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In 2007, before the Presidential Primaries of 2008, Hillary Clinton exposed the history of Barrack Obama, showing his history of muslim relationships throughout his life before he began his run for office in the Illinois State Senate.  And that information upset a great many Republicans and they spoke out about it, repeating her findings that she had put before the American people.  And, when they did, they were attacked and called “racist” and “birthers” for referring to him as a muslim.  But there is a truth to what was put out by Clinton and there has been a history of Obama leaning towards Islam and against Christians and their Rights as true citizens of America.  I am not going to quote everything that Clinton put out, because much of it is simply referred to as “attacks” by Obama’s supporters, I am simply going to put out some facts that you can check out on your own.

Barrack Hussein Obama was born as “Barry Soetoro”.  His mother was American, his father was Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. and was a muslim from Kenya.  In October of 1967, Barry Soetoro was taken to Jakarta and was put in a Madrasah, which is a “school” where young boys are indoctrinated into the muslim faith and are trained to be fighters for Islam.  In the US, they may be different, but in the muslim nations they are basically “brainwashing” facilities to train young kids for the possible future of muslim warriors.  Later in his life, to honor his father and his beliefs, Barry Soetoro changed his name to Barrack Hussein Obama.  And, later in his life, Obama wrote the book “Dreams Of My Father” to honor his father and his father’s beliefs in how the world should be run and lives should be lived.

When he was living in Chicago he joined the Trinity United Church of Christ, ruled by Jeremiah Wright Jr., the Pastor of the Church.  And the history of Wright’s anger against America and obvious hatred of Whites in America forced Obama to pull himself out of the Church after the truth of Wright was disclosed to the American people after his election.  He claimed that he disliked Wright’s way of preaching to his people, even though he spent a great deal of his life sitting in the Church following Wright’s preaching.  And, in his need to pull himself away from his church, to join a more “Christian” Church, Obama stated in 2009:  “My faith is not contingent on the particular Church I belong to.”  Was he referring to the Church he spent so many years attending, or the one he was joining?

Once he became President, he put many muslims into his Administration, and he began acting as a friend to the muslim world.  One of the first things he did was to go on an “Apology Tour” around the world, to apologize to everyone for America’s “terrible” actions in our history even though, if it hadn’t been for America, there wouldn’t have been the one free nation in the world that people from  every other country wants to move to!  And, in the history of our nation, no American President has ever bowed down to any foreign leader, because America was always to be shown to be a good, strong nation, yet the first person ever to be bowed down to by an American President was a muslim king by Obama!

Here is an article about Obama’s muslim members of his Administration:


Obama has had many, many “mass murders” and “workplace violence” situations of violence occur during his Administration, which have actually been open attacks on Americans by muslim radicals, yet he keeps using the excuse names in an effort to keep the American people from seeing the truth that America is under attack from muslims!  He keeps saying that all of it is caused by “American anger” and “radical Americans”, that muslims are all good people!  Here is a link to a list of attacks in America:


Even though it was extremely obvious that muslims are attacking America, Obama and his Administration put returned American Veterans, Tea Party members and those who demonstrated with the Gadsden Flag on the “possible terrorists” list, naming them as the future danger to the future of American lives!  He, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and many other bigshot Democrat Politicians spoke out against good Americans that protested against him in the 2010 election year, calling them “anti-Americans” and “Homegrown Terrorists”!  While the actions of terrorists in America were all downplayed, true Americans who believe in our Constitution, including the very men and women who fought the wars to protect the Rights of every single American and put their lives in danger every single day were treated as “enemies of America”!

Israel, who has been a loyal friend to America, is an enemy to the muslim nations, with many like ISIS and Iran saying that their main goal is to destroy Israel, and America!  Yet, instead of standing against those nations that openly state that they want to destroy Israel and America, Obama works with muslim nations, especially Iran, to build their strength and power!  He even works to allow Iran to build nuclear bombs and the very missiles they need to launch them against Israel and America!  Here is a link to a list of actions against Israel that he has taken:


There is so much more that I could expose, but I would have to write the longest blog on the web to cover everything that Obama has been doing!  His constant reaction to every attack on America by muslim terrorists has been to go after the Constitutional Right of every single American to own firearms, to be able to protect themselves from the violence that is being launched against us in our own country, the once safest nation in the world!  He has been trying to destroy all of our Constitutional Rights by using Congress to pass laws that he wants and, if Congress doesn’t bow down to him, he uses Presidential Mandates to force his rule over the free people of this nation!  He has given Special Rights to muslims in America while, at the same time, been destroying the very basic Rights of every single American, guaranteed by our Constitution!  And he has been using every single possible situation, like Ferguson, to build anger and hate between Blacks and Whites, so that he can find a need to tear us all apart!  All he has to do is cause an inner battle between Whites and Blacks that is serious enough that he can declare Marshal Law for the “safety of the people”, and he can remain in office until he “feels it’s safe enough to end Marshal Law”!  And I will guarantee you that he will do whatever he can next year to cause enough trouble in our country, whether racial, or terrorists, as long as it will allow him to dominate our country!

We have to ensure that we work to maintain our Rights, not only Freedoms of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms, but every single one guaranteed us in our Constitution, or we will lose the greatest, free nation in the World!  We need a non-politician President to be elected next year, as well as non-politician Representatives in Congress and every political and judicial position in our country that we can next year!  We need people who want to rebuild our nation, to make it the strongest, safest nation in the world once again!  We need to bring our Manufacturing Base back to America!  And we need to regain our comfort and safety in our homes, towns and cities again!  We need to bring back the America that used to provide good lives for it’s people by providing jobs, safety and unity!  It’s up to us, my fellow true American citizens, to work to get our government back to working for the people, not Special Interests and the benefits of other nations!  Americans First!  America First!

Wake up Americans, or lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. hesgotthewholeworldinhishand says:

    Mike, you did a great job, laying it all out to your readers, as to what the Obama Administration has done, & what they have failed to do, for those who
    were not aware of the situation, but you failed to share with them HOW to achieve, the goal you set for them. You mentioned, WE NEED several times,
    What you didn’t share with them is the first thing We need to do, & that is
    Contact Our Federal House of Representative &, Don’t ask them, Tell them
    The People Want Them To Impeach Barack Hussein Obama, along with all
    his Administration, that includes Vice President Joseph Biden, and Voids Any
    & All laws & Executive Orders He Has Put His Signature on.

    We can start by contacting THE CONSTITUTIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY
    COALITION OF TENNESSEE< at http://www.cactn.weebly.com

    Peace, Dave

  2. Tom says:

    Mike and Dave, it is agreed by many that Obama should be impeached, but I believe it’s too late. I am not totally familiar with the process, but by the time the ball gets rolling, and with all the legal barriers set up by his liberal progressive lawyers, his term of office will be over. Not to mention, many of his followers will create civil unrest in this country creating an even worse situation with the possibility of loss of life and billions in destruction.
    To undo the harm that he has done to this country, 2016 is our only hope to wipe him and his slate clean.

  3. I agree with you on this, Tom. Even if we had gotten a majority of Republicans in the last election, and had the power to impeach him, it never would have happened as they would have feared a violent national kickback. They would have waited until he left office then worked to remove everything he put into law and action. And that is the plan if we get the right people into office in the upcoming election.

    Obama was chosen to run for office because he would be “bulletproof” from any attacks by Conservatives because he is the first Black President and he gets major support from Blacks with the words “racism” and “racist” as his protective vest. If any other President would have put our nation into major danger by supporting the very people who swear to destroy America, he would have been run out of office and both sides of the News would have gone after him. But criminal actions like this by a White President will never be protected simply because of his skin color.

    A great many of us see the danger that is coming, and it’s not because Obama “doesn’t see it”, it’s because he’s behind it! And that’s why I, and so many other White people don’t like him as President; his planned actions against our great nation will destroy it if we don’t change it, it’s not his color!

    I have known Dave for a long time now and I fully respect what he does. And I know that he is working on this because he is a strong patriot and he is a man that I see as good leader. And I see a need for the group he works with trying to get done what needs to be done. And, if things keep getting worse with the terrorists here in our own country, I think it has a possibility of happening. It all depends on the next six months.

  4. Elle says:

    I know that people will still call BS on the information about Obama but the proof is in the pudding!
    Anxious to see what he says tonight about the Terrorist attack in San Bernadino . Very much of the same, I’m sure.
    Keep sounding out the truth, Michael. We’re listening.

  5. Thank-you, Elle.

    He was very careful of what he said and how he said it, but it all boils down to the same actions in the past. He said we have had a successful plan in bombing ISIS, but the truth is that he drops flyers down before the bombing to tell “citizens” that they need to leave the area before it happens. And he wants Gun Control only on the “No Fly” list but, in 2010, they had many of the Tea Party leaders and combat vets put on the list because they didn’t agree with him. So nothing has changed.

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