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I have already explained how the Progressive/Socialist/Communists have been working since WWII to destroy our military’s strength.  How, in 1968, they attacked the military and American veterans and destroyed the lives of so many Vietnam veterans by working with the press, Hollywood and their supporters in our government to make us all look like crazy, murderous idiots!  And because of those actions they kept honorable American vets, who believed in the Constitution and the strength of America, out of political offices and how that allowed them to take control of so much of our government and legal system!  And so many honorable, good-hearted Vietnam veterans killed themselves because they could no longer live in a nation that acted as though they were horrible people!  That was the beginning, the protesting against veterans and our military, that gave the Progressive/Socialist/Communists the power they needed and now, with the current openly Progressive Administration, our military has been weakened and is falling apart!  So; what’s the next step in their destruction of America?

Once you have taken down the strength of a nation’s military, your next step is to destroy the strength of the in-country protection, and that’s the Police!  I have seen the recent actions of the murder of the Deputies in Dallas and it’s now very obvious as to what is going on!  I live in St. Louis, about six miles from Ferguson, and I saw the trouble there.  I saw innocent businesses being burned down, I saw non-St. Louis people out causing trouble in the streets, burning down businesses and threatening the lives of local St. Louisians!  And those people were paid to come to St. Louis to do what they did and it was people like Sharpton, Jackson and even our President that set that whole thing up!  They claimed that the punk that got shot was just a “gentle giant”, that to our President, he could have been the kind of kid that he wanted for a son!  But after so many investigations, the cop was found innocent, on both a State and Federal level!  But that cop has to hide and can never work as a cop again because of the way they destroyed his life!  And the phrase “Black Lives Matter” became a group that protests the death of every Black that has been shot by a cop, regardless of what illegal actions the Black had taken!  And, if the current problems have gone through the legal system and the officers are found innocent, they will be out on the streets protesting and destroying Black neighborhoods!  If the cops are guilty, I would want them to spend the rest of their lives in prison, but they are now going through “Due Process” and, as American citizens, they are innocent until proven guilty.

And, if the whole “Black Lives Matter” group was truly a legitimate organization leading for the ending of the murder of Blacks, why aren’t they in places like Chicago where 214 Black teenagers have been killed since Michael Brown’s death?  Simple; Black deaths are not their true issue, ending them is not their true goal!  What they want is the end of Police Departments run by local governments and they want them dominated and run under a “Federal Policing” system!  That way they can start changing and manipulating our Police just as they have done with our military!  And they will have the system set up to protect what they want, like taking away guns from innocent Americans who will need them to protect themselves!  The problem we are currently having with the Black Lives Matter leadership is that they are making a big deal on every action taken by a cop against a Black criminal to focus the people on destroying the strength of the Police, to weaken our protection as citizens, and that will open the door for all of the criminal Mexicans, the drug trafficking and the muslim terrorists that sneak into our country every day, to attack and ruin the basic safety and security of our country!  And, when the cops can no longer stand to protect us, there will be a national demand to protect our safety and, if we have a new Progressive President after the election, that President will “stand up” for the people and put in place a new National Policing system!  And, when that happens, we will lose much of our Freedoms and we will see our nation stop being a Free America and start becoming part of the idea of a “One World” government!

The time has come for all of us to stop simply watching the destruction of our country by the government splitting the population into “groups” and stopping the idea of one America!  We need to start working together to strengthen our communities and pull everyone together to work to build safe, happy neighborhoods!  It’s the bad Blacks that steer so much of the Black communities and make many of the people afraid to speak out about fixing the dangers in their neighborhoods!  Are there bad Whites?  Yes; there are bad people of every race, but they can’t be allowed to dominate the way the rest of us live!  And the only way we can stop that kind of problem is to stand together as a people, as a nation, and stop power hungry politicians from keeping us divided and weak!  Just by speaking to one other person, making one new friend regardless of race, we can start building the power of the American people and start ending the true danger of Progressive/Communist/Socialist destruction of our great nation!  But it’s something that every single one of us needs to do, we cannot sit back and let our country be torn apart by those that want to see it fall!  This is the year of either true change back to a strong America again, or the complete destruction of our Constitution and our great nation!  And it’s up to us, one at a time, to save America!  So; don’t be afraid to speak to a stranger, don’t be afraid to talk and listen to others!  Coming together as Americans is the greatest tool we have to bring back out country!  Let’s not see another “1968” again!  It’s time to take our individual responsibility as citizens, whether White, Black or other race, to save the very country that has kept us free for so long!  If you believe in your heart that you are a true American, act like one!  I don’t know about you, but I will do whatever I have to in order for America to keep its Freedoms for its people!  Will you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. JAmes says:

    These last 8 years have been the “beginning of sorrow” for America. All the precepts and principles it’s been founded on have now been undermined!

    The Progressive element of both parties have embraced the weakening of our country. Right is wrong..and wrong is right. Sargent Bowe Bergdahl is considered honorable for his desertion by this administration. A trail blazer ..a soldier of distinction.
    Need we sleep any longer? It’s time to vote these SOBs out of office for bastardizing our Constitution….for forcing us into debt, with no accountability. And we need to vote them out for stereotyping those of us that believe in rights and wrongs, as anarchists! We are not anarchists..we are principled! And we desire honesty and a commitment to take back our country from “those” that want chaos as part of order! Those who want to demonize the police, demonize Christians, and demonize those that are loyal to what Anerica used to stand for,..
    Wake the hell up! Come forth out of your sleep……not to decide is to decide the wrong way.

  2. I fully agree, JAmes! The time for true “Change” has come; the time to change back to the true America, not the Progressive destruction!

  3. Elle says:

    Yes, I will, Michael! I love this country and there are good people here. Whatever it takes… I’ll do my part.
    Keep speaking out. I will, too.
    Thank you

  4. Not to turn this into a Political Persuasion type comment but the truth is only one candidate has all types of Americans under his ”Umbrella”..

    He sees the importance of a manufacturing base to employ, empower and fund tax based programs for the poor and disabled as opposed to borrowing money and just paying interest on that loan in short.

    Law and order are important factors in society and we can all see when that is taken out exactly what happens and who runs the street in riots and civil disobedience.

    If we are to have the prosperity and benefits of the nation we all remember it is imperative we use exactly the same formula that made that nation what we remember.

    As we look ahead to an election we may or may not have using this ”Unrest” as the excuse the worst may not be over or behind us yet, but ahead..

    We are peace loving reasonable people but we are also descended from like “kindred” people who fought wars, built cities and this country we live in and their blood still runs through our veins!

  5. And we will never forget the sacrifices that they, our military, Police and Firemen have made to keep our lives safe! Being a true hero means actually putting your own life in danger to save others! And having done that gives them the understanding of the truth of what it takes to keep America strong and safe!

  6. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    I watch and I listen.
    I see the marches in the street, I hear the chants from those involved.
    What I don’t see or hear is a solution.

    If Black Lives Matter, why do not ALL black lives matter? Why is it that only a black man shot by a white man matters? Why is it that a black man shot by another black man does NOT matter?
    Why is it that those who march in the streets do not ask that question? Why is it that the main stream media does not ask that question? Why do Sharpton and Jackson not ask that question?
    Why is it that everyone seems to know how to complain but none seem to know how to fix the problem?

    Shame on Jackson, shame on Sharpton, shame on the press and shame on the president.
    Shame on them for not looking at the root of the problem and trying to find a solution. Shame on them for taking the stance of “never let a good crisis go to waste”.
    Do they, any of them, REALLY care about those lost black lives? How can anyone believe that they REALLY care?

    This is liberal progressivism at its finest. Do nothing about the problem, just complain and point fingers. Use the problem to advance an agenda.
    The agenda is to split the nation even further apart, to increase the hatred between those to simple to see the truth.

    If instead of marching and antagonizing the police, they took to the streets in their own neighborhoods and called out those that are the true cause of the problem the situation could change.
    Call out those men who father children and leave them to their own devices. Call out the government officials at the city, county, state and federal level who condone the conduct.
    Call out those who allow those children to pass through school with no accountability. Call out those officials who will not prosecute those who break the law, again and again and never hold them accountable for their actions.

    If there are no consequences for bad behavior it breeds (pun intended) more bad behavior. How does anyone expect children with no positive home life, no positive adult influence to learn the difference between right and wrong?

    Why is it that we see the same type of problems, in the same kind of cities? Why is it that after dumping billions and billions of dollars into those cities there has not only not been any improvement but in fact things have gotten worse? Is it just a coincidence that all the major cities with problems are run by progressive liberals, and, have been for many years?

    Can the problem be solved? Of course it can. Can we, the general public make it happen? Of course we can. How can we do that?
    VOTE – It is time to remove those who have allowed this to happen in the past and to continue today.
    Liberals HAVE to be removed from positions of power. Individuals who demand accountability and taking responsibility for the action of those committing the offenses is LONG over due.

    Now, the hard part. How to remove those in power. They are so deeply entrenched and hold so much power and control it will be a long hard fix.
    They have everyone convinced that they can have something for nothing. They can have housing allowances, food stamps, cell phones, medical care, and it goes on and on.
    Having had those “free” (which they really are not) for so long it has become a way of life. Trying to get someone to change their way of life is an exceeding difficult thing to do. It will be very hard to convince someone that taking accountability and responsibility for their actions is actually in their best interest, or the best interest of their children. It is hard to convince someone that “free” is not the way to live. How do you teach self respect, internal drive, responsibility, and the worth of a job well done to some one? Hard, very very hard.

    It is not just the common man on the street that has to do these things. It will also involve folks that are not normally in that position, Hollywood leaders, RAP stars, sports figures. As much as we may or may not like it those folks have way more influence over the young of this country than the the middle class mass. We need to change the attitude of those who can have the greatest influence. Do that, and the change will start. Do that and we can truly begin to make the change back to the America we remember from the past.

    Allow those who are in power to remain there, allow those who have influence to continue as they do and I am afraid that there is very little chance to make much of a change. The challenge is there. If it was easy anyone could do it. So now is the time to vote, vote at the ballot box, vote when you talk to young people, vote with your wallet when you make purchases.

  7. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:


    After the terrorist attack in Nice France I watched as one news report after another covered the event. The reporters were all just aghast at the event. They were all amazed that this kind of thing could happen. What does it take to convince those folks that there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that the radical Islamic fundamentalist will not do to further their cause? Why is it that they can not comprehend that there are no barriers to what they will do to bring terror to our streets?

    Then there are those like Geraldo Rivera who gets up on his soap box and gets very angry and becomes loud and boisterous and condemns these horrific acts. This is the same liberal Geraldo who just wants everyone to be understanding, to just get along, to just be patient, to just see if from the other persons point of view. In other words, typical liberal drivel. They all want to just set around the campfire, make s’mores, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. They truly believe that just being patient and understanding of the other guy will change his point of view. For some unknown reason they refuse to understand that radical Islamic fundamentalists do not want to be our friends, do not want to be understood, do not want to be accepted. They want everyone to believe as they believe, and, if you don’t they have no problem with your elimination. If you do not believe as they do you serve no useful purpose to them.

    So, now that Geraldo’s constant belittlement of others for not being compassionate enough of others has not had the desired effect he is outraged. Now he stands before us and with an angry and out spoken voice vents with righteous indignation the horrific acts of those he has asked us to be understanding of. Imagine, the liberal “can’t we all just get along” stance did not work, again, and now he is angry. Is he mad at himself or others like him, no he is mad at the folks he has helped with his “go along to get along” attitude. Now he expects someone else, the military, to clean up the mess he has helped create.

    It is not just Geraldo, it is all those who have that same attitude, all the way to the White House. By refusing to “understand the enemy” for who they truly are we are once again paying the price. The price is always written in the blood of innocent victims. This has not changed since the Crusades. This is not a new war, it has been going on for centuries. The opposing forces have not essentially changed in all that time. It has been, and continues to be, a battle between the west and middle east. Not a geographic battle but a battle of emotions and attitudes of two opposing religious outlooks. It is hard to believe that two sects of people who both proclaim that theirs is the religion of peace and understanding can continue to rape, pillage, burn and murder each other for such an extended period of time. How is it that one can not just let the other alone? Why is it that one demands that the other submit?

    And now once again we hear the call and cry for action to be taken. We hear leaders calling for unity and a combination for a common cause. Who will be the first to step up and lead the way? Sad to say it probably will not be the United States of America. The leader of the most powerful nation on earth, who could in fact take care of this problem will once again refuse to do so. He will falter and stumble and no one else will pick up the ball and run with it. There will be lots of bluster, the puffing of chests, the ruffling of feathers, the rattling of swords and then it will fad from the news and things will go on as they always have. Those who continue to speak in tones of understanding and reconciliation fail to understand the true intent of the enemy and the extremes to which they will go. They refuse to deal with an issue that has not changed for centuries. The civilized and cultured people of the west fail to understand the mind set and philosophy of those in the middle east. They refuse to believe that anyone can be that barbaric in today’s enlightened world.

    And, today, tomorrow and for maybe a day or two beyond that we will see Geraldo and his type continue to scream for retribution but they will not want to stand behind what it will take to make that happen. This will not be a quick and easy fight. This will take time, resources and the blood of brave men and women to remove this problem from our midst. The country is war weary and ready to pull back and just be at peace again. They will be mad and ready to fight today, but, next week they will be concerned about elections and the will to keep that fight attitude at a fevered pitch will falter. When that happens we will once again be back to life as usual, everyone worrying about themselves, consumed by their connection to the electronic world. The real world of blood, bullets, pain and agony will no longer be their focus. Again, the Kumbaya crowd will come to forefront and remind us that we just need to be more understanding. The righteous indignation will be put away, again…………..

  8. I fully agree with you!

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