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I Expected Change….. BUT

I knew there would be change once we knew Donald Trump had won the race to be President. I knew that the way things were perceived by and reported by the main stream media would take a distinctly different tack from what it had been for the last eight years. I knew many would not be happy with the outcome of the election and would make sure as many as possible would know that.

What I did not expect was how our elected officials, Hollywood elites, and main stream media, would react, and continue to react to the election. It seems that the loose of the election and the upcoming change in the various cabinet and higher-echelon government positions are having an unforeseen effect on so many people. I knew there would be those who would be unhappy, but, I actually thought that they would get over it, the way others got over Obama being elected President. Many were not happy, some unfortunately because of the color of his skin, but most because of his liberal points of view. Even though they did not agree with his policies they at least conceded that he was the President of the United States and was at least given the respect due that office and the opportunity to govern as he said he would during the campaign. Today that same respect for the office or the opportunity to govern is not being offered to Donald Trump or to those whom he has selected as heads of various cabinet level appointments or higher echelon government offices.

There was a first just two days ago, a setting Senator testifying against another setting Senator that was nominated for a cabinet position. Senator Cory Booker took the historical step of being the first person to ever do that. Did he do it because he truly believed the Senator Jeff Sessions was not qualified to be the new Attorney General of the United States? Nearly one year ago Senator Booker praised Senator Sessions as they jointly introduced legislation to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to participants of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. What has changed in the last eleven months that would cause him to testify that Senator Sessions is not qualified to defend the civil rights of African Americans and the LGBT community? Nothing has changed, EXCEPT, that this was the opening speech by Senator Booker for his run at the presidency in 2020. It had nothing to do with the man or his position concerning the office of the Attorney General, it had to do, as it always does in Washington, with politics. At the same time, Representative John Lewis also testified against Senator Sessions. As his testimony proceeded it was clear he had no factual evidence to present against Senator Session, he drew on his own historical background from over fifty years ago and tried to associate Senator Sessions with everything that was wrong with our nation’s history at that point in time. As usual, he was stuck in a time warp. Although he has been a prominent figure in the fight for civil rights he has never progressed from his own past. He could not make one factual comment to show that Senator Sessions would, in fact, be detrimental to the civil rights of anyone if he was the Attorney General. Again, he was lost in his own past and this was not about the man, Jeff Sessions, but about Representative Lewis playing politics against the incoming Donald Trump.

Next, there was Mike Pompeo being questioned about heading up the CIA. During his confirmation hearing, Sen. Kamala Harris asked if he has “any reason to doubt the assessment” of CIA analysts that climate change is one of the “deeper causes of rising instability in the world.” She also stated “97 percent or more of actively published climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” It has been noted that Climate Change has been a point of contention and used in numerous reports from both the Bush and Obama CIA officials. It seems that those in influential positions think that part of the CIA’s job is to evaluate the effect of Climate Change on global occurrences. It may have an effect, but, what is the true role of the CIA. I think their role lies in their name, CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, not CLIMATE Intelligence Agency. Is it possible that every time there is a terrorist attack in this country we hear an outcry of why did we not know, why did we not connect the dots, why did we not have the resources to see this coming? Could part of the problem be that agencies, such as the CIA, are spending time, man-hours and resources collecting data on climate change as opposed to governments, groups, and individuals who want to do us harm? Maybe it is time to put climate change back into perspective and let an agency such as NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) determine what change is, or, is not happening. Let the intelligence community collect intelligence and not climate data.

Next, there are people like Meryl Streep making a speech at the Golden Globe awards. During her questioning and pleading sermon she stated  “And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. OK. Go on with that thing. This brings me to the press. We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call them on the carpet for every outrage.” Someone in the public platform, would that be someone like you Meryl? Someone powerful, would that be someone like you Meryl? What you do filters down into everybody’s life and gives them permission to do the same thing to other people. So as actors and actresses when you portray individuals with explicit sexual exploits, use of drugs, explicit and excessive violence and carnage using every kind of edged weapon and gun known to man, are you saying that it is okay for that to filter down into everyone’s life? Is it okay for you to portray those kinds of individuals and that kind of life style to our children? Is okay for you to act in that manner, collect millions and millions of dollars for creating “art” and then expect us to act differently? How can you stand in front of all those who feel the same way you do, accept their accolades and then expect us to act as you want us to act and not as you portray us? We try to raise our children with manners, respect for others, and the expectation that they will help rather than use others. You, and your peers, undo in a two-hour film what takes us years to try and ingrain in our children, then you have the nerve to stand in front of us and tell us what we are doing wrong.

And then there is the media. It has had a complete and total melt down since election night. By and large, the majority of the talking heads still do not believe that Hillary has lost the election. They seem to believe if they look long enough, in the right place, at the right time and with a skeptical enough eye they will see that she did, in fact, win the election. They are overturning every rock, looking around every corner and into every dark hole to find out how it can be that Donald Trump is the president-elect, it just cannot be. They continue to believe that the Russians “hacked” the election. Most do not even understand the term, they just throw it around in hopes that enough people will believe what they say and the outcome will change. There is no, No, NO, evidence that the election was “hacked”. No one from any intelligence group has provided any evidence or proof that one single vote was changed by the Russians or any other foreign entity. There is no factual proof that anyone or any group was able to penetrate any voting system and make any changes to the votes that were cast. Did the Russians download and disseminate emails from various DNC sources and individuals? At this point, it appears that the Russians, MAY have been behind the security breach to the DNC and various Democratic individuals. That is not “hacking”, that is finding and downloading information – there is a SERIOUS difference. The main stream media has spent more time trying to find some piece of information, “the smoking gun” that will show that somehow Donald Trump “stole” the election from Hillary. They have spent more time and money since the election trying to prove that then they have on all the problems in the Obama presidency combined, IRS against Republican and Tea Party groups, Benghazi and the current VA situation. If they had spent half as much time there might be fewer problems for sure. And, in the latest round of main stream media melt down we have a reporter challenging President Elect Trump at his latest news conference. Lean back, close your eyes and imagine if a reporter from FOX News had raised his voice, argued, challenged, demanded recognition and interrupted President Obama. Can you see the evening news? Can you see the headlines tomorrow morning? Can you see the social media data stream? The self-righteous outrage would be unbelievable, they would demand apologies, they would demand Fox be barred from future news conferences, they would demand complete and total capitulation from anyone who would dare do such a thing. And yet the press, evening news, and social media are totally silent.

I expected change, but, surely nothing like this. I honestly thought that even if they lost the left would at least show some form of decorum. I really did not believe that they would stoop so low. It does not surprise me, but, I thought we were above that sort of thing. Guess not. It continues at the highest level in our country. The way college students rally and DEMAND that the college do things as they see fit. They demand SAFE spaces, they demand no tests, they demand individuals invited to speak be stopped from doing so and the college administration caves in and does as they want. That same philosophy is now being shown at every level of civil discourse. There really is no discourse, it is demanding, that must be met, or else.

One week from today will be the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. The lines are already being formed to disrupt, shut down, interrupt, cause confusion and in general detract from and hopefully prevent the inauguration from happening. It will take place one way or the other, but, I am very concerned as to how the day will be reported and remembered. I am concerned about how I will explain it to my grandchildren.


I Expected Change…… BUT


  1. John Slagle says:

    Team Cougar 079, Great summation and Concerns, thank you.

    I watched with great interest the confirmation hearings of Jeff Sessions on Tuesday, January 10th for U.S. Attorney General. From 25 protestors arrested in Congress with typical disruptive outbursts to asinine one sided questions from Liberals as well as Conservative Senators, the hearings proceeded as expected. Mr. Sessions answered all questions in a professional respectful manner and will be a welcome change in Washington where past U.S. Attorney Generals were according to Eric Holder “Wingmen for Obama” or basically administration puppets.

    The U.S. Attorney General must ensure all Federal laws are obeyed with no political intervention from the President or Congress on any issue. F.B.I.
    Investigations and USDOJ Attorney General decisions should be isolated from political pressure. Justice should always be blind as intended by law.

    Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense USMC General Mattis is another excellent choice considering the history of past appointees who lacked the leadership skills of an Army PFC.

    General John F. Kelly, President-elect Donald J. Trump’s choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security, easily maneuvered through his confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday, drawing bipartisan support for what is likely be a smooth approval process by the full Senate. The General is a wise choice and not the usual political leader appointee in DHS or USCIS who remain forever clueless on national security issues to basic common sense. Political appointees chosen
    in past administrations for U.S. Border Patrol regional operations were always a great source of humor for uniformed agents.

    One Commissioner had no military or law enforcement experience but owned a chain of fast food Hot Dog Stands in Los Angeles. Another political appointee came up with the idea of placing agents in “Hot Air Balloons ” and painting a strip along the border with luminescent paint to “track” intruders.
    These and many other ideas or policies were dismissed and ignored.
    Every four years our agency would brace for the next crop of ‘fools” chosen or appointed in national elections.

    Politics and strange events from protestors, media shills to brainless Hollywood actors who try to portray human beings on stage or screen always surface in an election year. Their antics and clown like behavior is apparent to all and irritating, but that’s the only method they know. False news and questionable reports are their lifeline. The truth is never pursued.

    I’ve served under many Presidents dating from JFK in the military to Bush with on 911 and after. Some were great leaders, others were better suited for scandals, corruption, and unwise foreign and domestic policies.

    I’m very impressed with Trump and his efforts to turn this nation around. As one of the Deplorables supporting Trump he’s accomplished more since his election than any President elect in history. As a grandfather, I’m very proud to tell my grand daughters, I voted to see America Great Again.

  2. John Slagle says:

    Team Cougar 79, Michael’s last article on LZ listed many of the terrorist events under Obama’s watch. Jeff Bennett, a Vietnam Dust Off Helicopter Crewman, publisher of the Federal Observer and radio broadcaster added
    Captain Joseph John’s article… His Legacy, Ignoring the genocide of Chriistians. The Captain who served three tours of duty in Vietnam, SEAL teams, Gulf Wars to anti-terrorist activities worldwide, like Michael presented the facts. Other articles of interest on the Federal Observer are also listed on the Link. Thanks to you both for standing up for our country in a very strange time period when true patriots are the only people concerned with
    the future of their children in a Marxist leaning society.

    Viewpont | The Federal Observer

    His Legacy: Ignoring The Genocide Of Christians Over An 8 Year Period … For 8
    years Obama failed to condemn the genocide perpetrated by Al Q’ieda, ISIS, …


  3. Elle says:

    Our first mistake was expecting decorum and a graceful exit from the left. They’re worse now than they’ve ever been. Worse than any young child throwing a temper tantrum. At least those end either when they wear themselves out or with a time out… but these crybabies seem to never run out of breath. How they continue to just spew information with facts, is humiliating at best. They’ll never be trusted again. Is it worth it? I’m afraid they’re going to find out.
    Everyone knows what Cory Booker is doing. It will come back to haunt him too.
    John Lewis is just sad. He sounds ridiculous… no facts, just recycled garbage. But, that same recycling is a common thread among the left. Meryl Streep is just another example of that.
    Yes, there’s double standards, but at the end of the day, Donald Trump is our President… put your big boy and girl panties on and deal with it.
    If not. Your loss. The country will be great again in spite of you!
    Thanks again, Michael, for a great article,

  4. John Slagle says:

    Morning Elle, I just got off the phone with an old friend, a retired U.S. Border Patrol Supervisor and U.S. Marine Corp Reserve Master Gunnery Sgt. The Gunny just returned from a temporary mission in South Korea with his group.
    As he stated, all of the crybabies, leftists stateside should see the real world as it is including the socialist country Venzuela where food is rationed, people are starving and a dictator is in charge. They may just appreciate the United States of America for longer than a moment it takes to protest or attack elected leaders or police. Extreme Political Dissent in many nations is an arrest offence or in many cases a death sentence.

    During official travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala and the Borders of El Salvador in May of 1989, during the Civil War raging south of the line, it was a great feeling to return back to the states. Most people do not realize that once they travel to a foreign nation, they are under a different set of rules where constitutional rights of an individual do not matter. In May 13-19, 1989
    Guatemalan Army Troops foiled an attempted Coup against elected President Vinicio Cerezo. Rebel factions had helicopter gunships and A-37s.
    It was a serious situation. The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City was off limits to normal traffic and covered by U.S. Marine M-60 gun placements.

    The situational coup was resolved due a superior number of loyalist soldiers to the President. I wish every person hostile to our constitution and ideals of democracy had the opportunity to stay for a week or several months in a third world nation, far removed from tourist areas and subject to laws of the land where survival of the fittest is a daily struggle.

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