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Our government started as a way to provide every American the opportunity to build good lives for themselves, under their own efforts, and the chance to live truly free without the unnecessary insertion of governmental regulations to destroy their Right to live free from unnecessary domination by politicians that want to own every action of the people!  Even in the beginning of our Constitutional Freedoms there were politicians that tried to make everything work in the manner they wanted it to, in order for them to gain power over the Rights of the true citizens of America.  But the one thing that saved us from their interference in our lives was the Supreme Court’s protection of the truth of the Constitution and that was the one thing that made us safe!  But things changed and we, the true people of America, have had our Rights diminished and weakened by those politicians and they have given power to any group that wants to make us minions of the government!  They have caused anger and fighting between us, they have given equal rights to people that don’t even follow our nation’s basic laws for citizenship and simply walk across our borders and demand “equal Rights” as “American citizens”, and they have turned the requirements of Supreme Court judges to follow our basic Constitution and have put in their own supporters that work with them to destroy the very truth of the anchor of our nation that our Forefathers sacrificed so much to provide for us!

The first strong attack on us was when the Progressives started the “Hippie Movement” back in the ’60s and told them that it was all about ending the Vietnam War.  But it wasn’t!  Their primary goal was to destroy the possibility of any true Vietnam veteran, who swore an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution, from being able to follow in the path of the vets that went before us and running for governmental offices on every level.  They knew that, if they wanted to destroy our nation’s Constitution, they had to keep anyone who believed in it out of office!  And the way they accomplished that was by making every single ‘Nam vet who came home look like a crazy baby killer, and to make us all feel like we didn’t have the Right to work within our government to protect it!  And it worked!  And, by keeping us out of political office, they were able to infiltrate every level of our government and begin destroying it from the inside out!  They placed their own people in the position of Judges on every level of our government and they began to slowly destroy it by their Judges making judgements that worked against the Constitutional Rights of every good American and allowed them to slowly open the doors for the crooked politicians to begin to destroy the basic Rights of every American and forcing them to live under governmental control over the basic things we did every single day!  They started with things like smoking and seat belts and making “no smoking” areas under their control and seat belts a mandatory thing.  Neither sounds that bad to most Americans because many don’t like smokers and they feel safer with their seat belts on.  But, under our Constitution, it is the Right of every business owner to decide if he won’t allow smoking in his business because he is losing business because the non-smokers won’t go in anymore, or keep the door open for smokers because they provide him more business.  It’s the Right of every American to decide if they want to go into a business full of smokers, or go somewhere else because they don’t like it.  It is not the Right of the politicians, under the basic laws of the Constitution, to make that decision!  If people die in car accidents because they won’t wear a seatbelt, it’s their Right, if they don’t want to die, they wear them, and that’s also their Right, it’s not the politicians!  But, by making those basic decisions theirs, the politicians opened a door through “Precedence” to allow them to begin changing our Rights when and where they want to!  As long as we are not attacking or harming other Americans, it’s our Rights as citizens to live as we want without governmental interference!

Another problem that got started back then was lawyers running for office and gaining access to our Constitutional Rights!  And we have a major percentage of our current politicians across the country being lawyers!  One of the basic things that students going through Law School are taught is how to speak in a manner that makes others want to agree with them on what they want to do.  They are taught how to manipulate witnesses to get them to act and say things in a manner that will allow them do what they want to get done.  And they all care about just one thing; their own fame, power and gain, nothing else is important to them!  And that’s why politicians know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to get voters to support them and laws pushed through, even though the truthfully work to destroy our Freedoms!  Have you ever met a lawyer that truly had a heartfelt need to work for you to get something done for you?  I sure haven’t!  All they really want to do is boost their own popularity and gain more strength in our legal system to gain their own power!  Back when the “Agent Orange” law suit was being pushed through by lawyers that said they were supporting Veterans, they gained about 40% of the settlement at the win, while the vets got only what was left!  I have a rated disability for Agent Orange and I remember getting a check for $1.000.00 and I thought I was going to  get that same check every month, but it was just that one check only!  And I have tremors in my hands because of Agent Orange and it ruined my ability to do things like weld and do photography with the old style cameras ( now, with the anti-shake program in the new one, I can take pictures again ), yet every one of those lawyers made millions of dollars each!  Does that sound fair?  Now they work in our Congress and pass useless, wasteful laws all the time that only truly benefit themselves, while we have a huge debt now and can’t even see our highways being repaired as they should be!  They know what to say, when and how to say it and they use that ability to gain their own fame, power and wealth and we need to end that!

The third problem that has always irritated me since I worked in DC is that our politicians need to keep us divided and angry at each other, so that they can keep our attention off of their own criminal actions and let them do whatever they want, when and how they want to!  Racism used to be a big problem in America but, since I have grown up it has ended, except for a few that will never stop hating people of other colors, sexual decisions and sex!  One of the biggest things that most Americans don’t know the basic truth about is that slavery in the South was always only because the plantation owners had to have slaves that would stand out in public, so that they could catch all “runaways”.  But, up North, there was just as much slavery but it was on Whites that were called “Indentured Servants”, which meant that they were truly owned by the people that had domination over them.  And the women were raped, beaten, tortured and murdered as were the man slaves, just as the Black were down South!  My family heritage is Irish and most of the indentured servants in the North in the late 1800s and early 1900s were Irish!  So Whites, just like Blacks, were held in slavery even after Lincoln ended it!  But I don’t hate people who live now for the actions taken by people back then; I just look at the sacrifice and honor shown by the Irish as a sign of honor for opening the doors for the rest us to live as we want to!  But our politicians know how slavery upsets Blacks but, instead of trying to show them the path to good lives, they work with their leaders to continue the anger and violence to allow them to take the attention off of the actions of politicians and direct it to the actions of protestors and rioters, making every program on the Television News about the riots, while the politicians keep cheating us and destroying our Rights without ever having to hear about it in public!  And I was around when Martin Luther King was standing up and fighting for his people, and I saw so many White people out there working to help him gain the Freedoms of his people.  And, if the leaders that took power over the movement after he was killed had kept following his path, we would have a strong country with a lot more Black families successful and comfortable with their lives!  But the leaders that took over after MLK found that they could gain money and power by working with the politicians and that’s exactly what they began doing, and keep doing today!  If all of the Black leaders, and the politicians the work with, had started working only for the benefit of the Rights of Blacks, we wouldn’t have so many people on Welfare today!  But, by controlling the citizens with Welfare, the politicians and leaders continue being popular and rich and they keep that power by telling Blacks that Welfare is the best they can do, that Whites will never allow them to live free!  In reality, the people keeping Black citizens “down” are the politicians and Black movement leaders that gain popularity, power and wealth by holding them where they are!  And I know that there will be Blacks out there that will see me as a “racist” because I have said this, but they should ask themselves how so many Black people like Morgan Freeman,  Dr. Ben Carson and so many other Blacks have worked their way up to where they now are!  They did just exactly what every successful White person did; they learned what they needed to know and they worked very hard to get where they are!  We all gain only what we all work for!  It’s our own personal responsibility!  And, until the politicians are forced to quit building untrue hatred, things will continue to become angry and violent!  We need to clean up DC and get people in office that know what really needs to be done!  Stop listening to people who use words to control you, start listening to people who speak from their hearts, even if it doesn’t sound good to the public!  As long as we continue listening to those that know how to manipulate words to allow them to manipulate people, we will only see our country and our Rights under our Constitution fall down the toilet, while the “wordsmith” politicians keep gaining more fame and growing more wealth and power!

All I have heard recently is that Trump said this wrong, that Trump uses hatred!  When the truth is he is not a lawyer or a politician; he is a man who learned how to become successful and speaks as a normal person would!  I have had times when he said something that caused me to wonder why he said that.  But the truth is that he didn’t go through Law School and learn the use of the right words and phrases to manipulate people to do what he wants them to; he speaks like many of us and simply says what he thinks, even if it sounds somewhat crude.  He has run a business  most of his life and what he says is what he thinks, he doesn’t cover his words up or adapt them to make us think he should become “King”; he simply tells us what we all know needs to be done to save America!  And, as our President, he will continue to do that, but what we need to judge him by, what we need to judge every politician by is what they do, not what they say!  How many times has a politician promised that he would fix things for us during an election?  Have you ever seen any of them actually do exactly what they said they would do?  Or have you seen them do it simply because it makes them look good….  Yet look at what Trump has done over his life; he has built a huge business and has done what he has had to do to make it successful!  Look at Hillary:  When Bill was running for President, everything I bought in a store was made in America!  But Bill and Hillary got the money they needed to win the Presidency by getting money from the Chinese, with the promise that they would open the door to our economy if they won.  And they won and look at our economy now:  The Chinese dominate our economy, they steal our manufacturing secrets and they own our economy!   And that door was opened by the Clintons, through the money the Chinese gave them!  And Hillary makes all kinds of statements as to how she will rebuild our economy, but her campaign has followed the old path and she gets a lot of her support from the Chinese and Muslims, and how do you think she will work if she wins?  Who do you think will get the most support from her…  There is a reason why there are no debates now; Hillary doesn’t want her own history to destroy her!  We have a choice this year; Hillary or Trump!  Trump is a successful businessman who knows how to build a successful economy that allows for all Americans, once again, to gain their own futures through hard work and personal determination.   Hillary will do everything she can to ensure that her backers for her campaign will gain exactly what they want and those backers want just one thing:  To continue dominating our economy and lives and destroying America from the inside out!  If you don’t love Trump, I fully understand!  But this election is not about loving candidates, it’s about loving America and putting someone in office that is more interested in the lives of American voters than the benefits of the very nations that want to see our nation fall!  Ask yourself what is more important to you; following along like a puppet, hoping for wasteful benefits that will totally destroy our country, or voting for someone who will actually bring back the old America and turn us into the more productive, strongest nation we once were, again!  The time is coming, choose very carefully!  I liked Cruz, but Trump is our candidate and I will not let any sense of loss turn me away from protecting the very futures of every American by turning away from the Republican candidate!  And neither should you!  Ego can destroy lives; intelligence can save them!  And speaking out in plain ways is not ego, it’s just being another true American!  Ego is going to every person that hates our country for support, just so you can gain more power!  The choice is easy:  Honesty or “perfect wording”!  I will chose the honest, plain-speaking candidate that has built a successful American business, not a perfect speaking, power hungry individual that hopes that her sex is all she truly needs to win!  What about you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Team Cougar - 079 says:

    Once again I agree with just about everything, but……
    Strange that you should mention Morgan Freeman in your rant. I was just thinking about him the other day. He is a great actor, made some really good movies, lots of talent.
    There is a problem with him however, he is part of the problem. He is such a liberal and helps spread the mind set of that group of folks.
    Take his series, “Through the Worm Hole”, an interesting series designed to make folks think about science. It was similar to an updated version of watching Carl Sagan and his making us all think about “billions and billions of star stuff”, with his Nova series. When the series started it was aimed directly at the hard sciences, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, etc. As the years have gone on it has slowly drifted more and more the the social sciences, philosophy, sociology, theology, etc.
    Look at the first two or three years of the six year series. In the last year there were a couple of episodes that exemplify that; “Did we invent God”, “Why do we Lie”, and “Are we all Bigots”.
    This year, season seven, is even further down that road with episodes such as “Is gun violence a virus” , “Are there more than two sexs”, and another one concerning terrorists. He is leading a whole generation down the liberal path. Hooked folks with solid science and then starts to slowly head off on a tangent.
    He definitely has an agenda and doing a great job of injecting it into the heads of a younger generation. He is indeed a dangerous teacher of the “who am I to judge” mentality.
    From one who looked forward to his series and now dreads what he is putting out.

  2. I fully understand what you say, but I put his name on there because using only Conservative names looks like I am trying to get people to change their ideas about the truth because of how I see politics. I used his name with Dr. Carson’s to show that both sides have successful Blacks because they worked their own ways up there. Blacks who live off the government need to know that it is not their only way to live, that there is a possible successful future in their lives, if they work to get it, just like Whites do. Too many of the Black Progressive leaders like having Blacks on Welfare because they want them being slaves to the government, so that they can keep their own personal level of power with governmental leaders. If Blacks begin living successful lives and don’t need to depend on the government for their daily lives, then the Black leaders that jump into bad situations to make themselves look good won’t have anymore power in DC. Many young Blacks are told they aren’t “smart” enough to be successful and that they need to have the government to give them basic lives. And that’s not true, but when the Black leaders work with the government, it’s made to look like the only truth! And that has to change, and seeing a name life Morgan Freeman may help them realize that they don’t have to live in the lower brackets, that they can make themselves successful, if they put their own efforts into it.

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