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I keep hearing Progressives talking about how they believe in one thing, and that’s “bettering the lives of all Americans to make us all “equal”.  Yet they never really work on that!  The only thing they keep doing is to work to bring down the quality of our lives, which makes us have to live under their control and to destroy our safety and life styles as American citizens!  And I’m not saying that all who claim to be Conservatives are completely different from Progressives, because we have a group of RINOs “Republicans In Name Only” that work with the Progressives, while telling Conservatives that they will work for us!  And I want to explain to you why Progressives and RINOs are the major problem concerning the rebuilding of a great America again, while Conservatives work to keep their promises to their voters and the true citizens of America!

We have a problem with a huge number of people that come into our country illegally, which does mean they are truly criminals because they don’t want to follow the American legal system that was set up to allow immigrants to come to America and become citizens, if they want to truly become Americans and live under our laws and regulations!  Granted, for a long time, both sides knew the problem with illegals in our country and they didn’t do much to stop it from happening.  But the work started at the end of the Reagan Administration to put a stop to illegals being able to come here anytime they wanted to, just by walking over our borders.  And the one group that stood up against us trying to follow our laws to keep that from happening was the Progressives and they started filing lawsuits against our government to force us to stop any efforts to build a wall across our southern border and to deport all illegals so that they had to come back following our laws to become legal citizens!  They got a huge majority of their people into our Judicial system, so that they could decide how illegals were to be handled and they build a bunch of laws that gave illegals “Rights” to remain in our country!  And they got the Hollywood people to make TV shows and movies that made us look like terrible people because we want to force them to follow American laws!  They showed how the “poor illegals” were just “good people” that “found their way up here”, then were treated as criminals for doing so!  They made citizens feel like they were evil, because the “poor illegals” should have the same Rights that we do, even though our laws that have been in effect for hundreds of years state that, to become a citizen and have equal Rights with all Americans, they have to go through our immigration system and work to become good Americans, just like all our ancestors had to!  And they have confused our system and people so badly that we couldn’t stop them from coming here!

The problem with illegals is that many are criminals who harm and kill our citizens and some are really TERRORISTS that have come over here to destroy our country!  The ones who aren’t have taken over millions of the jobs that American citizens have a Right to have and because that is happening, there are millions of American citizens that can’t get jobs to allow them to build better lives for their families!  And, to make them look like the only Americans with real hearts and emotions, the Progressives hand out hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to the illegals, giving them homes, food, medical care, higher educations and every single possible benefits they want, just because they illegally crossed our borders!  And guess what; the one group that not only have protected Rights under our Constitution are the very people that put their lives on the line every single day to provide safety for all Americans, and they can’t get the benefits they need because the money is spent on illegals’ needs, not theirs!  And that group is AMERICAN VETERANS!  I have been to DC many times now and I keep seeing Veterans on the streets, having to beg for money so that they can simply eat something every day!  And those Vets can’t get the medical attention they need, which is why we have the VA, because the money that should be spent to take care of them is wasted on illegals!  And it’s not just a DC problem:  Vets are one the streets in every city across our nation!  Congress has a legal responsibility to care for the needs of Veterans, but they give the illegals priority over Vets!  We have “Sanctuary Cities” that put the needs of illegals over the needs of citizens and California is trying to become a “Sanctuary State”!  Here is a document you need to look at and, when you read it, look at the name of the President that is responsible for it:  http://healthpolicy.ucla.edu/publications/Documents/PDF/undocumentedreport-aug2013.pdf   I know you might want to ask:  Why do the Progressives want to allow illegals to come and stay here?  The answer is very simple:  They want them to come here and vote for everything the Progressives want them to!  And, yes, it’s that simple!  Look at the number of them that vote in every election!  And California is trying to pass a Bill to allow them to get an ID to allow them to vote in elections in California!  And that’s why Hillary Clinton did so good in the states that don’t allow voters to have to have an ID to prove that they are citizens to vote!

And what political group is behind all of the violence that is happening in our cities by protesters?  The Progressives!  They don’t have enough support from citizens to make their protests large enough to look effective on the News, so they pay people to show up and protest, and even pay them to rob and destroy businesses and other things that make it look like our legal system is “defective” and not protecting the people’s “Rights”, because they have to arrest and imprison those protesters!  I live about five miles from Ferguson, Missouri, and I saw those people destroy the businesses of hard working people, just to make Michael Brown look like a “Gentle Giant” that was “murdered by a Ferguson Police officer!  When, in reality, Brown had assaulted and robbed a small business owner and had an Arrest Order put out on him!  And, when the Officer tried to arrest him, Brown attacked him and tried to take his gun from him, so the officer was forced to shoot him!  And the Federal Government came to our area and placed charges against the officer that was only doing his job and they ruined his life!  He was found innocent of all charges, but they ruined his reputation as a Police Officer and forced him to leave the city!  Now he has to hide out just to protect him and his family from any future threats!  And the worst part was that President Obama and all of his minions supported and funded the violent protesters while they were destroying Ferguson and kept the local Police for going after them!  Again, you might wonder why they would do that, and that answer is:  The only way to destroy the foundation of the principles of the Rights of Citizens is to make them all look like all the evil is being done by them, by making a big deal about the “Gentle Giant” the main talking point on every News story in the country! And, when we stood up and rallied for the truth in Ferguson, we were attacked by the criminal protesters and the Press made us look like the bad guys!

Finally:  I remember the times when every American could go out and get a job, when buying cars and homes was an easy thing to do because we had earned our credit and had the money to pay our bills!  Educations were affordable and every American kid was taught in School that, if they wanted to be successful, all they had to do was work hard and earn the money they needed to provide a good life for themselves and their families!  And our lives were safe because the Police didn’t have to fear getting in trouble for going after criminals and crooks, and our Military was so strong that no other nation wanted to come after us!  But that all changed after the late 60’s, when the Progressives built up the Hippie Movement and held major protests and riots against the Vietnam War and many other things like “Americans are all racists”, “Americans don’t care about the world and the environment”, and every other issue they used to attack and destroy our way of life and our country’s strengths!  They put so many laws against our businesses that they forced them out of our country, and that took away the ability for every American to have a good job to provide for their families!  One of the things they used was the Environment, saying that our country was ruining the world’s air quality, so they forced our business out of America because they couldn’t afford all of the super  expensive regulations that they would have to pay for if they remained in America!  And guess what:  When the companies moved overseas, under the laws of nations like China and India, they didn’t have to deal with the Progressive domination over their businesses and the amount of CO2 gases in our atmosphere expanded to a point at which people in their cities couldn’t see their hands if they held them up in front of their eyes!  They have no Environmental laws in their countries, so the amount of pollution in the air is thousands of times worse than anything we had over here!  So the world’s pollution problem is much, much worse, yet they keep blaming us for it, even though the smoke coming out of our factories is White, while the smoke coming out of the factories in the other nations is so polluted that it is pure Black!  So the Progressives have taken our Manufacturing Base from us, they have ruined our lives because we don’t have enough jobs for our own people to make a decent living anymore and they keep blaming us for the troubles in the world!  The truth of the whole world situation really is that, if it hadn’t been for a strong, profitable America that led the world, the rest of the world would be living much worse lives than they are now, because we advanced the ability of the world to gain Freedoms and the ability to strengthen their own lifestyles, yet we are the “Bad Guys”!

President Trump has been working to turn things around for us, to help us regain the America that we once had, so that we can live profitable, safe lives and provide a comfortable, happy lifestyle for every American!  In the poll, after his Inaugural Address, he got the highest Approval Rating in the history of our country, because he told us exactly what he was trying to do and that was to bring America back to the people of America!  Yet all he is sees is the Progressive Press attacking him on an hourly basis, trying to make him look like he is a “terrible President”,  yet the majority of the legal citizens in our country are seeing the work he is doing and how it is starting to turn things around for us!  He could bring back the old America, all citizens could have great lives and feel safe from any attacks in our own country from those that want to destroy us, and the press would still keep saying that he is ruining our lives!  Over the past 60 years the Progressives, known as the Socialists back then, have been slowly destroying our Individual Rights and our great nation, and they have gotten away with it because no good citizen wanted to cause any trouble, so they just accepted the changes!  BUT THAT HAS TO STOP NOW!  WE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND LET THE PROGRESSIVES KNOW THAT WE ARE NO LONGER GOING TO SIT IDLY BY WHILE THE KEEP RIPPING OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS FROM US!  WE HAVE TO HAVE MORE OF OUR OWN RALLIES FOR OUR PRESIDENT, OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR RIGHTS TO HAVE GOOD LIVES IN A SAFE NATION FILLED WITH TRUE CITIZENS!  The Tea Party was the start of the movement that put our President in office and we need to keep that kind of movement going!  We have to monitor the actions of every politician and make sure that they know that we will not accept any more destruction of our way of life!  If they lie, they need to be removed from office!  Promises have to be kept!  If any politician shows any history of criminality, they need to be removed from office!  If they show any lack of concern for the citizens and keep supporting Special Interests over us, they need to be removed from office!  And we need to have a three term limit for Congressmen, and a two term limit for the Senators!  If we are going to get back the Great Republic of America again, it is up to us to be good, concerned citizens and get the government back into our hands!  It’s up to us now!  Stand up and show that you truly are a “Good American”!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Lee Fisher says:

    Nikita Khrushchev said years ago that they would keep eating around the edges until the middle of America fell into their hands like over ripe fruit. Please take a look at the Communist Party USA website and see who they back for offices. They were big supporters of Hillary Clinton, and then next it was Bernie Sanders. America needs to wake up and realize that all of these groups, whether they are called leftists or socialists or Democrats they really are, consciously or unconsciously playing right in to the Communist Party’s hands. Why else would all of the so-called protesters keep doing what they are doing?
    Please look back into the politics of the 60s, it’s right there in front of you. I’m old enough to remember it. It was ugly then, but it is much uglier now and I promise you, it is going to get a lot worse. They have a really good foothold right now and they can smell victory. If they are successful in getting rid of Jeff Sessions then they will go after Kellianne Conway, then they will go after the Secretary of State, and so on. Wake up and gun up America

    • It’s up to us to stand up and push these people out! No other choice! We can no longer allow any American Constitution haters to control anything in our country! I remember what you do and it is what the younger ones have to learn if they are going to have any kind of a good future!

  2. Jim says:

    We have entered Post Modernism and the realm of enlightenment. As a Christian I see politicians/globalists finger print all over this, attempting to elimate Judeo-Christian foundations out of our History and aiding our education system to self destruct. Schools are failing. The law and Constitution is all we have..but globalists want an international Constitution
    to rule. Not Judeo-Christian principles,ethics and precepts, the foundation from which America was built. To globalists those foundations are antiquated and old fashion and pagan .This is where we are at fundementaly …weve come this far.progressing to what? Anti-Nationsalism..? Defining against our foundations…and sympathizing with Anti-Judeo-Christian dogmas. Wake Up America!
    Good points Mike! Keep writing….

  3. Thanks, Jim! And I believe you got this exactly right. The Christian religion is what helped build this great country and they know it. And they are doing everything they can to get rid of it! I am an atheist, but I will stand with Christians any day, because it is their hearts that keep our country great!

  4. John Slagle says:

    Morning Michael and Jim. Great article Michael as always. On illegal immigration issues with over 30 years with the U.S. Border Patrol as agent/medic, intelligence officer, sector aircraft pilot to senior special agent in the anti-smuggling Unit working state and international category one investigations, we arrested multi-thousands of very dangerous foreign nationals that did not enter the U.S. to work in any capacity.

    Mexican drug cartel smuggler enforcers, “hit men”, mass murderers, fleeing criminals from many countries escaping justice, organized gang members from China, Vietnam, MS-13 El Salvadorian ‘thugs” and as always an influx of Special Interest aliens from radical terrorist sponsoring nations. Many Criminally Insane, serial child predators, rapists to several cannibals who killed, butchered human beings and consumed their flesh were news items never discussed in Hollywood or the liberal media.

    President Trump’s speech to Congress was outstanding on every issue. The leftist side of the aisle revealed their negative true feelings on every issue from veterans, jobs to support of God and Country even showing extreme disrespect to a young military widow and mother whose husband, a Navy SEAL was K.I.A. Frosty Wooldridge, a Vietnam veteran wrote the following.
    Sound-Off comments are welcomed. Jeff Bennet, publisher of the Federal Observer was an Army “Dust off medical evac helicopter crewman in Vietnam.Thanks Again Michael. Your thoughts will be forwarded. Slagle

    Joint Session of Congress: He Hit It Out Of The Park | The Federal …

    22 hours ago … Joint Session of Congress: He Hit It Out Of The Park … As the old statesman sat during the proceedings, he witnessed the anger and cynicism …

    Also Michael and Jim, a report from WND places progressive agendas, riots in prospective.


    • Thanks again, John! I always appreciate you passing out information that the citizens need to hear! We have to be the voice of the people, to let them know the real truths!

  5. John Slagle says:

    Michael, Lee and all hands. From military service 1963 to 1969 and decades of having an NSA classified and T/S clearance, never have I imagined so many radical elements from Soros, CPUSA, to Obama’s political appointees
    protesting and openly involved in revolt against an elected President. The main stream media fails to present the facts involving consensual monitoring, (wire-taps to recording devices). Our agency for an active international investigation involving trans-national criminals who were a threat to public safety had to submit a multi-page Undercover/ Consensual Monitoring Request to a board of USDOJ investigators in D.C. Every question had to be answered from ‘dangers poised to citizens, names of confidential informants, identified “targets”, their use of weapons, corrupt politician or law enforcement suspected to numerous” what if ” situations geared to protect constitutional rights.

    If the Board signed the U/C Consensual Monitoring 218 request, everything still had to be read by the Assistant U.S. Attorney who always had pertinent questions to be answered before he or she signed the investigative request. On highly sensitive cases sometimes months passed before authorization from D.C. or the AUSA and many times, permission to pursue the investigation was not allowed to proceed. When the allegations started flying against POTUS Trump, there was no doubt who started the nonsense and authorized monitoring devices. As stated “Special Agents in the DOJ have never proceeded on an investigation without authority from the AUSA or in many sensitive areas from the U.S. Attorney General.

    Here’s a few articles that also explain the situation as well as the demonstrations and protests on the streets. Strange times are here and it pays to be informed.

    Part of the liberal media’s ridiculous ongoing propaganda is that President Trump is in bed with the Russians, whose top-level foreign officials “hacked” the election. So Obama’s agitators jumped at the opportunity to push this rhetoric even further on Friday, as they entered the CPAC convention hall and began handing out Russian flags with the name “Trump” printed over them.

    Photos, additional information FYI…..


    New information is being disclosed that strongly suggests that it is possible, even likely, that Obama and his Department of Justice maliciously and criminally misused the FISA process to collect intelligence on Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Additionally, Obama personally relaxed the limitations on how such information collected could be disseminated in the weeks before leaving office.

    The political ramifications from this, if proved correct, could be unprecedented in scope. Once fully exposed, it would explain the curious actions of Obama as he prepared to vacate the White House. It would also explain, in context, the actions and statements of not only Barack Hussein Obama, but others in key positions of power including Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brennan, and others within the media.

    At issue is Obama’s insistence to secure a federal wiretap warrant of Donald J. Trump, the candidate, using the federal court system as the mechanism to do so. The ostensible probable cause was alleged ties between Donald J. Trump and/or his associates with Russia.

    The first warrant application was made in June 2016, according to reports published by The New York Times and elsewhere, but was rejected due to the lack of probable cause of criminal activity.

    When the request was denied in regular federal court, Obama and his Justice Department attempted an “end around” by citing the existence of a “foreign actor” and made a similar surveillance warrant application through the more specialized Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in October of 2016. According to published reports, that warrant application was rejected as well, a rare occurrence in the FISA venue, which strengthens claims that no evidence of any foreign involvement ever existed. It has been reported that the initial warrant application to the FISA court specifically named Donald J. Trump.

    Apparently undeterred, the Obama Justice Department submitted yet another application to the FISA court, this time omitting the name of Donald J. Trump and submitting it as a FISA specific case. The FISA court reportedly approved the application under the new and more narrow scope. Specifically, ties to two Russian banks: Russia’s SV bank and Alfa Bank. The alleged target was a computer server reportedly situated inside the Trump Tower.

    Based on the lack of action consequential to that warrant and wiretap, it has been stated (and can be reasonably determined) that no actionable evidence was found.

    Shortly before leaving office, Obama expanded the power of the National Security Agency (NSA) as detailed in the unclassified document titled Procedures for the Availability or Dissemination of Raw Signals Intelligence Information by the National Security Agency (NSA). As detailed in that document, limitations were changed on what the NSA could do with the information they collected through their surveillance operations. These changes effectively relaxed the restrictions on the dissemination of information collected on private citizens by broadening the access to such information.

    It is also notable that on January 3, 2017, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on rule changes for phone taps.

    It appears that President Trump has been provided the evidence of a paper trail leading to a FISA court that substantiates his assertions that Barack Hussein Obama, working in concert with others including those wielding the full might and power of various federal agencies, improperly obtained authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign under the pretense of a national security investigation, and continued such monitoring beyond its tenuous scope even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

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