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I Don’t Have a Problem With That…

Next week during the second day of the DNC some of the guest speakers will be  Gwen Carr, Mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, Mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, Mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, Mother of Sandra Bland.

In the case of Eric Garner the grand jury found “no reasonable cause” to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo.

In the case of Trayvon Martin the former neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman was acquitted of the crime.

In the case of Dontré Hamiltion, the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said that Christopher Manney won’t be charged because he shot Dontre Hamilton, based on all the evidence and analysis presented in this report, I come to the conclusion that Officer Manney’s use of force in this incident was justified self-defense.

In the case of Jordan Davis the jury found the officer guilty of attempted second degree murder in the incident but was a hung jury on the first degree murder charge against Davis.

In the case of Michael Brown the U.S. Department of Justice reported the conclusion of its own investigation and cleared Wilson of civil rights violations in the shooting. It found that witnesses who corroborated the officer’s account were credible, and it was also supported by forensic evidence. It found that witnesses who had incriminated him were not credible, including some who admitted they had not directly seen the events.

In the case of Hadiya Pendleton, Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20 were charged in the murder of Hadiya. No officer was involved, it was a case of black on black crime.

In the case of Sandra Bland, although the arresting officer was relieved of duty it was her death at her own hands, suicide, that has been the focus of the case.

Do each of these mothers have a right to speak at the convention, of course they do. Anyone that is invited to speak has that right. But, should the DNC have invited them to speak? I really don’t have a problem with that…. Oh wait, yes I do…………..

This is the same DNC who just last week was having a conniption fit over Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, the U.S. foreign service information management officer who was among four Americans killed in the attacks, in Benghazi Libya, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, speaking about Hillary and “Make America Safe Again”, at day two of the RNC.

How is it that the DNC appears to feel that the mother of an individual who gave his life in support of the government, their government also, is or was out of place to speak about the safety of America? How is that the mothers of individuals who were breaking the law, Hadiya excluded, are deemed appropriate to speak on behalf of a party that sees nothing wrong with law breakers being glamorized and yet a hero is belittled. Who was it that was going above and beyond and who was it that was involved in acts against the laws of the communities in which they lived?

Hillary has selected her running mate, Tim Kaine. It was interesting to read the he was fluent in Spanish. I noticed at the time that it seemed that the fact he could do that was being very predominantly noted. It is great when someone can speak a second language. It takes time, effort and concentration to learn that second language. It is also a plus when someone can converse with another individual in their native tongue. In our personal lives, business transactions and even criminal proceedings a second language comprehension can be a real plus. Today I listened as Hillary introduced her running mate to the public. Part way through he started to address the assembled crowd in Spanish, wanted to make everyone feel welcome, I guess. I really don’t have a problem with that…. Oh wait, yes I do……….

Other elected officials have spoken a second language, not a problem. A vice president or president speaking a second language, also, not a problem. The problem arises when the individual is speaking to a crowd of future voters. Why? It is just one more way to drive a wedge between the people of this great country. We are divided along racial lines; white, black, oriental, etc. We are divided along religious lines; Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, etc. Now, although it has been around for a long time we can once again add language to the dividers. We, Americans, should at least be able to agree to speak one language. If someone from another country wants to become an American it should be part of the process, and most actually do learn to speak English. But, those who are not really here to be assimilated don’t want to learn our language.

A number of years ago in an election in California, an envelope containing information on an upcoming item in the election was sent out to the voters. The cost was in the area of $7.00 per envelope. The reason for the high cost, the information was written in almost every language that could be found being used in the area. The cost to the tax payers because of this issue was staggering. This is just one example of why one language could be a problem solver instead of problem creator.

These types of behavior are just more examples of our being our own worst enemy. We believe that “our” side has a right to speak, or have someone speak for us, but the “other” side does not. We can’t have it both ways, either we all get take part or none of us get to take part. We also need to learn to talk to each other. That does not mean everyone learning ump-teen different languages, it means we all learn to converse in one. And the biggest part of “talking” is learning how to “listen” and “understand”.

I Don’t Have a Problem With That……………………………..

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