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I know that I have been writing for years now asking everyone to read what I have written, to see truth, real truth about what is happening to our great nation.  And the obvious question is:  Why should you trust what I say, when there are so many people out there speaking their minds about what is going on?  So I thought I should tell you a bit about myself.

I was raised in a very small town in Michigan that was populated by a majority of WWII vets, men and women who had fought for our country to keep the people free and our Constitution in power to maintain our Freedoms in future troubles.  I was no one special, just a kid whose both parents had served in the Army in the War, and I was taught the dangers that threatened our nation from those who hated our Free country.  I learned a great deal about what our Freedoms meant in a world that was full of people that hated freedom and only wanted to dominate anyone who was not like them, and the need of sacrifice by those who would never allow them to do so!  And, because of that, I joined the Army in 1967, when I was 17 years old and I went to Vietnam a year later to fight for my country.  I was with the 57th Assault Helicopter Company in Kontum, Vietnam and served with some of the bravest, most honorable men I have ever known!  It was our responsibility to fly into combat areas to drop off soldiers, and it was our heartfelt need to go back in and bring out the wounded and dead…  The men of the 57th experienced heavy combat at our base and combat missions every day, but we kept our hearts strong and did whatever was necessary to stay alive, so that we could bring others back so that they could go home, and so that we could go home.  For every one of us that volunteered to fight for our nation, we saved the live of one civilian because they would not have to be drafted and put their lives on the line.  Yet, when we came back home we were treated in the most vile and violent manner by the Progressive hippies and their leadership that did everything they could to ruin our lives in order to allow them to grow power in our government!  And I lost a great many brothers who could no longer live with the pain of traitors destroying their lives, so they ended their own themselves!  Yet I hold no hatred for those that followed the Communistic Progressives because they truly didn’t know what the leadership was up to…

My life was not so great either:  I couldn’t maintain a personal relationship with a woman because I knew that I was living in a Post-Traumatic disorder that our government wouldn’t recognize because it didn’t feel it was necessary to care for the emotional struggles of veterans who had done their jobs and were no longer necessary to it!  So I went to DC to do something, anything I could to wake it up on January 1rst of 1984, to make it realize that the one group of Americans that had sacrificed everything for their country and Constitution was the last group that the government wanted to be responsible for!  I was no one special, just a vet, but I wound up working with, not for several Senators and Congressmen.  And I went to DC a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but I left as a Conservative Independent because I saw the criminality of both sides of Congress, of both Parties!  When I asked Senator Biden’s Aide how to get a Bill through Congress, I was told: “Easy; sex, drugs, money or power!”  I thought she was joking and I laughed and said: “No, really; how do you get it through Congress?”  And she repeated herself, saying: “Sex, drugs, money or power!”  So I asked her: “What about the people?”  And she laughed and said: “They know what they want, we know what they need!”  And I heard those words over and over again, from almost every office I worked with until I left DC in June of 1986!

I have watched our world degrade from the most Free and Independent nation in the world, to one of the most laughed at countries by every nation that used to respect us!  And it is because our Members of Congress and our Leadership, including the Presidential Administrations can be bought and sold by every single Special Interest organization that wants to change our nation and turn the people into controllable puppets!  When I joined the Army, I swore the exact same Oath that every politician swears:  To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, foreign or domestic!”  And the difference between American veterans and politicians is that VETERANS KEEP THEIR OATH!  I don’t want America to change into something as horrible as it is, I don’t want America to turn me into a “powerful person”; I want America to go back to the strong, safe and productive nation it once was!  I want American families to have jobs that provide good homes and comfort to their families, and to allow them a nation where they can build great futures for themselves, through their own hard work and desires to become something great!  I want us to be the safe, Free nation we once were, to be a guide for other nations to bring true Freedom to their own people!

We are people, we make mistakes!  We had slavery in America and we treated the Native Americans in a terrible manner.  But we worked to end all of that!  Did everything work out perfectly?  No.  But trying to change our nation to make better lives for those that were mistreated means that those people have to be willing to work to make their own lives better!  And a great many have, look at Dr. Carson, who started out living a poor life but has worked to become one of the greatest Doctors in America!   But there are still others that would rather live under governmental dominance through our Welfare system, than to work to build a better life for themselves!  And I am not just talking about Black people, I’m talking about Whites and so many others that get their monthly checks and benefits through governmental control, not by working for them!  And all of those who enter our nation illegally, or as Governmentally assisted immigrants that have no real urge to do more than get their Welfare Checks, even though it is hurting the way of life of those who work to provide for their families!  The one thing that build this country into what it used to be was the ability for every single American to build a good life for themselves and their families, without the “gift” of Governmental Assistance!  Self-responsibility was the driving force that built our Manufacturing Base, our Electrical Grid, Internet and all other things we use on a daily basis, and it was all done with personal pride!  But that’s being burned off by Progressive idealism that puts the Government first, the Special Interests second and the people last!  And we need to wake up and realize that the only way to bring our government back to the people, as it was designed to be, is to get rid of politicians and lawyers working in our government as Congressmen, Senators and Presidential Administrations and replace them with good Americans who own nothing to anyone but the very legal citizens that vote them into office!

Look; we make mistakes, we are human beings!  We don’t know every answer to every problem, so we need to work together to find the answers!  We are not all the same, physically, racially or sexually, but we need to end all of the anger and realize just how big a weapon it is for our politicians to use against us!  The more we fight, the more power we give them!  We are all Americans; we all have a need to regain America as it once was!  We should never have to fear terrorists attacking us in our own country!  We should never have to live in a nation where the basic needs of life are so expensive, due to over-regulation by politicians!  We should all have the same basic chance to make our lives better, to build our own futures as we want them, but we can’t as long as we continue putting politicians and lawyers back into office!  If you have children, ask yourself one simple question:  Do you want them to have safe, happy and comfortable futures, or do you want a government that takes away their Freedoms and dominates their lives?

We have several people running for the Presidency that are neither politicians or lawyers and we need to ensure that one of those people wins the election!  Pick the one you want but, whomever is the final choice, by the people, not the politicians, we all need to stand up and vote that person in office!  I do have a favorite, and that’s Trump.  And my interest in Trump is that he is not a typical candidate:  He pays for his own run for office and does not rely Special Interest lobbyists to buy his campaign! And, by buying his campaign, I mean buying his loyalty!  And because he is paying his own way he doesn’t have to bow down to any of them!  But, if one of the others won the Primaries, I would vote for them!  And I would vote for them because they would support “A government of the people, by the people, for the people!”  So stand up for those who have more in their hearts when running than what they will get from Special Interests, and work only for the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of America’s legal citizens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    The best you’ve written…thanks! I shared it.

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Just for full disclosure, I was with Mike in Kontum in the 57th, and, can attest to what he often mentions about the unit and the men there. Like him, I also swore an oath to ….defend the Constitution, AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, foreign and domestic…….
    That said I wish I could agree with him on the remaking America. As much as I love this country and our way of life, I am afraid we will never see that happen. The American public is too apathetic for that to ever occur. To many people are no longer concerned about anyone but themselves. It has become “it is all about me”. Wish it was not so, but, watch the way people drive, follow directions, etc. Rules do not apply to them, they are meant for someone else, I have important places to be and things to do, so, therefore I do not have to comply.
    This attitude permeates our society. It starts with the way we treat our children. They are not responsible for a problem at school, it is the teacher’s fault, the coaches fault, the principles fault. They are never held accountable for their actions. If something good happens they get all the glory, but, anything bad happens and they are blameless.
    This attitudes continues into college. Just watch the news almost any night and see what is being demanded on a college campus today. The students now run the schools and the administrators are resigning. Why, because the kids “demand” things, and, their parents back them up. Once again, not the students fault, must be a problem with the faculty.
    After college these enlightened geniuses “deserve” a six digit paycheck, fancy car, house bigger and newer than what their parents have now. It is their “right” to have those things, they “deserve” them. The fact that they have not earned them is of no importance.
    And, as each and everyone of them is in the same spot, who is there to put America back on the right track. Oh, granted, there are those who understand and do the right thing, but, they are being swamped and over run by those who do not.
    So, again, I figure I am lucky, I will never have to deal with what is coming down the road, but, I fear for my kids and grand kids. God help them for I can not.

    • The greatest problem concerning the future America is the fact that too many citizens sit back and take the easy way. But we have to stand up and inform people as to the truth of how corrupted our government truly is. It worked in 2010 when the Tea Party movement got started and we gained some control over Congress, but that was seen as a full success by too many and it never went any further. We have to wake the people up with something like the Tea Party movement, but keep it pushing forward until everything is straightened out. We can’t change the school systems until we stand up against them and force changes. We can’t improve our national safety until we get rid of politicians that see foreign nations’ futures as more important than ours. And we can’t bring back the true America unless we stand up and use our voices to let Congress know that we are not going to let them destroy America! Bush is the candidate that the Republican Party wants, but it’s very obvious that the people don’t! The time has come for the removal of those that run the current Republican Party and replace them with legal citizens that want what’s best for America, not for their own wallets!
      Thanks for speaking out, Brother! We will make this work!

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