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Funny how the kids of today are taught to not listen to “old people” because they don’t know anything!  But the honest truth is that we know the history of our country as we grew in it and listening to what we say can help the younger ones know the truth, and the Progressives don’t want that to happen!  I remember America when it was the strongest, safest nation in the world, when other nations envied us and wanted to seriously become American citizens.  I remember living when the only “terrorism” in the US was a very, very rare problem with a muslim!  But it was changed by the Progressive movement within the US and has now become the most dangerous threat to America!  How did that happen?  Well, as an older man who saw what was going on, I will explain that to you:

Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, the Progressives began their push to destroy our independence as a nation, to take away our self-reliance when it came to providing for our own people.  They started passing anti-oil drilling laws in the US and it made it more and more expensive for American oil companies to drill for our own oil!  They passed all kinds of “environmental protection” laws that limited how and where the oil companies were allowed to drill, they passed “emission” laws that made it more expensive for the gas companies to refine the oil into gas and they heavily taxed the companies who did both!  Before this all started, I could buy gas for my car for as low as 16.9  cents a gallon but, in the mid-’70s, they made it so difficult for the oil and gas companies that gas jumped up to over $1.00 a gallon which, back then, was the equivalent of $4.50 a gallon today!  I can’t remember how many times I had to sit in a line to buy gas for over 45 minutes!  Why did they do that?  Because they wanted us to buy cheaper oil from the Mid-Eastern countries, and we wound up having to do that!  When that started, the Mid-Eastern nations were relatively poor, with a majority of the people uneducated and they didn’t have the missiles, bombs and advanced weapons they do now, but the Progressives got what they wanted and things seriously changed!

I know that many out there think I just want to ruin the lives of the Progressives in America, but what most don’t know is that the Progressives came from the Communistic movement back in the early ’50s:  The Communists were slipping into the US and were working to destroy America, because we have always been their major threat against them, which kept them from expanding across the European continent.  They were exposed in the early ’50s and all of us knew who and what they were, so they changed their name to Socialists in the early ’60s and started the “Hippie Movement” that protested against everything truly American and used their fight against the Vietnam War to allow them to take over the Democratic Party in 1968.  But the name “Socialist” became a cautionary name back when Ronald Reagan was in office, because of his work to slow Russia down and the people of America became aware that the Russians referred to their Communistic nation as “Socialist”!  So, in the 2000s, they changed their name to “Progressives”, because the name “Progressive” makes them sound like a Party that wants to make America “progress”!  But they still have the exact same goal from when they were Communists, and that is to tear down our nation by destroying our Educational System, our Manufacturing Base and our Military, in order to end our self-reliance and to put us in a situation where we have to rely on other nations in order to survive our future!  And they have succeeded in doing that!  And the major way they did it was to make us have to rely on the Mid-East for our oil!

Back in the ’70s they started bringing muslims into our college system, to teach them everything about our science and other studies, in order to allow them to advance their nations to a modern level.  But what they were really doing was allowing them to learn what they needed to learn in order to advance their military powers by knowing how we invented and built the weapons we have and how our economy works!  And, while in college, they would meet American women and treat them very “special” in order to get them to marry them so that they could get citizenship!  I knew several young women who married the “great” muslims that were in Western Michigan University and then they would gain citizenship for their husbands and most left with them to go back to their home nations.  And I only saw two of them who came back, and they had seriously changed; they told me stories of how they were treated like slaves, beaten and forced to do terrible things, and both of them ran back to the US to get away from their “husbands”!  It wasn’t too long after their educational studies here in America that the Mid-Eastern nations began to develop more modern weapons and their attacks against America and Americans began!

I remember having been offered the opportunity to buy a gas station back in the late ’70s, and I applied for a loan, but the interest rate back then was very high, up in the 20% area, and I couldn’t afford it!  I asked if I could get a lower rate because I was a veteran and, back then, it was like a joke and they pretty much laughed at me!  But I found out that, if I was a muslim, I could get a loan in the 5% area, and I wouldn’t even need a credit history to get it!  And that was when the muslims started buying up almost every single gas station in America!  And that’s not a joke; all of us older people can remember trying to find an American gas station and it was almost impossible!  Back in the day, before the muslims owned the gas stations, if there was more than one gas station in your area, there were “Gas Wars” between the owners!  Gas was always cheap because almost every gas station was owned by different people and they wanted to make the largest profit, so they would lower their prices under their competitors to get the most people to come to them.  But, now all of the stations work together and keep the prices as high as possible to make the most money!  And I told you about a situation a couple of years ago when I stopped at a gas station in St. Louis:  When I went in to get a Coke and I was standing in line at the cashier, there was a muslim owner on the phone and he was very upset with the person he was speaking with.  I heard him say:  “Yes, this is a money transfer overseas and I need it done immediately!  I told you already who is supposed to get it; it’s Hamas!  Yes; it’s spelled “Hamas”!  Yes; it goes to Palestine!”  So the owner was transferring money to a terrorist organization!  And I used to buy gas from station in Silver Springs, Florida that, after 9/11, I found out had been funding the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11!  I have no doubt where a majority of the profit from muslim-owned gas stations, stores, etc. is going now!

So now we face the strongest, most determined to destroy America enemy we have ever known, and it is our government that has trained and funded them to allow them stand up and yell out; “Death to America!  And our current government, our President and his Administration is working with them to get it done!  For the first time in my life, I see a powerful group of openly declared muslims working in the Administration that leads our nation and “surprisingly” we are in the greatest danger ever!  Valerie Jarret, President Obama’s Chief Advisor, is an open muslim who has stated in the past that she wants to see our Legal System become a Sharia Law System!  And none of this is hidden in DC, but no one pushes to end it because they don’t want “trouble”, some government agency coming after them and exposing their crimes committed while in office!  And they work with every group that causes anger and hate in our country and they are dividing us up by race, sex and personal idealism!  We are so close to WWIII that it has many in the military leadership in the Pentagon constantly working to maintain a defense against it!  But the people are kept in the dark and we only hear about what they want us to!

The time is coming for our chance to change our leadership and put someone who is not a politician, who is not obligated to some Special Interest group or Party domination, in office!  And it is our opportunity to do that on all levels of our government, and we need to do exactly that!  It’s time that the true citizens of America regain their country and rid it of people who want to beat it down so that they can run every aspect of it!  And it’s time that we remove Federal domination of our Oil and Gas companies and go back to the basic laws of the 1960s, with a very limited, logical group of laws to maintain basic clean standards!  We need to regain our Educational System that used to teach the truth to students!  We need to regain our Manufacturing Base and, if that means that other nations like China go bankrupt, so be it!  And we need to get our military back to a level where other nations leave us alone because they fear our military coming after them!  It’s our responsibility, as true citizens of America, to protect our Constitutional Rights and to make sure our leaders stop following those who offer money and power!  It truly is up to us so, even if the candidate of the Party might not be the one you want, it’s better to vote to remove the Progressives in our government than it is to allow another one to be elected!  The future of the children and grandchildren of America is in our hands this year, so be a responsible American and do what is right!  If our nation falls, it will be our own fault!  America for Americans first, let other nations take care of themselves!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    Another reason the Republic is failing ..because progressives seem to want a tyrannical democracy…not a constitutional Republic. Ben Franklin stated;
    .” We have a Republic if you can keep it”.., when our congressional leaders are connected at the hip to businesses ..by having their wives or husbands in the lobbying industry..we no longer have Capitalism..we have cronyism…nothing more. Special interests is a top priority…for our demise.

  2. Gary Seymour says:

    The core reason of why America is falling can be found here:

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