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Donald Trump was the one person that almost all of DC stood against during the entire election.  Donald Trump is not one of the DC elite that feel that everything is owed to them.  Donald Trump is the one candidate that the entire Press Corps was saying “had no chance” to become our President, because he is not one of the “DC elite”.  When the Primary campaign began, the Clinton supporters knew it was her time to become the first woman President, because she was the Democratic Royalty!  The Bush supporters knew it was his time to become the third Bush as President, because he was the Republican Royalty!  But the people, of all races, creeds and religions, felt that it was our time to return our government back to holding their true responsibility to the legal citizens of America and to protect and defend the sanctity of our Constitution, exactly as they had sworn to do when they first took office!  I have told Independents, for a great many years now, that the only way to win an election was to start their movement right after the last one.  That is the only way to have the time to build up the support necessary to have a good chance to win.  But they didn’t have the support, so the only way to win was to follow the actions of the Progressives when they took over the Democratic Party back in 1968 and changed it into a Communistic/Socialistic/Progressive Party, and we have!  Now we, the citizens, own the Republican Party and it is our responsibility to monitor the actions of the Republicans in Congress and to ensure that Trump follows his promises to us!

As legal citizens who vote, we need to fully understand that the only reason our government went down the path it did was because our people didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary to monitor what they were doing; so they were able to lie and cheat and destroy our Freedoms!  And we need to stand up and act as true citizens and continue monitoring and reporting to each other exactly as we have been doing since 2010!  If you hear or see something that is not right, put it on the web!  Talk with everyone you can and share that information so that we can let our politicians know that they can no longer be criminals, but have to be the true Representatives of the people that they have sworn to be!  Start building local groups that are willing to hold rallies and protests if necessary, as we did with the Tea Party in 2010, and make sure that our voices are heard and that we will no longer let criminality run our government!  Stand as a true citizen, use your own eyes and ears to learn what you need to know and use your true patriotism to help strengthen the voice of the people!  It’s up to us from now on!  Be proud and stand with honor as a true patriot and help us ensure that the promises are held up, and that we can have the Great America we once had, again!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Slagle says:

    Michael, with Trump and a conservative house and senate, better times are ahead. This was just recieved from Combat Veterans for Congress…

    The American People Have Spoken
    By Capt Joseph R. John, November 9, 2016

    This hard fought campaign was won against all odds! The American people rejected failed liberal and Socialist policies. Donald Trump offered Americans a vision of a secure nation. And America Chose!!

    Now that the Republicans control both Houses of Congress, Mr Trump will move quickly to:

    1) Unify a fractured nation, and bring Americans together as they were 8 years ago

    2)Create an economic climate that will produce jobs to employ many of the 94 million unemployed Americans

    3) Seal the wide open southern border preventing the entry of drugs and Radical Islamic Terrorists

    4) Rebuild the “Strength” and the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces

    5) Force DHS and the US Immigration Service to abide by all US Federal Immigration Laws

    6) Become energy independent with fracking, clean coal, natural gas, and drilling for oil

    7)Reduce the highest corporate taxes in the world from 35% to 15%

    8)Ensure Veterans receive proper medical and other benefits

    9)Defeat ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists.

    10)Allow the FBI to screen Middle East Refugees, to ensure they don’t have terrorist ties

    11)Appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will abide by and support the US Constitution

    12)Repeal and replace Obamacare

    For 16 months, Donald Trump’s goal has been to provide the American people with something they have not been provided with for 8 years, “Government For And By The People.”

    Unlike the current occupant of the Oval Office, who over the last 8 years has violated certain provisions of the US Constitution, Mr. Trump will protect and defend the US Constitution.

    Mr. Trump supports the concept of “One Nation Under God, With Liberty, Indivisible, and Justice For All” By clicking on the below listed link, you can listen to a message that the Trump administration agrees with, “Here in America in God We Still Trust”:

    The Combat Veterans For Congress supports President Elect Donald J Trump, who will “Make America Great Again.”

    Copyright by Capt. Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author. It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt. USN(Ret)/Former FBI
    Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
    2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
    San Diego, CA 92108

  2. Thanks, John! I fully agree with him on this! And veterans know the true value of our Freedom and, if anyone knows the true value of our Constitution, it’s vets!

  3. I also look forward to better days for the USA as the Cabinet is assembled daily.

    Trump made it easy for the voters to decide which way they wanted the country to go and most saw it out of control to the left already so it awakened the voters who sat out previous presidential elections and gave them a cause to fight for..

    All we have to do now is support our new President and monitor our local congressmen and state senators to make sure they support our views and our President.

    A battle still looms over this strong medicine we plan to apply to a dying nation though so no one can put down our guard ever again..

  4. This is our opportunity to prove to our “Representatives” that we will no longer ignore their actions. It’s all up to us to ensure that everything promised is done. We can never step back and walk blindly again; Open eyes, stronger nation!

  5. John Slagle says:

    An excellant article writen by Joel S. Hirschhorn a full professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison and a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association was on target with Many Americans should un stupid themselves…
    Click on


    When 70 percent of the nation consistently says that the country is on the wrong track there is enormous pent up demand for change. Did anyone really think Clinton was a change agent? The media dismissed the significance of the demand for change. When you thirst for change you are willing to ignore a lot of negatives of a change candidate. The media and Clinton were just the opposite; they were status quo supporters.

  6. It all boils down to the Communistic movement in our country that has been trying to gain control since the early 50’s. They may call themselves “Progressives” now, but it’s the same effort they have been using for a long time. And, with the current Administration, they had the opportunity to take full control over our nation, but the people woke up and threw them out! And, if we maintain our monitoring of our government and watch everything they do, we can end it permanently by showing the “angry children” that their futures will be much, much better in a true Republic of free Americans, not a Socialist domination of total control over their lives!

  7. John Slagle says:

    Michael and all, have a great Thanksgiving. As you said the Communist movement is very real stateside but POTUS elect Trump has some very impressive people chosen for his administration. USMC General Mattis as Secretary of Defense , Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke as DHS Secretary are a welcome change, people with experience and love of country who are not political puppets.

    In the closing days of the Obama Administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has shut down a critical Border aerial surveillance program.

    DHS officials quietly shutdown the military aerial support program known as Operation Phalanx, Watchdog.org reported. The program was created by President Obama in 2010 to provide National Guard resources to monitor drug smuggling operations and illegal border crossings by immigrants.


    Active duty U.S.B.P. Agents I’ve contacted report that OTMs, other than Mexicans are crossing in record numbers including children. All who have walked, rode or flown the borders enforcing immigration laws, intercepting criminals , suspected terrorists and narcotics interception know the scenario
    very well which is not in the best interests of the country. Open season on killing police officers has also been dismissed by Obama as well as his support of paid protestors,BLM rioters and many card carrying communists. Non vetting of Syrian refugees by the thousands is sheer madness. During the El Salvadorian Civil War,1980 our people arrested by the thousands, M-S 13 gang members who were international criminals guilty of homicides, narcotics smuggling to human trafficking. All requested political asslym despite our official objections on the I-213 form for deportable alien. In 2016, MS-13 gangs operate as organized cartels nationwide, but per Trump, his priority is the arrest and deportation of criminal aliens. There will also be an end to Sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens.

    These are strange times but the country is finally on the right track .
    Thanks to all who have served in the military or taken a stand for this nation.

  8. John Slagle says:

    I just wanted to enclose this link written by Michael Cutler, an old friend who is a retired Senior Special Agent, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Organized Crime Div. New York City. Mike saw the World Trade Center destroyed by terrorists and many friends he knew lost their lives on 911.

    The Left’s Orwellian Tactics | Frontpage Mag

    Nov 15, 2016 … In my article, “Sanctuary Cities Endanger – National Security and Public Safety” I
    noted that such cities operate in violation of Title 8 U.S.C. …

    http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/264819/lefts-orwellian-tactics-michael-cutler – 51k – Cached – Similar Pages

  9. A couple of years ago, I was contacted by a friend in the Border Patrol and he told me that they had found three separate locations on our border where they found nuclear trace, meaning nuclear materials had been brought into our country. And, when elected, Obama brought 40,000 Hamas members into Detroit and they now have full American Freedoms, including the ability to buy weapons and keep their actions private. Now, add to that the OTMs coming into our nation, which they have been doing very largely since 9/11; we are facing the very serious threat of major attacks against us! Why would a President, who is supposed to have the full respect and need for the safety of American citizens from attacks by terrorists bring so many into our country, Hamas is a terrorist organization, and work to make our border totally open to anyone who wants to cross it? I think the threat of serious terrorism will happen before Obama gets out, allowing him to declare Martial Law, or it will happen within a year or two after Trump gets in to make him look like it was all his fault! There is no other possibility because we have too many terrorists in our country waiting for their call to arms! One way, or another, we need to get them out of our country!

  10. John Slagle says:

    I agree completely. Over many years, the Patrol has arrested countless OTMs and SIAs Special Interest Aliens, Mid Easterners. After official retirement in Arizona, despite the war in Iraq 2004 the influx of illegal aliens from multiple countries were arrested by the multi-thousands. Reporters from Time magazine, American Legion and independent journalists were amazed at the amount of illegal traffic. On the link Desert Invasions-U.S. there are many photos including OTM material found on the smuggling trails. My wife and I found everything from Mideast Passports, personal Identity documents to foreign military IDs. that were turned over to Intel. Officers. The photos taken 12 years ago could have been taken today, with the influx of OTMs. Click on OTM material found at three points. Re: the Mid Eastern men arrested north of Nogales with Steel cylinders in backpacks Dec.4, 2015, the OTMs were turned over to FBI and there was no further media attention. Note: many of the photos were taken by night vision cameras, but total darkness or light of day, smuggling trails were heavily used with debris, clothing and trash a foot deep and widening. Once OTMs or SIAs who did not want their true identities or country of origin known, personal identification was tossed away, hidden under rocks or burned. False identification mills then supply needed counterfeit docs at final destinations.

    Like you, Michael I’m very concerned for this nation and Terrorist Threats who are already in country and waiting for orders.

    Pictures of the invasion of illegal aliens into the United States – Desert Invasion U.S..

    Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel …

    Dec 4, 2015 … Border Patrol agents spotted the men crossing a ranch property in the vicinity of
    … stainless steel cylinders in backpacks, JW’s sources say, alarming Border
    Patrol … detention hearings and removals of illegal immigrants.


    • I’m always happy to have people that truly understand the Constitution, and the need for us to stand up for our country, place their ideals and sense of patriotism on my blog! And I think that every Veteran and Patriot should be ready to protect their homes and families! Problems are coming in our future and we need to be ready, just in case!

  11. John Slagle says:

    Michael, carrying a firearm is similar to carrying extra water in the desert which is an extra burden when on foot but when needed, it’s badly needed.
    I’ve carried weapons most of my adult life and like most people properly trained to obtain a National or state CCW permit , I never leave home or travel without a firearm and extra magazines. The same holds true with a complete medical kit, blankets, tools , etc in my vehicle. In these strange times, it pays to be prepared for anything.

  12. I have tremors due to Agent Orange. I do have a CC and can carry. And, in Missouri, beginning next year, we will have legal open carry. But I carry a knife that is razor sharp. If the time comes though, I will be carrying. My shaking is not that bad, but I want to be careful. That said; when careful is stronger protection, I will have it.

  13. John Slagle says:

    This was received on Thanksgiving day. Colonel West is a good man who faced article 32 charges during the Iraq War for extracting vital info from a double agent on ambush sites . The info saved Soldier’s lives Veterans nationwide petitioned the Secretary of the Army on his behalf.

    Subject: FUBAR: Look what the Obama admin tried to sneak by us on their way out… By Allen West
    Size: 25 KB


    Today’s missive could be filed under one of three categories: “better late than never”; “too little, too late”; or “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” I will allow you, our astute and faithful readers, to make your own assessment about which one of the three best fits.

    As reported by the Military Times, U.S. military personnel can now request to carry concealed handguns for protection at government facilities, according to new Defense Department directive issued last week in response to a series of deadly shootings over the last seven years.

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