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I have watched America go down the drain since I got back from Vietnam in 1969.  It has been a purposely slow process and it has ruined our way of life as individual citizens of what was once the greatest nation in the world!  I want to give you a list of the things that I have seen happen:

  1.  When I was young, I used to walk back and forth to school every single day.  I used to walk around our area of Battle Creek, Michigan and never had to worry about some pervert attacking me or kidnapping me.  But they started changing our laws that put people in prison for harming a child, and having them executed for killing or seriously harming a child.  Now we have to consider the “mental problems” of the people that use children as sexual toys, we have to protect their Rights while they are under the legal system.  They are no longer seen as dangerous people, they are seen as “mentally disabled” and they are treated safely while imprisoned.  And guess what; now sexual assault on children by sexual perverts happens almost every single day because they don’t have to fear severe punishment for harming and/or killing children!  And things have gotten so bad that we have people importing “Sex Slaves”, women from other nations, and are forcing them to have sex in any way someone wants them to!  And those poor women are beaten, tortured and killed every day in our nation and very little is being done by our government to end it!
  2. When I was in School, it was a socially unacceptable for anyone under the age of 18 to have sex before marriage.  We had a girl in my High School that got pregnant and her parents moved her out-of-state until she had the child and put it up for adoption.  Was that a great thing to do?  No, but because it was that unacceptable for things like that to happen, we had a very small amount of underage sex, and it was something that was stopped by the girls from happening!  They had responsibility and they wanted to keep everything to kissing and touching, no sex!  Now girls under the age of 12 have been having babies now and it is socially acceptable!  We have lost our responsibility as families to protect our children from having sex at a young age because the school systems have been teaching them about sex while they are in Elementary School and they don’t do it in a responsible way!  And we have allowed sex to be very common on TV shows and in Movies and the young ones are taught that it is “cool” long before they realize the problems it causes in their lives!
  3.  When I was 14 years old, I got my first job as a clerk in the local grocery store.  When I was 16, I bought my first car with my own earned wages and also paid for my own insurance.  I knew that, if I wanted a good life, I had to earn it!  My life was my own personal responsibility and I had to learn how to work and learn what personal responsibility really meant!  And I lived a good life, sometimes not so well, but when I was down, I worked my way back up!  I knew that there was only one way for me to get what I wanted in my future and that was to work hard and earn every single bit of it!  But now we have a system that teaches the young that they “deserve everything”, that they can get what they want just by wanting it!  And our nation is going broke because the politicians are building a government system that gives everything that is a basic need to everyone that they want to have it, just so they can control their lives!  And the suckers are stepping up in line for it!  And it is no more than a modern form of slavery, because the people that are the suckers have to live within the limits of the government with no effort to break away from it, because the government makes them think that they have no other possibility except the governmental teat!
  4. We were once the most profitable and safe nation in the world!  We never had to worry about any nation attacking us because, once they did, we destroyed their nation!  I know that many will see that as “terrible”, that we shouldn’t harm another nation that way but, because we did, they were too scared to threaten us in any way!  But our politicians began worrying about how “bad” we were because we were “mistreating” the other nations and they began using our hard-earned money to give to other nations to show that we were the “good guys”!  Then our politicians began to see how much power and profit they could make off of their “assistance” to the other nations so they opened the door to our economy and tore down the wall that protected it from destruction by other nations!  They gave China, India, the Mid Eastern nations and others full access to our needs and allowed them to take control over our Manufacturing Base, removing our own jobs from our own country, which allowed them the money they needed to build up their own military, and terrorist forces!  The quality of American-made goods was destroyed when the foreigners began making cheap copies that not only were ruining the quality of what we needed, they also have been sending us things that are dangerous to our health!  And, since we have lost our Manufacturing Base, we have lost millions of jobs!  And most of those jobs were well-paying jobs which allowed the government more taxes to use as they saw fit!  But, now, since we have lost those jobs and many of the jobs we have are low-paying jobs, our tax dollars have diminished!  So our politicians should have stopped wasting them, but they didn’t, and now we are so far into debt to the rest of the world that it owns us!
  5. Going back to our military, and the way we fought our enemies:  We used to fight a war to win it, then get out as quickly as possible  But now we fight like we don’t want to win and our wars last decades!  And every single man and woman fighting in our wars today are volunteers who joined the service because they felt the need to stand up for our Rights and Freedoms and to keep our nation safe!  But they are being given limits as to how they can fight, and are locked up by idiotic rules that put their lives in great danger every single day, while the enemy they fight is supposed to be treated “fairly’!  While muslims butcher their own people and murder Americans in any way they can, our Military is supposed to treat them fairly, as human beings!  Our government goes to war with them but won’t fire on them if there are civilians around because they don’t want to be seen as “violent”!  But the muslims are smart enough to see that and keep civilians around them to protect them from us attacking them!  A was is a war and our enemy knows that and does whatever they want to kill our troops and murder American citizens!  And we need to realize that war is not “fair” or “good”, but is only one thing and that is necessary to the safety of Americans and our enemies our are enemies!  If I live in a city where the enemy attacks our troops and I didn’t want to die, I would move out!  And, if the muslims are “good muslims” and don’t want to become victims of attacks by us, they should move to another location!  When we fight a war, we are putting the best of American lives in danger and our responsibility is to our troops, not the enemy population!  Carpet bombing, with no advance warning, will take out huge numbers of our enemy without putting our troops lives in danger!  And, if civilians know that they are in danger, they will leave any area where our enemy is!  Our lives are our responsibility, their lives are theirs!  We either fight a way to win, go in quickly and destroy as many as possible, or we continue making our enemies feel safe to attack us and kill us!
  6. The first President I remember as a kid was President Eisenhower:  He was the Commanding Officer of our military during World War II, and he knew the need of keeping America a strong nation, and the necessity of holding a great fear of destruction against any nation that thought they might attack us!  And he kept our nation safe!  But now we have a President that started his term by apologizing to other nations for our “violence” against them in the past!  And, after the 9/11 attack, and the constant “Destroy America!” push by all of the muslim nations that hate us you’d think that, as our President, he would keep our enemy out of our country to keep it safe!  But one of the first things he did was to bring over 40,000 Hamas members and put them into Detroit where they got Social Security benefits and the Right to become citizens!  And, as citizens, they have the Right to arm themselves, and they have!  And, now, they are the greatest danger in our own country to each and every one of us!  And he has allowed more to come in legally, he has left our border open where many sneak in with whatever form of weapons they want to bring with them and, if we stand against them, we are “Islmaphobes”!  He has helped CAIR and other Islamic organizations to build power here in the US and allows them to use our own Constitutional laws against us, to force us to have to treat them as the “good people” while we are the racists!  And he is the first President that has ever put members of an organization that supports our enemies into his own Administration!  He has ruined our economy, made College the only “acceptable” form of education and the most costly, and has worked to build a violent hatred in Blacks against Whites!  He is using every opportunity he can to destroy the very basic strengths that built our great nation and he says he has “rebuilt it”!  Any attack against us in America will be his fault!  He should have done everything he could to unite our nation and rebuild it, as he promised he would when he ran the first time, but he lied!  And because he did, our nation is falling apart from the inside out!

The time has come for all of us to wake up and realize that this election year is the most important one in our lifetimes, maybe even in the history of our nation since the Revolution because, if we let someone like Hillary Clinton in office, we will have more years of Obama and that means the destruction of our Constitutional Rights and our Freedoms as the true citizens of America!  I am a Trump supporter and the main reason I am is because he is not a politician, but a very successful American businessman who I see as being the one possible leader that will work to rebuild America and bring it back!  And he doesn’t owe anyone for his campaign, so he doesn’t have any influence owed to any Special Interest it he wins!  But, if Cruz beats him in the Primaries, I will vote for Cruz, because anyone who doesn’t vote for the nominated candidate will be giving a vote to Clinton!  And I worked with Perot’s campaign and I remember when Clinton won because Bush minus Perot meant too few votes and gave Clinton just over a one-third majority!  And I do respect Cruz, I just don’t want another politician in office this time!  But my vote will go for him if he is the Candidate!

The Communists/Socialists/Progressives have been working on a slow, strong path to destroy America and they are very, very close to reaching their goal!  And, if they reach it, we will lose everything our Forefathers fought for to build the greatest nation in the world!  Everything I listed above has been their path to the destruction of America and they have gotten away with it until now!  Now we have to stand up and do the right thing to win this election!  We have to beat the Clinton or Sanders campaign by showing up with the largest number of true Americans at the polls and begin the effort to take America back!  We need to research every Congressman and Senator we vote for, on every State and National level and make sure we get the right people into office!  This is the year that will re-make, or break America and as true American citizens, we need to make our voices heard and get our nation back!  We are the new Revolutionaries and we will obtain the America we need by taking over the polls and winning the election!  I ask all of you to see the true necessity of winning and stand together, to ensure that the once great nation that led the world and built the ideal of true Freedom, comes back to the people of America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Elle says:

    Many, if not all of these points, struck home. Truth is truth. I will be voting, of course, and I will be voting for Trump for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m called a bonehead idiot by the idiots voting for Clinton. That’s ok… The proof’s in the pudding and let’s hope enough of us ” bonehead idiots” get out the vote for Trump. I do not like Cruz, but like you, I will vote for him if it comes to that.
    Thanks for always telling it how it is. Your voice is heard and I’ll spread the word, too.

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