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Next Tuesday we have the most important election for our country for as far back as I can remember.  We will either elect a President and Congress that will give a rebirth to our nation, or we will turn into a Communist/Socialist/Progressive run government that will use the first four years to ensure changes to our laws and legal system that will destroy every Right we have as American citizens!  And we need to make sure that we will gain the rebirth of our nation by getting everyone we can to go to the polls and vote for Trump and the Republican members of Congress!  And I know that there are a great many Conservative Independents, like myself, that don’t care for some of the Republican candidates, but we have to vote them into office to protect the majorities we have in both the House and Senate.  If we get Trump into office, but don’t keep the majorities, he will not have the control he needs to bring back our nation to the great symbol of Freedom it once was!  But there is another reason to retain control of both the House and Senate, and that’s to give us the power we need as voters to take over the Republican Party and rid it of all of the RINOs that work with the Progressives to keep pushing for dangerous changes to our Constitutional Rights as citizens!

Whenever I have talked with Independents that wanted to have their own candidates win, I told them that they had to get out and become a serious political movement after the next election, to push their ideals and future candidates out early enough to allow them to gain enough voters to win.  But they don’t!  So their candidates always gain just enough votes to cause problems for a good candidate to win, which causes a loss and another four years of Progressive dominance.  The best way to bring back true Conservative values to our nation’s leadership is to take over the Republican Party and make it the Party of the People it is supposed to be!  And this year is our greatest chance to do that!  Trump was never the candidate that the Party wanted in office and it proved that by having so many of its highest leadership manipulators stand against him!  The Republicans have no basis of idealism that supports our true Constitution and our Rights, they are only concerned with their own power and greed!  The only difference between the current Republican Party and the Progressive Democratic Party is that the Republicans are strong Liberals, which is only a very small step down from the idealism of Progressive Leadership!  And that’s why they hate Trump; because he wants to make America the strong, free nation it once was, with great possibilities for the people to live better lives by having jobs that pay good wages!  So we all have to get involved in the political system, on every level from local to national,  so that we can begin rooting out the RINOs and getting them out of office and replace them with good, solid Americans who feel the deep truth of our Constitution in their hearts and minds!

After the election, we need to monitor and report every action by every Republican that does not follow the true aspect of our Constitutional law, and make every other American aware of the continuous greed and power-mongery of RINOs, to ensure that we can gain the votes necessary for their replacements in the next election!  We need to use the internet and emails to get everything out and show the citizens just how crooked they truly are!  The one thing that is destroying Hillary right now is that every secret she has been hiding has been coming out and a great many people who supported her are now seeing her as she truly is!  And that never would have happened had it not been for Wikileaks revealing the information.   In a way, we need to become the new “Wikileaks”, by monitoring everything and releasing all of the information we can!  We don’t have to break the law, we just need to ensure that the information gets out.  And we need to give our full support to any candidate that honestly stands up to live by the Oath they swear when they take office!  In other words:  The time has come to quit sitting back and ignoring the actions of our politicians, then simply voting them back in office because they came to our hometowns and promised us everything we wanted!  We need to show them that they are no longer free to do whatever they want, that we will either get the elected official we truly wanted, or we will remove them in the next election!  We need to stand together to show them that we will no longer accept liars and manipulators, that we want good, honest people only!

Look; we have sat back and let them run wild in Congress for far too long!  We have ignored their lack of real concern for their voters and what we really want and need; they have always been concerned in their own power and greed for far too long and we have let them do it!  And this time we will have to bite our tongues and vote for Republicans we don’t like in order to ensure we regain control, but we can get rid of them and replace them with good people in two years!  And, over those two years, we can work to ensure that Trump does what he has promised us and that the Congress and Senate work with him to get it done! But we have to be personally involved in monitoring everything they do, and pass on everything we see to the rest of the citizens!  We have to stand up and take personal responsibility, as legal citizens, for the future of our nation!  Everyone says they want a true “legitimate press”; well, we are that press!  We are the voice of the people and we need to ensure that voice is heard!  This is America, we are true citizens and we must do our jobs and uphold our responsibilities to our country!  Vote Republican, become their monitors, and bring back our great nation to the greatest symbol of Freedom it once was!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Slagle says:

    Michael, you nailed it. As a volunteer state poll worker, on November 8th, my biggest concern is nationwide voter fraud which is condoned by the Clinton cartel. Between the dead on active voter lists to illegal aliens, I believe Border Patrol Spanish will be a plus this year. Many retired LEOs, veterans will also be on board in many states. It is as you said, a very important time to stand up and be counted.

    You and Captain Joseph John have similar thoughts on the 2016 election, article below… The Captain served several tours in Vietnam with SEAL team missions and worldwide prior to retirement. John

    What We Leave Behind—Matters!
    By Capt. Joseph R. John, November 1, 2016

    “Wake Up America!”,

    Over the past 8 years, Common Core has force fed its corrupted version of U.S. History in grammar, Junior high, and high schools. The teaching of Patriotic Pride, that once was uniform, has been downgraded and in some cases eliminated. Some teachers have actually raised the Mexican flag over their schools, and in some schools the “Pledge Allegiance” to the flag has also been eliminated. The “Pride In America” once instilled in all grammar, junior high, & high schools has been downgraded by the Common Core Curriculum being taught using U.S. History books with a corrupted version of U.S. History.

    The religious values upon which the Republic was founded are no longer taught to students. That is partially responsible for the acceptance of Socialism by young students, who have not been taught the strengths of the Republican form of government, in comparison with the flawed Socialist form of government being subtly promoted by the Common Core curriculum. The students are not taught that Socialism has never worked in any country where it has ever been tried over the last 100+ years.

    The Department of Human Resources is requiring State School Boards to purchase U.S. History books, with a corrupted version of US History, that are required by the Common Core curriculum. The revised US History books, along with the Common Core curriculum, have eliminated many of the early Patriots, find fault with many of the Founding Fathers, no longer instills “Patriotic Pride”, inserts new individuals to make the history politically correct, and criticizes the motives of the nation throughout history. Many teachers who do not have “Pride in America”, teach the Common Core curriculum, and use U.S. History books with corrupted versions of U.S. History, have created a generation of students who no longer have “Pride in America.”

    America witnessed the lack of “Pride in America” by young professional football players refusing to stand when the National Anthem is played prior to the commencement of the game—the disrespect for the National Anthem is being copied at some high school football games by some high school football players copying the professional football players. Many of the weak kneed owners of Professional Football Teams, and the Executives of the National Football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) are allowing the National Anthem and the American Flag to be dishonored at professional football games.

    Young football players who refuse to stand when the National Anthem is played, continue their disrespect because the owners lack the backbone to put an end to it. The American fans are making the NFL and the AFL lose at the box office, by substantially reducing their attendance. There is an obvious difference of how the National Anthem and the American Flag are honored during professional baseball games, and how the National Anthem and the American Flag are treated at professional football games.

    The Combat Veterans For Congress subscribe to Capt Welborn’s philosophy “What We Leave Behind—Matters”. The above listed Mission Statement for the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC supports the Republican form of government that the Founding Fathers created for Americans. Obama and Hillary are disciples of Alinsky, and we do not endorse their plans to change the Republic to an intrusive and oppressive big central form of government, a Socialist form of government.

    In 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What have we got?”, he said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” By reading our Mission Statement you will understand that we endeavor to support and “leave behind” the Free Enterprise System for the Republic, Freedom of Religion guaranteed to all Americans by the US Constitution, an educational system that teaches students to have “Pride in America,” and a strong U.S. military that will guarantee “Peace Thru Strength.” Donald Trump Supports our Mission Statement. If you click on the below listed link, you will be able to watch a video that will tell you why we believe Donald Trump will be elected as the next U.S. President, then please read Capt Welborn’s below listed article.

    Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author. It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI
    Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
    2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
    San Diego, CA 92108

  2. Elle says:

    I voted early and I voted Republican for all the reasons you stated. The last election I voted Independent, knowing full well I was throwing my vote away, but I just couldn’t support either candidate and not voting is not option with me. Now I see things much clearer and I’m doing my part.
    Thank you for doing your part. I agree it’s time the people call those elected to task.
    Whatever it takes, I’m in.

  3. Thank-you so much for your support Elle!

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