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I live near Ferguson, Missouri and I remember the hell that was going on there after the shooting of Michael Brown.  After the case went through every level from local to Federal of investigation the Police officer was found innocent of Misconduct.  Yet, even after every government agency tried to find him guilty of “shooting and innocent kid” and they couldn’t, the officer’s life was ruined and he had to go into hiding!  Since then we have seen many shootings and murders of Police Officers by Blacks because of the Black Lives Matter movement and those officers would never have been harmed if the Black movement hadn’t made it look like a good thing for Blacks to do!  And now Police Officers have to wear body cameras and stay out of areas of rioting because they are in constant danger of being blamed for something they never did, or could wind up dead!  And all this has done is to destroy the safety of good Blacks, Whites and people of every color by making their neighborhoods targets of “Black Anger”!  But I have figured out a solution….

Since groups like Black Lives Matter say they fear having Police Officers in their areas because they “fear being shot” by the officers, I think it would be a great idea to have the cities make those areas “No Police Zones”!  By that, I mean that no officer will ever go in there unless the situation is threatening other parts of the city.  Why should an officer have to put his life on the line for people that don’t want them there in the first place?  And, if there are deaths in those areas, it should be the responsibility of the people running those areas to take care of the body and the family!  The city will have no responsibility for anything that happens there and the tax payers will not be responsible for cleaning up any mess!  It’s that simple: if they don’t like the cops and the laws, it’s up to them to care for themselves!  And, like I said; if they become a risk to other parts of the city, the police will have the full right to go in and arrest and imprison anyone that is part of the trouble!

Sounds pretty radical, doesn’t it.  But think about it:  How long do you think it would take for any good people to get out of the area?  I don’t think it would be too long before they ran!  Then it would be just those people like Black Lives Matter that would still be there because, if they enter any other part of the city, the Police will have their standard laws and power to go after them if they do things like riot and burn down buildings!  And I can guarantee you that any decent people that ran from that part of the city will have no problems with the police doing their jobs as they are supposed to in the future!  No more illegitimate claims of “Police Brutality”, no more police officers shot for no good reason at all!

It always seems so simple for a group of people to stand up and claim that they are being singled out and harmed by the police when the only real problem they have is that they don’t follow the laws and want to destroy everything to gain their own power!  I saw that in the late ’60s and early ’70s with the rioting and the murders by protesters and people like Manson and, to me, it looks very much like it’s trying to come back!  But this time let’s not change all of our laws and personal Rights to fit the needs of a small group of individuals that are just trying to build their own power and fame, let’s keep our laws in tact and use them in the way they were meant to be used!  No more “special considerations” or “Special Rights”; everyone follows the same laws and everyone lives their lives in a civil manner!  And I’m not saying that we have to become slaves to the government, at least no more than we already have to deal with:  I’m saying that we need to go back to standard laws with standard forms of punishment!  And parents need to start being parents again!  If I had ever done anything like try to rob or harm another person, my father would have kicked my butt!  So I learned to be a good person, to live by the law and have a decent life!  And that’s what we need to teach the young again, to earn what they need, not that they “deserve whatever they want”, simply because they are alive!

Again; my solution may seem harsh but, if it actually happened, things would change very rapidly!  And, if the areas left on their own didn’t change, that would be their own problem and their own danger!  And it’s just a hypothetical suggestion, but I’ll bet it would work because, when all hell broke out, they would start begging for change back to a normal, peaceful neighborhood again and would stop complaining about police actions that work everywhere else!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Team Cougar - 079 says:

    I certainly agree with that. How I wish it could work, but……………..
    Seems there is always a but. I know how you think and how you care for those who can not help themselves, not those that won’t help themselves, you know what I mean.
    That said, what do we do with the old folks on fixed incomes who can’t afford to move, they are trapped. Also, the young couple just getting started who can’t afford anything better. Neither are doing anything wrong other than being old or young. Hate to leave them, the sheep, to the others, the wolves. If we could figure out who the good folks were, move them out, then just leave the area cordoned off, let the scum sort it out by themselves.
    The solution is good, the devil is in the details however, darn…..

  2. The solutions are in the people working with the police to try to fix their neighborhoods. Is that dangerous and difficult? Yes it is! But people used to secretly let the police know what was going on in their neighborhoods and who was doing it so that the police could fix things without their lives being put in danger. Now they don’t. And that’s the problem. If you work with the police, they will work with you. If they know you and know that you are a good person, they will watch out for you. But no one wants to be a “rat”, so they keep their mouths shut and their neighborhoods go to crap… So, as I said, I don’t think this will really happen. But it should….

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