I remember when I went over to Vietnam on January 6th of 1968:  I knew that my life was going to be placed in danger every day, I knew that I could be killed, but I wanted to do my part as a true American and serve my country so I got on the plane and took the trip.  At that time, one of the most popular songs on the radio was “The Ballad of the Green Berets” and I knew that my country was behind me for going to ‘Nam and I was proud to be doing it.  I was following the path that both my Father and my Mother had taken when they went to the Philippines during World War II, and I knew that when I came home, I would have respect for my service in the same way my parents had.  Then, in the spring and summer of ’68, I kept hearing about all of the terroristic actions of the violent members of the hippie groups that stood against the war,  I heard about violent riots that started as protests against the war, the bombings, the shootings and other actions by the groups like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and the Weather Underground.  All of these groups were founded and supported by the Communists/Socialists/Progressives and they were driven by the ideal of destroying our nation’s Freedoms and turning it into a Communist nation.  And, because hippie protests were “cool”, they had large crowds supporting everything they wanted, standing up and yelling out every single thing they wanted them to!  And, if you wanted to be part of the “cool crowd”, you had to do everything they did, like protest, harass the police, try to get arrested for protesting and smoke pot!  So it became the big movement of the time and everyone wanted to see themselves on the news while being involved in protests and rioting, and “Popularity” was more important than intelligence and common sense!

And the leaders of the movements needed something to use as a target for their anger and, since we were in a war, they used veterans as the target!  They knew that many of our political leaders and Hollywood stars were vets, and they wanted to replace them with their own people, so they came after us hard!  When I came home from Vietnam, I had gone from being a “hero”, to being a “baby killer” and we were met at the airport with a group of protesters rioting against us!  It was one of the hardest days of my life!  And, even worse, there was no one that would stand up for us, because no one wanted any “trouble”!  And that lasted from 1968 until 1983, when a group of veterans had all they could take and they went to DC and made a protest march of their own against the hatred towards veterans!  We had gone through 15 years of having to live with what the press and Hollywood called “Crazy Vet Syndrome”, because of the stress of not only having to live with the constant memories of the War and the hatred from the hippies and others, but we also had to live with the TV shows and movies that were made to make us look like we nothing but a bunch of senseless killers!  So too many veterans chose suicide to end the pain!  They did everything from shooting themselves to riding motorcycles off of cliffs to stop the guilt thrown on them by the Progressives!  I lost brother after brother and it was hard to take, so I went to DC and got involved with the vets there that were working to stop it all!

So many great veterans, men who had put their lives on the line every single day in ‘Nam to keep each other alive and work to bring us all home, had their true heroism destroyed and their lives ended by a group of radicals that wanted to take over our political system, to work their way into Congress during the 1968 Elections!  And they got that power and they used it to change our laws to fit their needs, to build new laws that would drive our businesses out of America and to change our Constitutional Rights by making a ton of new “Special Rights” to give their followers power over us!  But they have been losing supporters because some of them have seen the truth of what the Progressives have been doing over the decades since ‘Nam, so they needed another group to use to blame for everything that is wrong in our country, but vets have become a group that will no longer put up with their attacks, so they used the Police as their next target!

The Progressives have almost reached their target of destroying our nation’s basis of Freedom and Rights of the people, and they need another term of the Presidency to allow them to reach that goal!  But the rising number of Americans who believe in our Constitution have been growing rapidly over the past eight years of the Obama Presidency, so they need another “1968” all over again and they are causing that to happen!  And that’s where the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter group comes in:  Whenever a Black man has been shot by a Police officer, it has become a major scandal and the Police officer is immediately looked at as being guilty of shooting an “innocent” man!  Even though almost every effort the Progressives have made to make the officers look guilty, all but two have been proven to be legitimate shootings by several courts!  But that doesn’t matter to the Progressives because they have already built up a major anger in our country against Police by the Black movements and the cops are now the “bad guys”!  But here is some of the real truth:  This year, in Chicago alone, 75% of the murdered are Black and 71% of the Murderers were Black.  Black on Black shootings total of 3255 in 2016 already.  509 were murdered.  And who complains about that?  Black leaders like Al Sharpton?  The Black Lives Matter group?  The Black Panthers?  NO!  They don’t care about it and won’t talk about it!  Why?  Because it won’t bring out hatred from Blacks towards Whites, so it has no value at all!  But blaming White cops for “murdering” criminals that refuse to follow simple, basic rules that kids like me were taught back when we were young, like following whatever instructions the officer gives you, is exactly what they need!  So innocent cops have their lives ruined by Progressives that work to make criminals look innocent!  Now our cops are the new “1968 vets”!  No matter what they do, no matter how they make sure they follow the law when confronting a criminal, they are made to look like “killers of innocents”!  And any information that will prove the officers are innocent is removed from the news!  Why?  Well the next paragraph will explain it.

In order for a President to accomplish something he knows the people don’t want to have happen, they need to be able to sneak it into law.  And that would have been much easier before Obama’s Presidency, because he has shown people exactly how he does things, how things have been done by politicians for a long, long time now!  So he needs a way to get it working without anyone knowing about it until after it happens!  And, like the “Friday night document dumps” which are done to take the attention off of them because most people are too distracted about what they are doing over the weekend so things sneak by without anyone really knowing about them, any public anger and rioting takes a lot of attention off of what is actually happening in DC!  So he jumped on the Ferguson Police shooting of the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown as a “police murder of an innocent young man” to distract people from seeing what he was really doing!  And, with the help of George Soros and Al Sharpton, he was able to pay non-St. Louis Blacks to come to our city to act like it was their home and that they wanted the cops to be held responsible for “murdering” Michael Brown!  And it was proven, through every level of our court system that the officer was totally innocent and that Michael Brown was a criminal!  And, under that distraction, and the other made-up crap of “Police murders of innocent Blacks”, Obama and other Progressives and RINOs have been able to get things done to help them tear down our great nation by making our Law Officers look like criminals!  And his main goal has always been a national Police Force, with no local control over what happens in our own hometowns!  And, if he or Hillary were to get that to happen, we would lose a lot of our Freedoms because we couldn’t do anything about it without changing a Federal Law!  And that is exactly why our Forefathers wrote the Constitution the way they did, to keep the Feds from controlling the lives of the citizens!

This is another reason why we must ensure that we get everyone we can out to vote for Trump and others!  This kind of crap has to end!  Our Constitution was written to ensure that no one got “Special Rights” over others, and our politicians have changed that to a point that anyone they feel needs Special Rights will get them!  We need to go back to the basic Constitution and ensure that all Americans have fully equal Rights, with no individual advantages over everyone else!  And we need to put an end to the Special Rights system that our politicians live under and pass a law that requires them to live under the exact same laws, rules and regulations that every other American citizen has to live under!  We also need to pass Term Limits on every politician, to keep them from building their own kingdoms in DC!  The longer they stay in office, the more power they build and the less responsibility they have to us, the citizens!  So do whatever you can!  Get involved with your local politics, talk with people about your beliefs and share what you know and do anything you can to ensure that we get as many people as needed to vote for Trump and Republicans!  Our parents used to vote for named politicians under their favorite party; we need to vote for the right people!  No more “names”, just the people we know we need!  This election is the most important election in our country in my lifetime!  Either we elect Trump and go back to the true America we used to be, or elect Hillary and we become another Communist/Socialist/Progressive nation!  It’s no longer up to someone else; now it’s fully up to us!  America for Americans!  Bring the Constitution back to running our country!  End the Politician Kingdoms!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. I agree this is a reminder of the 60’s turmoil we live in now but the difference this time is we are here for this one!

    If we let it happen again it is on US!

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    The nail has been hit smartly and squarely on the head! I have known Mike for almost 50 years now and can attest to his passion for this country of ours. I know of no one who feels more deeply about ALL the people, the Constitution and the well being of our nation. After having been through the same type of experience as he, I was surprised at this RANT. Not because there was something wrong, but, because it was just so right. Dots connected, argument made, scary………………….

  3. I really appreciate your comment, Brother! I will not stand by while the cops get destroyed by the Progressives, like they did to us! I sit in front of the local Sheriff’s office for two hours every Friday in support of them. I don’t want them to feel alone like we had to!

  4. G. Ray Arnett says:


    • Thank-you, John! The criminality in DC has grown over the past 40 years because of the ex-hippies becoming politicians and “Special Rights Leaders”. My greatest hope is that we will get more and more combat vets into Congress, men and women who will stand by their Oaths that they took when they entered the military!

      • John Slagle says:

        Michael and all, I just wanted to say Combat Veterans for Congress is making a difference. At last count over 30 former combat vets, officers to NCOs were elected in many states and now are on duty and in our corner.
        Captain Joseph John, USNA 1962, Seal Team Officer, FBI (Ret) is the chairman of Combat Vets for Congress. On 1/16/2014, along with military brass and many concerned citizens, the Benghazi cover-up by Clinton,
        Obama and many congressmen were addressed with the Select Committee. Gun running operations to Syria and lies were addressed.

        Benghazi victims’ families, conservative leaders demand Boehner …

        Jan 6, 2014 … Benghazi victims’ families, conservative leaders demand Boehner
        create Select
        Committee …. Devin Nunes concerning his November 6, 2013 letter to you, ….
        John W. Slagle, U.S. Navy Aviation veteran (Ret) Special Agent …U.S.B.P

        http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/boehnerletter/ – 57k –
        Cached – Similar Pages

      • John Slagle says:

        FYI on

        Combat Veterans For Congress | Electing Fiscal Conservatives

        Why You Should Support Endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress? We are
        occasionally asked, why should American citizens elect endorsed Combat
        Veteran …

        http://combatveteransforcongress.org/candidates – 45k – Cached – Similar Pages

        About Us | Combat Veterans For Congress

        The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee is dedicated to
        supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress.

        http://combatveteransforcongress.org/content/about-combat-veterans-congress-pac – 44k – Cached – Similar Pages

  5. John Slagle says:

    Outstanding summation Michael. After four years military service, discharge in 1967 when returning Nam veterans were “spit upon” and insulted at international airports daily by the great “unwashed” protest groups, many veterans joined the ranks of large city police departments. After academy training and prior to the 1968 race riots, airport security detail was my favorite choice of duty. Hippie protestors awaited G.I.s in Class A uniforms to arrive on the concourse and started the usual nonsense, verbal and actual assaults against soldiers. My partners and I arrested all who participated and charged them with common assault, unlawful assembly to
    impersonation of a human being. This continued until the “great unwashed” realized we were not going away and if they felt like disrespecting a uniform, we were available to end the situation with jail time for their groups.

    Thank you for your support of law enforcement and your military service. A great organization that has made a difference in politics is Combat Veterans for Congress which has vetted prospective combat veterans running for Congress and Senate.With military service experience and leadership ability these people stand up for this nation and the voters. What a concept!

    Through their efforts and Judicial Watch, from high ranking military brass ,NCOs, law enforcement officers to concerned citizens including relatives of the fallen at Benghazi, the Select Investigative Committee on Benghazi became a reality showing the “cover-ups and political inaction which cost the lives of four Americans.

    J. Slagle (ret) Federal Special Agent,

    • Thanks, John! I have always been a bit irritated that those who have done nothing for our country, and everything for themselves, have taken control of our government! And good vets, cops and firemen have always been kept away from serving their nation in the most important governing way! I can think of no person in the history of our nation that has stood stronger for the Constitution, our very Rights and Freedoms, than those who swore the Oath of Service and put their lives on the line to keep our country and citizens safe! Yet we are the ones that are spit on and treated like the worst people in our nation! And lying lifetime politicians maintain the power to manipulate our government, Rights, Freedoms and laws to fit their own needs, not the peoples’! My greatest hope is for some real change, not the lies about “Change” that Obama promised! And his only changes were to destroy our credit, to bring in every muslim he could without any serious proof that they aren’t radical and to build up racial hatred to cause violence in our own country! America is our country, Americans first, America first!

  6. John Slagle says:

    I failed to mention in my first comment prior to subscribing, articles were outstanding. Michael, in 1972 there was a period of time when Vietnam Veterans received federal preference in hiring. The U.S. Border Patrol which had fewer than 2,000 agents on both borders needed people due to remote assignments and dangerous missions, drug cartels to transnational criminals. An artificial language test was required to certify if an applicant could learn a foreign language. Due to the lack of applicants, DOJ Federal Personnel Office recruited many Vietnam veterans who were given a ten point hiring preference for purple heart recipients, combat injuries non disabled and five point preference for other veterans. Ninety percent of my
    USBP Academy class in 1972 were Vietnam vets, Officers, NCOs to E-3s from every branch of service. All were grateful for an opportunity to work for their country after military service and were some of the finest people in the nation. In the years that followed, from field agents to supervisory positions,
    all gave their best and ten were killed on duty, gunfire to accidents long after Vietnam.

    I’m very proud to have known many veterans from Gunship Dust Off Huey pilots, Carrier based Phantom pilots, Air Force Puff the Magic Dragon C-130 crewmen to Mud Marines and Army Soldiers. All wore the U.S.B.P uniform
    while “Hippies” were trying to find their next “fix” or protest military or cops stateside. Many of those “knuckleheads” of the Hippie generation now serve in Congress. I’m also proud to be a member of Hillary’s basket of Deplorable Americans with no regrets and will vote Trump November 8.

    • I believe that her comment that we were all a “Basket of Deplorables” only built more pride in all of us that served with honor! What honor has Hillary ever earned? Nothing that I have ever heard about, at least any that was truly honorable!

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