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I don’t know if you have seen any of the new TV programs that were produced before the Presidential elections, but they are all about how bad things are because of Conservative ideals!,  Sound familiar?  I am a SciFy fan and they have a new show called “Incorporated” that shows a future world that has “suffered because of Global Warming”, caused by “Corporate Big Business”!  And all the show does is “expose” the destruction of our environment by the Corporations that control everything by being the new government, and how their greed and dominance has ruined the world and lives of every person that is not part of them!  Remember how all of the Progressive world knew that Hillary was going to win the election?  Well, if you’re that sure it is going to happen, then you start pushing her ideals through TV shows and Movies that everyone will see after she is in office!  And that will work by getting you to support what she wants you to believe!  But she lost!  And now the shows are out, exposing all of the Progressive manipulation that supports the lies they have used to try to bring our nation down!  Just watching “Incorporated” has been an educational experience in seeing the lies that are thrown out at us every single day, and how they are being used as “educational weapons” against the good people in our country!  And I keep seeing Military Combat Vets being used as criminals in shows, using them as “mentally disturbed” people who have become dangers to the “good people” of America because their brains are damaged because of being in a war!  The exact same crap they used against us ‘Nam Vets back in the 70’s and 80’s!  And we have to get control of this manipulation by Hollywood and end it!

The one thing that Hollywood goes after, more than anything else, is profits!  Profits are the power that allows them to grow larger and gives them the ability to push out lies as “truths” to those who don’t really see what they are putting them out.  And they hide them through “Subliminal Advertising” methods that work with the subconscious areas of  your brain that teach you something that you really don’t see, but is recognized by those areas of your brain.  For example, we can take the phrase “That Vet is crazy and embed it into discussion where the conscious mind will not hear it clearly, or in a video in which it will be displayed for a split second, so the conscious mind will not have enough time to process it logically. In both cases, the phrase is clearly understandable from the subconscious mind and constant repetition of this phrase or others helps on re-wiring long thought patterns and will cause a person to think that they have to be careful around Veterans because something in their brain tells them that “Vets are crazy”!  So they get away with all of this because, while watching a show or movie, we don’t actually see it, but our mind does!  We have to end this manipulation, and the weapon we have to use to defeat the Hollywood Progressives is the profits they need to continue working in ways to manipulate citizens to get them to follow their path to take over our nation!

If you are aware of Subliminal Manipulation, if you are looking for it, you will see it.  And, when you do, write down the name of the show and the part of it that it is in.  Also write down what you saw.  Then pass it around on the web and wake up other people as to what you saw.  Once you have done that, do a web protest against the show!  Tell everyone that you will never watch that show again!  Starting a movement against a show will cause it to become unpopular and that will cause advertisers to stop buying ads and the show will fail.  And, when shows start failing, regardless of the political position causing it, the producers will lose money and they will do what they can to get a new show up to regain their profits!  And, if the producers see that working against the people that love America is what’s causing their losses they will, eventually, change the path of their programming and start producing shows that good Americans will want to watch!  These are the exact same weapons that the Progressives have used against us, and it allowed them to change everything to fit their needs!  Now we need to use their own weapons against them and force them change, or fail!

I would also suggest that you talk to your kids and family about Subliminal Manipulation and teach them about how it is being used to manipulate them!  A good example is to watch some commercials with them and show them how the advertisers will use a simple suggestion, like someone in the background of a restaurant commercial eating a lot of french fries, will get them to want to go eat some french fries.  I once worked in advertising and I learned a lot about how important Subliminal Advertising is to the business.  Why do guys that watch Hardee’s ads with women in bikinis, eating hamburgers like they are having sex, suddenly want to eat a Hardee’s hamburger?  Kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it…  Once you see how much of this is out there, how it is used in advertising, TV shows, movies, political programs, etc.; it wakes you up to what is going on and shows you how they play games with your mind!

Once again; I am asking you to join in with me and to begin a movement to rid our shows and movies of Progressive manipulation and to work to bring back true American values!  Let’s all work together and let Hollywierd know that we, the true citizens of America, have had it and we will put up with it no more!  This is America, we are true Americans, and we have to bring it back to the great nation it once was!  United we stand, divided we fall!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    If any of you have ever taken Creative Writing Class..or studied Learning Theory, you will observe liberals and progressives know exactly how to use
    “theme” or narrative quite well in shaping opinion . The TV sitcoms are no different. They are filled with liberal themes. Bonehead teaching or learning theory . “Last things are recalled first”…0verlap..overlap. If you tell a lie often enough..people will believe it be true. If you indoctrinate with false norms and trends…people will accept them. Keep up the fight Mike! You are my
    brother in arms…whom I’m please to say I know you. Keep your powder dry
    and stand at the watch tower. Trump is in for a rocky ride..against both Democrats and Republicans, who are entrenched establishment supporters.
    Both parties are extremely progressive….and would sell us down the river
    to the highest bidder in my opinion… that’s their norm. That is their schtick!

    • Thanks, Jim! Brothers are Brothers! I also feel that Trump is going to have a lot of trouble headed at him. But, if we can show that there is a lot of steady support for him, we can hold those people down and let him get done what he needs to do. In the past, after every election, the voters always accepted that they had won then sat back and let happen what happened. But we can no longer do that! We have to keep making our voices and values heard by those we voted into office and make sure they keep their promises this time!

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    One of my favorite past times, watching the background in commercials. I am forever asking my wife, “did you notice this, that or the other thing”. I am afraid that the usual answer answer is “no”. She watches but does not see. Love her to death and am afraid that she is probably like about 99.2% of the public. They watch, but, they do not see. It is amazing what is in the background, or in the fine print, of commercials, and most folks never “see” it, the conscious mind does not pick up on it but rest assured that the subconscious mind does. Have not seen the show you reference, but as a SciFi fan myself will check it out. Now I will be watching the commercials even closer.

    • After watching it again this week, I dropped it from my recordings. My greatest hope for the SciFy channel is that they will see the mistake of putting programs out like this and start making good ones again. There is a lot of push on programming by the Progressives that lead the power in Hollywierd, and I am hoping to see the same kind of “Revolution” there that the voters across the nation held this year!

  3. Elle says:

    Once had a psychology course that touched on subliminal messages in advertising and other areas. It’s very interesting and also, now, very obvious. I have noticed, too, how some storylines were written on the assumption that Hillary would win. How presumptuous ( and typical) .
    I’ll gladly let Hollyweird know how I feel. Gotta hit em where they live. One great thing is that Trump also knows how things work and he’s a master at exposing the truth. People may not want to see it, but they’ll be forced to. The people have spoken and will continue to speak.
    Thanks for taking the lead, Michael … we appreciate you!

  4. Thank-you, Elle! Hollyweird thinks they can do and say whatever they want to, and we will all bow down on our knees and revere them! That is a very typical Communist/Socialist/Progressive method of controlling the minds of the people they want to dominate! But we will no longer give them the money and power they want! If they want to remain rich, then they will need to provide shows we want to see, not what they want to manipulate us with!

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