Several times over the past eight years, I have written about how I believe that Obama does not want to end his term this year and will make an effort to try to build up so much racial hatred that we will have major rioting and murders and he will be “forced” to declare Martial Law, which will allow him to remain in office until he can tear down our Constitution.  And I have gotten a lot of angry feedback that he would “never do that” and that I am a “racist”!  But I know the way our government works because I worked on the Hill in DC and I am not just another writer passing on ideas from other people.  I have seen things personally that a lot of people believe is just me lying, but it’s all true!  I don’t have to lie, because I am not trying to gain something for myself, I am just trying to wake people up!  But now I have some evidence that shows that I am right!  I have a photo of a Government document that was given to me.  I will never say from who, because my friends are important to me and I would never say anything to cause them problems!  I have investigated this document myself, and it looks very authentic to me.  And I have had a couple of my friends who were officers in the military and they believe the same thing, that it is authentic.  The picture is cropped, to a point, but I believe it was done to remove the actual signatures from the document, to either keep the names of the people involved in privacy, or it was taken very quickly with a camera or phone, before the person that had it on their desk would know that it was done.  If I get any legitimate information that counters this, in the future, I will write about it.  But I have confidence that this is an official governmental document.

What this is is an order for an Executive Order for Martial Law to be put into effect and the military to prepare for it.  Martial Law is to be put into effect only if a situation requiring it is happening, but there is no situation happening now.  How does Obama know that there is a situation like major, violent riots happening in the near future, unless he is behind that happening?

1 G Document of interest

Basically, this is an Executive Order for something that is expected to happen in the near future, yet there is no way that the President would know this was going to happen, unless he was involved with the people who were planning it!  And he has the Right and power to remain in office until the problem that caused Martial Law to be put into place is over, and he can put temporary limits on our Rights to “protect the people” until it ends!  I have no doubt that this will be explained as only an “order for training”, but I never heard of this happening while I was in the Service.  Make your own opinion on it, but keep your eyes open.   Please to to the following link to see the explanation of Martial Law:  http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Martial+Law

As I keep saying:  Wake up Americans!  Now is the time to learn everything you can about Martial Law and to prepare yourself and your families for it!  If this goes through, we are going to be in serious danger of losing our Constitution and the Rights we have under it!  All this is is a grab for power and we need to see it for what it really is!  George Soros has financially supported the riots and trouble we all saw last year and this year, and he is very willing to pay troublemakers to go into our cities and rob and burn them down!  If this goes through, this will be no more than an attempt to destroy our country and we need to be ready to stand up against those that want to make it happen!  This is our country!  We are true American citizens and we need to stand up for our Rights and Freedoms!  If this happens, do not do anything that will cause us to look like the troublemakers, but do let your politicians know that this is a situation that we will not accept if all of the Rights of good Americans are put on hold just because of a group of troublemakers causing unrest in our country!  Make up your own mind on this, but keep your eyes open and let others know if you see something happening!  Hopefully, this will not happen, but be ready if it does!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. By the looks of the list they plan on setting up shop for a while and probably will build on the ”Enforcement’ side of the numbers.

    I can see one big happy operation there, hospital, MP’s and Transportation as well as the Infantry.

    These guys will be armed and seasoned troops no doubt and with aviation will be an invincible force for any unorganized Militias but what will be the trigger for their dispatch? What do they expect from the citizens one can only wonder and why do they know they will need Enforcers?

    One last word here, how many will ”Stand Down” when confronted with attacking their own citizens??

  2. What may be planned is a series of very dangerous riots this fall before the elections. That way he can remain in office as the President until he feels the situation has been resolved.

    The situation for how they will act when going after citizens will depend on how they have been trained and what their personal emotions will be concerning the citizens. But I do believe that, if confronting veterans, they will not all stand against them if the veterans tell them that they are defending their Oaths, sworn upon joining the military, which requires “Defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”! That Oath is sworn by all military members and all politicians, but only the military stands up for that Oath!

  3. Elle says:

    This is not the first time I’ve heard this might happen, Michael. Not just from you but from others. My thought has always been ” why would he want to stay in?” I now know why.
    Thank you for sounding the alarm. Again.

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