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  1.  I am so tired of hearing everyone say that it would be impossible to get all of the illegals out of America!  Illegals are legitimately called illegals because they illegally crossed our border and broke one of our major laws by doing so!  In America, if you support anyone who commits a crime, on every level, you can be arrested for being a part of the crime!  So let’s stop playing games and go back to the simplest, easiest way to rid ourselves of the mass number of illegals in America

When elected, the next President needs to make a national announcement on TV.  He needs to tell all Americans who are in any way supporting illegals, and children born to illegals to give them “citizenship” that they have 90 days to end all of their support, or they will be fined $5,000.00 per illegal they still support and will be imprisoned for 5 years for doing so!  We already have laws to protect us in effect, but they are ignored, so this could be done.  And by “anyone who supports them”, I mean anyone who houses, feeds, transports or provides anything like medical support for them.  And that means members of the Federal Government that provides them Welfare Benefits, etc.!  And I suggest the 90 day period because anyone, or company that has them working for them will need to replace them with Americans, and it will take 90 days to find Americans who can do the jobs.  And, in order to get Welfare Americans to go out and get those jobs, there will be a 60 day period put into effect at the same time, for the benefits of those Welfare Americans to continue receiving those benefits, then they will end! And no more Welfare for Americans just because they don’t want to work; those benefits will go back to very basics needed to provide for the care of children, no more than 2, and those who are truly unable to work!  End the loss of jobs taken by illegals and end the Welfare that allows lazy Americans to live without having to work to support themselves!  Legal, simple and easy!  When the illegals no longer can get jobs and special benefits, when they won’t have homes and healthcare, they will leave on their own and either go to Canada or back to their home nations!

2.  How can any true American not see the danger that we have been put in by Obama and his Administration by his lack of concern for the safety of Americans and a deep concern for the safety of muslims!  And he’s not the first one:

A.  Jimmy Carter worked to raise taxes on every single American and made our lives more difficult by putting in place laws on businesses that made it so expensive for them that they had to raise their prices and our individual cost of living went through the roof!  And he was more concerned about our relationship with Iran than with the safety of our people working in our Embassy there and, even though he thought he could work with the Iranians after the revolution, he put every American in the Embassy in grave danger as they were taken by the revolutionaries and he did nothing to bring them home!  Here is a link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_hostage_crisis

B.  When Reagan took office, he brought all of the hostages home and he rebuilt the strength of our nation and brought back the respect of other nations for America and made our nation safe again!  And he worked to lower the high tax rate put in place by Carter and helped bring our cost of living back down to allow us to live comfortable lives again!

C.  When Clinton took power he paid back the nation that provided major support for his election campaign, and that nation was China!  And, until then, American-made goods dominated our economy and we had jobs and good lives.  But Clinton worked to modify our laws and used those changes to open the door for China to start taking over our economy and, at the end of his second term in office, China pretty much controlled it!  And Clinton started bringing back many of Carter’s regulations, like over-control by the EPA and others, and forced many of our businesses to go overseas to China and India, and across our border to Mexico, and those nations never followed the EPA regulations that forced our businesses out of America!

Clinton’s lack of efforts to protect Americans from muslim attacks were truly lacking and the muslim terrorists used the opportunity to cause many problems for Americans, yet he did nothing to end them!  Once again, as with Carter, the muslim terrorists saw their opportunity and they used it!

C.  When Bush took office, the 9/11 plot was already planned and was simply waiting for the day to attack!  It had been put together during Clinton’s term in office and, because of his lack of fighting back against muslim attacks on Americans, they felt that they could do it and get away with it!  I didn’t think much of Bush when he was first in office, but I was proud of his actions after 9/11!  I don’t think it was a good idea to go into Iraq, but his actions in Afghanistan told every muslim that America was back, that we wouldn’t put up with any attacks against our nation!  And, once again, our nation was safe!  And we had always been safe when run by a President that would protect America because any nation thinking of attacking us, or our allies, would wind up with a war that could destroy them!

D.  When Obama took office, the first thing he did was bow down to a muslim King, and no American President had ever bowed down to anyone, so he immediately showed weakness to our enemies!  Then he went around the world, apologizing to nations for our “evil and mean” actions in our history!  He has done everything he can to weaken our military and our reputation as a strong nation and we have become an open target for muslim terrorists!  He brought 40,000 Hamas members to America back in 2008 and put them in Detroit!  Now he wants to bring 250,000 “Syrian refugees” over  America, even though we have seen that the majority of them are terrorists, not refugees!  And the ISIS leaders publicly bragged that they had terrorists disguised as refugees coming to America to “destroy America”, yet Obama keeps saying that they are weak threats, even though we have seen what just a few can do as they did in France!

Why is it that Progressive Democrat supporters believe that their Presidents work to better our way of life, yet every one of them has put America in danger by destroying our Manufacturing Base, our way of life and our safety by weakening our military!  Look at our history over the past 39 years and it’s easy to see that they want to weaken our nation and make America fall down to other nations, like Russia and China!  Next year’s elections will be the most important ones in the history of our nation, because we will either elect people who will fight to rebuild our nation and bring back the great American Dream, or we will fall so far down the rabbit hole that our Constitution will burn!  It’s time for every real American to stand up and make sure that America stays alive and free!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Tina says:

    You are truly blinded. Corporate welfare is robbing us blind and the politicians who live and govern for their super pacs. Welfare for the needy is but a fraction of where the money is going,it is however an effective distraction of what is really happening.
    We already have the largest prison population of any nation on the planet and you propose adding to with non violent offenders who are simply trying to better their lives even if not in the proper way. The private prison profit machine would love your idea to be sure. There are better solutions.
    My child is active military for 14 years with two stints in Iraq and this kind of thinking is not why.
    I’m sure you believe there is a war on Christianity as well. Nobody wants special rights…just the equal rights guaranteed to us all,not just white male Christians. I’m saddened to see the regression of rights of women being perpetrated by the Christian Right. There is no place for religion in our government.
    Reagan and Bush? Really? You can thank Bush for getting us into a war we had no business in and opening the door for Isis in the first place. The refugees are fleeing the terror. People seem to forget basic human compassion,once upon a time Jews were denied refuge and perished in the most horrible fashion.
    Our current president has done a fair job in spite of the blatant publicly stated mission of republicans to block anything and everything he even thought of accomplishing. We are becoming an embarrassment not because of him but because of the hateful behavior of the right wing fanatics. When our presidential candidates do things like glorify clerks who discriminate and refuse to perform their very well paid for duties we leave those on the outside looking in shaking their heads. We are falling behind the curve terribly in the lack of care and compassion we offer our own citizens. Laws against feeding the homeless? Hateful ideas and persecution of others masquerading as “Christian”. Veterans living on the street. Gun deaths happening anywhere and everywhere every single day. Super pacs,buying elections,non-violent offenders rotting in jail cells run for profit. Next they want to privatize the post office and Social Security? What is it going to take for people to see that none of this is good for any of us?Capitalism has run amok and the wage gap is out of control. But by all means let’s try something like Reaganomics bullshit again. Let’s get another Bush in because the last one didn’t screw us quite enough. No,I’m for some positive progress thanks.
    There is a time for progress….it isn’t a bad word after all.
    Best of luck Michael.

    • I think you need to read more of my articles on my site. You’ll find what I have been saying for a long time now. I’m not saying that Bush and Reagan are the best thing we have had; I’m saying that they stopped attacks against our country after so many years of Progressive Presidents weakening our military. If you look back, you’ll see that I have some very personal problems with Reagan that I learned about him while working in DC when he was the President. Our current President is the one I have the most problems with because he has torn our country up and has divided it into groups, while he works to make us hate each other. And, as a combat vet myself, I see him acting against America, not for it. If you think I am uniformed about what is happening, just remember that I was a died-in-the-wool Democrat, until I went to work in DC in 1984 and learned, firsthand, their true goals concerning their future of our country. It’s easy to see that what they are saying is “good”, until you talk to them about it face to face in their offices. I am neither a Republican or Democrat now; I am a Conservative Independent. I appreciate your feedback as people need to see what you say, and I will never block it. And I would like to thank you for expressing your opinions.

  2. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Held off until I got your RANT. Have been thinking about this for a few days. Time to get on my soap box.
    I watched, as did the world, things unfold in France over the last week. I felt sympathy and empathized for all those in France. Of course I knew, in my heart, that my sympathy and empathy did absolutely nothing to help the situation. Emotionally I wanted it too, but, logically I knew it did not.
    I watched as thousands laid flowers, lit candles and left bottles of wine. I watched as thousands changed their Facebook identity photo so that it had an overlay of the French Tri-Color. I watched as many held hands and sang. I watched and I knew that they all felt like they were doing something to help. What they did, laying flowers, lighting candles, leaving wine and changing their photo, was help themselves, not the situation. They made themselves feel good emotionally, but, they did nothing the correct the problem.
    I am sure that over the first few days there were those who chose to really make a difference. The same thing happened here after 9-11. Those who wanted to make a difference, not emotionally but realistically went to the local recruiter and signed up in the armed forces. They knew that the only way to really change anything was to put on a uniform, pick up a weapon and take the fight to the enemy. Those that did just that however will never get one second of air time. Only the touchy feely will get the 30 second sound bite. Those that choose to hunt the wolf and put it down will not be acknowledged.
    Once again, the one percent who put themselves on the line to protect all the others will never be known and yet, they are the ones that will truly make a difference.
    It has always been and always will be those who choose to do the hard things, the dirty things, the ugly war things that make the difference.
    Okay, off my soap box.

  3. We have known the truth for a long time now, because we learned the hard way. I remember the hippies being the heroes for protesting, while we were the criminals because we fought to protect them. I agree with you fully!

  4. Jackeo says:

    I concur with the majority of your article…except what about Who really did 911? along with all the other false flag/hoax/ordo ab chao that’s being perpetrated on Americans on American soil and in other countries as well–D’oh Paris anyone–in order to implement their bigger plan for America/Americans and others? I think they, those in charge, are ALL dirty and until we admit this small fact, root them out, and stand UP for ourselves we will not resolve anything. If voting really accomplished anything IT would be deemed by ‘them/they’ illegal and yet we get ready for another round of idiots being paraded in front of us like prize hogs at a fair.

    • The time has come for all of us who truly believe in our Constitution to join together and work to bring back America. Even though there are many different understandings of situations that bring out disputes between us over things that have happened, we need to maintain our love of country and fix it first, then resolve our differences. And I am not just speaking about differences in what caused 9/11; I’m talking about everything that has been used to split us up and keep us from standing united as honorable Americans. Once we have gotten our nation back we can resolve every difference and find all of the correct answers. I fully agree with you that “those in charge” are dirty, except that the word “dirty” is not a strong enough explanation of their efforts to gain full control of our great country to give them the power they seek! I will never forget when I was in DC and asked one of Biden’s aides “How can a citizen work to get a Bill through Congress?” and I was told; “Easy; sex, drugs, money and power!” That is the mantra in DC and the more you can give, the more they might do for you! But our Forefathers sacrificed a great deal to build a nation that was for the Freedoms of the people, with a government that worked for them, not to control them, and our leaders have failed! And that happened because the people got too lazy to keep a close eye on the politicians and they allowed for a removal of all responsibility to the citizens by the politicians! So we have to return to becoming the supervisors of our Politicians and make sure they do their jobs as originally expressed in the Constitution, or get rid of them! And every single one that has abused their responsibilities to the citizens need to have their histories investigated and, if found to be in violation of their Oaths to the people, they should be imprisoned! But, as I keep saying; it’s our responsibility! We; the people!

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