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As I have said previously:  I have been on this Earth for quite a while now.  I have seen changes over the years that don’t make sense.  Yes, I know what’s going on, but I need to talk about the things that really don’t make any sense!  Well, except for politicians that make money off of our problems!

  1.  The cost of oil and the price of gas doesn’t make a lick of sense!  Oil has continued to go down, but the price of gas has frozen at $1.79 a gallon over the weekends and $1.69 a gallon in the early week here in St. Louis, Missouri, yet prices are down to a 12 year low!  And I am not just guessing at this: that statement was made about two weeks ago on the news.  The truth is that Oil, in November, was $43.11 a barrel but is at a low of $30.00 a barrel now.  Back in January of 2004, Oil was at $37.66 a barrel, which means that oil prices are now $7.66 a barrel lower than they were in 2004.!  So we should be paying less than I paid for a gallon of gas back then, when I lived in Florida, but we’re not!  I bought gas for only 45 cents a gallon back then, but the prices are still as high as they were before November of last year!  And gas is predicted to go down to $20.00 a barrel in the coming months because of the release of the ban on Iranian Oil being sold to the rest of the world.  That should take gas prices down to around 35 cents a gallon, or less, but it won’t!  Why?  Well, as I explained in my previous rant:  Muslims dominate the majority of gas stations in America and they control the prices!  And they will be making billions of dollars throughout the year because their profits are now through the roof!  And, because they keep their prices up, all the other stations feel safe doing the same thing!  Well, except for one station that was shown on the news this morning that was selling its gas for only 54 cents a gallon!  But it’s not a muslim-owned station!  My suggestion to end this greed is to stop driving as much as you do so that the Oil Futures continue to drop and the gas stations will lose money until they drop their prices!  And remember one very important thing about gas prices and muslim-dominated gas stations:  The more money they make, the more money the muslim nations and terrorist get, and they will use that money to “Destroy America!” as the Iranian “Supreme Leader” has openly stated, loudly!
  2. When I am listening to local radio station, I keep hearing advertising for an organization that needs us to donate money to them because there are “millions” of young kids in America that are not getting food and are starving!  I thought that we had a Welfare system that is supposed to provide food to hungry kids!  Doesn’t the government take hundreds of millions of our tax dollars every year to give to people who can’t take care of themselves?  I like to go to the casinos and I see many Welfare people in them spending the money we give them to allow them to eat and sleep, and it is being spent in slot machines!  And they spend a lot!  And they buy the gas they need to “get around” with the EBT cards and even get to use that money on Car Washes and any store or business that accepts EBT cards!  There are even some liquor stores that accept EBT cards!  When I went to Las Vegas for my birthday, I saw debit machines that had signs on them stating that they accepted EBT cards!  When I got out of the Army in 1970, Welfare provided for the basics of life, including only meat, milk and other basic foods, and there were small apartments in Housing Projects where the Welfare recipients could live.  And benefits were only for one child.  But, in the mid-70s, they changed the rules and Welfare recipients could have as many children as they wanted and they would get extra money for each extra child!  And, now, they get our tax money and can use it to buy cars, go to casinos and do whatever else they want to with it!  And, back in the ’70s, the Welfare recipients started protesting about the small housing they got and started tearing up and burning down the buildings, so the government got the “great idea” of Section 8 housing, where the government would use our tax dollars to rent out houses and the Welfare recipients could move into any neighborhood, regardless of the dangers they put the homeowners in that neighborhood into!  My suggestion is that we need to start forcing our politicians to do what they are supposed to:  Take care of the people who pay the taxes and stop wasting our money on those who use it however they want to, instead of simply providing for their families!  It doesn’t make sense that millions of kids don’t have food when every single need of every lazy family in America gets Welfare, including illegal aliens!
  3. Back when the government was pushing for “Ethanol” gas, many of us knew that the use of corn to make it would raise our food prices and the cost of anything that uses corn to make it, like plastic!  But the Progressives wanted to get rid of oil, so they pushed it through Congress and now our food prices are higher than they have ever been!  We are always told that it was necessary to keep our atmosphere clean, but we have the same low-level of carbon gas in America that we did before they put ethanol in use!  But that doesn’t really matter to DC anyway because, when they shipped our Manufacturing Base over to China, India, Mexico and the other nations that have our billions of dollars of profit now, they never made any regulations to those nations and, now, the atmosphere of our planet is worse that it was when we made our own goods!  I have seen the videos of cities in China where you can’t see your own hand in front of your face because of the pollution they have there, and that pollution does fill the whole atmosphere, not just there!   And, because of the “necessity” of ethanol, more farmers grow corn than other food and we have to get a lot of our food from other countries that don’t use the same laws we do to ensure that the food is safe to eat!  So we have exported our manufacturing base overseas and have ruined a great deal of our own food supply, just so some politicians make money off of the companies that make ETHANOL!  My suggestion is that we start pushing our politicians to end the whole Ethanol game and let us go back to our own clean gas!  Yes, it is clean gas because of the regulations we have Catalytic Converters that clean our exhausts of any pollutants!  End ethanol and we will see farmers growing crops other than corn and our prices will lower and our food will be much, much safer!

Because we have to buy everything from other nations, we are building up the militaries and weapons used by them in those nations because we are providing the money they never had before the Progressives started giving everything to them!  The major safety of America is in danger because we throw money at those nations, yet we can’t control what they do with it!  And buying everything we need from them takes away our jobs and provides power to them over us!  The time has come to bring back America to the nation it once was and the only way to do that is to make America first and Americans first!  We grew the greatest nation in the world because we were willing to work for it!  And now our nation is going down the drain at a rapidly growing rate because we have given everything to nations that couldn’t do it themselves!  It needs to stop because the needs of our country is exactly what our Members of Congress swore an Oath to protect!  But that Oath means crap to them!  And we need to take our country back from the criminal politicians that work only for their own power and profit!  And that means that we need to watch everything they say and do and hold them responsible for it!  This upcoming election is the most important election of my lifetime and we need to ensure that we get the greedy politicians out of office and get legitimate people into office that will work to rebuild America and let the rest of the world learn to take care of itself!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Elle says:

    As always, you speak truth, Michael. I can’t add to it, I can only concur.
    I’ll do my part and encourage others to do theirs.
    Thank you for speaking out! It’s appreciated more than you know.

  2. Jim says:

    As a kid from a service station family, ( example)if I bought 100,000 gallons at $1.70 a gallon,( reasonable comparison ) when prices were $2.11 cents a gallon at the pumps, and it was in my tanks in the ground or in bulk storage tanks ..I would not want to resell it for less than I bought it.I still have to use up what I’ve bought.
    When Iran starts filling the markets with cheap oil..that will plummet fuel prices even more..but until we see stations getting better replacement fuel ..cheaper than they have bought it on the market before..we will see prices static..until the past product is used up.oil is now at $28 a barrel. This is the poor people, and middle income brackets raise..about $100-$250 a month. No thanks to President Obummer. He fought tooth and nail against ..the oil industry. Thanks be to places like ND…which is now close to a bust, until
    oil prices rise. ND will now face budget problems because of “budget projections” that included oil revenue taxes in its context. Buy oil stocks when they hit $25 a barrel or lower or in that area….invest in that liquid gold. Sad thing about oil is…many retirement programs were invested in
    it…but that’s life..the waxing and waning economy…boom or bust.

  3. Yeah, the government thought that they could allow oil prices to continue at a higher price if the retirement of the people depended on it! Aren’t we lucky to have such a “great” government full of crooked leaders….. Just remember one simple thing: They are only in office because the voters don’t care enough about what they do and they keep voting for the name, not the integrity! But people are waking up, thanks to Obama…

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