When I was living back in the 1960’s, America was full of jobs, our neighborhoods were safe and our educational system taught true values to children that needed to know how to succeed when they became adults.  But those basic values have disappeared from our country because the Progressives began taking over our government and filling our nation with Communist/Socialist/Progressive values!  And, because they did it slowly, the people paid no attention to them and they were able to sneak it all in before the public realized what was happening!  Those who follow Progressive values hate our nation for being totally free and are interested only in their own personal interests, not the real needs of the people, even though they swear they are behind everyone!  And I spoke with some people over the past month that are Progressive and I want to share what they told me, because their comments explain a lot about just how far the true Progressive values are away from the honor and patriotic values of our Constitution.

  1.  I have two neighbors that I spend time with.  One is an Independent, the other is an open Progressive.  My Independent friend and I were discussing our heritages one afternoon, and he told me about his Italian heritage and that he was proud to have come from an Italian family that came over here and became American citizens.  I told him I felt the same way about my family heritage, that I am Norwegian and English on my adopted side and Irish and German on my natural-born side.  Then my Progressive neighbor stopped us and started talking.  He told us that he was not proud of his heritage and considered himself a “World Citizen”.  So I asked him what his heritage was and he told me that it didn’t matter to him, any more than being an American mattered to him!  He told me that he would rather see America open up to the world and let all of them come over here so that we could become a great country in the manner that we should be!  When I questioned him concerning the threat of our nation falling if we allowed everyone to come over and stay, without any effort to become a legal citizen, he told me it “didn’t matter at all, because America is so bad that changing would be the good thing to do!”  Forget the fact that I thought he was an idiot for believing that; he was a teacher in our school system teaching this kind of thinking to his students!  And the majority of the teachers in our school systems are just like him!  He had to retire because he was so heavy that his knees went bad and the very nation that he wants to see change is the one that pays him a great deal of money every month because he is a “disabled teacher” now and the Unions make sure he lives better than most!  His wife is also a teacher with the same Ideals and both of them pushed the Progressive ideal system on their students!  And this is why so many of our young now, have no understanding of the truth of our Constitution and why it is so important to our country!
  2.  I met a young woman on Saturday night and we talked for about a half-hour.  She was a very nice mother of  a young daughter and had a fiance.  She was also an open Progressive and we had a talk about politics.  She asked me if I was voting for Hillary, as she is, or if I was voting for Trump.  I told her that Trump was my candidate and when she asked me why, I told her that I had worked on the Hill in DC and that politicians are self-interested crooks and that we need a serious businessman to bring back our Manufacturing Base to America.  She asked me what I thought was wrong with our Manufacturing Base and I told her that there were so many limitations, regulations and unnecessary taxes  placed on businesses that they have been driven out of America and to many nations that use that money to build their armies and weapons that they might use against us in the future.  Then she asked me what Trump could do about it and I told her that he could bring jobs back for the people.  She told me that we didn’t need more jobs, that she and her husband both have jobs and that her Father has his own business.  So I asked her “what about all of those that don’t have jobs?”  And she said; “What do they matter; my husband and I have jobs and we can take care of our daughter…”  There was a lot more that she said like that, but that has stuck in my head!  Why?  Because Progressive/Democrats are supposed to be the only group of people that truly care about all Americans, but what she said was exactly the same thing I have heard from a great many of them, especially their political leaders in DC!  They tell every group that is not White that they are the only group that will work for them and get them “everything they want”!  But, in reality, all they really want is their support and votes and lying to them to get what they want is the honest truth about what they say!  But they have buddied up with Black leadership, Gay leadership, Female leadership, etc., and they give those leaders what they want to get them to convince their people that everyone else is a racist, sexist, etc., and that Conservatives and Republicans hate them all!  I was so surprised to hear that very honest comment from her and no matter how I questioned her about it, she stood by it!
  3. There were two early-twenties Black men talking to each other and I heard a comment from one of them that explained a lot about the ideas put into the minds of some Blacks by Progressive politicians that want to control their ideas and lives!  They were talking about how Trump wanted to bring back the Manufacturing Base to provide jobs for people so that they don’t have to depend on the Government for the costs of their daily lives.  One of them made the comment to the other one that said a great deal about the attitudes they have been taught to live by.  He said:  “Trump wants to bring back jobs to America and that I would have to work for a living.  He said he wanted to be able to get people off of Welfare and allow them to live better lives.  How can I live a better life if he does that; I’ll be broke!”  He kept telling the other guy that he was going to vote for Hillary because she would “protect his Right” to be on welfare!  And guess where I heard this conversation?  In a casino!  There are a great many people in casinos that use the money we pay on taxes to go in and gamble!  And they drive around in nice cars and dress very well!  Why would they want to work for a living when they can live in a free house, drive a nice car and have extra money to spend on gambling, without any personal effort to get all of that!  We are living in a “Welfare nation” now that is funded by the daily taxes all of us have to spend to live our personal lives!  When I was a kid, I was taught that it was my own personal responsibility to provide for myself and that I had to do it by working.  It wasn’t a “mean thing” that was taught me, it was one of the very basic rules of life!  Our Constitution gives us “Equal Rights”, and Equal Rights mean that we all have the same opportunity to succeed or fail, under our own efforts, not that we have the Right to get everything free!  But the people that live under things like Welfare feel that their only opportunity to maintain their Government money is to vote for the people that promise them that they will make sure that they will always get that Government money, without actually having to work for it!  Some of us are retired or have legitimate disability and we get an income for those reasons, but we had to earn them, they weren’t just handed to us because someone wanted us to vote for them!

Things have seriously changed so much since the early 60’s and those changes are destroying our nation!  The stories I have told you in this rant are true, I am not exaggerating them or lying!  I wrote them to show you why we need to regain control of our nation and take it back to the “Great and Free nation” it once was!  Tomorrow will either help us rebuild America, or it will destroy our nation!  Make sure you try to get out everyone you can to vote!  Talk to people and tell them why it is so important for Trump to win and for us to maintain a Conservative House and Senate!  We cannot allow Hillary the power to choose two Supreme Court Judges that will destroy the very basis of our Constitution and our Rights!  I have fought for my nation, as have all of my brothers and sisters in the military; now is the time for all us who are true patriotic Americans, to fight for our country by getting out and voting, and by getting out others to do the same!   Let’s make the Grand Old Flag fly proudly over the great nation we used to be, once again!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Slagle says:

    Outstanding Michael.This nation has a very serious Voter Fraud problem, going back to the Nixon- Kennedy Presidential election of 1960, when Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago was accused of having his Democratic Machine perpetrate “Voter Fraud” with 8,858 votes from Chicago graveyards and elsewhere. Tomorrow will be one of the most important elections I’ve seen in decades and every vote counts especially legitimate votes from U.S. Citizens, not thousands of illegal aliens encouraged to vote by Obama in his latest media propaganda. Thanks for an excellent article that will be forwarded. Trump for President.

    John Slagle (ret) USBP… volunteer poll worker, Independent Conservative tired of Corrupt carpetbagger politicians in both parties that belong in jail.

  2. If Hillary wins, I fully believe that a complete examination of the voting records will need to be done. Voting fraud needs to end! Thank-you for working at the polls!

  3. John Slagle says:

    Michael, I agree Sir, in this election cycle many people were on board to
    negate the voter fraud . Hillary can continue her criminal pursuits until Justice is finally served under POTUS elect Trump. God Bless our veterans.

    Subject: Re: Voter Fraud Response Team in Southern California: Plan of Operations on November 8th.

    email to Captain Joseph John Combat Veterans for Congress .Nov.9th

    Outstanding news on the Trump victory. Yesterday, Nov.8th was a massive turnout,
    long lines at all polling areas. In my Ozark voting district where many former
    military reside including WW II, Korea and Vietnam veterans, young and old cast
    their votes. The veterans wearing military ball caps were from all branches of
    the service, Gulf War troops and included our greatest generation Ozark Honor
    Flight heros. There was no doubt who they voted for. As Captain Alstad stated,
    voting on the actual day of the election resolves many issues.

    Although several volunteer poll watchers, (ret) Law enforcement were observing
    the turnout in many districts, there were no problems of outright voter fraud.
    detected, nor illegal aliens. Perhaps one main reason is strict voting
    requirements in Missouri which requires a voter ID card and a photo
    Identification, plus verification of address on the official voter district
    rolls and signing on an electronic tablet. Paper ballots are used and ball
    point pens block out the squares of the chosen candidate. A sign denoting voter
    fraud is a felony also may discourage fraud. One of the issues on the ballet was
    the official constitutional amendment on voter ID. All hands were surprised when
    Donald Trump won Virginia despite the massive fraud with illegal aliens allowed
    to vote and Obama’s idiotic statement supporting non citizen vote. Thank God,
    the majority of Americans are fed up with the Obama-Clinton cartel. Many Thanks
    Captain John for your many efforts this year to restore this nation and
    presenting the facts on Combat Veterans for Congress, facts ignored by leftist
    mainstream media. Salute Sir, from many old ‘salts” younger vets and concerned
    citizens in the Ozarks who supported Trump from the early primary. John Slagle

    Missouri’s Voter-ID Measure Goes to the Ballot – The Atlantic

    May 13, 2016 … Missouri voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that
    would require
    photo identification in order to participate in elections.

    160k –

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