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There are two things I have wanted to write about and I am doing them now.

  1.  I am so proud of my State, Missouri, for having passed the Open Carry law in the election.  Criminals carry guns whenever they want to and it doesn’t matter to them if it’s against the law.  Our Open Carry law will allow the citizens of Missouri to carry a weapon on them, without any restrictions, as long as it is visible.  I lived in Arizona back in the early 70’s and we were allowed Open Carry and the crime stats concerning guns were very, very low because any criminal wanting to commit a crime could see good citizens carrying guns and they wouldn’t try anything in that location.  Imagine if you are in a store where there are people open carrying; would a criminal want to risk his own life if there were softer locations around him?  Absolutely not!  And how many multiple murders could be committed by terrorist if more of the citizens were armed and trained….  But there is a problem concerning the Right to Open Carry that needs to be discussed now and it’s the idea of forcing businesses to allow Open Carry in their locations.  We have had several situations where business owners were forced to do things they didn’t want to and were sued, and they wound up being forced to pay huge amounts of money to pay the suits, even though it was their Constitutional Right to run their business as they saw fit!  Remember the gays that were getting married and a baker refused to bake a cake for them because he was a devout Christian and gay marriage was not accepted by his Church?  And his business was shut down because he had to pay such a huge suit because the Court forced him to do so!  Our Constitution protects our Rights to run a business in the way we want to!  If someone doesn’t agree with our business ideals, they have the Right to go to another business that will give them what they want.  And that’s exactly the way a business should be run:  If someone doesn’t like your business, or the way you operate it, they can go somewhere else and you lose their business by your own ideals, not “illegal mandates”!  And, if the way you operate your business loses customers for you and you have to shut down your business, it’s your own fault!  And, now, Congressional Members of our State government want to force businesses to allow Open Carry, whether the owners want to do it or not.  The new Congress has already spoken out on the idea that they want to pass legislation that will allow this to happen.  But this shouldn’t be done, because it goes against the very idea of not having governmental mandates that take away our Right to the Freedom of our own ideals!  Our Right to Open Carry means that we have the Right to choose the businesses we want to go to by the very fact that they either allow us to Open Carry in their location, or we won’t do business with them anymore!  And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work!  And always remember that, once a law has been passed that limits our Freedoms on one issue, a legal precedent has been set for our Rights to be diminished on another issue, whether we like it or not!  We have a huge problem with “Special Rights” now, and it has to be ended before we lose all of our Rights as true citizens!  So; no more unConstitutional Rights: Let the businesses determine their own futures by their own actions!
  2. I heard that President Obama wants to allow over another 100,000 muslim refugees to be allowed to come to America to live as “citizens” before he leaves his office next month!  So; we have close to 3.3 million muslims in America and have  had over 279,339 muslims brought to our country over the past 15 years, with a huge majority of that number being over the past 8 years.  Now Obama wants to bring in another 100,000, which will raise that number to over 379,339 muslims brought into our country with no serious investigation as to whether or not they are “radical terrorists”!  And remember the 40,000 Hamas members he brought over here in his first year!  Just in case someone out there is thinking “well, they researched them all before they got here”; please stop thinking like an idiot, because there is no way you can move 40,000 people from an organization like Hamas, a well-known terrorist based organization, over here in less than a month of background checking without missing a great many possible dangers!  Now; if we add the possible number of those who illegally entered our country because he didn’t want to try to stop them, I would estimate that we are close to around 3,800,000 muslims in our nation now!  And many of them, like the Hamas community in Detroit, block entry into their community to anyone who is not a muslim like them!  Why would they violate our laws of Freedom to move through local streets unless they have something they seriously need to hide from us!  And I keep hearing that there is a small possibility of only about 10% of muslims being radical muslims and that number is so small that it is not a “major worry”!  “Small worry”?  10% of 3,800,000 is 380,000 terrorists!  And let’s just go along with the Progressives that want us to believe that we’re always safe and don’t have anything to worry about and look at the number of possible terrorists as only 1% of the muslim population:  That would be 38,000 terrorists!  It would be bad enough if we had a muslim army here that had 38,000 troops; that would be a large enough military to cause us millions upon millions of deaths here in our own country!  But radical muslim terrorists operate in secrecy until they are ready to attack!  And they have the legal-citizenship Right to own guns and ammo!  They could cost us hundreds of millions of deaths by sneaking major weapons into our major cities and setting them all off at the same time!  What kind of leader sets his own nation up for this?  One that truly hates American Rights and Freedoms and wants to destroy our nation!  One who has already seriously weakened our military while he has given huge amounts of money to our enemies, like Iran, that work to develop nuclear weapons to destroy America with!  This is not joke, people!  I hate to say this, but keep your eyes wide open and be ready to do what is necessary to protect our nation!  I hate to say it, but I think this is a very real threat to us!  If you hear or see anything that sounds like this, contact the police and put your info up on the web so that others can be aware of what you know.  I truly hope this never happens, but the end that muslims want to world is for all “infidels” (non-muslims) will be killed and the muslims will control the world!  I wouldn’t be writing this now if I hadn’t heard about Obama pushing for another 100,000 muslim “refugees” to be brought over here before he is out of office!  Wake up; keep your eyes open and make your voice heard!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WAKE UP AMERICANS, OR LOSE AMERICA!                                                                                                                                        Michael J. Kilgus                                                                                                                                                                                                Gladiator 059


  1. Team Cougar - 079 says:

    Well it is nice to see Missouri get its act together and allow citizens to protect themselves at all times. They now join 24 other states that allow open carry or open carry with restrictions.

    These states allow open carry already. I know in MT there are a few places you are not allowed to carry a gun, school, voting place, liquor store, and believe it or not, a mining camp.

    Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, Kentucky, and Virginia.

    States that permit open carry with restrictions: (13)

    Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia
    Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts.

    Now if we could just get the other half to understand that being able and allowed to carry a weapon is the only way for the average American to protect themselves. I love the police and the job they do, they get paid way to little for what they do and are hard pressed to get any respect in way too many locations. If you have to wait for an armed officer to get to your location to protect you, it is probably already too late.
    Concealed carry is even better. Get trained, get qualified get the required paperwork done and protect yourself America. You will not only be protecting yourself, but your family, friends and neighbors. When the poo-poo hits the fan it is to late to decide that you should have done something. Take a pro-active stance now and be prepared. Better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared.

    • “Live or die” is something we all need to be prepared for! And I know that we have the intention of living, and helping others to do the same! We swore an Oath to protect our nation and we will! Once sworn, never forgotten!

  2. John Slagle says:

    Excellent article, on the southern border states from Texas to California, men and women carrying a firearm in remote areas resolved many dangerous situations and cut down on home invasions, rape and homicides.. Border bandits and international criminals hated the thought of encountering armed citizens. Merry Christmas to all…

    It’s A Wonderful Life With Trump – YouTube

    Dec 4, 2016 … Deplorable George Bailey thought that America was lost. But his old pal Bert
    showed up with some great news! Parody of It’s A Wonderful Life …

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX-iv_n_5NM – 179k –

  3. Jim says:

    Forcing businesses to comply to a government dictate has never sat well with me. I am not a smoker, but to force businesses to go non-smoking gets into property rights issues. The government with its foot in the door. Now it is easier to create more regulations. Some will argue, well it’s a “health issue” that they’ve done this.accomodations. Oranges and apples. Who ultimately decides what are oranges and apples? If we subsidize tobacco as tax payers..do you really think..the government is worrying about heath issues? It’s a property issue in my opinion, where government wants more power over your property. Now I’m not a believer in the evil government boogie man. I just see idiot Politicians catering…to which way the wind blows . Soon we will have more drugs in each state..with marijuana laws liberalized. WHY? The government has been convinced its healthy? Seems a bit contradictory. Now as an ex-educator, I see HUGE PROBLEMS in our school systems with the idea ,that we can LIMIT the drug use to JUST medical marijuana. The politicians put their finger into the air…ahhhhh. It’s blowing toward legalizing. We now have studies where pregnant women are using marijuana more. In 10 years I predict we will see a lot of screwed up brain waves in kids. Did we forget about fetal alcohol syndrome results? The government isn’t just knocking, its in the door…and it’s inconsistent foot is HUGE! …..ITS BIG FOOT and its alive! Not just rumors….

    Gladiator # 264,#279

    • My parents smoked in a car with the windows up almost all the time with my sister and me in the car. My mother never got cancer, but my father had to have a lung operated on because he did, when he was in his 70’s. Neither my sister or me have any history of cancer from cigarette smoke. Yes, there are individuals that have a genetic response to cancer while smoking, but not all are from the smoke. But the government wanted to make more tax money so they came up with the “major” problem of cancer from cigarettes so that they could “punish” smokers by raising the tax to get them to quit, which hasn’t really worked. But that doesn’t matter, because they get all of that tax money! Next thing you know, there will be a “cancer” from alcoholic drinks and they will be “forced” to place a tax on them to “protect” all of us!

  4. Jim says:

    Issue 2: inviting chaos….inviting non-compliance individuals …inviting non-assimilators, inviting those who are not in tune to our Constitutional ideals..or laws seems a bit disengenious and not at all noble ..compassion takes on a entirely different meaning when you sacrifice your CITIZENS safety….when you willing know that this will breach all Constitutionsl perimeters,and embrace this behavior as compassionate.its like giving our enemies FOREIGN and Domestic bullets and liberties to arm and to kill us.

  5. One thing, as veterans, we all know is that we will never stand by and let this happen without a serious response to protect the safety of our people!

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