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We are facing one of the most important elections our nation has ever held!  The outcome of the upcoming election will determine if we will continue to be a true Free Nation, or if we will follow the path of the Communistic nations and wind up dominated by our government and forced to live our lives according to the Government’s rules, and will have to depend upon it for the very basics of life, including, food, homes, medical care and every other basic need to simply remain alive!  It’s time that the people stopped following our old habits of re-electing politicians that have names that we recognize, because they depend upon that!  We need to start learning everything we can about those who are currently in office and find the true facts of their actions while in office, not just the lies they want us to hear!  The majority of our politicians have legal backgrounds and they know how to manipulate our Constitution to make it fit their needs, and that’s exactly why they have been able to destroy our Manufacturing Base, how they have turned our education system into a Communistic training system and how they have slowly manipulated our Rights through breeding hate and anger among the American people!  We need people in our government that have business backgrounds, so that they will change the lies and rebuild the strength of our nation by returning our businesses back to America, to allow every single American good jobs with livable wages!  We need leaders in our Military that have only one goal in their minds and that’s to make our nation safe once more, because all those that want to destroy us will fear trying to do so as it used to be, until the past 24 years!  We need an educational system that will require teaching of our true history and all the necessary classes that will teach the young to want to work hard to gain the lifestyle they want, not what the government requires them to have!  We can no longer follow the path that politicians lay before us and begin following the same path our Forefathers did to build America, and that’s to follow our hearts and work together to regain the once Great America that our nation used to be!

Here are a few things that seriously need to be changed and only we, the people of America, can make sure it happens:

  1.  One of the very first things I learned while working on the Hill in DC was that our government needs anger between the people to take the attention of the people off of their actions that help them gain control over us!  I have been around since Blacks were not treated as Free Americans.  I remember when open racism was a normal thing and Blacks lived lives as a second-class people.  When Martin Luther King began working for change, there was a huge majority of Whites that worked with him for that change!  And it was because of so many White people voting in support of him for true change that Freedom for Blacks became a part of our Constitution!  Are there White racists?  Yes, but they are a very small part of our nation and they do not hold the respect of other Americans!  But there are also Black racists, and they are growing larger every day, and that growth is fed by politicians that use bad situations like a young Black man in Ferguson, Missouri, just a couple of miles from my own home, to get people agitated by fear so that they only look at that, not what the politicians are doing while we fear trouble!  The young man who was shot had robbed a store, attacked the owner, then tried to kill the police officer that wound up having to shoot him!  Then the government paraded in, acting like the protective angels caring for the “suffering” of the family for the “unnecessary” death of their son!  And Ferguson lost an important part of their neighborhood because Al Sharpton paid for “protestors” to come to the city to build up anger, and they burned buildings and robbed and attacked shopkeepers!  And the criminal that robbed the store and attacked the owner, then tried to kill the police officer, became a hero and the police officer had to undergo several investigations!  And even though every investigation couldn’t find anything the officer did to be wrong, including the Federal investigation, he was fired and has to hide to keep from being attacked again!  And, if it had been a White man who had done the same thing, there never would have been even one investigation against the officer and the press would have written it as a “necessary thing” to be done when the officer shot him!  Why?  Because the government knew that the best way to keep the attention off of them was to build up a “Racial” situation that would keep the trouble growing and would make everyone worry more about what was necessary for them to be safe from danger!  Look at the major cities in our country; they have gang and drug problems and a huge amount of Black on Black murders, yet what is being done to stop it?  NOTHING!  Because the government wants them live with fear so that when a politician runs for office, he will always have the hope of the people behind him, because he will promise to end it!  But they never do!  And the cities have grown even more dangerous over the past decades!  And the majority of those neighborhoods are Black and Latino, and the people who live there fear their lives if they were to stand against the gangs and criminals!  But, if the politicians honored their promises, those neighborhoods would have been safe and free from danger a long time ago!  So, why haven’t they kept their promises?  Because they need that fear and hatred to allow them to do what they want while the people are too busy trying to stay alive!  So let’s stop the hate between races and start turning our attention on those politicians and start replacing them with people who will truly keep their promises and make the nation safe again!
  2. The drug problem in America is so bad that it has ruined the lives of a great many Americans and their families that have to suffer though the pain of watching their children destroy themselves!  If our government truly wanted to end the drug problem they could!  They could stop all drug trafficking into America and they could clean our streets of drug dealers,  but they don’t want to!  One major fact that never gets in the Press is the one basic truth about drug trafficking:  Politicians need money to build their power and they will take it from anyone they can!  A drug lord will send money over to an area like Europe where it will be laundered and sent from nation to nation in Europe, then it will be sent to the US where it will be given to a person, group or organization that will look “legitimate” and it will be “donated” to a politician or given “undercover” to that politician to be used for whatever he wants it to be used for!  If it is “investigated”, which they normally aren’t, it will never be shown to be given by a drug lord and the politician doesn’t have to worry about anyone finding out about it!  And that is one basic way that keeps our nation suffering from drugs, and it has to end!  Once again; get rid of the politicians in our government and get legitimate candidates in office!
  3. When I was in DC I talked with one of the men on the “60 Minutes” news show and he told me that “nothing gets out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out”!  And that means that every criminal politician that is in office lives with freedom from legal actions against them and the people in their home state will never know about it!  Go on the Web and look up “politicians with a criminal history” and you should be able to find lists of names with crimes they never were punished for because no one ever investigates them!  Why?  Simple:  If they have done something wrong, then other politicians know about it and that gives them power over that person, and that power is a great weapon to hold against them because, if the people in their home district know about it, they will not vote for them!  And leverage is the most powerful tool in DC!  That’s why so many Bills that actually waste money, Bills that harm the lifestyles of American citizens, are passed by so many on both sides of the issues!  Politicians are not forced to follow the same laws we are!  And it has become so dirty in DC that everyone has some kind of control on everyone else, and it has to end!  Once again; get rid of the politicians in our government and get legitimate candidates!
  4. Have any of you ever seen your Senator or Representative living in your area?  How often do you see them in your home state?  Almost never, except for election years, when they need to get you to vote for them!  And when you do see them, they will all tell you how much they “worry” about your situations and how badly they want to make them better!  But, do they?  No!  The only time they will do something you want them to do is when it means they will get your vote, or if it will make them look like a “good politician”!  They don’t live in any home state; they live in DC!  They are not a part of your community, they are citizens of DC!  When our government was first put together, it was set up so that Federal politicians were supposed to live in their home states and only go to DC for a couple of months a year to take care of Federal business!  And that was set up that way because our Forefathers knew that it was necessary for our representatives to live with the people in order for them to personally see what their people needed, to know them personally and stand as a true representative of the people because they knew exactly what their people needed because they lived with it themselves!  But they don’t do that anymore!  So who do they truly represent?  Special Interest groups, Unions and anyone that will give them the money they need to build their power!  But, over anyone else, they represent their own needs to allow them to become rich and powerful!  How about us?  Well, as told to me by one of Biden’s Aides, while I was working with his office for a very short time, when referring to the needs of the people:  “They know what they want, we know what they need”!  If they truly know what we need, why do we have such a major problem with drugs, why do we have open borders and why do we still have so much crime in our cities!  Once again; get rid of the politicians in our government and get legitimate candidates!

There are so many things we need to change in DC to bring back America to the once great nation it used to be!  But it will take responsibility of the people to get it done!  Voting is not something that needs to be done just to make us feel good; it’s the power the people have over the government to make sure it is doing the right job!  Look at it this way:  It’s very simple; we are their employers, they are our employees!  And if you, as an employee, ignored everything your boss wanted you to do and simply took his money and did everything you could to get rich and powerful, what would he do?  He would, at a minimum, fire you!  And, when he saw what you were doing with his money, he would call the cops and have you arrested and you would go to court and spend a long time in prison!  But politicians have built a system where they don’t have to follow the same laws we do, because they hide everything and lie to us to get the money and power they need to dominate us!  And who has done that in the past?  Bad Kings, Communist/Socialist/Progressive leaders and people like Hitler!  Good politicians carry one thing in their heart and that’s to do everything they have to in order to ensure that their citizens lead good, safe lives and protect their futures!  So learn everything you can about the truth of your current politician and learn everything you can about the candidates.  Don’t listen to everything they say about each other because they will lie and say anything to get elected!  Find out where their money is coming from to fund their elections because money given to a politician means power for those who give it!  Learn what you can and talk with others about it!  If is up to us, it is our responsibility as citizens of America to do our job and elect the right people!  This is our country, it’s our responsibility, and we need to stand up and do the right thing, or we will become slaves to a criminal system of greedy, power-hungry political criminals!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Read this last night and then again this morning. It is correct and should be taken to heart by others. Unfortunately it will go unheeded and ignored. People, are as Bill O’Reilly says, “glued to their devices”, and, they are so apathetic that they just do not pay attention. There are those that do pay attention, but, they are the ones that we never had to worry about in the first place. It is the faceless, mindless, minions that need to be awakened. Of course that is not going to happen. They all live in the little electronic world where they think there is an app for everything. They have no idea how to survive outside their little self created sphere of reality. They will continue to wonder aimlessly along assuring themselves that all is well. Until something affects them directly they will continue to live in blissful ignorance. And I mean something directly, not a change in politics, not a change in border security, not a change in Supreme Court appointees, not a change in health care systems, but, something that physically causes them discomfort, causes to lose their home, their job, their car, their own money. When that happens they will look up from the little screen and try to comprehend what has happened. Of course by then it is too late, they have been led way further down the road of liberalism, socialism, communism and government control than they know. It will be too late for them to make a difference, to have any input that might change the outcome.
    I sure wish it would be different, but, I am truly afraid that we may have let things go too far already. Those folks should have been grabbed by the collar and given a good shake years ago to wake them to the oncoming dilemma.
    How do we change the way things are today? I am not sure, unfortunately and that is what scares me. We may be beyond the peaceful change state. That is very worrisome and concerning to me and I become more and more fearful of the future.
    Sure wish I was more positive on this, but, I just can’t be.

  2. The problem is that we don’t follow the same path as those who have been destroying our nation, and we need to. They got out on the streets to show their support for their beliefs and we did the same in 2010, and it built the Tea Party movement. But everyone walked away when they thought it would work and didn’t keep the pressure on the politicians to do their job and rebuild our nation! We need to make our voices heard on the internet, in public and with those that we can talk to. We have to teach the young about the truth of the Communist/Socialist/Progressive movement that is destroying our nation and the only way to do that is to talk with them. If we don’t make our voices heard, the politicians will continue seeking their own power and wealth and our nation will be headed down the drain!

  3. Elle says:

    Always can count on you, Michael. Thank you.

  4. Thank-you, Elle, for your support.

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