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I have heard a lot of talk about how bad Conservatives are supposed to be, how we are “evil” and want to ruin everyone’s lives.  I think one of the biggest problems we have in this country is the way TV shows, movies, political pundents and our educational system lies about the truth of being a true Conservative!  For that reason I want to explain the differences between Progressive, Liberal and Conservative ideals truly are.  I have lived in this world for a long time now and I have seen America go from the most respected, strongest nation, with good lives and strong possibilities for every single American to build their own good lives, into a nation that has lost its Manufacturing Base to overseas nations and how we have become the most laughed at nation in the world!

Back in the early ’50s, after WWII, Senator Joe McCarthy went after the Communists that came to America to try to destroy our Constitution and break us down to a Communist nation.  There is a TV show on FX that plays out their efforts and it’s called “The Americans”.  They didn’t come here to be Americans, they didn’t come here to live free under our Nation’s laws and Constitution, they came to destroy it.  And their movement presented themselves as “just Americans who wanted to work to make our nation “better” so they used our Constitutional Freedoms against us and attacked McCarthy in the press and got our own Government to go against him and made him look like the “bad guy”!  But, even though they didn’t get harassed anymore, they were still looked at as a threat, so they changed their name to “Socialists”.  The term “Socialist” was shown to represent a group working to improve the “social” lives of the people, to give them whatever they wanted to so that the people would support them.  And they used the people who wanted governmental support as voters to push their movement forward.  They didn’t want to change things quickly, they wanted to move slowly so that everything they did would be a “small change” that would look like they were working for the poor and not like they were attacking America.  They started changing minor laws that appeared to be “protecting the people”, like mandating Seat Belts in cars, no smoking in public places, etc., because every minor change opened a door for major changes!  And, because they acted like they were the “saviors” of the poor and needy, they gained a lot of public support and grew power in our own nation!  And Americans accepted the name “Socialist” because they acted like “saviors”, even though Russia, Cuba and other nations were open Socialist nations, and it was very easy to see how “Communism/Socialism” was not only destroying the lives and freedoms of the people in those nations, but was also responsible for millions of governmental murders of people who didn’t follow the rules of the Communist/Socialist rulers of those nations that dominated their people!  And the Socialists kept growing power until Kennedy and Johnson started working against them.  So they got involved in the Anti-War movement that went after our government for Vietnam and Vets, and protested the Democratic National Convention in 1968 and gained control over the Democratic Party!  And, since the name “Socialist” started becoming a bad name, and they wanted a name that would make them look like really good people, they changed their name to “Progressive” and used it to label themselves as a group that wanted to “progress America” for all of the people!  But it was a lie, and they have slowly destroyed our nation and have taken away everything that our Forefathers built to provide the citizens of America the support and Freedoms to build their own lives on their own efforts!  Since that happened, we have lost our Manufacturing Base, our Educational System has slowly fallen from the number 1 system in the world, to one that is laughed at in other nations, and our way of life has seriously diminished and changed to a government controlled existence!  And, now, the leaders of the Democratic Party are proudly stating that they are “Progressives”, and we have two candidates running for the Democratic Party for President, one who states she is proudly a Progressive, the other who states that he is proudly a Socialist!  And we have a President that stood up in his first speech before Congress and stated that he wanted to “welcome his fellow Progressives”!  Go to the web and see what Russia and the other nations did to the lives of their people and you will see just how bad Communism/Socialism/Progressivism truly is!  When I was a kid, I was safe walking home 3 1/2 miles to and from my Elementary School without having to worry about being attacked by a pervert; now it is dangerous to be out in front of your own home!  Murders are up so high, especially in cities like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles from back in the ’50s and ‘6os, that it is one of the biggest dangers in our nation!  And the government now controls so many lives because it commands the income, food and health care of so many who depend upon it to take care of them!  And this never should have happened!  But the Progressives kept selling changes in our lives to the people as “improving” their lives!  In reality; all it did was give them legal control over them!

Republicans were always a Liberal Party.  And they worked to change our nation into a country that had more control over it by the government!  It wasn’t done on the same level as the Progressives, but it was still being changed, only much more slowly!  Why?  Because our politicians no longer work for the people, as our Constitution was written to protect, they work for themselves, not the people they are supposed to protect!  Every Congressional politician lives in DC, in fancy homes with Secret Service protection, not in their home States where they were always meant to live!  Initially, they were supposed to live in their home Districts and only go to DC a couple of times a year.  But living in their home Districts made their lives open to the people that voted for them and the people could see their criminal lives, so they moved to DC to avoid that!  And look up the Criminal Records of many of our politicians on the web and you’ll see I am telling the truth!  They have their own Special Healthcare in DC that is of an extremely higher quality than any minion citizen will ever have!  And they get paid good wages but, “somehow” they all become millionaires while in office!  How?  Easy; Special Interest organizations’ “investments” into their careers!  Ask yourself a very easy question:  How do politicians get rich, live fancy lives and grow power, while our lives get worse?  The easy answer is that they pass laws that provide more for them, and less for us!  Republican and Democratic leaders are the same, it’s just that Republicans are slowly working for their total control over the citizens, the Progressives are working much faster!

Conservatives don’t want any kind of “Special Treatment”, benefits or power as the DC politicians keep saying:  All we want is our Constitution, and our Rights given us by it, to be protected and upheld!  I am an Independent Conservative:  I don’t want to have anything more than what I have been guaranteed by our Forefathers and the Right to live my life freely as a true American citizen!  I don’t hate immigrants; my family came here as immigrants!  I just want every person wishing to immigrate to America to have to do it the exact same way that my family did!  I want every American citizen to be treated in a Constitutional way, with full Rights and Freedoms with no limit on any American citizen because someone “doesn’t like them”!  But every American citizen has to follow the same laws in the legal way, with no Special Rights for anyone!  If you hate me, you can tell me.  And if it makes me angry, I can be angry!  But neither of us can cry to the government because we don’t think it’s fair, that we aren’t being treated “fairly”!  We want every American to have the Right to work for their own lifestyle, to all having the opportunity to work to gain their own education and to advance as far as they possibly can, without any governmental influence given them over other Americans!  The whole ideal that built America and made it the once greatest nation in the world was that we all had full, personal control over our own lives to build our own futures!  And that is what Conservatives want!  But every other group wants control over us and they see us as their danger to their control over our nation, so they attack us and label us and crazy, as “Homegrown Terrorists” as Pelosi, Reid and our President did back in 2010, because we were standing up against their attacks against our Rights and Freedoms!  And we didn’t stand up against them in any violent way, we stood up against them as citizens are supposed to:  We held rallies and protests, all peaceful, as is our Right as citizens of America!  Yet all those politicians have backed violent, dangerous protests by any group that will stand up against us, and they referred to the people who did that as “good citizens who just want their Rights protected”!  They are opening the doors to our nation by wanting to bring in muslim terrorists, as “poor victims” of their own people’s dangers, and they are putting our nation in a direct path of National danger!  Conservatives don’t want anyone being allowed into our country when those people openly state they “hate America”, we want our nation to be protected and kept safe from that kind of danger, as our Constitution demands that our politicians are supposed to do!  Conservatives want only one thing:  America to once again become the one nation in the world where all legal citizens are to be protected from danger and our Right to build our own lives!  We want to be able to live out our Constitutional Rights as good Americans and to be able to live safe, happy and comfortable lives under our own control, legally, not under the control of power-hungry politicians that want to control every way of our lives!  And we want all legal citizens to be equal, free and safe!  And we have one last chance to ensure that it happens, and that is the upcoming elections!  Don’t listen to the bullshit that the press and truly self-interested politicians put out there!  Don’t listen to the leadership telling you that we want to destroy our Constitution; look at how they have been doing it for the past 56 years!  We need to replace the politicians with true Americans!  We need to get people in office that want to work under the control of our Constitution, not the needs of Special Interests!  We need to bring back the America that once held the respect of the rest of the world!  It’s up to us to decide what group is going to run our nation in the future and we need the one group that simply wants our Constitution to become the leader of our nation, not self-interested, egotistical political domineers!  Talk to everyone you can to get them to understand the truth about Conservatives, about the necessity of a truly Free America once again!  Then get out and vote!  And don’t protest the election because your candidate doesn’t win the Primaries, because not voting is the exact same thing as voting for the ones that want to destroy America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Love the RANT, but, you are preaching to the choir I am afraid. Those of us that believe like you do see the same thing, feel the same way. The problem, the apathetic public. Yep, here I go again, harping on the majority of Americans who are in fact apathetic. Those that are attached to their smartphones 24 hours a day, and yet, somehow miss the world going by. They are so self engrossed in their little electronic world they fail to see or notice what happens around them. They think because they have an app for everything under the sun that they understand what is going on around them. They think that if that add a hashtag to something someone else has written that it will make a difference. It makes them feel good, because “they did something”. Remember the attack in Paris, and for days everyone put the French Tri-Color over their Facebook presence? Did doing that make any difference, no, of course not, but it made them feel good. The only that made a difference were French men and women who went down and enlisted in the military and put on a uniform to fight the terrorists. Those that changed their Facebook presence here in America will also be those that are going to vote in the general election in a few months. Most of them have not a clue what is going on it politics. They will vote for someone the recognize, either from listening to the radio, reading a newspaper, seeing someone on TV, or most likely, seeing something about someone on Facebook or Twitter. So, once again, big money buys the election. He who has the gold makes the rule. Those apathetic folks could care less what is going on, until it affects them directly, and I mean knock on their door and make demands, or take their money, and I mean walks up to them on the street and demands they give up their money. Until those kind of actions happen they can and will care less. Unfortunately they will make a very large part of those going to the polls in the fall. How can we convince them to pay attention now when it is so critical to do so. I have not a clue, will keep trying but it seems like such a lost cause. It is almost impossible to get them to get out of their little electronic world and into the real world around them. They are the future and it appears to be bleak. Do not want to be so glum, but, sure is how I see it.

  2. You are right, but the very thing your talking about is the tool we need to use. Trump uses it and he is winning because of it. I’m not the kind of person that uses my cellphone every day, I only use it maybe twice a month. But there are a lot of people out there that see things the same way we do and they use their cellphones just like the others do. And putting out the right information by chatting with friends, or making comments on your Facebook site, is the best way to get information out to the voters without having to buy time for advertising. We have the greatest tools in the world in our own hands and those that are comfortable using them should be on them every day, spreading the word. In the past, there was not a lot of intermixed information, except for what the News Agencies wanted to put out, but we have instant contact with each other and we can make things work our own way, even if it goes against what Parties want. So, use your phones, change history!

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