I have been listening to all of the news about the Gay Bathroom issue and I cannot understand why so many people are so willing to ignore the truth in order to look like they are “doing the right things”!  If someone contacts me and tells me that they are very concerned with Veterans Issues, but I know that they have been working against those issues, there is no way I would ever support them!  And the main reason that I would never support them is that their lie is so obvious!  But the Progressives tell the entire country that they are 100% behind “Gay Rights”, even though what they are really doing is trying to push through another “Special Rights” Bill that will destroy the basic rights of other Americans!  Our nation wasn’t founded on a basis of “Special Rights”, it was founded on the basis of the basic rights written out in the Bill of Rights!  Special Rights was exactly what they fought against because our Founders lived in a world of Special Rights that were given to those who worked in, and for the “Royalty” system that dominated the world back then!  And, now, Special Rights are given only to people that Progressives and RINOs know will support them if they give those Special Rights to them!  And that is the main reason we have such a large population of illegals in our country now that gain all of the benefits that are meant only for true American citizens, such as Welfare and Medicare!

When my Grandparents came over here, they were given only the opportunity to become an American citizen by earning their own way, and they did it proudly as new Americans!  And it was hard for them as they had to learn to speak English and do whatever kind of job they could get to earn their own homes and lifestyles, and they did it because they wanted to be Americans, not just someone wanting to live here for whatever they could get for free!  Now a majority come over here just to get what they want without having to work to become a true American citizen!  They don’t want to learn English, they don’t want to live as an American, they want everything adapted to fit their needs!  If we don’t make sure they have “special Rights” concerning their religious beliefs, if our laws don’t fit their laws they want our laws “adapted” to fit theirs!  And if we don’t fit their values system, they want special Rights to change things to do things their way!  And our politicians are more the ready to do what they want them to so that they don’t “look bad”, or because they want something themselves that the illegals can give them, like votes that don’t fit our Constitutional system but support what the politicians want!  Give the politicians power, get what you want!

Women have believed that the Democrats are their heroes because they “stand up for women’s Rights”, even though some of those “Rights” are Special Rights, not basic Constitutional Rights!  But it has been a lie all along because the only reason they gave women what they wanted was to ensure they could get their votes!  I have tried to explain this to many female Democratic voters but they call me a “Sexist” and say all I am doing is trying to take away their Rights, which I never would; all I want to do is try to get them to see the truth.  But this election year, when the Democrats feel that they have the women on their side, they have stopped working for women’s Rights and are now working to change them!  Just when women think that they have true equality, the Democrats have given gay men the Right to use a woman’s bathroom, to allow them to “go” where they want to,  with no regard for what women want for their Bathroom Privacy!  Why?  Because they want to gain all of the gay votes and they want more control over all of us, so they wrote a law that takes away everyone’s Right to privacy just so a very small group can gain more Special Rights!  And, if women want to finally see the truth of the Democratic Party, all they have to do is look at their current situation and understand why they were given no voice on the issue!  Just like so many of us, they are no more than “tools’ to the politicians and will gain only what they want if the politicians need them too!

Since President Obama has taken office, we have seen several things happen that are very bad for our country.  We have seen our military changed from a strong force into a weakened military that has to follow idiotic Rules of Combat that get our troops killed!  We have had over 100,000 muslims brought over here to live in our cities, where they have set up their own communities run by muslim law, not American Constitutional Laws!  And many of them are from terrorist groups like Hamas, so we have danger building in our own nation!  He has built a great racial divide across our nation by making criminals look like “poor little kids” and has caused major, destructive riots in our cities!  And, as in Ferguson, he has forced the city to remove the officers that he doesn’t want working for the city and had them replaced with Black men that he does want in!  And he does it by suing the cities that cannot afford to take on the Feds, making them bow down and do what he wants!  The last time I remember hearing about a nation changing and doing things like that was over in Germany, and it ended in World  War II!  And the only three groups of people in America that gets absolutely no Special Rights are White men and the Military and vets!  And the three groups that get the blame for every single bad thing is White men and the Military and vets!  Everything that happens is our fault because “we don’t want everyone else to live equal to us” which is in no way true!  Well, guess what?  There are so many Special Rights for every special group that is supported by the Democrats and RINOs that we are the new “minority”!  And all of it has happened for one reason only; the politicians have given them what they wanted just to gain power, and none of us mean a damned thing to them!

Are there racists in our country?  Yes; there are still some racist Whites, but it is a very small minority and the majority of us don’t follow their beliefs!  But there is a large, growing group of Black racists against Whites and it is supported by the Democratic Party!  They like hatred among us because the more we concentrate on things like “race hatred”, etc., the less time we spend on watching them and making sure they are doing the very jobs we elected them to do!  Division between the people is what gives them power over us and they keep it going!  I have told you this before, but the one thing I will never forget while I was working in DC was when I asked one of Biden’s aides about how a normal citizen gets a Bill through Congress, I was told “Sex, drugs, money and power!”  When I asked her “what about the people?”, she told me “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  And that’s how they do things; they don’t care what we want, they only care about what they want!  The only time we mean something to them is when they want something from us, like votes, donations, etc.!  We are no more than tools to them!  And there is only one way we can end this and that’s to get them all out of office and put non-politicians and non-lawyers in office who will think of the people first and their own needs last!  We need someone in office that will work with the Constitution and not just to change it!  We need people that want to put the needs of America, the safety of America over the needs and safety of the rest of the world!  And there is only one way this can be done and that’s to start getting involved in our political system!  We have to learn how it is supposed to work, then volunteer our time to get involved and become part of the system!  Our lives are our responsibility and we have to take that responsibility in own hands and use it to learn about our politicians and other candidates that are running for office and get the bad guys out and put good guys in!  We are standing on the edge of a cliff this year:  Either we take our nation back and rebuild the old America that was the one country that everyone wanted to go to, or we fall off the cliff and our politicians will change everything to a point at which we live under Progressive ideals with everyone having to depend on the government for all of our needs, when they want to give them to us!  I want the old America back!  Do you?  If you do, invest your time and get involved!  We are either true Americans, or governmental slaves!  Well, I’m a true American!  Are you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. jmr1948 says:

    Not much can be added to this but keeping things simple is best for me to say if all are considered ”Humans” then the same rights should apply equally across the board.

    If you require special rights then you must be outside of the realm of a Human Being or you wouldn’t need special rights..

    Handicapped in any way, shape or form would be my criteria for approving special privileges as is already done in parking, toilet stall accommodations and even work place ramps etc because the need is obvious and beyond the control of the individual’s choice.

    Claiming some kind of special class due to things that are optional or have a choice to be or not to be do not constitute criteria for any accommodations at all..

    Divide and Conquer is an old tactic still useful in politics, don’t let it be used against your better judgement that being ”Common Sense”…

  2. Jim says:

    I agree with Jack..great job Mike!

  3. Elle says:

    I’m a true American. I don’t fall for the pandering of women. I recognize what’s being done as diversionary tactics and thanks to you and people like you, they’re being exposed and we should be able to make the right decision with our vote. I plan to!
    Keep at it, Michael. Your voice is being heard even above all the bullshit.
    Thanks, again for a great article and insight.

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