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I know that we all know about the first form of PTSD and the trouble it has caused many of us Veterans.  I know that you understand that it is a very difficult problem that we have been working to fix, to allow Veterans to live their lives with the freedom of a happy life!  But there is a second form of PTSD that a great many Americans who love this country have had to live with for the past 9 years, some for a longer time, and it is Political Traumatic Stress Disorder!  Political Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that sneaks into your life as you see Progressive politicians, in both Parties, who have done everything they can to break America apart, to destroy our Manufacturing Base, our normal lives, our Military, our Educational System and the very futures of our children and grandchildren!  And they won’t stop until they remove every single Freedom we have, and until they have broken down the Republic of the United States of America into another Communistic/Socialist/Progressive kingdom, ruled by a dictator that will be able to control the people by limiting everything they need and want by controlling the way they live their lives!

I have lived with Political Traumatic Stress Disorder for 31 years since I worked on the Hill in DC from January of 1984 through June of 1986, and I learned about it by having to work with many Congressmen and Senators, which educated me on how our nation is truly run!  And it is not just from DC, it is on every level of our political governments; Local, County, State and Federal!  It has only become very obvious to most Americans because of the way our nation is being taken down by our President and every connection he has in Congress!  I will always remember the day he gave his speech in front of Congress and started it by saying; “I want to welcome all of my fellow Progressives who are here tonight”!  He has never hid it, but many have ignored it!  Why am I writing about this now?  Because I recently went to my State Capital, Jefferson City, Missouri, and I saw a very obvious action against the wishes of the people by Members of our State Congress, on both sides!

A couple of years ago, I started working with other Missourians on putting through a “Right To Work” law, to put limitations on State control of our government by Unions who dominate almost every Trade job in St. Louis and other cities in Missouri!  We succeeded in having a Bill put up for a public vote, so that every Missourian would have a voice as to whether it was to be put into law, or not.  And, as I expected, the vote was a very high majority to pass the Bill, to put “Right To Work” into law in Missouri!  But it was not done by Congress until last year, with a Congressional majority to put the Bill before our Progressive Governor, and he vetoed it!  So it was place back before our Congress on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, for an “Override” of  Congress to ignore the Governor’s veto and put the Bill into law, just as the citizens of Missouri wanted!  I am going to tell you the truth of what happened that day, as I was there and saw it all!

A very responsible woman set up a rally in the State House on the morning of the vote, with Congressional speakers, to stand against the Union members who were there to fight against it.  I got up there the night before because the rally was supposed to start at 10 am the next morning and I wanted to make sure I was on time.  I was dressed in a suit, which should be done whenever you need to get a politician’s attention, and I went to the State House at 8;30 am.  When I got there, I came in on the 1rst floor, next to the restaurant.  I turned left to go to the elevator, and that’s when I passed an open door that was filled with politicians and orange-shirt wearing Union members who were sharing a very nice breakfast with each other, and I was told that the Union had paid for it.  There was a lot of laughing, handshaking and pats on the backs from both the Union and the politicians!  I decided to tell them all that I stood with them and it allowed them to feel comfortable to talk with me.  I was told, by one of the Union leaders, that they had “funded” the vote and there was “nothing to worry about”, because they had the politicians “in the bag!”  Then I started walking around the halls, passing by every House and Senate office I could, looking to see what was going on.  There were Union shirts walking around and around, on every level, talking to anyone they ran into, telling them that “Right To Work is bad for all Missourians”, trying to convince them that their lie was true!  We all know that “Right To Work” is only bad for Unions, but is extremely good for every economy and provides jobs that businesses can afford, which means more new businesses in every County in Missouri, providing jobs that will provide families with a good income and a better way of life!  I started talking with the Union guys walking around and asked them if they thought they would win the vote and the majority of them told me; “Yeah, we bought it!”  I knew then that we were in big trouble when it came to overriding the Governor’s veto!

I went up to the meeting room for the rally and found it to be a small, hot room with a closed door!  The only politicians in there were the ones that wanted the support from the citizens who were there, to show them that they ” were on their side”!  I found the woman who set up the rally and talked with her and a couple of Politicians who were supporting the Override, and I told them all about what I had seen going on with the Union members and the Politicians they were laughing it up with.  I told them about my experience in DC, how I worked with Members of the US Congress and how I had worked to get Bills passed and had gotten rallies together to show the strength of the American people.  I explained to them that the only way we were going to stand against the Union was to go out and walk the halls and talk to the politicians on both sides, to talk with the people who needed to see that the citizens knew what was good for Missouri and that we would not stand for the failure of the Override!  I told them that the main reason that the Union was getting so much attention was that they were doing the same things we needed to do to beat them!  My greatest hope was that they would walk out of the room and start talking, instead of listening to self-interested politicians, even if they were on our side!  But she looked at me and told me that I “didn’t know what I was talking about”, that the vote was already set to push through the Override!

I have heard that statement, that “I didn’t know what I was talking about” so damned many times over the past 31 years that it drives me crazy, that I believe I got Political Traumatic Stress Disorder from it!  How can someone who has spent 2 1/2 years working with that bunch of crooks in DC not know what is really going on?  How can someone who has seen politicians tell lies to their voters, deceiving them, just so the politicians could gain what they wanted to, not be able understand what is going on?  But to them, I was an idiot!  And guess what; the Veto Override was thrown out before it got to the State Senate, because the State House voted it down!  It happened just exactly as I tried to tell them that morning!  If they had only listened to me, we would have had a chance to get the Override through!  Why do I believe that?  Because we have an “Override majority” of Republicans in charge, and just enough of the Republicans changed sides after that great breakfast and shut it down!

I know that some of you haven’t understood why I have not been writing as much this year, compared to other years, but it was because I saw so many citizens standing up and making their voices heard, working to bring back our nation to the great America it once was!  But too many of those who are leading the efforts have gotten far too close to the politicians who are responsible for standing up for us, but don’t!  In the past two national elections Republicans have won control over our government, at least enough to keep it from continuing to fall apart, but they have never kept their promises to the citizens!  Why?  Because the majority of politicians, on every level and in both Parties, are more interested in doing what they need to do in order to build their own power and wealth, not in the needs of the true citizens of America!  And that is why we need to start finding businessmen and businesswomen, Vets and others who are truly interested in bringing back a great America, and have them replace every single politician who thinks only of their own needs, not the people!  And we need to stop being the true citizens “sitting in the hot room”, and start getting out and talking with people, showing them the truth of how our lives and livelihoods are being taken apart, piece by piece, by crooked politicians!  I know many will ask “how?”  Well, when I got to DC, the only thing I had to use was my voice, and I did!  It doesn’t mean I was always right, but it does mean I got others to work with me to get things done and so can you!  What we have now is all that is left of our once great nation and, if we don’t start standing up and protecting it with our voices, with our love of country, we will lose it!  And I damned sure don’t want to!  How about you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim says:

    Wake Up? Is an understatement. Great article Mike..as usual genuine, loyal to Anerica and the Republic. Now, if we can keep it..is the real question.

    • Thanks, Jim.

      Just as our Forefathers saw when they wanted Freedom; it is necessary for the citizens to stop letting leaders do what they want, regardless of what the citizens want, and start standing up and making their voices heard to make politicians realize that they can no longer hide behind the curtains of lies and deceit. It’s up to every one of us to make the stand, to bring our government back to being the government of the people, not the Special Interest groups!

  2. Elle says:

    Why is it that things happen right under our noses and yet the ones who speak out are diminished with ” you don’t know what you’re talking about”.? What, exactly, has to happen for people to listen? Politicians have proven time and again they are liars and out for themselves. I scratch my head over it all. I talk to people, try to reason, encourage them to vote…. I vote… I probably will never believe my vote doesn’t count or that I’m incapable of swaying at least one person to see the truth. Keep sounding out the truth. It all has to begin somewhere. When we are silenced, we are doomed. I have more hope than that because people like you exist.

    • Elle, I would like to express my thanks to you for your comment! Thank-you for talking with people and trying to get them to see the truth! Every single voice can make a big difference because, for every one person you wake up, that person will wake up even more people by spreading the word. It all starts with a minority that is not afraid to speak out.

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