etc., they will be put in prison and, in some cases, executed by the governments!  But we don’t do that; we give them a place to live and food stamps and other necessities, yet the rest of the world calls us “Cruel and Inhumane”!

Our country needs to go back to one simple way of life:  Americans first, America first!  Then, if we have the need to help foreigners, we can do it only as needed, and only for those who want to enter our nation through our legal system and become true American citizens, just as our ancestors did!  We need to end the whole idea of worrying about what every other person around the country needs, when we can’t even provide jobs and lifestyles that make our own citizens comfortable in their own States!  We need to stop worrying about every problem the UN, or any other international agency says “we caused”!  We have to end the “worrying” about every other country not being able to provide for itself and its people, when we are going bankrupt trying to care for all of them and we can’t even provide good jobs for our own people!  Americans First!  And that is why President Trump won the election:  He never backed down from his idea that Americans should always come first for America, that we all deserve the Right to work to build better lives for ourselves and our families, and that we need to keep our Military strong, so that we can give every American the confidence that our nation is safe!  The people that really care about America want it back!  We want it to be the great nation it once was, and we want it to start getting their now!  And, if other nations don’t like that attitude, TOO DAMNED BAD!  Run your nations as you want to and we will run ours!  This is America, we are the Americans; it’s our nation, it’s our people and it’s run under our laws and Rights under our constitution for Americans first!  And, if you are an American citizen and you think we need to open our doors to any foreigner that wants to be here, you don’t belong here because you have foreigner’s interests held up over American citizens!  And I will be happy to go to Go Fund Me and see if I can gather enough money to pay for your trip out!  Then, while you are living in all of the nations that you think we are mean to; tell me exactly how you feel after being over there for a year, without the Freedoms and Rights that were given to you as a citizens in America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059







  1. Count me in on that ”GoFundMe” idea, one way fare idea and as for the rest I’m in agreement or I’d have more to say if I wasn’t…

  2. John Slagle says:

    Michael, you nailed it, I thought you’d appreciate the following from combat veterans for congress. The news today concerning the last firings of 46 more U.S. Attorneys, Obama political appointees by AG Sessions is a start in the right direction. Dealing with politically appointed U.S. Attorneys for 30 years, each crop seemed more radical than previous regardless of party. The leakers of NSA material need to be located and prosecuted for felony violations. Slagle

    The Duplicity of the “Russian Collusion” is the Collusion Between Obama, Democrat Senators, and the Russians

    By Capt. Joseph R. John, March 7, 2017: Op Ed # 340

    Since the 1920s Russian Communists have tried to destabilize U.S. elections, as they are currently trying to destabilize elections in France. Russian Communists have been very successful in supporting candidates for Congress in the U.S. who want to bring down the U.S. Constitutional form of government. Over the last 100 years, Russia promoted the philosophies of candidates in the U.S. that resulted in the election of 70 Democratic members of Congress who are Socialists, Leftists, Communists, Progressives, and Muslims (you can easily obtain their names by making a request of Google for the “Socialists, Communists, and Progressives in Congress”).

    The goal for all elections in the U.S. should be to prevent the Russians, China, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, and any other foreign power from influencing U.S. Congressional and Presidential elections. Following the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the left of center liberal media establishment have been promoting Russian conspiracy theories as the reason why Hillary lost the election. The assertion is that Russia worked with the Trump Presidential Campaign to hack the Democratic National Committee, to interfere with, and deny Hillary what she felt was her right to be elected to the presidency.

    The Russian narrative of collusion is fake news propped up by the left of center liberal media establishment, in order to delegitimize President Trump. After 4 months of investigation, there is absolutely no evidence of collusion, or one source that the press can identify who can prove collusion. The Director of National Intelligence in the Obama administration, James R. Clapper, stated that there has been no evidence that Russia colluded with anyone in the Trump Presidential Campaign Organization, that there is no proof that Russia affected the votes in any state, or that Russia’s actions actually caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election.

    Many leftist and progressive organizations have been working closely with Obama’s Organization For America (OFA), with Soros, Bill Ayers, and Valerie Jarret (who moved into Obama’s rented house in Washington) to initiate a silent coup d’état, to oust President Trump from office. Sources told the Daily Mail that Obama hates Trump and plans to bring down the Trump administration. Obama is employing 32,000 Alinsky trained radicals, operating out of 250 offices across the nation, who are being paid by Soros to sabotage the Trump administration.

    Obama puts on a charming face for the press, but his hate for President Trump is evil. OFA is leading a full-fledged effort to deny President Trump control of the U.S. Government, with the help of thousands of Obama’s political appointees, still in positions of leadership in the Intelligence Agencies and other departments of U.S. Government. For the last 4 months, Obama has showed his true colors, in his concerted effort to employ OFA and the left of center liberal media establishment to allege that Russia colluded with the Trump Campaign to defeat Hillary and to support violent demonstrations in the streets.

    The slow approval of members of President Trumps Cabinet by Democrats in the Senate, and the reluctance to approve over 500 sub-cabinet appointees requiring Senate approval. The slowdown has been orchestrated to allow the Obama political appointees to remain in their appointed positions throughout the government. The goal is to undermine the Trump administration and provide leaks of damaging information to the press. All Obama appointees should be required to submit their resignation, as is custom following a presidential election, when a new administration gains power.

    In June 2016, it was reported that Obama administration surrogates approached the FISA Court to surveille Donald Trump; the application was rejected by a Federal Judge. In October 2016, the Obama administration Justice Department submitted a second request to a FISA Court to surveil two Russian Banks that was approved. They were apparently successful with that wiretap, because in November the New York Times reported that it was learned “thru a wiretap” that General Flynn had spoken to Russian representatives in the course of communicating with 45 other governments (incidentally that was his job; Obama’s representatives were negotiating with Iran in meetings in the country of Oman long before Obama was inaugurated). Someone in Justice or in one of the intelligence agencies leaked to the New York Times, that a wiretap had revealed that General Flynn had communicated with a representative of the Russian government.

    On inauguration day, the New York Times reported in a front page story, that The White House received information from a wiretap, that there was no conclusive evidence of any wrong doing by the Trump Campaign with Russia. That was the second violation of federal law by leakers to the New York Times: those leakers should be prosecuted for violating the Espionage Act.

    Yet the New York Times keeps reporting that President Donald Trump has given no proof of a wiretap of the Trump campaign; they refused to inform their readers that revealing details of a FISA wiretap is against federal law and details can’t be revealed to the general public. Certain provisions of the Espionage Act and Federal Law EO 1333, Section 23c allows the President of the United States to wiretap phones without a FISA Warrant (that is called collecting incidental intelligence); that may have been the way that Obama’s Justice Department wire tapped Donald Trump’s phones. The wiretap was not an FBI wiretap.

    Only 17 days before Obama left office, he changed President Eisenhower’s, tried and true, method of handling very sensitive highly classified signal intelligence. Obama changed the manner in which highly classified and sensitive signal intelligence could be shared by the NSA; he didn’t make that damaging change the previous 8 years. By authorizing the NSA to share very sensitive information with 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Obama allowed too many people access to intelligence that had no need to know. That last minute change by Obama, made it very difficult to track who is currently releasing the classified intelligence information today. Ever since Hillary lost the election, intelligence leaks by intelligence agencies have been ongoing and damaging seriously National Security.

    The Democrats tried to hide the fact that the Russian Ambassador had meetings in the Obama White House and Valerie Jarret 22 times to advance the extremely dangerous Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement and support Valerie Jarret’s allies in Iran. In addition, 30 Democratic Senators met with Communist diplomats from Russia and China on Capitol Hill to tamp down opposition to, and advance Obama’s dangerous Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement.

    It is not far-fetched to report, and there should be no surprise for the American people to learn that the Obama administration instigated the surveillance of the Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign, by simply reviewing how Obama tried to restrict the rights of American citizens, listed below, and learn how Obama violated the U.S. Constitutional rights of Americans over the last 8 years:

    (1) The Obama Justice Department wiretapped the telephone of James Rosen, a TV Press Reporter in violation of Freedom of the Press.

    (2) The Obama Justice Department wiretapped and compromised the personal information of 28 AP Reporters.

    (3) Obama’s IRS targeted Conservative Groups in the “Tea Party Scandal” and prevented them from registering as tax free organization to participate in national election; a violation of Freedom of the Right to participate in elections.

    (4) Obama’s ATF “Operation Fast and Furious Scandal” perpetrated by then Attorney General Eric Holder transferred 2000 weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels was aimed at somehow compromising the right of Americans to purchase weapons from gun dealers in the U.S., in violation of the 2nd Amendment. Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of a U.S. President to be held in contempt of Congress for his actions.

    (5) When it was discovered that Hillary Clinton had transmitted Top Secret SCI messages via a private unclassified server located in the basement of her home for 4 years, and that some of the compartmented messages with even higher classifications may have compromised the safety of intelligent assets in foreign countries, and possibly resulted in their deaths, Obama said that he had no problem with her unclassified server. Hillary and Obama were responsible for compromising very sensitive national security information. Hillary’s transmissions may have led to the attack in Benghazi, because Hillary’s intercepted messages insisted on the removal of security for the Libyan Ambassador, leaving the U.S. Mission virtually unprotected.

    A review of the duplicity by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarret, Democratic Senators, and Democratic Congressmen in their meetings with Russians, that was ignored by the left of center liberal media establishment for 8 years. The Democrats can make the below listed egregious agreements with the Russians, yet the press didn’t accuse them of colluding with Russia. President Trump’s staff is being accused daily of wild Russian conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. When the American people compare the below listed information with the few phone calls made by General Flynn in the function of his duties, there should be no doubt about who has been colluding with Russia to the detriment of the United States:

    (1) In 2012, shortly just prior to the presidential election, Obama was meeting with Putin’s number two, (then Russian President) Dmitry Medvedev). There was an open microphone and Obama was overheard — and it was reported — “You tell Vladimir that I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.”

    (2) Then Russia invaded Crimea, and conquered the first country, since WWII, and Obama did absolutely nothing.

    (3) Then Russia had their military personnel in unmarked uniforms attacked Ukraine; Ukraine literally begged the U.S. for defensive weapons, and Obama did nothing.

    (4) Despite the warning of Israel and many other U.S. allies, Obama did nothing when Putin provided surface to air missiles to protect Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities, protecting them from military strikes by Israel.

    (5) When Putin joined Iran and Assad in killing U.S. trained Sunni freedom fighters throughout Syria, Obama did nothing.

    (6) Obama allowed Hillary, his Secretary of State, to authorize the transfer of 20% of the United States Uranium to Russia.

    (7) Hillary’s Clinton Foundation in Canada received support from a Putin Front Company and John Podesta received stock and was placed on the Board of Directors of that company following the transfer of the 20 % of the U.S. uranium to Russia

    The true “Russian Collusion” is the collusion between Barack Obama, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and the Russians. Obama approved giving Russia, 20% of the United States uranium production, as a thank you gift for supporting the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement on the international stage, and gave Iran 116 metric tons of US uranium. Obama’s team used the pretext of Russian interference in the election to justify wiretapping the Trump Campaign, and to authorize illegal leaks to the press. Obama continues to oppose the legitimacy of President Trump’s election, opposes the retention of Attorney General Session, and was successful in opposing the retention of General Flynn as the National Security Advisor.

    Obama is the first former occupant of the Oval Office in 240 years to try to bring down his successor by sabotaging his programs on a daily basis.

    Copyright by Capt. Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author. It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI
    Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
    2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
    San Diego, CA 92108

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
    -Isaiah 6:8

  3. John Slagle says:

    FYI Michael from the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

    What is being now reported (March 13, 2017) on the border info pipeline is that “successful alien smugglers” have more than doubled the price to a Mexican or Central American Illegal Alien to be smuggled into the United States and past the Border Patrol has risen in recent weeks from $3,500.00 each to as much as $8,000.00 each. The fee is contingent, as usual, on the reputation of the smuggler to be successful at getting the Illegal Alien safely to their destination in the United States.

    The suspicion, yet to be confirmed, is that the price to an illegal alien from a Country Of Interest, has also risen significantly. No new numbers yet, however, we were hearing numbers up to $75,000.00 each for Yemeni’s through Douglas, Arizona. Now that Maricopa County and some of the cities in the Phoenix, Arizona, area have declared illegal aliens as “Guests” which is essentially advertising “Sanctuary County and City Status” the high cost traffic to those destinations have probably contributed to the rise in costs on the Arizona border which will increase the resistance smugglers and smuggled aliens will exhibit to interdiction at the border.

    Until there are significant legal penalties for these successful smugglers commanding such prices and the political subdivisions that encourage and assist their illegal entry and a clear certainty that any illegal alien will not be able to apply for public assistance or gain employment once in the United States these prices will probably continue to rise as will violence against Immigration Officers across the board. Some serious thought also needs to be given to significantly increasing penalties for members of terrorist sponsoring organizations such as Al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, etc, etc. Even to the extent of offering a significant tax free cash award to any non-federal law enforcement officer providing information for the apprehension of such terrorist or actually detaining and turning over such terrorist to Immigration authorities.

    Moreover, until the purpose of secure communities gains recognition in the national mindset that not all of the Illegal Aliens in the United States are children from Mexico and Central America the glory of Sanctuary Cities will still reside in uninformed minds and enable those that wish to profit either through money or power from the illegal influx.

    The potential illegal alien class the U.S. needs to discourage from attempting to enter from this hemisphere consider visual information more significant and compelling than word of mouth. The word of mouth from aliens that successfully enter the U.S. illegally back to the home country is compelling. A visual message to them in their home country of a C-130 clearly marked United States Air Force, Army, Navy or Marines landing in their capitol city and dropping off several hundred of their countrymen would make the point that thousands of words could not convey. The party is over. America is serious about illegal immigration. A lot less expensive than commercial air and the message is unmistakable. When America’s Military Speaks, The World Listens. When American Politicians Speak, not so much.

    Zack Taylor, Chairman

    National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

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