I think that everyone has a pretty good idea of what is going on in our political system today.  For a long, long time now, the Parties have run our system and have worked to put in who they wanted to have in every political office across our nation.  They were the bosses, they were the ones that controlled everything that happened in America, and they all gained a great deal of power and money by doing what they wanted, not what we needed!  And the way they got away with it was by binding themselves and the press together, to allow for the information they wanted to have get out, to get out, while the information they wanted to hide was hidden!  There was no access into the “inner circles” without having to connect yourself in some way and, once connected, you would owe something to someone and that would be used to control you!  So; if something bad happened, the person they wanted blamed for it was blamed, and that person took the wrath of the voters!  If something good happened, they took all the glory and kept getting re-elected!  And over the years they have turned Washington, DC into the Capitol of their “Royal Kingdom”; the place where they live fancy, expensive lives at the cost of our tax money!  What they want to become a rule of law, or an amendment to our Constitution, they get done!  And they truly don’t care whether we like it or not, because no “minion” has ever survived a threat to royalty!  But things are changing!

Thanks to the internet and all of our access to each other, the truths that used to be hidden have become easy to find and can be easily exposed to the average citizen of our country!  The lies are easy to see, the cheating is simple to find and the criminality is now written up as daily conversations between us all!  Our politicians have found ways to change facts, to cheat the truth and it was accepted until recently because the average voter didn’t want to have to face it!  But now it is exactly what the citizens are looking for!  And the politicians are scared!  They know if all of the truth came out and the people could see it as the truth, they will all be gone, and they will do anything they can to prevent that from happening!  All you have to do is look at the difference between the way the Press and the Political “hot shots ” speak about Hillary and Trump:  Anything Trump does that can be seen as a “problem” is used as the “Top Story” of every news agency and it is pushed and pushed and pushed, until it gets so old it drives us all crazy!  The big thing now is the story about “Trump University” and how “so many of the students felt cheated”!  So, Trump had his own school that put out successful future businessmen and women, and had some that felt manipulated and cheated, and it’s all his fault and he’s a “crook”?  I went to college back in the ’70s and, because I was a Vietnam Vet, I was treated like an “idiot” because I served and didn’t run to avoid the Draft, and most of my professors kept telling me that I wouldn’t be able to graduate from college because I didn’t have “the right mind”, even though I had a 4.0 grade average in almost every class!  But when I complained about way I was treated by them, I was told to “grow up”!  And many of those people that were leading the push against vets are now in Congress, robbing the American people of their way of life and Rights, just so they can have better lives!  I don’t know about Trump’s college, but I have a deep feeling that this is no more than another effort to get him out of the election!

Meanwhile, we all know about what Hillary did in Benghazi and how an Ambassador and extremely honorable, courageous American Vets had to die because she didn’t want to save them!  We know about how she and her husband, Billy Boy, have been working with the Chinese to allow the Chinese full access to our Manufacturing Base, to take it away from us and destroy our economy!  And they helped the Chinese because the Chinese gave Bill the money he needed to win his terms as President, and now the Chinese are funding Hillary’s run!  I could go on and on about what they have done ever since he ran for Governor of Arkansas, but I don’t have enough room on the web to put it all up!  But it’s all out there if you want to see it!  Yet every time it comes out in the news, it becomes a “useless” story, a waste of time, and it all goes away while the Press tries to lay another “crime” on Trump!  And it’s not just CNN and all of the other Progressive news agencies; FOX News gets in on the attacks on Trump because all of their “insiders” hate Trump and don’t want him in office!  Yes; there are some Trump supporters on FOX News and they work to keep both sides coming out, but there are more that are interested only in “finding the truth” about Trump so that they can have the mantle of being the one that ended him!  And, since Trump is not a politician, he has nothing to hide, at least nothing as criminal as the majority of our politicians do!  So they constantly work to find something that can be manipulated enough to make it a “Major Story” of Trump’s “Wicked Past” but, every time they think they have that story, it all falls apart because it is never what they want us to believe it is!

This is what I think is what they are trying to do:

The worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party and all of it’s big shots is Trump becoming President, because he will not follow Party rules and regulations and will run our nation as business, working to make it the successful country it once was!  He will make the right deals, he will work with the right people and nations to work to make America great again!  And that means that what all of  our politicians are used to, the greed, power and wealth they all feel they deserve, will go down the toilet and, if they fight him, they will too!  The problem for them is that the movement of the people of America to rebuild America is what will change their lives and they have to stop it!  That’s why so many of the Republican big shots are standing against Trump, or are “working” with him, but only enough to make themselves look like they are “standing” with the American voters so the voters think they are on our side, when they aren’t!  Their only goal is to tear him down, to make our efforts to put someone in office that is interested in the people, not themselves, look like a waste of time!  And I believe that they will go as far as they feel  is necessary to end the movement of the people to gain control over Congress!

We all have our hearts fully dedicated to the rebuilding of America and we want to see it come back, to become the leader of the free world that it once was!  And we are putting all of our efforts into gaining that future!  And that means that all of the hope in our hearts could be torn apart if we were to lose and let the Progressives take over our nation!  And the leaders of the Republican Party will be willing to use that power to regain control over the Party, and they will be willing to tear us up in order to succeed in doing so!  Back when Perot was running as an Independent Candidate, I worked on his campaign.  Not as a big shot, just someone willing to try to change things.  And, when Clinton won, Perot knew that it was his fault that Clinton had won!  And he knew what Clinton’s plans were, how Clinton intended to weaken our military and destroy our Manufacturing Base, and that’s exactly what happened!  Clinton never would have been President if Ross hadn’t run, because the vote was split into the “30 percentages” and if Ross hadn’t run, Bush would have won!  If a third Party is to succeed, it has to start at least 8 years before an election and it has to build the power to win.  Otherwise, it only pulls votes from the Party that should win!  And that’s exactly why so many of the Republican leaders that hated Cruz are now supporting the “No Trump” groups, because they know if they split the vote enough, Trump won’t beat Hillary and she will become the new “Queen” of America and our lives will go down the drain!  That’s why they keep talking about putting together two other Independent Candidates because, if each only got only 7% of the vote, that would be another 14% that would, in reality, go to Hillary along with the “Non-Trumpers”  that would be voting for Hillary by not voting for Trump!  Our own Party leaders are trying to ruin the outcome of Trump’s election so that they can sit back when it is all over and tell us that they “tried to tell us we were wrong, now we have to listen to them, if we want our country back”!  See, to them, the outcome of the election won’t hurt them as much if Hillary wins, as it will if Trump wins!  So, as the muslim saying goes; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!”, and they will work with Hillary if they can keep their power!  And we need to stop the infighting and start working together to get the Nominee elected and take the power away from the politicians and give it back to the people, where it belongs!

I told everyone that, if Trump wasn’t the Nominee, and Cruz was, my vote would go to Cruz because I wanted us to take over the Party and make it the true “Party of the People” it was always supposed to have been.  I wanted Trump to win, but I have always been more concerned with our Constitution and the Rights of the people, so I could have supported Cruz.  And we all need to see that the future of America is hanging off a cliff right now and what we do later this year will either save her and bring her back, or she will fall over!  And we can’t let the manipulation of the politicians, for their own personal power and benefit, be the thing that guides us in the elections!  We have to vote for the person who is not a Communist/Socialist/Progressive; we have to get a true American into office!  And we need to do that in every single election across our country!  Because, if we don’t, in another four years, we will have anti-Constitutional Supreme Court Judges tearing down our Rights and a “One-World Government” President tearing down our nation!  So please; put down your anger over the Primaries and use your love for America and stand together with us all, to take back our country from a criminal Congress and return it to the control of the people and become the once-greatest nation in the world, the brightest light in the darkness of hatred, once more!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Mike, usually agree with you on just about everything, but, not on this one. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is NOT a muslim but a Chinese saying. It came from Sun Tzu and his “Art of War” book. Sorry.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      No sweat! But it has been listed as a part of the Quran. Either way, it stands as how the RINOs and Progressives have been working together against Trump.

  2. Jim says:

    Great observations Mike..keep your powder dry..stand at the wall
    and be alert…what is coming..is the result of the past.

  3. Just something to add in support of Trump University..

  4. Gladiator 059 says:

    Always greatly appreciate your additions!

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