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Basket of Deplorables’

I think we all have about five ways to cast a ballot in less than sixty days.

  1. Write in vote. Just pick someone, put their name down and say you voted. That of course is a complete and total waste of time and of a vote. You can say you are trying to make a point, and you will, you will waste a vote that accomplishes nothing other than making yourself feel good. Oh so brave to make a statement.
  2. Vote for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. I am not sure that I could vote for an individual that has a current outstanding arrest warrant out in her name in North Dakota. She has a right to make her views known, but, being part of vandalism, is not very presidential to me.
  3. Vote for the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson. He has some backing, but, I think his true libertarian foreign policy showed up the other day. He had no idea what or where Aleppo was. Everyone can make a mistake, and I can forgive a mistake. However as a libertarian he has a “just stay at home” foreign policy and it came through loud and clear in that interview.
  4. Vote for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.
  5. Vote for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

As I am now down to a vote using either option 4 or option 5, I have to once again do some comparisons of each. I am certainly not a Democrat, but, I can be influenced and am willing to listen. I am a registered Republican (learning more toward an Independent however), but am skeptical of what they do also.

So, after watching Hillary the other day I have to ask myself “gee, am I one of those folks that Hillary just called deplorable?” Maybe I am, probably because I meet all of her requirements, not just one. Am I a racist, dig deep be honest, yes, probably have to admit I am. Do I discriminate or show prejudice, on purpose and in a continual and ongoing basis, absolutely not. By not thinking through an incident or interaction with someone else, yes, I make mistakes. I am not a racist intentionally but by acts of omission and non-understanding, not having walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, sorry. Am I a sexist, well, once again, probably, yes. Do I discriminate based on sex, nope don’t think so. Have I stereotyped, yes, but not on purpose but just because I am a male and have made an assumption when I probably should not have. I know for a fact I have acknowledged superior performance put forth by a female, so, guess that would qualify also. Am I homophobic, pretty sure I qualify there. I do not fear, hate or mistrust gay or lesbian individuals, as per the dictionary definition, but, I do believe it is wrong. Does that make me a bad person, I don’t think so, it makes me someone who knows what I think is right or wrong and is not ashamed or intimidated to admit it. I would not keep a homosexual from doing what they think is right, but, do not expect me to just blatantly accept that point of view. We can agree to disagree on this matter, like adults. Am I xenophobic, sure don’t think so. I certainly do not have an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from another country. I certainly am cautious of individuals from another country, some countries more so than others. But, it is just that, caution, and in today’s world I think that is a justified outlook. Am I Islamaphobic, unfortunately I must admit that I am. I do not, once again, as per the dictionary definition hate or fear all members of Islam. But at the same time I will admit that I do not automatically accept them on first interaction. My friendship and understanding of their faith and way of life has to be earned, one individual at a time. I am truly sorry that in today’s world I cannot be as accepting and open as maybe I should be. One more time, does that make me a bad person, don’t think so, but, it certainly makes me cautious.

After looking at myself I have decided that those are not real problems and have absolutely nothing to do with why I would lean towards voting for Trump. So maybe I am in “the other basket of people” she talks about.

Do I feel like the government has let me down? In its primary roll of protecting me, overall, no, in certain specific instances, yes. I too often have to look at what the government is doing in so many other arenas however and ask myself, are they really doing this or that in the best interest of the country in general and me in particular. Do I feel like economy has let me down? I certainly feel that way, most people I know also feel that way. With the “new math” approach used to determine the unemployment rate, cost of living increase, inflation rate how could I not feel that the economy has let down? Am I better off today than I was eight years ago, well, actually yes, but just barely, not nearly as much as I should be however. The insignificant amount that I am better off by shows that the economy is flat and stagnant. For those trying to support their families, put food on the table, a roof over their head, clothes on their back it has to be so discouraging. No matter how hard they work it is almost impossible to get ahead right now. Do I feel like no one cares about me? On a local level, not at all. My neighbors and I care for each other, think that is true in most places. My local elected officials understand what is happening and needs to be taken care of our small part of the country. But on a federal level do I feel that way, not at all. It seems that what is done at the federal level is done in the best interest of those making the rules, regulations, tax rates, retirement programs, and insurance issues. Most of those things affect me adversely and do not help with any kind of improvement. Strange how those making the rules always seem to benefit so much more from those kind of things. Am I desperate for change? With the way things are today who would not be desperate for change? Not just a change, negative change is easy to accomplish, look at the last eight years, but a positive change. A change that improves my quality of life, the quality of life of my neighbors and the quality of life of all Americans, not just a select few.

So who is it that has created this “second basket” of people? How can Trump be responsible for any of them, he is not in power, he has no control over them, he, other than being very wealthy is one of them. He is affected by those individuals who have been in charge of the situation. It seems to me that a Democratically controlled presidency of eight years has been the guiding light for these situations. The change that we are now part of are a direct result of a Democrat lead nation, along with a Congress that seems helpless and cares not to change things.

Once again I have watched and listened to what a candidate has said and have decided that I heard “what they meant” versus “what they said”. I am pretty sure I heard what Hillary really thinks of me, how I have lived my life and that she knows how bad a person I am and how she knows what is right for me. She has certainly helped me with making a decision on how to vote in 57 days.

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