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Were You Surprised?


Last night at the RNC Ted Cruz was invited to speak. Donald Trump had a copy of the speech two hours prior to it being delivered. Trump KNEW that Cruz was NOT going to endorse him. Yet, he allowed Cruz to speak anyway.

At the end of the speech when the audience realized that he was not going to endorse Mr. Trump they “booed” him loud, long and hard.

Today, Ted Cruz was confronted by people from the Texas delegation to the RNC. He was asked point blank why he did not endorse Trump. He tap danced and skirted the issue, like a typical politician. He refused, at first, to answer the question. Finally, after more badgering from the crowd he said he could not and would not endorse someone who had spoken the way Trump did about his wife and father.

People in the delegation reminded him that he had stated emphatically that he would endorse the nominee no matter who it was, even Trump. He said at the time that his word was his bond, that the people of Texas had elected him to the Senate because he does not mislead them, that he speaks the truth, and stands behind what he says.

Well, it would appear as though he thinks he can have it both ways. His managers, right up to the speech last night tried to convince him to endorse Trump, yet, at the last minute he would not do so. His managers today are reeling from the reaction he got from the crowd last night, not at all what they expected. What to do now?

Well if you were surprised by his non-endorsement you have not been really paying attention. This was not a speech for the Republican Party at the RNC, it was his first speech of his run for president in 2020. His campaign started last night.

Everyone has said throughout the primary campaign that Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina where all outsiders. That is certainly true of Trump, Carson and Fiorina, BUT, it was never true of Cruz. He rode into power with Tea Party support, he was new to Washington, and was as much an outsider at Barack Obama was. He went to private highs schools, attended Princeton and Harvard Law School. Other than a stint as a professor at the University of Texas School of Law all his other experience has been in the political arena. He has never held what most consider a “real job”, he has been a politician all his life. So an individual who has spent the majority of his adult life involved in politics and is a junior senator with no other experience is considered an “outsider”? Once again, the same kind of outsider as Barack Obama. So, in fact, Ted Cruz is just one more standard politician.

As just one more politician what is his real goal? Right, wrong or indifferent, most politicians spend their time and effort advancing their power, position and control. They are for the most part not really interested in what is right or needed by or for the people. Makes no difference, Republican or Democrat, it is all about the position they hold, the power they wield and the control that they can maintain.

Most wanted to believe that he would be different, that he would be a true conservative that would honor, defend and uphold the Constitution. Yet, in the end, like so many others he just wants to make sure that he is not diminished. I have used the phrase often, and will probably continue to do so; the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the color of the stick they beat us with. With that in mind, Ted Cruz would much rather have Hillary win the presidency than Trump. If Trump wins there is a very good chance that things in Washington may change, not will, but may. If Hillary wins everything remains the same, the status quo is maintained. Those in power remain in power, those with control maintain that control and it is both sides scratching the others back to keep things the way they are. In that system Ted Cruz continues his life as it was, AND, he gets another shot at the presidency in 2020. If, on the other hand Trump wins, who knows what Washington may look like in four years. To many unknowns and variables for the big power players. For Cruz, better to have Hillary in control for four years and have the system remain intact.

So, were you really surprised when Cruz did not indorse Trump? If you were, it is not too late to start paying closer attention to this all important general election season.

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  1. Elle says:

    Of course I was not surprised! He has shown his true colors all along, I expected much of the same.
    Career politician… Hopefully, with four years of Mr. Trump, we’ll see less of that. It would be refreshing to say the least!
    Thanks again for putting the truth out there and making people think

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