When I heard about England voting its way out of the European Union, the only thing I could think of is:  “It’s about time!”  America, England and the other nations we saw as our true friends when the United Nations was formed have been bowing down to nations that want to destroy us all and end our freedoms!  When the United Nations was formed, it was done with the ideal of bringing together all the nations in the world to work together to build strong relationships that would end all wars and give us true peace!  But it was all a waste of time since so many of the nations in the UN have remained countries dominated by leaders that use their people for their own profit and power!  And all of those nations continuously take money and anything else they want from us, the United States, while the majority of the money and benefits go directly to the tyrannical leaders of those countries, while their people still suffer under “third-world” style poverty!

Back in the mid-’70s, when America was going through our first “gas shortage”, our government threw strict drilling laws and Environmental laws on the Oil Companies, which forced them to go to the Arab Nations to get the oil they needed.  At that time, we were sending UN funds, money that came only from American tax payers, to those nations to help them “support their people”.  After we started using their oil and they became super rich, the UN wouldn’t end giving the money to those nations and we are still giving it to them!  And, again; it winds up with almost all going to the leader of the nation, so that he can use it to “save” his people, but they don’t!  And no one in the UN cares because it’s not their money, it’s the American taxpayers money!  When all of this started, the people we sent our  money to pretty much became “Welfare Suckers” on the US teat!

And England was drawn into the European Union with the same original goals of the UN, but they wound up being the Bank for the other nations that kept watching their own nations fail because they were all run under Progressive Ideals and those Ideals always wind up breaking up a nation!  And, when those nations started falling apart they turned to England to “help them” regain their financial strengths, but all that came of it was more and more costs going to England!  And, just like America, there has been a strong push by the governments for an “open border” policy, and that opened the doors for terrorists to move into their nation and begin getting involved in their governmental system to gain power!  And just like our politicians; as long as their politicians gained money and power by letting other nations get and do what they want to, it was all “just fine” with their them!  And now, just like America, they have a very large population of muslims in their country, with some acting as terrorists, and others getting involved in the government!  And, for both of our nations, the danger of massive terrorism is no longer just a threat, but a strong possibility!  And anyone who stands against the governments and their actions of criminality is publicly called some form of a “phobe” or “ist”, like an “Islamaphobe” or a “Racist”!

And the worst part of all of this is the situation in both nations where the Press, TV Shows, Movies and other public forms of information are 100% behind the politicians, not the people!  Why?  Because they want the Special Treatment and public power they share with the politicians!  It’s all intertwined and except for a very small percentage of all of them, we mean nothing to them except for the fame, power and money they can make off of us, while getting exactly the support they want from the people!  The only form of information we can really trust is person to person information being shared between honest Americans!  And that’s why the internet is so important to us; we need daily contact with each other so that we can stay informed and know what to do!  There never would have been a Tea Party during the Obama Administration if we didn’t have the net!  And Obama has already stated that he wants to gain control over our internet, to “protect the safety” of American citizens, when what he really means is that he wants it shut down so they can control us!

Trump is the biggest threat to our politicians that we have seen since the Revolution, and it’s because he wants to end all of the criminality in DC and get America back to being the super strong, major manufacturer in the world!  But to do that, he will have to do things like end many of the totally useless Environmental Laws that do nothing but add major costs to our products and force our businesses out of America, costing the citizens their jobs!  He wants to end foreign nations living off of our tax money just because they can.  He wants to stop our government worrying about the safety and welfare of all the other nations in the world and start spending their time and effort in worrying only about the safety and welfare of Americans!  Forget what all the other nations want; worry only about what we need!  America First!  And once he began showing the necessary support of good citizens to allow him to become President, a large portion of our politicians and the News, TV programs and all other forms of public information began attacking him in every possible way, lying about him and saying he just wants to destroy us!  But, no matter what they did, his support only grew and grew and now he is our candidate!  And the normal, everyday people in other nations like England have been watching him and they saw that it is possible to change things in the right way to get their nation back to the people, and out of the control of the government!  And that’s why we saw the Brexit vote go on the side of the British people, not their government!  They saw, through our push for Trump, that they could do more than just sit around and worry about their futures, they could stand up and change it themselves!  Now all the big shots are worried about what will happen to the other Member States of the EU, not the citizens of England, just as all of the bigshot politicians here are so worried about their own futures, not ours, the citizens!  And all we hear is how it will ruin everything, not the truth about how it will repair the only thing that matters, and that’s the futures of the true citizens of the nation, not everyone who sneaks in here to gain what they want, not what we need!

Back in 2007, I said that Obama would be the best thing to happen to America, because he can’t keep his mouth shut and loves to brag about what he does, so he would wake up the average American and show them the true criminality of our political system, and he has done just that!  And it has shown the citizens what they have to do to regain our nation and end the dominance of our criminal politicians!  And, because we are pushing in the right direction and beginning to see the true possibilities of our futures, we are doing what Americans have done for a long time and that is leading other nations down the right path to good lives!  So it’s not just our futures we can change in the upcoming election by putting a non-politician in the Office of President, it’s the possibilities that the people of other nations like England can see the possibility for their own better lives!  The Tea Party movement in 2009 was the first solid push by the citizens against the criminals in Congress and we started the change back then!  Now we have to push hard and ensure that Trump gains the Presidency over Clinton and begin the changes necessary to bring back our great nation to the people of America, not the profits and power of the rest of the world!  I know that there is a movement in the Delegates who will be at the RNC to vote Trump out, even though he earned all of their support under the Party’s rules!  And I know that there is a Third Party candidate and that there are “never-Trumpers” out there that would rather watch our nation be destroyed by Hillary than vote for Trump, and that has to stop!  We all need to stand together and stop building up of the criminal politician movement to end Trump!  He is our legitimate Presumptive Candidate and we need to do the right thing and put him in office!  Remember just one simple thing:  The Supreme Court controls our Constitution and any adjustments to it!  Next year we will have two empty seats at the Court that will be filled by Congress and the President and whoever controls the Presidency will control the Court seats!  If we don’t get two Conservative Judges in office, we will wind up losing all of our basic Rights and Freedoms and the America we all loved will die!  This year is the most important election year in our lifetimes, possibly since the Revolution, and it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our futures!  So; please, let’s all join together and end the in-fighting!  Let’s get Trump in office and show DC that we know what is right and we don’t need their self-interested criminality anymore!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. A good move made by the UK though not all of them agree and they should continue the motion and purge their country of all the troublemakers they have taken as part of the European Union too, wall the ”Chunnel” too..

    They were paying about 20 Billion in and getting about 10 Billion back according to reports I have listened to, sounds a lot like IRS’s policy here in the USA as well as the general revenue each state pays or gets back too…

    I feel the Socialist Trend has about run its course and maybe the world can return to sanity and common sense..

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Have a good friend in England, and he is just about as typical British as you can get. He is for the most part a true bleeding heart liberal, like most there. We got into some heated emails over the transgender/bathroom issue. Finally had to tell him to just “sit down, shut up, keep your feet off the furniture, you have no input as to how we run our country, don’t like it, don’t come here, very simple”. He has been pretty quiet and low key since then. He did start in again with the BREXIT thing however. To him it is all about immigration. He sees no problem with the massive influx of middle east refugees, why, because his daughter has two muslim friends and he finds no problem with them. So, he knows a whole two young female muslims and has decided that everything is fine because they are. Once again, he is a typical individual over there. Most would not say “s*^t” if they had a mouth full and therein lies the problem. By in large they just let things move along and let the government do as it wishes. Well, now that the government has given them massive debt, unemployment, huge influx of “welfare sucking” refugees some have seen the light and decided it was time for a change. Yet, there are still so many who “just don’t get it”. Now a few who voted for the exit say they are having second thoughts and want a “do over”. Okay, do that, and when it goes with stay in the EU the other side can say, we don’t like that vote, we want a “do over”, and it never ends. So, the vote was taken, those that were paying attention made the difference and now the others will be drug along kicking, crying, moaning and groaning into the future. Everyone has their undies in a bunch over what is going to happen. As usual all the “talking head experts” know exactly what is coming. They have not gotten it right yet, so, why should anyone listen to them now? Press on England, make things right, screw the EU, they have no interest in your citizens only in your tax money. Tell them to go take care of the huge problem they have created, we are gonna set this one out.
    Now, if we can just do the same thing here. If we can just get enough folks to see the light and change the way things are done here. Do I think Trump is the answer, well not really, but, he is what we have and it is a damn sight better than the alternative. So, we start with him and hopefully get things moving in the right direction again so that we can truly get our country back and once again have the people and not the politicians in charge. Hopefully we can show them and make them understand that they work for us and we do not work just to fill their coffers and let them run amok as they see fit.
    It will indeed be an interesting vote. The future will not be dull……

  3. Sooner or later, many of the Progressive voters will see the truth and understand the need to take a second look at what has happened while their leadership has damaged so much of our Rights and Freedoms. Some will never see any wrong and, as far as I’m concerned, they should move to other nations that run under Progressive ideals! But it wouldn’t be long before they plead to come back…

    What you have said concerning your friend is the truth and he will have to learn that truth someday and find the real truth about how Progressivism destroys only the good and provides good lives only for the leadership! Very well said! I appreciate your feedback!

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