I have been asked this question ever since people found out that I am voting for Trump for President:  Why are you voting for a non-politician?  Well, as all of my longtime readers know, I worked on the Hill in DC as what is referred to as an “Independent Lobbyist Activist, which means I never worked FOR anyone up there, but did work WITH several politicians on Veterans Rights issues.  The one thing I learned was that except for a very minor few, all politicians are interested in their own power and wealth and we, the citizens are used only when needed, like gaining the votes they need to win the elections!  And, even the few that are considered to be “good” are in debt to someone and/or some group, and the needs of that person or group is their major concern so that they can have their financial and/or political support to fund their elections in the future!  If you want a law put into effect that will control something, for example, Drunk Driving, and the politician’s main supporter doesn’t want it to happen, guess who gets what they want….  When I was in my first week working with Biden, out of his office as his “Vet Rep”, I asked his Aide how a citizen gets a Bill through Congress and I was told “sex, drugs, money or power”, and I asked her if she was kidding me and she laughed and repeated it!  So I asked “What about the people?”  And she told me “they know what they want, we know what they need”!  And that is how they allow themselves to believe that everything they do that hurts us is exactly what they know we need!  So they never feel like they did the wrong thing, because they knew it was all done to take care of us!  And it was that very fear of separation from the people that caused our Forefathers to originally require every Congressman and Senator to live in the home District, so that they would know exactly what their voters needed and wanted, because they were a part of the population and saw the situations firsthand.  But, over time, they all began leaving their home Districts and moved to DC.  And, now, DC is the hometown of the Political Elite and they live in million dollar mansions and have all of their needs covered by the protection of “Special Bills” they passed over time to provide them with “special medical care”, free expensive meals in the Capitol Building and any assistance they need for their own safety and security!  And over the past 50 years, while our lifestyles and safety has diminished, theirs has gotten better and better!  And anytime they want a pay raise, they simply vote it through and we have to pay for it!

Everyone says that Trump is a “liar”, that he is only interested in becoming President to destroy our nation.  Well, guess what; that’s already happened over the past eight years!  And we voted “good Republicans” into Congress in 2010 and 2014 to stop it from happening, but once elected, they forgot about what we wanted and did what they needed to, and our nation is in the greatest danger it has ever been in before!  They were all “good”, we trusted them because they were “honest”, but it was all gone once they were elected!  Yes, they tell us that they are “doing everything they can” to bring back out country, but they aren’t doing anything at all!  How many told us that they were going to end the illegals coming into America, that they would close our borders and protect us!  But the number of illegals have grown by outrageous numbers and they keep the Border Patrol from being able to do their jobs in the manner dictated by the laws they are supposed to protect under their Oath!  And I have heard from several members of the Border Patrol that Nuclear Trace was found in three locations on our border a couple of years ago!  “Nuclear Trace” means that nuclear materials of some kind have been brought into our country, and those materials can be used to build weapons of mass destruction to be used against the true citizens of America!  And our government knows that muslim terrorists cross our borders every day, and they won’t do anything to stop it!  And that’s why Trump wants a Wall built and our borders closed down to stop anyone who refuses to enter our nation in the legal manner!  And, if he hadn’t come out and expressed his views on this to the public when he did, the other candidates wouldn’t even be speaking about it!  Remember how they all attacked him when he started talking about closing the border; every single one of them said that he was acting in a racist manner and was going to lose the support of every Latino legally in our country!  But, guess what; the voters came out strong in his support and the Latinos legally in the US also came out in support of him and, suddenly, all of the other candidates started saying the same things he does about illegals!  Yeah, there might be some minor differences, but they are using Border Control to build up their own support now!  The only difference is I believe that Trump will keep his word and strengthen and protect our borders, while the others will find excuses for not doing so, it they are elected!

The DC elite has also attacked Trump for his ideas on bringing back our Manufacturing Base and making us independent of the rest of the world controlling what we can get and the quality of it!  He has stated that he will lower taxes on American businesses and raise import taxes on everything coming in from other nations.  And I fully agree with that!  I have stated, several times since I started my blog, that the only reason we lost our Manufacturing Base was because we started throwing unnecessary ecological laws on our businesses, forcing them to pay large amounts of money to modify their manufacturing methods and making them pay additional taxes and fees because they couldn’t follow the laws!  And it was all done to “clean up the atmosphere”, which was total idiocy because, once our businesses that were under strict environmental control here, were moved overseas, they no longer had any environmental controls over them!  And the Chinese, Indian and Mexican governments allowed them to spew out so much of the Carbon Gas that people living in the cities where the businesses now are can’t hold their hands up in front of them, at arm’s length, and even see their own hands!  The Carbon Monoxide in our atmosphere is so high that it is even higher than it ever could have been over here in the ’60s and ’70s!  Add to that the very fact that the taxes on manufacturers in the US are much, much higher than the taxes that the foreign nations have to pay on the goods they ship over here!  And it all has to end!  Our people need to be able to start businesses and profit from them without a government that does everything it can to gain control over them and to tax them out of business!  And that’s exactly what Trump has been working for since he started running for office, yet the other candidates, press and news agencies all came after him saying that there was no way that could happen and that Trump was going to destroy our nation!  But the people realized the truth and came out for Trump and, now, all of the candidates running against him are now spewing out the exact same ideas that Trump has since day one, because they want to be elected!

Every time Trump comes out with an idea that DC hates, but we the people need, they all join together and attack him and do everything they can to make him look “evil”, look like an “idiot” or anything they can use to get the voters to stay away from him!  And they are building up a strong hatred against Trump in their own supporters, telling them that he should “never be voted for”!  And all they are doing is building a wall between voters for opposing candidates, causing a major separation between them, pushing for an election this year where they won’t have the support they need to win to keep the Progressives from gaining the power to end our America as our Constitution has kept it for over 200 years!  And that is their only goal!  IF a RINO gains the Presidency this year, we will go down the same path that Clinton or Sanders would follow, only it would be a slower path, to keep it from looking exactly the same!  And don’t think I am calling Cruz a RINO, I am not!  They will hold their Convention and put in the person we don’t want, but they do, and that person will destroy our country!  If Cruz legitimately beats Trump in the Primary, I will vote for him.  I won’t let the fact that he is not Trump keep me from protecting my country!  And the only reason I don’t want Cruz is because he is a politician and I have worked with some just like him and they all owed someone something for them being elected!  And, when they owe someone, that person gets something!  But I would vote for him over Clinton or Sanders in a heartbeat!  Trump can be loudmouthed and rude at times, but that’s because he never ran for a political office before and he doesn’t know the political rulebook that all in DC do!  But I would probably have made some of the same mistakes myself, if I had ever run for office, because I am not a politician and I say what I think!  And plain speaking is what we need in our political system, no matter how bad it may sound, because we need to end the constant political lies and misleading speeches that make politicians sound good, even though they are robbing us of our self-control and personal safety as true American citizens!  We need to throw out the DC Political Rulebook and go back to the very basis of our Constitution!  We need to force our politicians to speak to us in truth and in reality and to end the constant flow of American benefits to every non-American in the entire world!  Our tax money is for us, not foreign leaders who use it to make themselves wealthy, while their people starve!  Our Freedoms and Rights are for true American citizens and not for anyone who wants to sneak across our borders and take advantage of our Welfare system while they build up hate against our nation and our people!  We are Americans, this is our nation and we are the ones it was built for, through the sacrifices made by our Forefathers that put everything they had on the line to build the first truly free nation in the world!  I am voting for Trump, I don’t care if you vote for Cruz!  But we have to be able to drop the walls if our opponent wins over our candidate, and support the winner!  If we split completely and don’t join before the election, we will have four more years of domination by a Communist, whether they are referred to as a Socialist or a Progressive, because all three are exactly the same!  And that person will lead our nation down a hill that we will never be able to return from under our political system!  So fight for your candidate, work hard for him, but if he isn’t the final candidate, be ready to support the one that is!  It will be hard, believe me, I know!  But it’s a whole lot better that seeing another Bush/Perot/Clinton result again!  Just remember one simple thing:  The Chinese were not allowed to have control over any American business until Clinton won in ’92 and he opened the door for them to take things over!  Why?  Because they financed his campaign, even though it was illegal, and he paid them back, because he was a politician!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Elle says:

    I’d really like to see what a non- politician can do. I’ve had my fill of the others.
    Thanks for laying it all out there.

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    I agree, most went to Congress with very good intentions, but, once there, they have to work within the “system” and it “will” corrupt them, it always does, or, they get out after one term.
    Also agree that a “good” border system is needed, and needed now. I also think that Trump is probably the only one who will try to get it done. Everyone else is against a “true, keep everyone out while we sort things out”, it is not in the best interest of the power structure, on both sides.
    Also agree that over regulation has been a large part of our manufacturing base moving overseas. I do not agree that a tariff on all items will fix the problem. Even if there is a tariff goods from overseas will almost always be cheaper, both in quality and price. Thanks to the unions in this country our workers have a very nice pay scale. Of course that is a major part of why we can no longer compete. When a producer, American or foreign can pay a worker in some third world country a wage of $6.00 per hour and he or she can live good versus paying an American worker $37.50 an hour the overseas product will still be cheaper on the shelf and the American public will continue to buy it.
    Until we back off “global climate change” regulations, change the tax structure and figure out how to pay the American worker a good wage but something this is realistic in the marketplace, American companies will NEVER bring their manufacturing back from overseas.
    At this point I see no one who can accomplish the above. Someone, Trump in particular, may try to make things better, but, he will have to deal with a Congress who is not interested in changing the way things work today. They are not going to give up what they have all worked so hard for over all these years just to get along with a President and a public that wants things changed. You think the “war on drugs” or the “war on poverty” is a disaster and non-functional government attempt to change things, try an fix the manufacturing base going overseas, ain’t never gonna happen.
    Like you, I will back whoever ends up being the eventual candidate that will be put up against the other side. I am afraid however that we may see some fancy footwork, hanky panky, back door, smoke filled back room, under the table deals being made that will not make the candidate that has won the most popular support the eventual candidate, but, someone that the RNC and Republican elite have decided should lead the way. Which of course will be someone who will keep the status quo so that the “political apple cart” does not get upset, can’t have that ya know. Way too much power, money and influence on the line.

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