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I want you to consider some actions by Obama that don’t seem to mean a lot as an individual threat except for one, Iran, and look at what they add up to:

  •  Obama said he was going to end our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Instead, he kept the wars going and sent a great deal of American weapons and ammunition over to “support the troops” and only after that major supply of weapons had been sent, he backed out of Iraq.  Conveniently, after he pulled our troops out, the Iraqi military lost control and ISIS began arming itself with our weapons, and that gave ISIS the weapons it needed to start taking over so much of the Mid Eastern nations’ land!
  •   He has never ended the movement of illegals across our Borders, even though our own Border Patrol has evidence that a great many of those illegals are muslim terrorists!  And we have found a training base for terrorists very close to our southern border, south of Arizona!  Add to that the fact that, back in 2009, he brought a total of 40,000 Hamas members over (Hamas is a terrorist organization) and gave them homes and Welfare in Detroit, Michigan!  Now he is pushing to move terrorist leaders from Gitmo to prisons in America, and the location of those leaders will be known publicly!  And he knows of the terrorist training camps in America that are looked upon as simply “muslim group campgrounds” in several states across our country!  Any American with a simple understanding of military planning could see these actions as a possible anti-American army being put together in our own country, by a group that has one goal:  Destroy America and kill all American!
  • He has given Iran the exact thing it needs to build nukes and use them to destroy Israel and America:  Total freedom to do what it wants to in secret, with American tax money given to Iran, which will be used to pay for the buildup of its military and a strong nuclear weapon strength!  The new treaty does absolutely nothing to protect America or Israel from a nuclear attack, all it does is build a strong muslim military and place all of us in total danger!  And the idiots in the Progressive side of Congress think it’s a great idea!
  •   Now there is a mass evacuation of Christians from the territory run by ISIS and the leader of ISIS, who has openly stated that he has plans to attack America and “kill all Americans”, has recently announced that he has converted many of those Christians into ISIS members!  And there are so many that there is no way to figure out which are terrorists and which aren’t!  And the “Refugee Crisis” is so huge that the European nations can’t hold them back and they are in danger too!  I can guarantee you that it won’t be long before Obama will want to bring many of those refugees over to America because it will be the only “humane thing” to do!  And he will present it in a way that will make every intelligent American who doesn’t want it to happen look like they are “cruel and heartless”!  And Europe will be demanding that we help because they won’t be able to stop them from coming in and it will be too much for them to handle!  And another door will open for terrorists to simply walk freely into America!
  • Exactly how much do we have to see to understand what is really going on with all of this!  Obama has moved enough terrorists to Detroit to have an Army large enough to start a major war within our own borders!  And he has left our southern border wide open and has allowed terrorists to cross that border without any effort to stop them!  He also knows that there is a terrorist base just south of our border, south of Arizona, and he has no plans to go after them!  And, now, there is a possibility of more terrorists, claiming to be Christians, coming over for “sanctuary” from ISIS!  Add to that, the fact that he wants terrorist leaders to be brought over here from Gitmo, and it will be possible for muslim radicals in the US to get them out and put them into leadership over here!  And all of it was made possible because of the fact that he pretty much gave ISIS the weapons it needed to be strong enough to cause the current Refugee Crisis, putting the whole Christian world into uproar because of the Christian need to be good people!  Add to all of this the fact that, within a short period of time Iran, the major supporter of ISIS, will have nuclear weapons with missiles powerful enough to use them to attack America, and it’s not hard to see that there is a very strong possibility that we are being set-up for a major attack by Iran and ISIS!  Please don’t think I am just a “crazy vet”; think hard about this and evaluate the possibility that I have just explained!  I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am!  We need to ensure that Gitmo does not send its prisoners here!  We need to not bring any of the “Refugee Crisis” people over here!  We need to close our borders and have our National Guard protect them and send out our Agencies that are supposed to protect the people of America to find all of the terrorists and get them out of America!  And we need to start putting people in Congress who are seriously wanting to end all of this and be deeply concerned with the safety and protection of the American people, and end this muslim invasion of America!  The muslims have the time to achieve what they want, while Obama weakens our military, and we need to bring back our strength as a nation and get this muslim disease out of our country!  Either we all stand together to end this, or the Free Nation of America, and the Christian strength that built it, will be gone!



Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gladiator 058 & 106 says:

    Another great RANT. It sometimes amazes me how you manage to string this stuff together. Seems so simple when I read it, but, never managed to think of it in those terms by myself. Keep standing the watch.

  2. Jim says:

    A Treaty is a deal when President Obama defines the message. The Republicans have lacked backbone and capitulated to his desires. We now have the Supreme Court making Laws..demanding that people of conscience( religion) either
    obey the Law the Supreme Court made or go to jail. That was a breach of the Constitution, States Rights now have been diminished to what the Supreme Court dictates. How bout they (SC )dictate that gun owners rights are null and void….and really unconstitutional because that’s what the liberal majority of the court decides. ?. And States don’t have a say when it comes not obeying their opinion? God given rights..only as define by the Supremes.

    • Absolutely correct, Jim! The only reason all of the trouble and waste that has happened is because our Reps in Congress truly don’t care about us, the voters. They are giving away our Rights and country to anyone who can provide them with what they want, not what we need.

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