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Watching the News lately has seriously been irritating me!  This is the most important election year we have, but all we hear is bickering and fighting!  When the election finally comes around, we will have to live by the results and those results will go only one of two ways; we either go back to the America that our Forefathers sacrificed so much to build, or we become a Communist nation, whether “Socialist” or “Progressive”!  Both are exactly the same thing, they just have different names!  Am I a Trump supporter?  Yes!  But, if I have a choice between a Socialist Sanders or Progressive Clinton, and a Conservative Trump or Cruz, I’m going with Trump or Cruz!  Do I really know what’s going on in the Republican Party?  Yes; first hand!  I was chosen to run for a Delegate position within my District and I went to the Delegate Election; when I got there I saw 7 Cruz supporters and only four of us that were Trump supporters.  Who was elected?  Except for two of us, all were Cruz supporters.  One of the Trump supporters was elected as a Delegate and I was elected as an Alternate Delegate, which means I would only be allowed to vote for our Candidate if one of the other Delegates didn’t show up.  Was I happy about that?  No, I wasn’t.  But the whole procedure was very fairly held and the only reason we lost was because we didn’t have enough Trump supporters show up.  And the Cruz people were very courteous and good people, not the sneaky snakes that everyone claims they are!  If we had all had the Delegate Election system explained to us in advance, we could have shown up with a majority and won all of the Delegate positions.  So it was our own Candidate and his people that screwed up, and it’s their fault if he gets muscled out!  That said; yes, it’s the Republican Party that is messing around with everything!  Trump has never been in politics and I believe that he was not that aware of how the Delegates could be taken over.  And the Party knew it and has done everything it can to keep him out!  And it is our responsibility to take over the Party, to turn it into the “Party of the Republic” it was always explained to be!  And we have screwed up so, if we want to win the election, we need to make sure that Trump gets the votes he needs to win!  It’s no one else’s fault but ours, just as a losing football team is responsible for its own losses!

We have a President that has no serious interest in bringing back the America that once was the most respected, freest nation in the world!  We have seen him be the first American President that bowed down to a foreign leader, and that leader wasn’t from England, France, Germany or any other free nation, it was a muslim!  He has brought so many muslims, many of whom claim attachment to radical organizations like Hamas, into our country that there is a very strong possibility that we could have a terrorist army strong enough to cause major serious damage to our nation and cost us millions of lives!  And, at the same time, he is destroying our military from the inside out!  He has put into effect Rules of Conflict that puts every member of our military in severe danger while making them easy targets to our enemies!  He has done everything he can to support muslim nations while standing against nations that stand with us, like Israel!  While wasting our tax money on a growing budget that is way, way out of control, he has been using that money to support anyone that wants to sneak into America, while weakening our military by limiting its budget for the weapons and troops it needs to keep America safe!  And even though he keeps promising to protect the earned Rights of veterans, he continues to ignore their needs while fattening the wallets of all of the crooked people tearing apart the VA from the inside out!  And everyone can see the problems in our nation with a lack of good jobs and the of the possibility of every American to work for their own good futures, but many still see him as a “great President” because they believe the lies he spreads every single day!  He keeps putting out ideas that Conservatives are “homegrown terrorists”, that we are the bad people, while every major attack, murder, act of violence against women, children and all others are people who support him!  Conservatives are people who believe in our Constitution and support it as the document it was meant to be!  But the Progressives are the ones that want to “adapt” it to fit their own needs, and are destroying all of our lives by doing so!  And it all has to end this year!  And it’s our responsibility to do so!

Finally:  The one thing that makes me angrier than anything else is the people who come to America to change it, not to be Americans!  All of my ancestors except for one were immigrants and when they came over here, they had just one goal; to be
TRUE AMERICANS!  When I asked my Norwegian Grandmother why my father never learned to speak Norwegian, she looked at me and told me that “He is an American, he speaks American!”  And she was very proud of that!  And my families have fought for our nation in every war from the Civil War to today, because we all knew that America was the greatest nation in the world and we had to serve to protect it and our Rights from any threats!  I served in the Army from 1967 through 1970 and I was in Vietnam every day but the first six in 1968.  And I served with one of the greatest, bravest most honorable group of men I have ever known!  We earned our Rights and Freedoms through combat, yet we still have to wait for our healthcare, while illegals, criminals and muslim terrorists in Gitmo get better care than we do!  We are true Americans, we earned every Right we are supposed to get, yet our own President and Pelosi and Reid called us “Homegrown Terrorists” during the 2010 election period because we stood up to work to get the right people into Congress!  What has happened to our country?  Why has it gotten so bad?  Because the people that run our country now and the people coming over here illegally don’t want the old America, they want an America that does what they want, while we are supposed to simply sit back and do nothing!  And I am so damned tired of it!  If you come to America, you come over here to be an American!  You come to live the American way, to speak English, to work for a living and to stand up for our Rights and Freedoms, not special benefits for every single piece of trash the comes over here to stand against America, to take it away from the true citizens!  If you are not an “America-loving” person, get the hell out of our country and go back to the nations you ran from, the very nations that did not provide you the Freedoms and Rights that our nation has held up for over 240 years!  If you will not stand up and put your hand over your heart in faith to America, then go back to where came from!  This is America, either stand up for it and what it truly stands for, or get out of my country!  Too damned many of my brothers and sisters gave their lives so that everyone else could live safely here!  This is our country, we gave up blood to protect it!  Either live here as a true American, or get the hell out!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Again you are correct. But I do disagree a bit with your first part. Not enough Trump supporters showed up at your event, so, more Cruz delegates were nominated than Trump delegates. Was it the fault of the Trump supporters, yes, was it the fault of the Trump ground game, yes. Was that an intentional happening on the part of the RNC – YES! The RNC keeps their talking heads on TV just about 24/7 now. They keep up the babble of “the rules have been in place for 160 years”, “the rules have not changed”, and so on. When if fact they are making sure that any Trump supporters think that he has failed to do his “homework”. Well, in a way he did, but not in the way they make it sound. Yes the rules have been there and they have not changed, BUT, what they forget to tell everyone is that what the rules say is “that we can re-write the rules every election as we see fit”, and that is what is happening in some states. Trump says that it is being done because he is in the race and doing well. That is not the reason at all. The rules are not being changed because of a single individual, Mr Trump, they can and are changed to make sure anyone like Trump can not get ahead. The Democrats have their “super delegates”, the Republicans have their “rules”. The “rules” are how the elite, power brokers, insiders and those currently in positions in power make sure that things stay the way they are, that they maintain their position of power and influence. There is no difference between the two systems, they both have a mechanism in place to ensure that the ruling class continues to rule and that the people get what they need and not what they want. Once again we get down to the basics, the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is the color of the stick they beat us with.
    Out of 320 million people in this nation are these 5 the best we kind find to run this country? Of course not, but they are some of the very few who have the money or know those who have enough money to make it happen. Are they really going to do what is good for the people and the country or are they going to make sure that the status quo remains in place for the upper echelon?
    I am not sure that Donald Trump is the best person for the job, but, I do know that I am sick and tired of the system as it now stands. I do think we need a change and a person that is not beholding to any special interest group or group of elite power brokers, etc. I think we need him just to run the wheels off the train, run it off the track and then we can start to pick up the train and get it back on the right track. A small wreck may just be in order.

  3. Elle says:

    It’s frustrating to me that Trump and his people are ignorant of how things work. You do the research! No excuse for it. That being said, we’ll see. I’m glad you made the statement you did about Cruz supporter. For the first time, the other night hearing him speak and with your statement, I feel more positive about Cruz. As you said, we’ve got to get a different regime in the whitehouse or were right back to square one…. Actually, worse.
    I agree, our families came here for a better life, they brought their traditions and their recipes, but they never came to turn American into the country of their birth. They embraced living in American and being American. They passed that pride on to their children and so on and so forth. As it should be.
    Thanks for continuing to speak out. People are listening.

  4. jmr1948 says:

    The Game as learned from a ”Non Attorney” ”Professional Politician” a step at a time is forgivable, what has taken place by the ”Attorneys” is what got us right were we are now so new blood is needed and has been for decades.

    With that said I add the following.

    Simple and to the point Cruz is part of the same system that we have entrenched in DC and have had for decades.. He’ll never get my vote, I’ve supported him for years in Texas as he was a Tea Party Candidate however he simply used them like he is using the Republican Party right now, to his advantage. Just look who support him and how comfortable he is with them and all taking place under the political business as usual routine of ”Politics as Usual”..

    A few people I have nurtured into voting for Trump now ask me how it is that Trump can win primaries and so called Caucuses and yet lose and they are first time voters wondering the same thing many ”Seasoned” voters are.. Disillusioned already first time voters too who planned on supporting the Republican ticket, not any more though if things go the way it looks to them and myself now as well.

    It can only happen with a corrupt system which is simply a spin off of the Electoral College each state has, supposedly based on population, representatives and the ”Popular Vote”.. It just isn’t the case and maybe it simply took fresh eyes on the process to notice the obvious, we’ve seen and heard of it for years, the Popular Vote and the Electoral Vote but I guess we were too busy or too blind to accept the fact that even though this idea goes way back to the Founding Fathers it was only intended to give states with smaller populations a bit more say in what took place in DC..

    There can only be a 3rd party run to kill the Republican/Corrupt party forever as was the fate for the Whigs, they have run their course and turned corrupt like the Democratic Party and have become one in the same and if not how else could all that has taken place or become law exist if not for the support of the party with the majority in both houses??

    Trump controls the popular vote and if so called delegates are going to vote any way they see fit then what is the point of this popular vote and an election even??

    If it has to cause chaos in the USA for more years forcing a revolution to topple a corrupt system then so be it, we have been ”Shoveling Shit against the Tide” for too many decades and getting where we are now, nowhere that is doing any of us any good and that is obvious..

    Just look at some of the enemies of this nation and their plans if Trump wins and or if the 911 bill is even passed…. If they weren’t all tied in with the present system/regime it wouldn’t matter one bit to them..

    No, I won’t play the delegate game when I see thousands out for Trump at each rally, all of the candidates against him combined do not draw that kind of supporter crowd, we’re not going to be the elephant controlled by a mouse any longer, the power is in the streets where it always has been, just hasn’t been used with force and this next election and or process leading up to it will bring that out once and for all..


    P.S. No more elections settled by courts and judges and delegates playing law games on the popular vote will be tolerated.

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