I followed the demonstrations at University of Missouri and I could see the rebirth of the Progressive hippie movement!  They were demonstrating on public land, in a public venue, yet one of the Progressive Professors was demanding that the protesters give her the “muscle” to end a young reporters efforts to get pictures and video of the demonstration!  They bullied him and pushed him around to get him out!  They had the Right to hold their protest, yet they destroyed his very Right to take pictures and videos to speak out his version of what was happening!  And, while this was happening, they allowed full coverage from every individual that would support their actions!  So; their Rights were necessary, his were “illegal” to them!  Add to that; the Black members of the football team stood against the very team that gives them free educations by playing on the team, which would have cost the College several million dollars for not being able to play the game because the opposing team would have lost a small fortune for it not happening!  Those players have a responsibility to the College to play their games and they should have been removed from the team for threatening it!  Instead of that happening, the Dean left the college, which is what the Black players demanded, in order to keep the school from being sued by the opposing team for the loss of income!  Things are getting extremely out of hand!

We exist in a new America where muslims can demand Special Rights to live out their religion, while Christians are being ordered to end traditional celebrations of their religion because muslim groups sue to stop them!  Blacks can demand the use of terms like “Black Lives Matter”, yet someone like me can have my life threatened because I say that “Vets’ Lives Matter”!   Yes, I had three Black men threaten me in public because I used that statement and they told me that I had no Right to speak that out in public!  Cops, the very people who protect our lives every single day by putting their lives in danger, are ridiculed and protested against for doing their jobs, while a Black man in Ferguson was publicized as a “Gentle Giant” after beating a store owner and attacking a cop, trying to get his gun, resulting in the cop being forced to shoot him to stop that Black from attacking the cop again!  Straight men and women have to put up with the idea of bathrooms women used being opened up for Gay men to use them too!  And illegals are being given Special Rights by our President, even though the reason they are called “illegals” is that they illegally entered our nation and many have killed, robbed, and raped many Americans!  What the hell is happening to us!  At what point did “All Men Are Created Equally” mean that all those that demand Special Rights are allowed those Special Rights, giving them superiority over all others who are not like them!

We have a Constitution that has a basis of true equality for every legal citizen of America and our Constitution needs to be amended to end all Special Rights for “Special Groups” and return to the basic 10 Amendments that have been used for hundreds of years!  Yes, we did have some bad times where many people’s Rights were not upheld!  And it wasn’t just Blacks who were slaves:  Blacks were used as slaves in the South because the Plantation owners wanted slaves that would stand out in public if they ran away, so the slaves of the South were mainly Black.  But many of us have ancestors that were used as slaves under the term “Indentured Servants”!  Indentured Servants were paid for in order for them to come to America and they were treated exactly as Black slaves!  They were beaten, tortured, raped and murdered, just as Black slaves were!  But they were mainly held in the North, because Black slaves would stand out in the North and no “good” White slave owner in the North wanted to be seen as a slave owner!  And there are still White, Latino and Chinese women being used as sex slaves all across America by Black, Latino and Chinese mobs yet today!  But, do you ever hear Sharpton or Jackson standing up and demanding their Freedom?  Martin Luther King stood up and demanded Equality for Blacks in the 1960s, and it was the huge support of Whites in America standing with him that made our government change the true racism and provide Blacks full protection under our Constitution!  Now every legal citizen has the Right to be free; but the Rights of those who claim they can’t live their lives the way they want to have forced Special Rights for themselves upon every other American who has an equal Right to live their lives the way they want to!  And the very people that stood up for a correction in our Constitution to ensure that all Americans have equal Rights are now the ones that have lesser Rights because of Reverse Racism!

We need to push for an end of all Special Rights and a full movement back to the basic 10 Amendments that allow for true Freedom in America!  We need to regain “Equality”, and end Special Rights domination over our lives!  And the people who have gained their Special Rights need to learn that the very laws, the power given our government, can be used against them in the future and they will have to suffer with Special Rights against them, unless we go back to the truth of the First 10 Amendments, our Bill of Rights in our Constitution!  Our government has grown beyond the power our Forefathers wanted it to have, and it is destroying our nation and our ways of life by making every Special Rights group feel “special” and allowing the government to create laws that actually destroy the Freedoms of every single American!  The upcoming election is the most important election of our lifetimes, and we need to ensure that the right people get into office and work to bring America back to a Government of the people, for the people and by the people!  Our individual Rights are what built the greatest nation in the world; Special Rights are what is destroying it!  So I am asking each and every one of you to research every candidate you want to vote for, to ensure that the ones that are elected will work to rebuild America, to rebuild our way of life and to end all thought of making everyone else’s lives better by destroying the true way of life of every single American citizen!  It’s our responsibility to ensure that they hold themselves responsible to us, not money, power and greed!  It’s up to us; if our nation fails, we will only have ourselves to blame!

And, to all those who will refer to me as a “Racist”:  I am not a racist, I have never been a racist!  I am an American citizen who has earned his Right to be an American citizen by putting my life on the line in Vietnam, so that those who didn’t have to fight could feel safe!  I was not a draftee, I volunteered to serve!  And the same group of people, Progressives, that made my life, and the lives of all of my brothers and sisters a living hell back in the ’60s and ’70s, are the same people that have been working to destroy our Constitution and ruin the lives of so many Americans by forcing our jobs out of our country, making so many become modern slaves under the Welfare System!  Open your eyes and look at what they are really doing; they don’t want “Equal Rights”, they want government domination over the people!  I don’t want Special Rights for White anymore than I want them for anyone else!  I want us to return to the basic rules of our first 10 Amendments only!  And, if you think that makes me a racist, you better look in a mirror!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. elle says:

    Totally in agreement with you, Michael. I’m trying to talk to people and reason with them on what is happening here. It’s all exactly as you describe. Something went horribly wrong and we, the people, can get it back on track if we just become thinkers and not lemmings. Quit worrying about political correctness and speak truth. They CAN handle the truth, they just don’t want to!
    I’ll keep working for the next President to be one who actually cares about this country. The current one has undermined this country in every way…that has to stop. Who really can’t see this? All the rose colored glasses in the world can’t make what’s happening look pretty.
    Keep talking, Michael. Thank you for everything. For truth.

    • Elle, It’s so important that we take our responsibility as citizens to uphold our Constitution! We are taught about the three parts of our government, the Legislative, Executive and Judicial, but we have forgotten about the most important, unnamed one: The legal voting citizens. The three parts of the government make the decisions as to our laws and Rights, but we make the decision as to who sits in those offices. We have been voting people into office because of Party affiliation, simple names and phony promises and we need to start putting people in office that truly care about our nation and the people they serve, not the ones they profit off of! Thank-you for your efforts to truly change our government back to the America it once was! I greatly appreciate your feedback!

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