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As I sit here watching the news I lament the situation I find myself in. I really wanted Trump to shake up and rattle the Republican party, and, boy did he do that. But, it now appears that he is going to lose the election. He may salvage it, but I need to face the fact that it does not look good for him. It now appears that Florida and Nevada have gone BLUE. Can that change over the next three weeks, of course it can, will it, I am not so sure it will.

I was proud to watch the establishment type politicians wringing their hands, whining and moaning as his popularity rose in the spring. None of them could believe that he had a chance of ever being anything but the bottom of the polling scores. As each week passed and his popularity grew you could see the worry start to show up on the faces of career politicians. They were not really worried but a bit of concern was sneaking in. Slowly but surely his popularity climbed and the “also ran” folks started to drop by the wayside. Concern became more apparent. At that point I thought he would never make the top of the ticket but that he was in fact going to have a major influence on the final Republican selectee. Again, I was happy, maybe, finally, we would see a change in the way things were done in Washington. Then the field narrowed down even more and the establishment career nominees started to drop out. Those folks that all the “talking heads” had anointed as the eventual nominee started to fade. My joy grew even more, now he can make some real input, help set some policy with the eventual winner. Some of his key points on immigration, economy and energy might have to be adopted by whoever was going to run against Hillary. And then, wonder of wonders, he ended up as “the last man standing”. I was floored, never did I ever think that would actually happen. I was worried that this outsider was going to be up against folks the likes of which he had never seen before. If the electorate and the party backed him however we were undoubted ably going to see some major changes in the way things happened in Washington.

At that point I saw Republicans from all over the country start to gather behind him. Those that had not been happy with the way he did things started to overlook his approach and started to look at what it was he wanted to do. They accepted that he was rough around the edges, that he did not act like your “standard run of the mill”, career politician. He was someone who  really was different, someone who viewed Washington and America with a different perspective. He was someone who really seemed to have the welfare of the “working man” and the “national well being” as a more important issue than his place in the “shark tank” of Washington. As his popularity grew the masses started to see what he really wanted was what was best for the country and not the political elite within the “good ole boys club” that has become our government.

His first debate against Hillary was not his most sterling moment to say the least. Having never done anything like that before I was not surprised at the outcome however. My only concern was would he learn from the experience. Was he going to see that maybe spending some time prepping and practicing for this type of event might have been a prudent decision. I thought that as a smart business man who surrounds himself with good people they would be able to make him “see the light” of being prepared. This was not a business deal where he was the biggest and richest guy in the room. This was a match of wits, wisdom, foresight and the ability to transfer hopes and aspirations to millions of people.

Unfortunately we never got to find out if he could do that. The now “infamous” tape was released just prior to the second debate. Yes, there were more Hillary emails but they paled by comparison. They were actually more important, but, Hillary’s main stream media support section came to her rescue. Hundreds and hundreds of minutes of air time and pages and pages of press about the tape versus the seconds and paltry paragraphs given to the emails was devastating to his campaign. He knew he had been caught with a sniper hit from something eleven years old. The presidential campaign and stooped to a new low.

So, here we are, three weeks until the election. Career Republicans are like rats jumping from a sinking ship. All those that bailed out on him have just been looking for an excuse and they got it. They knew that if he was the winner things in Washington were going to change. All of them that never stood up to Obama, never stood up for the American people, never stood up for the Constitution were going to see their life take a drastic turn and it would be a major change. He was going to make sure that the country and the people came first, not the political elite and their comfy position of power in their hallowed halls of righteousness. This was their chance to “get away” from the man they never wanted to see be elected in the first place. This was their chance to make sure that things stayed the way they are, to keep their position, to keep their power, to keep their lifestyle. He called them out on that, which only made it worse. People who supported him are now showing their indignation, 80 million copies of “Shades of Grey” sold and people have a problem with words that he said, imagine. Rap singers in the Whitehouse by invitation of the President using those very same words and singing the praises of killing cops, imagine.

Now those that really follow the political process day by day know what is happening. Those that follow it by sound bites on the late night TV circuit, Twitter accounts, and the main stream media are in line to make sure that “they all feel good” by condemning what he did. Do I condone what he did, of course not, it was wrong. I wish it had never happened. But, I want every man out there to do a real soul search, look in the mirror, and say that they have NEVER had or been part of any “locker room” type of conversation. If someone can do that, and really truly mean that they have NEVER done that I would like to meet them for they are certainly a very special kind of individual.

It has finally come to the point that the election is not about what is right for the people, what is right for the country or what is right by the Constitution, it is about celebrity status. It is how we perceive an individual, how well they play the press and how well they will line our pocket with free stuff.

The only thing missing now is a violin. I am afraid we are going to be witness to Hillary playing it in the Whitehouse as she watches the country burn.

Cougar 079


  1. John Slagle says:

    Cougar 079, excellent article and concerns.You nailed all issues including media bias, to establishment (RINO) GOP leaders and the nonsense over Locker room banter by Trump. Take heart, as an old Nam Era Veteran and with over 35 years with the U.S. Border Patrol, this is the first time in the history of the Patrol that all 16,500 Active duty agents support and endorse Trump for President. Immigration Customs Enforcement ICE Special Agents as well as Police Officers nationwide are also on board as well as retired officers. In August Captain J. John addressed the disconnect in D.C. by GOP establishment politicians who see their power and position in jeopardy.
    We voted for Trump in early primaries and will be there November 8th not only for his stance on National Security, Immigration, but all common sense policies long ignored in Washington.
    John Slagle (ret) Senior Special Agent, USBP Anti-smuggling Unit Tucson Sector

    From Combat Veterans for Congress, additional information…..


    Number One: We will build a wall along the Southern Border.

    Number Two: End Catch-And-Release

    Number Three: Zero tolerance for criminal aliens.

    Number Four: Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

    Number Five: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

    Number Six: We Are Going To Suspend The Issuance Of Visas To Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur

    Number Seven: We will ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported

    Number Eight: We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system Number

    Number Nine: We will turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.

    Number Ten: We will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers

    The above listed 10 immigration policies are in support of US Federal Immigration Laws passed by Congress and signed into law by a US President.

    Donald Trump is the first Republican Presidential candidate, since Governor Ronald Reagan ran for President, whose policies are aimed at putting 360 million American citizens first, especially the 94 million unemployed American; Mr. Trump is not proposing immigration policies that are in the best interest of 20 million Illegal Aliens, and detrimental to 360 million American citizens.

    Mr. Trump is not in agreement with the Republican leadership in Congress, and the American Chamber of Commerce, who have been working very closely with the Democrat leadership in Congress for 8 years, betraying the best interest of American citizens by intentionally keeping the southern border wide open.

    Congressional leaders, by their refusal to seal the wide open southern border, are responsible for permitting the entry of terrorists, drugs, white slavery traffickers, weapons smugglers, hundreds of thousands of Central American children with infectious diseases (TB, whooping cough. measles, mumps, scarlet fever, Zinke virus, etc.), millions of Illegal Aliens from Mexico, and hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East who are simply walking into the US.

    For 8 years, Obama has tied the hands of the US Border Patrol and ICE Agents, preventing them from enforcing the US Federal Immigration Laws they were sworn to uphold. Yet for 8 years, the Republican leaders in Congress have not charged Obama’s appointees at DHS with violating US Federal Immigration Laws, or tried to put pressure on them to cease, by employing the power of the purse to put pressure on them.

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt. USN(Ret)/Former FBI
    Regional Chairman, Veterans 4 Trump Southern California (Orange County, Imperial County, and San Diego County)
    2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
    San Diego, CA 92108

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Also a Viet Nam vet, maybe that is why we think alike on a number of issues, just part of our generation. I was really happy when I saw the endorsement from you folks on the news the other day. I will not give up trying to spread the word and doing what I can to get folks out to vote. I also do not like being negative about the situation but it is hard to stay positive when watching what is going on. Trump of course at times does not do himself any favors, that is part of the appeal to a large number of people, so, that has its place also. Let us hope that people start to really pay attention to the information that is coming out about Hillary and what it all means to the selection of our next President.

  3. John Slagle says:

    Morning to all, one advantage current and former USBP agents have is the fact that we have seen the policies of many Presidents, up close and personal from JFK to the current occupier of the White House. From the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis under Carter, deportation of stateside Iranian dissidents and the Mariel Cuban fiasco when Castro opened his prisons on our shores, we were there. The El Salvadorian Civil War when MS-13 international gangsters were claiming political refugee status was an eye opener on impossible federal vetting processes with a country at war. Organized MS-13 criminals who thrived on Homicides ,torture , rape and extortion were granted stays of deportation by liberal INS judges despite our recommendations that these were very dangerous people. The list of missions could go on to the present. As stated most of our agents were Nam veterans who knew “bullcrap” from truth and reality at a very early age. Never have U.S. Border Patrol Agents supported or endorsed a Presidential candidate until Donald Trump and our agency was formed in 1924 as early horseback patrol officers on the Rio Grande. We just attempted to do the job entrusted to us despite crooked politicians and more than a few Presidents that were completely worthless, open borders zealots with no regard for national security or the wishes of the majority of Americans.

    At any rate, thank all of you for seeing what we see in Trump. He’s not a career politician and has made mistakes. As a volunteer State poll worker, election judge registered for the November elections, my biggest concern is voter fraud condoned by the Hillary camp. Illegal aliens registering to vote in many states is a violation of law yet overlooked from Virginia to Colorado.
    Trump has many organized enemies from the Media, GOP establishment, Hillary’s minions to Globalists. For me and all who served, I’m proud to be a part of Clinton’s basket of Deplorables that are tired of the political lies and
    propaganda presented to the uninformed. John Slagle

  4. Elle says:

    I cannot add one thing. You are spot on. Amazing to me how people are so easily swayed by mainstream media. I pride myself on not being a lemming…. wish more people would try that. Not easy swimming upstream but worth it.
    Thanks again for your sincere and truthful assessment.

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